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58. Yes, MN Senate has voted to legalize medical mj for that very reason. I have been lobbying our
Thu May 8, 2014, 09:35 PM
May 2014

reps. That may be one of the hopes we have.

Will do - KT2000 May 2014 #1
Positive thoughts and hugs.... a kennedy May 2014 #2
I will send positive thoughts Lifelong Protester May 2014 #3
I will send all the positive thoughts I can... Wait Wut May 2014 #4
WITH you and Terri, jwirr. elleng May 2014 #5
Sending positive alsame May 2014 #6
Absolutely. Squinch May 2014 #7
Holding both of you in my heart. Coventina May 2014 #8
positive thoughts coming your way frylock May 2014 #9
Done. Nt newfie11 May 2014 #10
Keeping you in our thoughts here in CA. May you find peace in this difficult struggle and we wish louslobbs May 2014 #11
{{{Terri and you, jwirr}}} WinkyDink May 2014 #12
Positive thoughts!!!! nt msanthrope May 2014 #13
Lord have mercy shenmue May 2014 #14
((((HUGS Terri and jwirr)))) freshwest May 2014 #15
For you jwirr and Terri. sheshe2 May 2014 #16
. JI7 May 2014 #17
Strength and peace to you. kairos12 May 2014 #18
My positive thoughts are with you and your daughter. In_The_Wind May 2014 #19
Positive thoughts... StarryNite May 2014 #20
Damn. I'm so sorry to hear this. calimary May 2014 #21
For Terri HangOnKids May 2014 #22
Prayers for both of you. winter is coming May 2014 #23
My most sincere hopes for your daughter rurallib May 2014 #24
Definitely will onecaliberal May 2014 #25
Thoughts Sassysdad May 2014 #26
Will do, jwirr. brer cat May 2014 #27
Thoughts and prayers for Terri, and for you, jwirr. pnwmom May 2014 #28
Sending good vibes for Terri malaise May 2014 #29
Yes DUgosh May 2014 #30
Will do. historylovr May 2014 #31
Good vibes to Terri, what a beautiful child. NYC_SKP May 2014 #32
Awwww... my heart goes out to you! I will surely send out a prayer to the powers that be, to be secondwind May 2014 #33
My good vibes go out to BOTH of you HockeyMom May 2014 #34
Prayers... and more prayers for your strength! FailureToCommunicate May 2014 #35
Consider it done. Also, consider it ongoing........for both of you. WillowTree May 2014 #36
more healing vibes headed your way, for Terri and for you... magical thyme May 2014 #37
Sending good thoughts lovemydog May 2014 #38
good thoughts to you and your loved ones hopemountain May 2014 #39
Bless you, jwirr. democrank May 2014 #40
Blessings. cilla4progress May 2014 #41
... Mnemosyne May 2014 #42
Positive thoughts to your dear daughter mcar May 2014 #43
I hurt for you... fadedrose May 2014 #44
Prayers, certainly. Marshall III May 2014 #45
Sending you good thoughts wishes and (((vibes))) for Terri.. KoKo May 2014 #46
Sending you both positive vibes TBF May 2014 #47
May she be healed. meti57b May 2014 #48
so sorry ... good vibes to you and your daughter LiberalEsto May 2014 #49
We will keep Terri and all her family in our thoughts and prayers Peacetrain May 2014 #50
... Mz Pip May 2014 #51
Peace to her. I know it has to be frustrating. Lint Head May 2014 #52
Thinking of you and your daughter locks May 2014 #53
Yes, MN Senate has voted to legalize medical mj for that very reason. I have been lobbying our jwirr May 2014 #58
Have you considered making an OP about this subject? It's certainly important enough. n/t nomorenomore08 May 2014 #69
Sending healing thoughts and prayers. gademocrat7 May 2014 #54
(((Hugs))) Starry Messenger May 2014 #55
K&R DeSwiss May 2014 #56
Jwirr, the care, love and devotion Iwillnevergiveup May 2014 #57
Sending healing prayers and good thoughts to Terri. Auntie Bush May 2014 #59
check your PM, jwirr nt grasswire May 2014 #60
That must be a mountain of worries for you, jwirr. pacalo May 2014 #61
Be well Teri ! lunasun May 2014 #62
Sending prayers for healing to your daughter Boomerproud May 2014 #63
Prayers for you and Terri. 840high May 2014 #64
Sending Reiki energy to Terri PADemD May 2014 #65
Good vibes. nt Demo_Chris May 2014 #66
Love and light libodem May 2014 #67
Prayers and good vibes for you and Terri. cherokeeprogressive May 2014 #68
Good thoughts to your family. Whatever happens, I hope her suffering is minimized nomorenomore08 May 2014 #70
You are yours are in my thoughts RainDog May 2014 #71
I second this demigoddess May 2014 #104
(((hugs))) and prayers for you and Terri. sueh May 2014 #72
..... spanone May 2014 #73
I'll pray for Terri. Ilsa May 2014 #74
Sending you and Teri PumpkinAle May 2014 #75
Prayers for Terri stevil May 2014 #76
sending positive vibes, healing energy and peacful prayers to Terri and you. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #77
...... alittlelark May 2014 #78
You are indeed a special mom Jenoch May 2014 #79
Prayers and positive thoughts Unknown Beatle May 2014 #80
Best wishes for you both in this hard situation Hekate May 2014 #81
best wishes to both of you !! unionthug777 May 2014 #82
Best wishes for you both. mia May 2014 #83
My heart is with you both. myrna minx May 2014 #84
Blessings to you and your family. appacom May 2014 #85
God bless you and Terri MannyGoldstein May 2014 #86
At least try a CBD adjunct sorefeet May 2014 #87
Your daughter will be in my prayers Gothmog May 2014 #88
(((vibes))) irisblue May 2014 #89
This is so sad. Prayers sent. n/t cntrygrl May 2014 #90
I am so sorry to hear your loved one can't live with you with all the assistance she and you deserve Jefferson23 May 2014 #91
We actually had a lot of assistance and I am very grateful for those years. What ended with her jwirr May 2014 #93
I am glad to hear you had relief, you both deserve it, very much so. Jefferson23 May 2014 #94
Many thanks for the love. So far she has not had another seizure. And this time her foster parents jwirr May 2014 #92
Wishing and praying for blessings. merrily May 2014 #95
Yes, when she was small the doctors told me her life expectancy would be 30 years old. Medicine jwirr May 2014 #99
I doubt anyone can ever be prepared, even for the passing of a beloved parent, merrily May 2014 #100
. warrior1 May 2014 #96
{{{Terri}}} {{{jwirr}}} Amaril May 2014 #97
My best wishes for you daughter and family. nm rhett o rick May 2014 #98
Sending positive vibes your way! MynameisBlarney May 2014 #101
Sending Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to Terri right now! Please post updates. DesertDiamond May 2014 #102
Positive thoughts coming your way. LoisB May 2014 #103
I send both of you love and energy! peace13 May 2014 #105
So far she has not had another seizure like that one. I am going to be out of touch for the weekend jwirr May 2014 #106
Seizures AlaneGrayGoddess May 2014 #107
Thank you. jwirr May 2014 #110
Terri and I are the same age... ladyVet May 2014 #108
Thank you for your wishes. jwirr May 2014 #109
Are you in a state where medical marijuana is legal? liberal_at_heart May 2014 #111
No, our senate voted yes but the house has not yet addressed it. jwirr May 2014 #114
You got it! lunatica May 2014 #112
No more seizures like that one and I think she is safe for now. The physical did not show any other jwirr May 2014 #113
Prayers for Terri. McCamy Taylor May 2014 #115
Sending positive thoughts your way deek May 2014 #116
Yes, that is what we are looking at now also. jwirr May 2014 #117
Went to Terri's staffing yesterday. She looks great except older. Each time I see her I notice that. jwirr May 2014 #118
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