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Anybody remember the story about Gregory and Russert Ichingcarpenter May 2014 #1
Just one among many tales of ego run amok Cirque du So-What May 2014 #10
And if you search for Russet, you will find nothing but attack posts question everything May 2014 #69
what's the story? nt cash__whatiwant May 2014 #71
See post 6 n/t Ichingcarpenter May 2014 #73
Gregory Sucks billhicks76 May 2014 #56
no cash__whatiwant May 2014 #61
Exactly.. david gregory is his own worst enemy. I read he's going to have will.i.am on this Cha May 2014 #2
i think they should just cancel it JI7 May 2014 #3
Did you see will.i.am is going to be on Sunday? Cha May 2014 #4
Excuse me for being a dumb Old Redneck, but . . . . OldRedneck May 2014 #7
Well, he's a member of the Black Eyed Peas.. but I know him for this.. Cha May 2014 #12
I can't believe I've never seen this.. thank you so much Cha! mountain grammy May 2014 #29
Yes We Are, mountain grammy! And, Cha May 2014 #46
On the panel.. Cha May 2014 #5
pRick Perry? Oh goddess, I guess he's Ilsa May 2014 #11
He will blind us all with his intellectual wit and knowlege Ichingcarpenter May 2014 #14
OMG! He said that? Ilsa May 2014 #38
Cause he's so stoopid he doesn't think he's stoopid. ananda May 2014 #41
He never stops running from work. He's auditioning for the 'robosigner in chief' job Mitt lost. n/t freshwest May 2014 #72
Geez... I agree with Michelle Malkin? WTF? Ichingcarpenter May 2014 #6
Funnier still is a dork like malkin criticizing intellect mdbl May 2014 #8
I think they got all pissy when DG spoke French at a Ilsa May 2014 #9
Chimpy McCokespoon was absolutely apoplectic, as I recall Cirque du So-What May 2014 #13
Wow. 840high May 2014 #58
Meet the Press, is a shit cafe! Firebrand Gary May 2014 #15
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah malaise May 2014 #16
Time for his exit interview BumRushDaShow May 2014 #17
Actually, Chuckie Toad was Russerts's protégé, SoCalDem May 2014 #19
Only the guests that are right wing hacks would fear her and everyone's been sick of them for years. grahamhgreen May 2014 #27
They may end up swapping them out BumRushDaShow May 2014 #36
Speaking as an old fart who remembers Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2014 #48
This was the format for Presidential debates as well. ZX86 May 2014 #64
In recent articles about DG wheniwasincongress May 2014 #44
None of these Sunday Morning "news" programs are worthy of our time. Enthusiast May 2014 #18
+ infinity. n/t NRaleighLiberal May 2014 #20
+1 grahamhgreen May 2014 #28
Who even watches Meet the Press any more? llmart May 2014 #33
Bet everyone would watch it if this was the host... Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #50
Yes indeed! pacalo May 2014 #52
HELL Yeah! But it won't happen. We can wish..... nt navarth May 2014 #55
Yep, we stopped watching them over 20 years ago, but I do admit mountain grammy May 2014 #34
mountain grammy, we noticed the same shift to the right in Sunday Morning. Enthusiast May 2014 #45
Very true but the schadenfreude will keep us happy for awhile tularetom May 2014 #37
This is true to a degree gratuitous May 2014 #40
change it's name to 'meet the ego' spanone May 2014 #21
It is satisfying to watch that smug Puglover May 2014 #22
If NBC cares about that property (MTP) and its history, they'd give it to Rachel TransitJohn May 2014 #23
I can't look at Gregory riverwalker May 2014 #24
Could have gone all day without that image in my head. mountain grammy May 2014 #35
Karl Rove looked like a dancing dildo that night. And David c588415 May 2014 #57
Dances with Rove is on the short list madokie May 2014 #25
Maybe if he had John McCain on more and had softball questions B Calm May 2014 #26
Or if he promoted war, austerity, and costly trade deals more often. grahamhgreen May 2014 #30
You are assuming that Fux viewers know how to work a remote mdbl May 2014 #32
I may never have watched the show in my life; I am enjoying watching the train wreck from a distance NBachers May 2014 #31
IMO, the BEST MTP host was Garrick Utley... Cooley Hurd May 2014 #39
Media Millionaires - Journalism by and for the 0.01 Percent Octafish May 2014 #42
You know who would make the perfect replacement for Gregory? FSogol May 2014 #43
"You know who would make the perfect replacement for Gregory?" Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #51
K&R DeSwiss May 2014 #47
This is your work, DeSwiss? pacalo May 2014 #53
Oui, il est. DeSwiss May 2014 #54
tres bon 840high May 2014 #59
Mr. Donovan knows a sinking ship when he smells one JHB May 2014 #49
maybe they are tired of Gregorty whoring for conservatives Skittles May 2014 #60
The dude is a complete has been. PuraVidaDreamin May 2014 #62
They need to not only show Gregory out the door for Meet the Press davidpdx May 2014 #63
He may be hone as soon as next Sunday Gman May 2014 #65
I would be the first to ask that Gregory follow, but they'd probably replace him with Tweety. nt silvershadow May 2014 #66
those shows suck ass. they serve to set up their guests talking points yurbud May 2014 #67
Don't watch any of the interviews, only the panel discussion question everything May 2014 #68
...Gregory is dismissive of the staff, and is often hard to reach or approach... MADem May 2014 #70
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