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Sarah Ibarruri

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34. I know! I think it boils down to racism.
Mon Mar 31, 2014, 06:14 PM
Mar 2014

The ones voting against their own self interests are poor Southern whites. Poor non-whites are wiser in that regard and don't have to vote against themselves.

We think of the Civil War as being something long past. However, it is still quite fresh in the minds and hearts of poor Southern whites. They inherited that "sense" of white superiority from their poor white families and ancestors, ancestors who might have gone hungry, but by golly gee at least they felt superior compared with non-whites. They could boss around non-whites, they could go hungry but saw that non-whites went even hungrier than they did, and they felt special because there was that group that had less of everything, and which had once been considered not to be human, but property. Southern poor whites felt that if they had nothing else in this world, at least they had that - they were considered "superior" to non-whites. They long for that. It's what they've grown up around. It's the only thing they had that made their suffering tolerable, a superiority over non-whites.

Nowadays, as the U.S. hobbles and limps toward full racial equality, that superiority and sense of importance is being stripped away bit by bit from them, and they are forced to face that they truly have nothing. That must feel hellish to Southern poor whites. They learned racism on their ancestors' knees and clung to that because it was the only thing that made them feel special.

In the absence of exposure to a higher education (not necessarily schooling - I think most of what we learn we learn, we learn from people we are exposed to, not from books and teachers), all they are stuck with is a very limited world and world view, which struggles to cling to the vestiges of that sense of "white superiority" their ancestors once felt, and that disdain for non-whites which still gets passed on from poor Southern white family to family. That sense of importance for being white can even be found in their small churches, where they worship their white Jesus among other poor whites, and grasp desperately at proof that they are still as important as they were when at least they were more "important" than non-whites. Otherwise, all they will be able to see in the mirror is poverty and ignorance.

Of the two parties in the U.S., the one that is indisputably racist in every imaginable way, also happens to be the one that has been working overtime for 33 years to tear to shreds the very programs that Southern poor whites depend on and need to survive. It's the party that fights tooth and nail to destroy any public education, because the GOP is terrified of the poor having access to good education. But Southern poor whites are single-minded and have never known much else but their pride in their white skin, so they hang on to their wish that the world were still a world of slavery, when they could feel important for having white skin, even if they barely had anything to put on the table for their families. Even those Southern poor whites who might realize that Republicans are out to destroy any lifeline they might now have, can't help themselves in voting for the savagely racist political party. It's an itch they just need to scratch.

Basically, the South is chronically ill with a deep-set racism that I had never witnessed before until I moved from Miami to North Florida, near Georgia. It is truly something to behold! I could write a book about the shit I've heard from Southern poor whites near here. As crazy a place as Miami is, nothing, nothing beats this for sheer insanity.

shame on those governors refusing the expansion ... napkinz Mar 2014 #1
Thanks for posting that! nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #7
Thanks for that last one! I'll be sharing it. n/t freshwest Mar 2014 #9
Thanks! I think people need to know some governors are refusing to allow the ACA expansion Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #19
"Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Feb. 13, 2013, said Wisconsin will not participate ..." Scuba Mar 2014 #2
That's 26 states and DC. ProSense Mar 2014 #3
You're welcome! nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #6
...and Florida's asshole extrodinaire Rick Scott still kills people. L0oniX Mar 2014 #4
Yup, he's hell-bent on it. nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #5
Indiana is one of these idiotic states. Brigid Mar 2014 #8
I have wanted to suggest that to some DUers from those states but I thought it would be CTyankee Mar 2014 #22
Sounds awesome. :) nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #35
Great post! Thanks Sarah! n/t freshwest Mar 2014 #10
Thanks Sarah! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #11
You're welcome. The refusal to expand by some governors will cause people to leave nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #18
I'm a statistic... TeeYiYi Mar 2014 #12
I am in exactly the same situation. Brigid Mar 2014 #13
Yes it is. What will happen when people start relocating to states that have the expansion? nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #15
I'm putting the idea on the agenda for when when I finish school. Brigid Mar 2014 #16
I can foresee that happening with many people! I'd do it too Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #17
It was the WAY you broached the situation.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #27
Don't blame HER for your reaction Glitterati Mar 2014 #29
And YOU sang the same tune... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #30
Just countering your BS Glitterati Mar 2014 #32
but it has to BE bullshit for that to work..... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #33
Of course, you would be wrong again. Glitterati Mar 2014 #37
Nope you cannot run away from that.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #39
Too old to run Glitterati Mar 2014 #40
difference is...your poo is the bull kind... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #41
ROFL, you're too funny Glitterati Mar 2014 #42
You do know the history of the word... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #45
No time for a conversation with you Glitterati Mar 2014 #46
Yeah right......changed your mind huh? VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #47
I know someone who needs surgery and lives in Georgia. The governor there said no to expansion... Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #14
Some will, yes Glitterati Mar 2014 #20
Georgia (like Florida, where I live) is quite a piece of work, isn't it? nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #21
It's particularly galling, because Glitterati Mar 2014 #23
It's the people in those states. When I moved up to N. Florida (near GA) from Miami... Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #26
the beatings will continue until morale improves... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #28
I know what you mean Glitterati Mar 2014 #31
I know! I think it boils down to racism. Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #34
While many ARE racist, it's not racism that drives them Glitterati Mar 2014 #38
Oh Lordy. He does this out of revenge? Such a delight. nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #48
It's just so crazy as to be unfathomable Glitterati Mar 2014 #49
I know! I think in addition to stupidity, there's that element of "I'm tough and I'm in-your-face" Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #52
Try "Better Off Without 'Em" by Chuck Thompson. Brigid Mar 2014 #44
I'm looking to buy it on Amazon as we speak. Thanks for the suggestion!! nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #50
The Repuke Governor is NC is a real piece of work. A Koch brothers' puppet. Lex Mar 2014 #24
All Southern states are in the same bind. It's as if they were jinxed. nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #25
kick napkinz Mar 2014 #36
Excellent post malaise Mar 2014 #43
Republicans running in Illinois are still campaigning against ACA mucifer Mar 2014 #51
I guess they do their party's bidding, and their party is fully against healthcare for all nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #53
Any updates on VA? Dems swept the election last year. nt IronLionZion Mar 2014 #54
Only this: the gov said that the VA House of Delegates is making ACA money go to other states Sarah Ibarruri Apr 2014 #55
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