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Response to seabeyond (Reply #156)

Love this! AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #1
This is a good start on a subject which needs lots of discussion Mondavi May 2014 #226
'They grow up to be women who silence themselves..." DebJ May 2014 #2
Yup, lol, there around. Nt seabeyond May 2014 #3
Yup. Jamastiene May 2014 #47
I did not wait until 40. TNNurse May 2014 #185
lol tn. welcome. and i hear ya. not that i can get fired, but.... seabeyond May 2014 #186
It's not just the US. I tell my wife Chinese men are insecure so Chinese women have to be Nanjing to Seoul May 2014 #4
"I tell my wife"...."she agrees completely" Tanuki May 2014 #40
Maybe I used the wrong words. "I have a discussion with my wife about this topic. Nanjing to Seoul May 2014 #42
I guess I hit a nerve. You're doing a lot of projecting there. n/t Tanuki May 2014 #43
You insulted me and the way I treat my wife. And you insulted her by saying Nanjing to Seoul May 2014 #50
Hear, Hear! Demeter May 2014 #55
My wife seems to have no problems with me. Nanjing to Seoul May 2014 #61
I am supporting your argument Demeter May 2014 #106
I didn't read the comment as an insult to your wife or to you... magical thyme May 2014 #59
Yep. n/t Tansy_Gold May 2014 #80
Great Observation. eom. 1StrongBlackMan May 2014 #81
Exactly! Squinch May 2014 #136
Totally an insult... c'mon, laughing smily? nt. druidity33 May 2014 #153
I read it the same way that you did. Your statement didn't have to be interpreted in an insult duhneece May 2014 #101
No, You did NOT say anything to deserve that snarky, rude response. 2banon May 2014 #188
can you stop using every thread about sexism to insert Asian stereotypes? CreekDog May 2014 #248
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #249
"you are nuts" really? seabeyond May 2014 #253
looks like he can't post in this thread anymore... CreekDog May 2014 #258
"well, in theory..." seabeyond May 2014 #259
Actually, that poster can't post anywhere for a while. MineralMan May 2014 #264
ding ding ding Supersedeas May 2014 #103
In the past anyway, girls are liT-relly taught to coddle and stroke male ego. seabeyond May 2014 #5
So very true GeoWilliam750 May 2014 #145
good point geo. emotionally it makes men weaker. contributing to it. yet, i find seabeyond May 2014 #148
Ha! Mrs. Goldstein must have been raised by wolves then! MannyGoldstein May 2014 #6
What country is she talking about because it's not the U.S ? oneofthe99 May 2014 #7
Try opening your eyes. nt awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #15
And ears. nt Warpy May 2014 #32
It's every country. n/t chervilant May 2014 #39
Are you paying attention? Mira May 2014 #70
Exactly Harmony Blue May 2014 #72
Empowerment is an attack on men? I've heard that some thought that, but I didn't believe it. Squinch May 2014 #284
It's everywhere, even here Marrah_G May 2014 #73
Oh don't go asking that 'round here! Vashta Nerada May 2014 #122
Obnoxious VN. No one is gonna waste time explaining when you make clear seabeyond May 2014 #128
I have never seen this Vashta Nerada May 2014 #142
you do not look. you do not pay attention. it is in front of your face, and do not see. seabeyond May 2014 #143
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #144
emotional bs? where did that come from? out of no where. wait woman. accuse her of emotional bs seabeyond May 2014 #146
That you have no idea what you're talking about. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #147
wtf??? still didnt read the info i linked to you? keep the fingers in their ears seabeyond May 2014 #149
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #150
ah. using "emotional" on me didnt fly. throwing your "teaching credentials" at me didnt impress. seabeyond May 2014 #151
Performance artist isn't an insult. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #152
omg... lol. talk ego. I'll email my professors and let them know non teachers think they know what seabeyond May 2014 #156
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #159
my gosh. you put me in my place by calling me emotional, without teaching credentials, now resort seabeyond May 2014 #162
Sea, make sure others know that you are quoting the poster above you. boston bean May 2014 #164
you think i covered it? lol. geez. that is something. nt seabeyond May 2014 #168
And the results are in! Texasgal May 2014 #165
i dare, i double dog dare juror 5 to say... hi. lol. how about exasperated at the juror seabeyond May 2014 #169
And ONE juror actually voted "LEAVE IT ALONE"???? alp227 May 2014 #184
ah. really. NO ONE on du would EVaH use the b word on their fellow duers. nope. not gonna ever seabeyond May 2014 #187
He is not only flagged now, he has his five hidden posts and will be taking a break Bjorn Against May 2014 #194
I agree.... Dorian Gray May 2014 #230
He's been banned. cyberswede May 2014 #245
I'm glad. He was disruptive and downright mean most of the time. MerryBlooms May 2014 #251
And he was propped up far too long. JTFrog May 2014 #293
That juror should be removed from the jury pool BainsBane May 2014 #196
He was a sock, and he was banned. cyberswede May 2014 #243
Someone told me that was from another jury BainsBane May 2014 #244
He was the lone "leave" vote on the "jump off a bridge" post. nt cyberswede May 2014 #246
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #203
you hope some guy rapes me? how old are you? 8 seabeyond May 2014 #204
I just alerted on that post, sea. UtahLib May 2014 #205
ya, well... i guess he gets off on his rape porn. filth. wants to share with all. seabeyond May 2014 #206
i guess we are seeing what happens when we do not stroke SOME male ego. nt seabeyond May 2014 #208
Good job! Thanks! Rhiannon12866 May 2014 #212
i assume it was seabeyond May 2014 #216
There was no dissent among MIRT, either Rhiannon12866 May 2014 #217
Thank you, Admin and the great jurors! UtahLib May 2014 #218
Thanks for your quick alert... Rhiannon12866 May 2014 #219
LOL, thanks MIRT. nt UtahLib May 2014 #220
Out of curiosity, I checked some of his other posts Scootaloo May 2014 #229
Wow... Most unified jury I've been on. Thor_MN May 2014 #207
thank you for providing the jury. first... get raped post i have had. i am THRILLED seabeyond May 2014 #209
I found that post so upsetting UtahLib May 2014 #210
ya. he has been here before. i was going over his posts. a couple months ago i was seabeyond May 2014 #214
Yeah, 1 post in GD in the last 90 days. UtahLib May 2014 #221
I'd never seen a jury where everyone added comments. Thor_MN May 2014 #211
i noticed that also. seabeyond May 2014 #215
And if that isn't an illustration as to what women posting on the internet regularly sees, KitSileya May 2014 #223
sounds like a typical porn shot. perusing previous posts, he was sure to share watching porn seabeyond May 2014 #239
that is either an angry sock puppet, or some troll who knows your posts too well... dionysus May 2014 #225
Wow Dorian Gray May 2014 #231
Sweet Jesus, sea. Raven May 2014 #232
Apophis was probably Vashta CreekDog May 2014 #254
i know creekdog. lol. that we deal over and over. seabeyond May 2014 #256
Vashta and apophis were PPR'd but not before serving on 28 juries CreekDog May 2014 #250
yes. always inciting. always jabbing with a stick. from day one. and we had to repeatedly seabeyond May 2014 #255
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #261
Banned. chrisa May 2014 #263
I sure hope admin looks at juror #5! What a blankety blank. n/t Whisp May 2014 #270
i think you showed us all what you are in this thread, buddy... dionysus May 2014 #222
He showed EarlG, at least cyberswede May 2014 #242
Excellent! greatauntoftriplets May 2014 #262
I'm so sorry - Yesterday I accidentaly voted to keep the post above yours. myrna minx May 2014 #237
i hear ya. happens to all of us. i am impressed with the ones that did get hidden. seabeyond May 2014 #238
You mean you never wanted to see it Warpy May 2014 #154
hey, you are a non teacher. he is going to email his teacher and tell on you, ... that you seabeyond May 2014 #158
I'm an old woman Warpy May 2014 #160
it really is true warpy. and it really is for the health of men. emotional health. seabeyond May 2014 #163
He claimed to be a grad student in an anthropology program BainsBane May 2014 #272
Depends on the family, depends on the community. No society is immune. n/t nomorenomore08 May 2014 #140
I haven't seen this here in the US. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #8
Most Muslim countries women are objects oneofthe99 May 2014 #9
Ah. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #10
I had to look up who she is oneofthe99 May 2014 #12
I have lived in Europe and in Mira May 2014 #74
In the rural/red parts of the US Tumbulu May 2014 #13
I strongly second your post! nt raccoon May 2014 #48
+1 LiberalLoner May 2014 #49
stroke mans ego. sit quietly and be nice. literally what girls were taught. nt seabeyond May 2014 #52
agree! VanillaRhapsody May 2014 #63
I'm 52 from a small town in SD hfojvt May 2014 #107
well, lucky you! Tumbulu May 2014 #174
so you say hfojvt May 2014 #273
I've lived in rural America most of my adult life Tumbulu May 2014 #299
Much as many fish are unaware of the very water they swim in... LanternWaste May 2014 #300
I was raised that way. knitter4democracy May 2014 #14
Alas. That's the *principal* part; not the "male" part. Smarmie Doofus May 2014 #38
I have bhikkhu May 2014 #16
I teach a couple of undergrad classes and I have never seen this. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #17
Women are well represented in social and medical sciences, but are shut out of math-related fields bhikkhu May 2014 #19
It's not discrimination...women just are not very attracted to STEM majors davidn3600 May 2014 #31
That's a "women have better opportunities" argument bhikkhu May 2014 #66
The capitalists would fire a lot more males since females could do the same work Harmony Blue May 2014 #75
Do you have something to back that up? Very rarely have I seen VPs and Directors getting laid seaglass May 2014 #108
But the question isn't about more vs. less skilled Orrex May 2014 #134
I was responding to the specific point that employers fire higher paid rather than lower paid seaglass May 2014 #175
I know, but the poster's point was, in fact, based on equally-paid employees Orrex May 2014 #183
there is a perception of value- like how employers screen out people with ethnic names, and women or bettyellen May 2014 #189
Are we comparing apples to apples here? Im not so sure.... davidn3600 May 2014 #166
That's also looking at the results of discrimination and assuming that they were a matter of choice bhikkhu May 2014 #179
incredibly sexist notions you have there David! bettyellen May 2014 #224
Incredibly sexist to suggest the genders can have differences by nature? davidn3600 May 2014 #228
of course you haven't complained when men are paid more CreekDog May 2014 #234
What does that have to do with what's being discussed here? davidn3600 May 2014 #241
Gender equality has everything to do with your posts here and on women's health insurance CreekDog May 2014 #257
yes, shrugging and saying "that is society" is the same as saying blacks have innate tendencies and bettyellen May 2014 #296
in math and science, it is very very common. bettyellen May 2014 #28
My own experience in STEM kmlisle May 2014 #88
Yeah, when we ALL have anecdotal stories like that, you know there is something more at work! bettyellen May 2014 #90
public accolades? By whom? hfojvt May 2014 #109
An ambitious young intelligent male is a admired as a role model anywhere bhikkhu May 2014 #178
Girls get better grades in all topics - including math and science. lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #111
SAT are certainly suspect as catering to the male ego Mondavi May 2014 #227
Those standardized tests have been proven to have gender and race bias BainsBane May 2014 #282
No. Math has neither a gender nor racial bias. n/t lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #286
It isn't just math BainsBane May 2014 #288
I have BainsBane May 2014 #22
Then you're not looking. nt LeftyMom May 2014 #23
It's very common in fundie families. My sister and I were raised this way. Coventina May 2014 #25
You Are Male HangOnKids May 2014 #30
+1 laundry_queen May 2014 #53
Yes. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #85
Well Shit Howdy Aren't You Special? HangOnKids May 2014 #95
Thank you for providing links to prove me otherwise. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #96
Oh. Wait. Nevermind. HangOnKids May 2014 #98
show where any woman ever coddled a mans ego? lol. nt seabeyond May 2014 #102
Both of my very smart daughters, of dating age, defer to male priority in intelligence bhikkhu May 2014 #180
and i have two sons. regardless of teaching, i see the privilege and entitlement, with two boys... seabeyond May 2014 #190
I had a good conversation with my kids about it this evening bhikkhu May 2014 #198
coolest bhik. thank you for sharing this experience. i think the best is to talk about it seabeyond May 2014 #199
You make assertions... Vashta Nerada May 2014 #104
You want a link to my opinion of you? HangOnKids May 2014 #105
Intelligent retort. Vashta Nerada May 2014 #120
Oh it appears you do HangOnKids May 2014 #124
There's an old saying intaglio May 2014 #34
Then you haven't been paying attention because it exists. Skidmore May 2014 #44
I see it all around us. Marrah_G May 2014 #84
Really? I saw this today: SomethingFishy May 2014 #117
Listen to that. Such horrible monsters us women are. I heard whoredom today. seabeyond May 2014 #121
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #135
164 recommends. i would say you are wrong. maybe you ought to listen to the vast majority. nt seabeyond May 2014 #193
Who is we? Egnever May 2014 #11
You are not - but what is the culture round her teaching her? intaglio May 2014 #36
Good post Harmony Blue May 2014 #77
Good for you. However, your style of parenting is the farm team alp227 May 2014 #130
And yet there is a group of so called feminists who feel that they must Cleita May 2014 #18
Only in the straw feminism that exists in your mind. LeftyMom May 2014 #21
Please explain the straw thing. I notice it as a code word that pops up in Cleita May 2014 #24
Is google down? (link) LeftyMom May 2014 #27
... TBF May 2014 #46
that is excellent leftymom. i have not seen that. perfect explanation. nt seabeyond May 2014 #51
Yay! Starry Messenger May 2014 #138
Obviously you have never heard of a "Straw Man Argument" intaglio May 2014 #35
Oh I have which is why I'm asking. Cleita May 2014 #94
some people, both gender, disagreed with you. pissed you off... seabeyond May 2014 #100
You have made a false characterisation feminists intaglio May 2014 #123
Too fuggin' interesting both lefty and you educating us with this. Ha. Didn't know. Thanks. Nt seabeyond May 2014 #129
Your post was a classic straw man argument gollygee May 2014 #125
straw man defined BainsBane May 2014 #201
please link to this group-because I have never heard of feminsts encouraging women to hide like that bettyellen May 2014 #26
I'm glad at least that you made them "so called" because that means you can conceive... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Sheldon Cooper May 2014 #37
Who are those? gollygee May 2014 #68
Are you serious? "...feel that they must feel shame...etc?" Gormy Cuss May 2014 #79
Sad but damn true, unfortunately. People like that ARE out there. AverageJoe90 May 2014 #173
No I wasn't talking about all feminists. Actually those Cleita May 2014 #176
Okay, I figured that was the case. AverageJoe90 May 2014 #177
you have heard feminist say lara logan deserved being raped? i need clarity on this statement of seabeyond May 2014 #191
Oh, you mean the ones who have the audacity to disagree with you? BainsBane May 2014 #200
"Yet, they don't support all women when not in lockstep agreement with them." JTFrog May 2014 #247
you got it. i was looking for a gif to express that. came to this, and laughed. seabeyond May 2014 #252
'Some said?' MineralMan May 2014 #260
I can but I won't on this board which is why I speak in the most general of terms Cleita May 2014 #265
Uh-huh... MineralMan May 2014 #266
Your response is exactly what I'm referring to. It would be a waste of time Cleita May 2014 #268
I see. Well, OK, then. MineralMan May 2014 #269
I think your blatant bashing of feminists you don't agree with on a democratic forum JTFrog May 2014 #294
The swarm decends on you intaglio May 2014 #280
Really? Who would that be? BainsBane May 2014 #197
In your fantasy world Lex May 2014 #267
Laugh away. I'm laughing myself at the clap trap that Cleita May 2014 #271
OMG cyberswede May 2014 #281
Shame? what complete and utter bullshit. either you completely misunderstood or you are making bettyellen May 2014 #297
Which is NOT going to happen to Lola! n/t eridani May 2014 #20
We're not gonna take it... Zorra May 2014 #33
Quite true. Laelth May 2014 #41
It's cultural. There's no reason to do it. chrisa May 2014 #54
I find that explanation less-than-satistactory. Laelth May 2014 #58
There really is no point to some things. chrisa May 2014 #62
You may be right. Laelth May 2014 #64
really? seabeyond May 2014 #65
Yep. Really. Laelth May 2014 #67
you are welcome. lol. nt seabeyond May 2014 #76
I believe that individuals can be rational actors. chrisa May 2014 #71
my gosh so many example in every day life. fox news and repugs. all over the place argues the seabeyond May 2014 #78
I think you made a good point here = Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #87
it is based on economic and safety reasons. most women women couldn't earn enough on their own... bettyellen May 2014 #213
It stands to reason that the non-patriarchal societies died out LittleBlue May 2014 #97
Fear of Physical and Economic Abuse, of course Demeter May 2014 #56
And no offense to straight folks who raise their kids this way, but fragile egos Bluenorthwest May 2014 #57
Exactly Harmony Blue May 2014 #69
My husband looks at me funny TBF May 2014 #45
Nice post. Adrahil May 2014 #60
those in denial, womens mag articles, articles in men mag telling women how to keep a man, men are seabeyond May 2014 #82
My wife was never taught any of that upaloopa May 2014 #83
We raise men to have fragile egos, and to expect all women to be their mommy. (n/t) Iggo May 2014 #86
Are men's egos fragile? Is that a question worth discussing? lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #89
In Latin America, mens egos are coddled pretty thouroughly.... bettyellen May 2014 #116
LOL Skittles May 2014 #127
MRAs are evidence BainsBane May 2014 #295
While this is certainly true, I know one father who didn't raise his daughters that way. hamsterjill May 2014 #91
And this is news!? imthevicar May 2014 #92
We raise girls to think that shaking their ass in a guy's face is liberated. Waiting For Everyman May 2014 #93
Actually, it seems to me that SomethingFishy May 2014 #119
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #137
such over the top BS... alp227 May 2014 #133
THIS dad does no such thing VWolf May 2014 #99
True story--ongoing, don't know how it ends Demeter May 2014 #110
This is true. Sissyk May 2014 #112
discussion, understanding, leading to awareness is a big step. dontcha think? nt seabeyond May 2014 #113
It is not that men's egos are more fragile, it is men's power over women. SunSeeker May 2014 #114
right on.... that is why i say, it is not good for women. but damaging for men. nt seabeyond May 2014 #115
Okay, I get it azmom May 2014 #171
I did not raise my daughters onecaliberal May 2014 #118
There are lots of helpless men out there that can barely feed themselves. Manifestor_of_Light May 2014 #126
My best friend's mom told me to pretend not to be so smart, so boys would like me more. LeftyMom May 2014 #202
ah yes, mixed messages. laundry_queen May 2014 #236
And some of us speak our minds! WinkyDink May 2014 #131
This is true. But we're teaching our daughter the opposite. Arugula Latte May 2014 #132
It's not just what individual parents do Tansy_Gold May 2014 #139
thank you for taking the time, for those that pretend and deny. it is in our face, every second of seabeyond May 2014 #141
Because the message that goes to women . . . Tansy_Gold May 2014 #157
such a good post. for me, to have a congressman stand on the floor and tell women to put an aspirin seabeyond May 2014 #161
We should make a list Tansy_Gold May 2014 #167
this is the POINT tansy. it has gotten so bad. it is said out loud. men shrug it off. as an seabeyond May 2014 #170
another incredible post- thank you nt Tumbulu May 2014 #182
Wonderfully put mercuryblues May 2014 #274
So sadly true and so well written- thank you! Tumbulu May 2014 #181
when we grew up, we were literally taught man was superior. smarter. more capable. women were loved, seabeyond May 2014 #192
got to be one of the very best posts i've seen on DU Scout May 2014 #275
Individual rec! Phentex May 2014 #279
Bingo! Marrah_G May 2014 #285
Posts like yours are rare on DU, thanks for taking the time Tansy. Very well said. n/t seaglass May 2014 #287
+ 1,000,000 MerryBlooms May 2014 #290
So very true. n/t Raksha May 2014 #155
K&R!! hue May 2014 #172
Harry Chapin - "why do the little girls" Nanjing to Seoul May 2014 #195
I feel this is strongly linked to the fact that our perception is completely skewed KitSileya May 2014 #233
interesting kit... nt seabeyond May 2014 #235
Here is a little test you can give to your friends. Tansy_Gold May 2014 #276
I wish I could click like on all your posts in this thread. KitSileya May 2014 #277
so sadly true ! nt Tumbulu May 2014 #298
I didn't raise my girl that way MO_Moderate May 2014 #240
K&R. polly7 May 2014 #278
Well said, polly... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #291
hmmmm...where did you send them when you were through? yurbud May 2014 #283
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #289
i agree with you sufrommich, even though you got your post hidden. why? god only knows. seabeyond May 2014 #292
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