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116. The "right" has become corrupted and dishonest in America
Mon May 19, 2014, 06:30 PM
May 2014

And too many so-called "Liberals" have been duped into supporting horrid trade deals,
for-profit Charter Schools and foreign wars--All policies with a strong rightward lean.

It's not a fair fight in America---The right has the money and numbers, while the left has only numbers and
the fact their policy stands are morally more justifiable for the health of the Nation
and for the greatest number of people.

The left can't even get its best spokespeople on major media tv/radio, and have to go to places like RT or The Web
if they want to hear from brilliant thinkers such as Chomsky, Hedges, Richard D Wolff,
Dahr Jamail, Glen Ford and others.

Centrism, in this slanted climate, yields largely Conservative economic
and foreign policy wins over the long-run.

Wall Street Larcenists remain untouched.
Drones continue to rain down death without due process on distant, dark-skinned foreigners.
Unions are continually pushed back and weakened. Public Schools are privatized, daily.
NSA is perusing your cell phone records as you read this.
TPP is getting pushed through as we speak. The USPost Office is being slowly snuffed
by colluding members of both parties.

THAT is the true face of Centrism.

When somebody says they are a "Centrist",
that is why I, am, uh, not impressed.

Please...Cut the Crap~ [View all] sheshe2 May 2014 OP
He's been better than I expected Warpy May 2014 #1
He's been exactly what suspected. Phlem May 2014 #240
FOX NEWS - BREAKING: "progressive complaints helped give him the current Republican House" L0oniX May 2014 #317
Obama is mostly center-right. On some issues he is left of center, cautiously left of center. Warren Stupidity May 2014 #2
Obama is a Rockefeller Republican, basically villager May 2014 #4
It's particularly unhelpful... TDale313 May 2014 #28
I agree... the "center" is where the "right" used to be... villager May 2014 #43
And it's even less helpful when Democrats are complicit in this. Scuba May 2014 #64
There is a whole army of complicit Democrats. Enthusiast May 2014 #272
Well said MissDeeds May 2014 #285
Yes very well said! Rockyj May 2014 #356
Yep. SomeGuyInEagan May 2014 #359
Well said nikto May 2014 #106
...^ that 840high May 2014 #120
Agree completely MissDeeds May 2014 #284
Relatively speaking "Obama is no progressive" = uninformed of current opposition. Its like people... uponit7771 May 2014 #293
Totally Agree! Rockyj May 2014 #355
Well put. TDale313 May 2014 #7
The problem is... nikto May 2014 #109
Yeah, you're not wrong. TDale313 May 2014 #144
I've often described it as the difference between driving toward the cliff at A Simple Game May 2014 #151
I dunno kenfrequed May 2014 #302
Not very slow lately. woo me with science May 2014 #353
Bingo. +11111111 n/t Tommymac May 2014 #190
lol, more "the peoples view" nonsense quinnox May 2014 #3
LOL... sheshe2 May 2014 #5
"the peoples spew" is full of it quinnox May 2014 #6
Hmmmmmm~ and some at DU? sheshe2 May 2014 #12
I doubt a lot of people read the list Andy823 May 2014 #35
+1 million Louisiana1976 May 2014 #57
Thanks Andy, well said. sheshe2 May 2014 #72
This blogger is not affiliated with the website you choose to use to dismiss the OP. Raine1967 May 2014 #114
Lieberman 2006: I Will Help Obama "Reach to the Stars" OnyxCollie May 2014 #228
How dare you post good news here? freshwest May 2014 #8
I know, what was I thinking? sheshe2 May 2014 #14
Welfare for the Wealthy! Octafish May 2014 #9
The New Deal didn't happen in a vacuum YoungDemCA May 2014 #37
Electoral mandate for change. Octafish May 2014 #281
"Crap," indeed. 1000words May 2014 #10
Yep, you didn't read it either, now did you... sheshe2 May 2014 #16
Not Obama ... 1000words May 2014 #24
you're not going to bully any progressives into clicking the link to that shit blog.. frylock May 2014 #88
Is that a threat? sheshe2 May 2014 #100
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #104
wow, you are so pleasant. sheshe2 May 2014 #112
This message was self-deleted by its author frylock May 2014 #119
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast May 2014 #273
Milt Shook was PPR'd? Raine1967 May 2014 #115
yeah, my mistake.. frylock May 2014 #121
Ahhh. ok, all good. Raine1967 May 2014 #125
he seems to be blaming the left because people aren't enthused about voting for right-wing policy frylock May 2014 #127
Not at all. Raine1967 May 2014 #130
No, Milt Shook isn't "PPR'd".. you're fucking wrong. "Bully any "progressives"? Fuck you talkin' Cha May 2014 #139
They seem to have my link confused with the Peoples View. sheshe2 May 2014 #150
That's what happens when you knee jerk. Cha May 2014 #179
Well, it is almost impossible to tell all those Crap Blogs apart. WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #283
I think you'll appreciate this... post #235. WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #296
Yes, you're quite Audacious, she! Cha May 2014 #11
Defending everything he does does not help anything Mojorabbit May 2014 #17
Let's turn that around for a second... sheshe2 May 2014 #29
Well said, she.. and of course some examples have already found their Cha May 2014 #31
So true Cha! sheshe2 May 2014 #56
Questioning some decisions of our politicians is not left of the left Mojorabbit May 2014 #38
LOL, who slams him for EVERYTHING? Names and links please. nt Logical May 2014 #47
We all know who is included when you speak of bashing Democrats. I agree with mojorabbit. madfloridian May 2014 #91
And bad schools policy is far from the only one He pushes nikto May 2014 #137
Dude, your talking to a wall. Phlem May 2014 #48
LOL~ sheshe2 May 2014 #74
you've done this already. Phlem May 2014 #157
Show me your badge to prove to me that you are the internet police. sheshe2 May 2014 #197
The internet police!? Phlem May 2014 #211
I agree, Mojo. madfloridian May 2014 #93
Would we be "screaming" if a Republican administration cheapdate May 2014 #204
Well done! sheshe2 May 2014 #18
Thank you, Cha May 2014 #20
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Phlem May 2014 #50
You crack me up too~ sheshe2 May 2014 #75
Actually, that was not the message but sure, Phlem May 2014 #160
Nah.... sheshe2 May 2014 #191
Great post Gothmog May 2014 #184
Thank you, Gothmog, Exactly True! Cha May 2014 #187
DU rec... SidDithers May 2014 #13
Weeeeeellllllllllll~ sheshe2 May 2014 #21
she, where did you find that kid? Skidmore May 2014 #62
I found her on the inter tubes, Skidmore :) sheshe2 May 2014 #68
Awesome... SidDithers May 2014 #77
I know.... sheshe2 May 2014 #84
Perfect. Bobbie Jo May 2014 #172
What's he running for now? Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #15
pretty much pointless meta. Phlem May 2014 #51
Yes, all pointless META... sheshe2 May 2014 #80
Don't forget to wear your vest of badges! Phlem May 2014 #161
Wow, guess you don't care. sheshe2 May 2014 #206
" Have you ever suffered from marital violence?" Phlem May 2014 #218
If you remember I asked you sheshe2 May 2014 #226
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #227
I was just about to point out the NUMEROUS times that person has felt compelled to respond Number23 May 2014 #254
Well Phelm was right about one thing Number23. sheshe2 May 2014 #259
Threads like this sure as hell show who the unhinged bullies are around here Number23 May 2014 #261
Actually, they show woo me with science May 2014 #331
Yes, the folks doing the absurd messaging have made themselves ABUNDANTLY obvious Number23 May 2014 #371
Look out, more incoming Third Way "progressivism": woo me with science May 2014 #372
Look out! More impotent posturing and blue links! Number23 May 2014 #374
Wow just rereading this morning. sheshe2 May 2014 #335
Wow, who knew that a clumsy attempt to redefine "progressive" would draw scathing replies? winter is coming May 2014 #341
Said by many that didn't bother to even read the article. sheshe2 May 2014 #342
Misapplying words that already have broadly known political connotations is absurd. n/t winter is coming May 2014 #344
She, I am so sorry you're being personally attacked this way. They are going after you with the.... Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #345
Such kind words to go off to work with. sheshe2 May 2014 #346
Have an excellent day! Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #349
Pity post #227 was hidden. 1000words May 2014 #246
I'm assuming you have the same question of all posts slamming Obama? Sheepshank May 2014 #78
Can't refute, so disses PBO and Sheshe. Most likely didn't read the link. Energy expended already: freshwest May 2014 #155
Whatever. Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #170
Yet.... Bobbie Jo May 2014 #173
Boredom drives people to terrible things. Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #174
Uhuh Bobbie Jo May 2014 #175
Nope, just burned out on it all. Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #178
Yet again.... Bobbie Jo May 2014 #181
I dunno, how many times are you going to try to bait me into responding? Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #188
Fine Bobbie Jo May 2014 #194
Bobbie Jo, you handled that subthread with such skill & acumen! Hats off to you. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #348
Well done Bobbie Jo! sheshe2 May 2014 #367
No they didn't freshwest ,,,cause they sheshe2 May 2014 #215
There is a negative attitude that gets tiresome. When the first thing is an attack on a member... freshwest May 2014 #239
Thanks for your words freshwest. sheshe2 May 2014 #340
Don't recall having read any lately. Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #167
It can't be pointless meta. Because that was just a forum for snide remarks at other DU members. Major Hogwash May 2014 #158
Wow. progressoid May 2014 #19
didn't appreciate that either, sounds very familiar G_j May 2014 #22
Some people so desperately want Obama to be what they imagine him to be. Maedhros May 2014 #27
You're exactly right. NanceGreggs May 2014 #39
I judge the President on his policy positions, most of which I find offensive. Maedhros May 2014 #53
disingenious at best. Sheepshank May 2014 #76
Lame at best. Phlem May 2014 #164
... and another person who wants to act like the Tea Party doesn't exist uponit7771 May 2014 #294
Hey, Phlem Sheepshank May 2014 #308
And you judge all Obama supporters NanceGreggs May 2014 #83
Some things cannot be condoned simply for the reason of supporting the President. Maedhros May 2014 #94
Paranoid much? NanceGreggs May 2014 #146
It's clear that supporting the Presidency is your priority. Maedhros May 2014 #154
Clairvoyant as well? NanceGreggs May 2014 #162
You started the clairvoyance thing in post 169 Fumesucker May 2014 #242
Reply #169 NanceGreggs May 2014 #250
My mistake I meant 146 where you said "Paranoid much" Fumesucker May 2014 #252
No prob - I figured it was something like that. NanceGreggs May 2014 #253
You have no argument here. woo me with science May 2014 #329
Your posts are empty. Maedhros May 2014 #324
+10000 MissDeeds May 2014 #287
The Democratic Party sheshe2 May 2014 #145
Welcome back, haven't seen you here in quite awhile. A Simple Game May 2014 #153
Oh, I was wrong about Obama ... NanceGreggs May 2014 #216
Glad to hear you are passin' through. n/t A Simple Game May 2014 #334
yep he can do no wrong. Phlem May 2014 #165
And yet another DU cliche ... NanceGreggs May 2014 #219
... Phlem May 2014 #220
Ok then Phlem May 2014 #223
good by Nancy Phlem May 2014 #225
lol Bobbie Jo May 2014 #236
Thank you for the accuracy. Enthusiast May 2014 #274
Thanks for turning that one around on them Nance. nt sheshe2 May 2014 #59
Precisesly, Nance.. so true, I see it everyday.. thank you. nm Cha May 2014 #67
No real liberal desperately wants Obama to fail. G_j May 2014 #97
Well, he signed the NDAA and he's got a drone assassination program. OnyxCollie May 2014 #233
Plus one a whole bunch. Enthusiast May 2014 #275
Lots of imagination here... L0oniX May 2014 #310
+1 nt laundry_queen May 2014 #375
that blog exists with the sole purpose of shitting on progressives frylock May 2014 #89
yes, it is complete and total bullshit Skittles May 2014 #123
"them"? Oh ...I think I know. They don't need our votes anymore. L0oniX May 2014 #306
Yeah Same Shit Different Day. Rex May 2014 #385
Thanks, she, for this post. classof56 May 2014 #23
Well said. Louisiana1976 May 2014 #61
Thanks, Louisiana 1976 classof56 May 2014 #222
Well said classof56! sheshe2 May 2014 #217
Obama is to progressivism what the ACLU is to the NSA. nt Demo_Chris May 2014 #25
nice. Phlem May 2014 #52
We could be in the middle of John McCain's 2nd term if Obama had not won in 2008. Major Hogwash May 2014 #163
And McCain, like Obama, would be doing EXACTLY what his corporate owners directed... Demo_Chris May 2014 #243
If only. rynestonecowboy May 2014 #247
Obama=Mcain sheshe2 May 2014 #264
With Obama, Sarah Palin is not anywhere near a position of power tabbycat31 May 2014 #316
War is Peace! woo me with science May 2014 #26
Glad to see you friend Phlem May 2014 #176
Up is down. Enthusiast May 2014 #276
The funny thing about this debate is that "liberalism" is a very broad ideology by definition YoungDemCA May 2014 #30
+1 Jamaal510 May 2014 #198
He may be "progressive," RoccoR5955 May 2014 #32
Liberal and moderate are by no means mutually exlusive YoungDemCA May 2014 #36
No they didn't RoccoR5955 May 2014 #195
K & R Thinkingabout May 2014 #33
kick & recommended. William769 May 2014 #34
How I can watch people say that the country has gone to the right... Shandris May 2014 #40
The culture of the nation is evolving toward more inclusiveness and equality. Maedhros May 2014 #81
I agree that those are true... Shandris May 2014 #85
I also don't believe that we "the People" have any real say in politics anymore. Maedhros May 2014 #95
The third-way has been moving left on social issues in the hopes this will NorthCarolina May 2014 #314
Let's please be honest here. Jasana May 2014 #41
Very well put, Jasana villager May 2014 #44
Well said. The only thing I would add... winter is coming May 2014 #98
I feel like I'm on Facebook yelling at my teabagger "friends".... Jasana May 2014 #231
If I cut the crap I would have nothing to talk about. AngryAmish May 2014 #42
Please... Cut the blind adoration crap. thank you. cali May 2014 #45
+1000! n-t Logical May 2014 #49
Only when The ODS stop cali. sheshe2 May 2014 #66
No, you're misunderstanding gratuitous May 2014 #73
+10 840high May 2014 #128
Please cut the reflexive and disingenuous*** hatred crap uponit7771 May 2014 #295
I'm surprised there isn't any pictures to fawn over. L0oniX May 2014 #307
I am proud of his accomplishments. Warren DeMontague May 2014 #46
Two words: President Palin d_legendary1 May 2014 #54
Some are pissed cuz he ain't Hugo Chavez. The rest are just pissed cuz it's what they do. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #55
LOL! sheshe2 May 2014 #148
I posted this yesterday... TreasonousBastard May 2014 #58
Great post, thanks TB! freshwest May 2014 #71
Awesome post, TreasonousBastard! Thank you! nm Cha May 2014 #86
+1 and thank you TB. sheshe2 May 2014 #92
Excellent post! Spazito May 2014 #99
that's a damn good post. BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #107
The "right" has become corrupted and dishonest in America nikto May 2014 #116
I am with you 100%. Enthusiast May 2014 #277
Thanks! nikto May 2014 #381
+1 For every true leftist, for every person who wants to see a sustainable & reasoned approach raouldukelives May 2014 #304
This message was self-deleted by its author ProSense May 2014 #135
"thanks again to DU for not actually running the Democratic Party" Jamaal510 May 2014 #199
Excellent post. nt Bobbie Jo May 2014 #203
You, my friend, have won the internetz. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #338
Yeah, this is helpful. Hissyspit May 2014 #60
Riiight.. it probably had nothing to do with the incessant venomous whining about ACA. and those Cha May 2014 #65
Yeah. All the blacks and Latinos who sat out 2010... WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #111
That doesn't negate what I wrote. Everyone needs to come together to Vote in 2014! Cha May 2014 #126
You're preaching to the choir on DU. We vote. WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #131
Nothing says "Let's come together" like using phrases such as "incessant and venemous whining". winter is coming May 2014 #141
Yeah, you're right.. the incessant venomous whiners have no wish to do anything else but. Cha May 2014 #177
Demonizing "the left." It's so... Republican! WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #288
Seriously. countryjake May 2014 #69
The point is to further divide us up before the elections in November. Rex May 2014 #386
Excellent post. K&R Louisiana1976 May 2014 #63
He's doing better than I expected gwheezie May 2014 #70
Sheshe Hekate May 2014 #79
You have posted a list of accomplishments quakerboy May 2014 #82
Excellent analysis. You are spot on. nt laundry_queen May 2014 #168
Nicely stated. n/t winter is coming May 2014 #245
Good points! nikto May 2014 #267
It's a ridiculous list. woo me with science May 2014 #332
. libodem May 2014 #87
Now, that's gonna really scramble some brains... SidDithers May 2014 #90
Thanks Sid libodem May 2014 #110
Best post of an awesome thread Number23 May 2014 #255
Reality bites, don't it? Thanks for posting that. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #347
No president has worked harder libodem May 2014 #361
I don't pay much attention to the screechers, and neither does anyone else. It's why no hardcore... Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #362
LOL...one of the list items is basically "got elected and reelected" Maven May 2014 #96
I will add my spew. Obama is a mixed bag which is why there Dustlawyer May 2014 #101
Republicans do not set the height on the progressive bar. Ed Suspicious May 2014 #102
Well put nikto May 2014 #133
Ended almost 1/3 of the Bush tax cuts. MannyGoldstein May 2014 #103
and they say WE the supporters.....are the ones that expected a messiah... VanillaRhapsody May 2014 #105
You got that right VR! sheshe2 May 2014 #169
The "supporters" didn't expect a messiah... they project one. winter is coming May 2014 #365
Whatever.... n/t xocet May 2014 #108
this line from your OP really struck me BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #113
Thank you Blanche! sheshe2 May 2014 #118
how did "progressive complaints help(ed) give him the current Republican House?" frylock May 2014 #122
I remember the atmosphere before the last midterms. BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #143
how many people do you know that skipped voting because of the Democratic Underground? frylock May 2014 #224
You are forgetting some history Mnpaul May 2014 #249
"I just do not understand the hyper-focus on PBO as being some kind of culprit". Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #363
oh lord, I remember. BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #364
"A house divided cannot stand". And they know that, hence the constant instigation. It seems to... Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #366
Cool acronym! Jamaal510 May 2014 #379
You're welcome to it. I heard it someplace, but can't remember where. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #383
You should be incredibly embarrassed to post anything from that blog LondonReign2 May 2014 #117
That's ridiculous.. Milt Shook has an Excellent Blog. Lots of FACTS. Cha May 2014 #124
as far as I can tell, "Milt Shook" (if that's his real name) is a clown and proven liar Maven May 2014 #235
"Jonah Goldberg level stupid." WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #292
Jaysuz, I'm heading back over to Discussionist. WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #136
Bye Bobbie Jo May 2014 #166
Good morning. So, what's The BOG doing today... WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #282
Have no idea.... Bobbie Jo May 2014 #297
I will, thanks! WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #298
Well you know what they say.... Bobbie Jo May 2014 #299
Milt Shook, indeed! WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #301
Ah, the classic Bobbie Jo May 2014 #311
If you say so. WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #322
Huge DU K'n'R. ucrdem May 2014 #129
he's done so much and in the face of this ... napkinz May 2014 #132
I love that graphic napkin. sheshe2 May 2014 #171
they conspired to undermine him the day he became president napkinz May 2014 #350
This is the reality of what President Obama has been dealing with for 5 years.. mahalo napkinz Cha May 2014 #180
they are willing to destroy the lives of millions ... napkinz May 2014 #354
This deserves its own thread. eom Jamaal510 May 2014 #200
Time to retire the word "progressive," then Distant Quasar May 2014 #134
Good post. Welcome to the Underground. Ed Suspicious May 2014 #142
excellent debut, Distant Quasar Skittles May 2014 #201
Good post. nt laundry_queen May 2014 #256
If Obama got his way... ProSense May 2014 #138
Exactly! sheshe2 May 2014 #147
BOOM: Obama signs order to raise minimum wage for federal contractors...disabled workers included! Cha May 2014 #183
Woo hoo! Great compilation of the hits here. freshwest May 2014 #192
meanwhile, in La La land... wyldwolf May 2014 #140
k&r... spanone May 2014 #149
He has his (relatively) progressive aspects. But even on those issues - health care reform, marriage nomorenomore08 May 2014 #152
This thread is useless without blue links Capt. Obvious May 2014 #156
Here ya go... Blue light uhm er link special L0oniX May 2014 #309
And that disgustingly long list doesn't even include this month woo me with science May 2014 #327
This message was self-deleted by its author woo me with science May 2014 #328
K & R! Iliyah May 2014 #159
"... Cut the Crap ..." " ... Yet, with all of that blockage of progress, some progressives still..." LooseWilly May 2014 #182
Lets turn Texas blue Gothmog May 2014 #185
"Progressive" truebrit71 May 2014 #186
Obama is like any other person... davidthegnome May 2014 #189
Home from work to K&R!!! hue May 2014 #193
There was so much wishful thinking going on in 2008. So many people in rose colored glasses. McCamy Taylor May 2014 #196
This is how we are judged now. Not by our posts, not by intelligence. By loyalty only. madfloridian May 2014 #202
Oh good lord. Whisp May 2014 #205
It's very true. Serious well-researched posts simply drop if we are known Obama questioners. madfloridian May 2014 #208
You only have to suffer a short while longer Whisp May 2014 #210
See what I mean? It's a big joke. We're a big joke. madfloridian May 2014 #213
No, No, No, your a hater! Phlem May 2014 #230
Excellent posts. woo me with science May 2014 #290
Oh the drama! And I see posts from those folks all the time Number23 May 2014 #258
The primary election in my state is tomorrow, on Tuesday, May 20th. Major Hogwash May 2014 #262
Perhaps you missed the part about our campaigning for him, donating, buying yard signs. madfloridian May 2014 #263
Thanks for your concern about teachers staying home in the fall. Major Hogwash May 2014 #265
That's not my problem. I did not cause the anger they are feeling. I will vote, all I can do. madfloridian May 2014 #268
A very empty answer to a very substantive post. nt woo me with science May 2014 #291
Naw, it pretty much got the amount of attention it deserved. Major Hogwash May 2014 #373
Good points, but such inconvenient truths for some folks nikto May 2014 #269
I agree kenfrequed May 2014 #303
No wonder I am hated ...but then I like that. L0oniX May 2014 #312
don't hate you heaven05 May 2014 #318
... L0oniX May 2014 #319
"He is not a perfect man, I never thought he was" Jamaal510 May 2014 #207
That line reads like someone rationalizing whether or not to break off a relationship. WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #286
Thankyou, sheshe. Well said! Whisp May 2014 #209
"The best, smartest and handsomest President ever! Probably nicest and kindest too, so take them kath May 2014 #251
LOL! You're driving them CRAZY, Whisp! Number23 May 2014 #260
Just what our party needs right now. Ridicule toward anyone who questions policy. madfloridian May 2014 #271
When people act like clowns, others will laugh. Pretty simple, actually. Number23 May 2014 #370
"the crabby poo poo pants downers." madfloridian May 2014 #270
If that is the case, why didn't blacks and Latinos vote... WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #321
Yikes! sheshe2 May 2014 #326
like gasoline on a fire - say something positive and nice about Pres. Obama Whisp May 2014 #330
Thank You! (nt) sunnystarr May 2014 #212
he's much better than the alternative but he's not a progressive by any stretch think May 2014 #214
True. Which begs the question: why try to claim he's one? n/t winter is coming May 2014 #221
Silly Phlem May 2014 #229
I am better off now than I was 5 years ago IronLionZion May 2014 #232
I am not and I put myself through school for my field. Phlem May 2014 #234
Oh yeah, well the Democrats turned me into a newt! IronLionZion May 2014 #241
Well said and persuasive. Thanks, IronLionZion. n/t freshwest May 2014 #248
Very persuasive! woo me with science May 2014 #333
Why don't you take your own advice? arendt May 2014 #237
this thread is SOOOOOOO honest. Phlem May 2014 #238
All this President had to do; kitt6 May 2014 #244
Same sex marriage & Cannabis - he was against both! Jobs coming back but not pay, and oh yeah, stock grahamhgreen May 2014 #257
Yes and... sheshe2 May 2014 #266
Yes, he finally followed Progressives on same sex marriage, hopefully he will get on the bus and grahamhgreen May 2014 #315
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #323
Obama controls the courts in all the land with just one wave of his wand. Major Hogwash May 2014 #378
Good morning Major. sheshe2 May 2014 #382
I was hoping you'd tell the MRA types to cut the crap with them always Jamastiene May 2014 #278
Completely unrecommended. Enthusiast May 2014 #279
Disagree a whole bunch. Bobbie Jo May 2014 #280
"I don't measure the effectiveness of a Democratic president by comparing him to the worst president woo me with science May 2014 #336
Malignant is a good way to describe it. Enthusiast May 2014 #380
Sheshe2 despite the naysayers here, heaven05 May 2014 #289
HOrsesh!t! blkmusclmachine May 2014 #300
Oh ...you're a BOG host ...figures. L0oniX May 2014 #305
Don't you read DU ? everything is peachy NM_Birder May 2014 #313
Why I post. Obama is letting Arne enact a policy he himself spoke out against in 2011. madfloridian May 2014 #320
Freedom is Slavery! nt woo me with science May 2014 #325
Ignorance is Strength! woo me with science May 2014 #337
Lunacy is Sanity! nt Bobbie Jo May 2014 #339
Sign the Sanity Clause! Major Hogwash May 2014 #377
... napkinz May 2014 #343
Vote like your life depends on it... because it does! Thanks for the great graphic. freshwest May 2014 #352
I've been at work, napkinz! sheshe2 May 2014 #369
Awesome thread! nt msanthrope May 2014 #351
It is more important for some "progressives" Progressive dog May 2014 #357
Surveillance is Freedom! woo me with science May 2014 #358
Kick... SidDithers May 2014 #360
"....you donít understand how politics works." What is Obama running for again? Katashi_itto May 2014 #368
kick and rec ! nt steve2470 May 2014 #376
Moderates gave the House to the GOP in 2010. Rex May 2014 #384
... napkinz May 2014 #387
K & R Scurrilous May 2014 #388
Oh jeez. Teh List? Iggo May 2014 #389
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