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Horse with no Name

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27. It goes A LOT higher than the department
Wed Mar 28, 2012, 07:32 PM
Mar 2012

I think the department was silenced on the direction of the STATE ATTORNEY...he should be FIRED for the little bit that we know at this point.

Isn't he under the direction of the DOJ?

I am watching Big Ed right now ~ goclark Mar 2012 #1
Here's the video. drm604 Mar 2012 #2
We call this story falling appart. nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #3
No we call this "BUSTED" & "COVERUP" Rosco T. Mar 2012 #10
It goes A LOT higher than the department Horse with no Name Mar 2012 #27
State Attorney is under the Governor I THINK. n/m Rosco T. Mar 2012 #40
DOJ is strictly federal. caseymoz Mar 2012 #58
Zimmerman's dad was a judge. Evidently he had gotten his son off loudsue Mar 2012 #60
N he is the state attorney state elected nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #82
Yep! And it smelled bad from the beginning. I think it's been a total cover up. n/t RKP5637 Mar 2012 #80
FUCK ME STANDING STILL!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Mar 2012 #4
I love the truth! robinlynne Mar 2012 #11
CALL YOUR CONGRESSCRITTER, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!1!!! madinmaryland Mar 2012 #24
Mine is Van Hollen. I see you're in MD. Who's yours? I will call VH tomorrow. :) Liberal_Stalwart71 Mar 2012 #36
John Sarbanes. nt madinmaryland Mar 2012 #70
I'd call mine but... tonybgood Mar 2012 #66
A Teabagger here -would not call out of fear of future harrasment!!! lunasun Mar 2012 #69
I knew about this. the fuckwads didn't bother to check his cell phone for cali Mar 2012 #39
Massive police cover-up! Odin2005 Mar 2012 #5
got to clear up the misinformation CatWoman Mar 2012 #6
When was the police report filled out? drm604 Mar 2012 #14
I don't know about the police report CatWoman Mar 2012 #15
i don't know how it is in FL barbtries Mar 2012 #54
I'm sorry... EmeraldCityGrl Mar 2012 #59
thank you barbtries Mar 2012 #63
Same thing happened to our family after an accident. We were told the following morning sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #86
i'm very sorry for your loss sabrina. barbtries Mar 2012 #89
Thank you, barbtries. I am so, so sorry about your daughter. I cannot imagine the pain sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #90
yes, keeping him away from his family, better mean they were able to gather a lot of... got root Mar 2012 #41
is it possible (or normal) that they didn't have the info then, then update as info comes in? themaguffin Mar 2012 #7
I'm wondering the same thing. drm604 Mar 2012 #16
They couldn't find the parent who lived around the block Horse with no Name Mar 2012 #30
Me. The revelations keep coming n/t EmeraldCityGrl Mar 2012 #8
Why would he be John Doe? marlakay Mar 2012 #9
That's the question many have been asking since day one. napi21 Mar 2012 #18
Until the family identifies the body he is an official John Doe Horse with no Name Mar 2012 #34
Watching! unionworks Mar 2012 #12
And a shaved head to boot. You can see all the way to the scalp. Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2012 #23
Oh come on! Aerows Mar 2012 #47
been watching and I rarely watch MSM at all fascisthunter Mar 2012 #13
Keith Oberman and Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN RebelOne Mar 2012 #17
Everybody but fox will show it. nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #20
Important to remember that it had been raining that night... ellisonz Mar 2012 #19
And I would have expected blood stains on the shirt from the rain. NutmegYankee Mar 2012 #25
Right. Where's the mud? aquart Mar 2012 #28
He doesn't look disheveled at all. ellisonz Mar 2012 #35
even worse is when you're a gardener and have to fight ... bayareaboy Mar 2012 #52
Welcome to DU! ellisonz Mar 2012 #53
Berkeley is pretty bizarre to work in! bayareaboy Mar 2012 #67
Go to Hawaii bro! ellisonz Mar 2012 #72
Twist my arm ... ... bayareaboy Mar 2012 #73
I hope you have health insurance! ellisonz Mar 2012 #74
I have kaiser bayareaboy Mar 2012 #85
With how much noses and heads bleed nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #29
It's starting to look more and more like a straight cover-up from the scene onwards. ellisonz Mar 2012 #37
No blood. No broken nose. No scalp lacerations. mainer Mar 2012 #21
Some people need to lose their jobs and pensions. aquart Mar 2012 #31
and be in the cell next to Zimmerman Rosco T. Mar 2012 #32
and freedom (NT) The Wizard Mar 2012 #49
Some people need to lose their freedom, too. Mariana Mar 2012 #57
no blood karmkay Mar 2012 #77
Wonder who in the dept leaked that? Rosco T. Mar 2012 #22
The lead investigator who wanted to charge nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #26
Agree that this is HUGH! And Rev Sharpton had another bombshell Rhiannon12866 Mar 2012 #33
ABSOLUTELY watching! nt Raine Mar 2012 #38
Alan Grayson's on now! Rhiannon12866 Mar 2012 #42
Oh. The police lied Aerows Mar 2012 #43
Do you require the 'fainting couch'? Rex Mar 2012 #78
I think I fainted at the mention of it Aerows Mar 2012 #84
You are one bad ass tough as nails! Rex Mar 2012 #87
BIG stuff! supraTruth Mar 2012 #44
BIG STUFF! supraTruth Mar 2012 #46
I have to add Aerows Mar 2012 #45
I've had my nose broken twice CanonRay Mar 2012 #65
As the bartender in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" said, "HE CLEANS UP REAL GOOD." Amerigo Vespucci Mar 2012 #48
Thanx for that cleaned up version, without the ABC Logo! countryjake Mar 2012 #61
Incredible. Major Hogwash Mar 2012 #50
COVER UP by Sanford PD! workinclasszero Mar 2012 #51
LOOKING AT ED NOW, can't make this ish up!!! uponit7771 Mar 2012 #55
Totally busted. Proof. Zimmerman is a liar and should be in jail. Period. And PS, babylonsister Mar 2012 #56
EMS cleaned him up pokerfan Mar 2012 #62
ROFL alcibiades_mystery Mar 2012 #75
The boy was murdered, plain and simple, now arrest the murderer already madokie Mar 2012 #64
No wounds on the head, no blood anywhere, no swelling on the face, nothing the fuck at all! Ganja Ninja Mar 2012 #68
There should be medical records honeylady Mar 2012 #71
yes, but onethatcares Mar 2012 #76
Plus he had Skittles! KamaAina Mar 2012 #79
Maybe because he had no injuries on his hands? McCamy Taylor Mar 2012 #81
I wouldn't be surprised. drm604 Mar 2012 #83
Just one point to consider... EmeraldCityGrl Mar 2012 #88
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