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Thu May 1, 2014, 06:23 AM May 2014

Creationists Hit the Panic Button After Neil DeGrasse Tyson Demolishes Their Myth That the Universe [View all]


Creationists Hit the Panic Button After Neil DeGrasse Tyson Demolishes Their Myth That the Universe Is 6,000 Years Old

Creationists find evolution so offensive that this week they attacked Neil deGrasse Tyson and his show Cosmos over the claim that stars evolved and created life as we know it. In episode 8 titled, "Sisters of the Sun," Tyson highlighted the stellar evolution and explained in detail the life and death of stars.

Of course creationists take issue with stars that are scientifically proven to be billions of years old. The creationist website that's emerging as the leading opposition to Tyson and his show, Answers in Genesis (AiG), claimed: “We know from the Bible that God created the stars on Day Four of Creation Week about 6,000 years ago.”

Yet they do not know this, because there is zero evidence that any star we see in the sky is less only 6,000 years old, in fact for us to see almost any of the stars in the sky they would have to be hundreds of millions or billions of years old because of how far away they are (as explained in earlier episodes of Cosmos about what a light-year is.)

The continued use of the universe's actual timescale, an estimated 14.8 billion years to now, is a thorn in the side of creationists who know anything older than 6,000 years brings their entire myth to its knees.

AiG even goes as far to deny the fact that stars are born at all: “Whether or not stars are still forming today, the Bible does not specify, but no one has ever seen a star form.”
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Anything that makes a thumper's head explode is a good thing. hobbit709 May 2014 #1
Yes..... Swede Atlanta May 2014 #123
Big Bang has pretty much won out over steady state-- eridani May 2014 #166
:) I agree with that! nt Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #158
if it says it in the 'good book'.... ejpoeta May 2014 #2
For most of them it is the only book they have ever read malaise May 2014 #4
And even then, they selectively read it. hobbit709 May 2014 #5
+1,000 malaise May 2014 #7
I've yet to see JackInGreen May 2014 #15
Or even the Friday night catfish fry hobbit709 May 2014 #20
Not only is it the only book they have ever read, SheilaT May 2014 #83
Does It Actually Say In The Bible. . . ProfessorGAC May 2014 #23
It does not say it directly whopis01 May 2014 #30
It's simpler than that jberryhill May 2014 #59
I'm not familair with that whopis01 May 2014 #126
Does this include those 800 and 900 year old folks? Generic Other May 2014 #114
It does whopis01 May 2014 #121
Well I know what my math teacher would have said Generic Other May 2014 #124
I always like the idea of a god who just likes screwing around with people like that whopis01 May 2014 #128
God.... The practical joker! defacto7 May 2014 #163
Which NT genealogy? There are two, and they don't agree with each other. stopbush May 2014 #162
Well, on the first day, he created CFLs thesquanderer May 2014 #36
Problem is, they even believe stuff that's not "in the good book" Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #159
"...no one has ever seen a star form." chervilant May 2014 #3
thank you!! ejpoeta May 2014 #6
Mainly because religion is nuts. LiberalFighter May 2014 #27
Excellent, insightful, and accurate post. marew May 2014 #55
why can't evolution and religion coexist. AlbertCat May 2014 #120
My sentiments exactly Albert mdbl May 2014 #147
"why can't evolution and religion coexist" amuse bouche May 2014 #31
Facts and Religion can co-exist Gothmog May 2014 #81
Wonderful post! Thanks. JDPriestly May 2014 #117
I am a member of the Reformed Movement of Judaism Gothmog May 2014 #119
That brings me to my own conclusions: chervilant May 2014 #34
I agree but it also strengthens the case for a higher power.. mountain grammy May 2014 #48
Evolution and religion do co-exist. Many of the religions using the same Bible accept evolution. tclambert May 2014 #50
As a rule, science and religion do co-exist LongTomH May 2014 #85
You are right. Most major religious bodies are thoughtful and intelligent about science these days Hekate May 2014 #97
Haven't cosmologists actually SEEN stars forming.. pangaia May 2014 #25
One could easily say that chervilant May 2014 #33
But proven only in our universe hootinholler May 2014 #46
The universe on my shoulders pangaia May 2014 #66
But then again that's the beauty of being human hootinholler May 2014 #71
Yes, but, how would we know? :) n/t chervilant May 2014 #100
Perhaps it is what causes the patterns hootinholler May 2014 #106
Wow! chervilant May 2014 #130
It's from wiki, but the paper hootinholler May 2014 #153
Google on "Stellar Nurseries" or "Star Forming Regions" LongTomH May 2014 #87
Well, star formation takes a long time. Like evolution, we see the stages and components... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #148
Holy Paradox Cartoonist May 2014 #86
He explained how the eye evolved on, I believe, the 2nd or 3rd show. lob1 May 2014 #107
You can stream all his shows at the Cosmos website here: ohnoyoudidnt May 2014 #108
The guy is just plain wrong too... Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #92
Actually.... nytemare May 2014 #136
Neil Degrasse Tyson is great Fred Drum May 2014 #8
And our Universe is an estimated 13.8 billion years old cpwm17 May 2014 #16
I was wondering if anyone was going to defacto7 May 2014 #164
Well M31, the Andromeda galaxy is visible with the unaided eye. longship May 2014 #19
Also, Some Of What We See As Faint Stars. . . ProfessorGAC May 2014 #24
Not really true. Since Andromeda is about as far away as something we can see and MillennialDem May 2014 #32
I am severely in LUVVVVVV with Neil Degrasse Tyson!!! chervilant May 2014 #35
+1 SunSeeker May 2014 #109
You're too late, he's taken LOL rocktivity May 2014 #141
Ramen. n/t mattclearing May 2014 #57
Yeah. Recently I asked an astronomer SheilaT May 2014 #84
Did you mean universe? We can see lots of galaxies outside our own. Thor_MN May 2014 #112
No. Not the entire Universe. SheilaT May 2014 #132
Well, heck, if you are talking unaided naked eye, I can't see half way across the room. Thor_MN May 2014 #155
LOL! SheilaT May 2014 #168
Exactly where in the Bible does it say the earth is 6000 years old? (n/t) spin May 2014 #9
Actually it doesn't. you can blame Bishop Ussher for that one. hobbit709 May 2014 #10
Exactly. In 1654, an Anglican bishop does some calculations based on Biblical chronology ... spin May 2014 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #47
Any fundy who claims the Earth is only 6k years old is a fraud because... Kaleva May 2014 #22
Thank you workinclasszero May 2014 #42
Ayn Rand was an atheist. And she hated Christians. Not selfish enough for her. tclambert May 2014 #43
Exactly my point workinclasszero May 2014 #170
They trace the lineage all the way back to Adam using biblical text Major Nikon May 2014 #38
That's a fascinating graph in your post. (n/t) spin May 2014 #60
Not sure, but here is where it says the safeinOhio May 2014 #65
The Bible is really really weak on lasers, geophysics, micro-organisms and electromagnetism, too nikto May 2014 #11
It's crappy, creepy and ignorant! A book written by those trying to RKP5637 May 2014 #29
Back then, shepherd was a high tech job. tclambert May 2014 #45
They didn't know that Noah had to get Kangaroos, Platypluses, Wooly Mammoths, Saber Tooth Tigers Thor_MN May 2014 #115
I do not know why but your post made me think of this song :) lunasun May 2014 #138
Let's HEAR it for bringing their ENTIRE MYTH to it's KNEES!!!!!! MrMickeysMom May 2014 #12
Did they get this upset over Carl Sagan in the original Cosmos? Crunchy Frog May 2014 #13
They got upset then JackInGreen May 2014 #18
At least Sagan was white. (n/t) thesquanderer May 2014 #39
I have heard right wingers exboyfil May 2014 #75
I would rent the auditorium, pay Dr. Tyson his speaking fee, and sell tickets to the event Ikonoklast May 2014 #146
The marketing of "Creationism" as a thing, Wise Child May 2014 #41
Yes jberryhill May 2014 #61
As I remember it defacto7 May 2014 #165
dumbest argument.......ever BrainDrain May 2014 #14
It's a well known fact Tree-Hugger May 2014 #62
They have been set-up to believe that their happiness and survival is dependent upon falsehoods siligut May 2014 #17
Come on... RoccoR5955 May 2014 #26
There individuals are so overwhelmingly ignorant it's difficult to even listen to RKP5637 May 2014 #28
evolution obxnacy May 2014 #37
But God is omnipotent! shawn703 May 2014 #40
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #49
Too good not to share - since we're on the subject of a prankster God derby378 May 2014 #63
Exactly Major Nikon May 2014 #64
Lmao. that's perfect! opiate69 May 2014 #89
... Major Nikon May 2014 #110
What you write in jest has been seriously propounded by some people. Jim Lane May 2014 #160
Most biblical scholars will tell you that the 6 days of creation is a metaphor. L0oniX May 2014 #44
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #51
The Dead Sea scrolls are real. No intelligent person would deny that. L0oniX May 2014 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #54
I'm not a biblical scholar and I could have told you that. pangaia May 2014 #77
I guess a good definition of fundamentalism is that it's antitheological MisterP May 2014 #150
People who practice faith should not feel it necessary to explain things with science. Agnosticsherbet May 2014 #53
LOL! So true! n/t marew May 2014 #56
Their kids start asking tough questions. JoePhilly May 2014 #70
They'd burst into flames if frogmarch May 2014 #58
Thread Killer 7wo7rees May 2014 #67
I am SO stealing this! hatrack May 2014 #73
That is awesome! backscatter712 May 2014 #88
Does kind of put things into perspective, doesn't it? LongTomH May 2014 #101
Ok so the world is estimated to be 14.8 billion. But notice how they dont tell you what the margin rhett o rick May 2014 #68
Uh, no. The world is only about 4.5bn. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #96
Cosmos is so wonderful. oldandhappy May 2014 #69
Agreed. Seriously though, Science is not trying to prove that God does not exist Xyzse May 2014 #72
I was reading a book called "Leonardo's Notebooks" exboyfil May 2014 #74
Where do they get the 6,000 number from anyway? eom Maraya1969 May 2014 #76
From the "begats," I think, Blue_In_AK May 2014 #79
See post #21 Kaleva May 2014 #93
During the 2010 Alaska gubernatorial debates, Blue_In_AK May 2014 #78
The fact that the conservative nut cases hate this show is wonderful Gothmog May 2014 #80
The usual arguments from ignorance and purposeful obtuseness one would expect chrisa May 2014 #82
It takes as much faith to believe in evolution as creationism. Waiting For Everyman May 2014 #90
Seriously? That old saw? Have you ever paid attention to how well that... Silent3 May 2014 #91
faith requires belief, science does not Godhumor May 2014 #105
A number of governments have attempted to abolish all or some religions. Kaleva May 2014 #131
it was a hypothetical Godhumor May 2014 #133
You... lack understanding of this topic tkmorris May 2014 #116
Gonna have to disagree with you on that. AverageJoe90 May 2014 #129
The theory of evolution requires no faith, it is based on evidence. phil89 May 2014 #137
Random variation is not the same as natural selection. Natural selection is not random. Gravitycollapse May 2014 #149
No it doesn't. Saying so means you don't know what faith means. NuclearDem May 2014 #156
Religionists = "The Flat Earth Club" blkmusclmachine May 2014 #94
Neil de Grasse Tyson and Cosmos are both wonderful. It's must-see viewing, and I can hardly wait... Hekate May 2014 #95
It's been debunked so many times before. merrily May 2014 #98
After a good solid week of shit-throwing arguments in the religion forum... AtheistCrusader May 2014 #99
Was just thinking the same thing skepticscott May 2014 #152
I suspect this 6000 year myth has been around longer than modern day fundies.............. wandy May 2014 #102
Anything that pisses off the religionistas is good in my book. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #103
Self-Esteem Bernardo de La Paz May 2014 #104
but no one has ever seen a star form. AlbertCat May 2014 #111
You can't fix STUPID. penndragon69 May 2014 #113
I almost never watch TV awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #118
yes lunasun May 2014 #140
Gracias... awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #143
"No One Has Ever Seen A Star Form" DallasNE May 2014 #122
'on day four of creation' oy. spanone May 2014 #125
I love Cosmos, but my favorite science show is Through The Wormhole with the great Morgan Freeman aint_no_life_nowhere May 2014 #127
My grandson, at 5 1/2 , watches Cosmos every week... mwdem May 2014 #134
our kids ask is it time yet? we do not do much TV and are surprised at the continuing interest lunasun May 2014 #142
That's exactly how my daughter and son in law are. mwdem May 2014 #145
“Whether or not stars are still forming today, the Bible does not specify," lunasun May 2014 #135
They may be right -- after all, rocktivity May 2014 #139
"no one has ever seen a star form"... Well, we've seen the DEATH of this one... Beartracks May 2014 #144
It all happened by magic, the magic hand of God. gtar100 May 2014 #151
Or more likely, they do not care Puzzledtraveller May 2014 #154
Cut 'em some slack. They're only off by about 14.8 billion years. nyquil_man May 2014 #157
THE stupid is yuiyoshida May 2014 #161
Let's do an experiment Exposethefrauds May 2014 #167
Recommended! HuckleB May 2014 #169
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