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3. There is a basic dishonesty BUILT RIGHT INTO modern-day Conservatism
Mon May 5, 2014, 04:31 AM
May 2014

It's part of its structure.

Honesty, facts and reality no longer support (if they ever did) most Conservative positions/arguments,
whether the issue is taxes, healthcare, foreign policy, trade policy, education, environmental issues,
business regulations, wage and distribution-of-wealth issues, whatever.

The result is that a nation of Conservatives who suscribe to the lies and distortions that are given to defend their philosophy and policies, are systematically, insidiously, being made less and less honest, day-by-day.
Empirics and factual touchstones are swept-aside and an almost religious-like faith (in somehow just being right) is elevated.

The big question is, will this process of making people increasingly dishonest, result in mass-numbers of people being able to eventually do evil, disruptive, violent things to other Americans they perceive as "the (Liberal) enemy"?

Is that the end-game of this process?

Serious food 4 thought.

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