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217. Are you sure? I would happily repeat that, if I knew it were true, but
Mon May 26, 2014, 07:27 PM
May 2014

the hits I'm getting for Greenwald + "National States' Rights" seem to refer to his White Supremacist client

I did find some articles about GG's unsuccessful runs for city council:

LAUDERDALE LAKES ... Greenwald, a Nova High School senior, is challenging three incumbents and a fourth candidate for a council seat. Only three will win. The grandson of former Councilman L.L. Greenwald, young Greenwald attempted to tackle the topics of roads and council expense accounts at Tuesday night's council meeting. "The road with the 7-Eleven," said Greenwald. "You can`t even drive on it." (Greenwald later acknowledged the store was a Tenneco and not a 7- Eleven) ...
Young Candidate Stirs Lakes
By Alan Cherry, Staff Writer
January 24, 1985

... Incumbents Mac Klein, Lou Tenner and Harry Rosenkrantz easily retained their seats Tuesday, beating first-time candidates Glenn Greenwald and Alfonso Scott Junious ...
Lakes Voters Decree More Of The Same
By Alan Cherry, Staff Writer
March 14, 1985

... Greenwald, the grandson of former Lauderdale Lakes City Council member L.L. Greenwald, is now attending George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He has joined the Young Democrats on campus and has kept his interest in government. "You might see me run again, once I finish school," Greenwald said. "That`s maybe still six or seven years off, but the wait will be worth it" ...
Quiet Lauderdale Lakes Faces Year Of Unprecedented Change
By Alan Cherry, Staff Writer
January 1, 1986

LAUDERDALE LAKES -- The grandson of a former City Council member was physically escorted from a council meeting by Broward sheriff`s deputies on Tuesday night after refusing to leave the podium. Glenn Greenwald, 23, stepped up to the podium during the public portion of the meeting to decry the city`s committee form of government, which, Greenwald said, prevents working people from participating in city affairs ... Gereffi said the matter will be taken up in committee and Greenwald reiterated that he could not attend committee meetings. Gereffi and Greenwald went back and forth about the matter for several minutes and Gereffi then asked the deputies to take Greenwald from the room ...
Lakes Mayor Refuses Reform Discussion
By TAO WOOLFE, Staff Writer
October 4, 1990

... Lauderdale Lakes resident Glenn Greenwald, 23, filed on Monday to run for a one-year term on the City Council. He has lived in the city for 22 years and ran unsuccessfully for office when he was 18 years old ...
Five More Candidates Seek Government Seats
January 9, 1991

... Opposing them -- and losing -- was Glenn Greenwald, 23, who was making his second bid for a council seat ...
Lauderdale Lakes Incumbents Sweep Races, Dominate Seats On Council
March 13, 1991

LAUDERDALE LAKES -- A former City Council candidate who charged that his opponent`s candidacy was illegal and took the city to court will have to pay about $700 in court costs to the city, City Attorney James Brady said. Before the election, Glenn Greenwald, 23, had asked the court to prevent the city from putting Abe Hassing`s name on the ballot, claiming Hassing`s candidacy was illegal because he served on a city board and received a salary for his work. Election laws say that anyone who receives a salary for his work on a city board must resign before running for political office. City code said Hassing`s position was voluntary and his reimbursement was for expenses ...
Ex-candidate Must Pay Court Costs
May 5, 1991
I was just thinking this evening that the people demanding to know why he wasn't in the US, LeftyMom May 2014 #1
Poitras doesn't put herself out there--that's why. MADem May 2014 #63
It's beyond disgusting. joshcryer May 2014 #73
I have to wonder about people who make everything about sex. MADem May 2014 #79
You think a Greenwald's identity as a gay man is "about sex"? LeftyMom May 2014 #135
No--I think YOU do, as evidenced by your doubling and tripling down on a false accusation. MADem May 2014 #169
So you only hate homosexuals when using your phone MannyGoldstein May 2014 #81
Apparently. joshcryer May 2014 #83
Anything whatsoever we post can be construed as a hate crime these days MannyGoldstein May 2014 #84
Wrong link? joshcryer May 2014 #85
Yes, wrong link MannyGoldstein May 2014 #87
Wonder what it means when we type EW or BO or HC or for that matter....POTUS!!!? VanillaRhapsody May 2014 #101
I can't speak for the OP but I'm not veiling shit, thinly or otherwise. LeftyMom May 2014 #134
No, you're coming right out and endorsing a false charge. MADem May 2014 #167
So your problem isn't reporting on the leaks, it's being visible while doing it? LeftyMom May 2014 #148
My "problem" --- as you call it -- is false accusations of homophobia, MADem May 2014 #166
So you think every single person knows what the right wing called him during the Bush years? pnwmom May 2014 #2
It's a big stretch Puzzledtraveller May 2014 #5
Stop Using "DU" jberryhill May 2014 #15
No, pnwmom may have a point here........ wandy May 2014 #131
Great question. Why is she so familiar with what the "rightwing" was doing? n/t Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #203
Those are his initials: I'm a poor typist and sometimes use GG to save keystrokes struggle4progress May 2014 #3
I smell bullshit. What other names do you abbreviate due to your poor, poor typing skills? morningfog May 2014 #165
I'm sure you do "smell bullshit". Cha May 2014 #180
I'm a good typist and use "GG" interchangably with "Greenwald" "Glenn" or Cha May 2014 #182
The OP uses it too. MADem May 2014 #223
Thank you for that.. it was Ridiculous before and now it's just in the Cha May 2014 #226
Hypocritical, at the least. MADem May 2014 #228
Oh, that's right.. I get it now why it can't be "deleted".. nm Cha May 2014 #229
Probably would have been long gone by now, otherwise... nt MADem May 2014 #230
We never would have had the hypocrisy written down for Posterity. nm Cha May 2014 #232
Oh snap! MA, I dub thee "Hypocrite Slayer". I'm hoping you'll get a response, but that ain't gonna Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #238
It's a real "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" attitude up in here, I guess! nt MADem May 2014 #239
Links? ucrdem May 2014 #4
I don't see it. Maybe I'm too young to remember? Gravitycollapse May 2014 #6
Since when are someone's initials SheilaT May 2014 #7
It's just his initials (wink, wink) MNBrewer May 2014 #103
that's homophone, not homophobe nt arely staircase May 2014 #149
good god uppityperson May 2014 #8
Well, why did we spell Dubya all the way? jberryhill May 2014 #28
many just used *, I called him shrub or babybush uppityperson May 2014 #158
Actually, when we wanted to insult that assclown, we called him Dumbya instead of "W." nt MADem May 2014 #171
Oooh, you seem to have struck the expected nerves. LeftyMom May 2014 #9
Yes, the humerus nerve primarily jberryhill May 2014 #29
I'm genuinely offended. joshcryer May 2014 #75
Josh...I once had a post hidden for "homophobia" for calling GG a ratfucker. msanthrope May 2014 #93
I had a post hidden a few days ago AnalystInParadise May 2014 #152
You do understand the difference between calling a DUer "daft" and a non-DUer "daft?" nt msanthrope May 2014 #154
Yeah, the fuckingus bullshitticus nerve--and your little "OOOooooh" rofl piling on MADem May 2014 #76
LMAO...now referring to him by his initials is verboten... Cali_Democrat May 2014 #10
Yeah shenmue May 2014 #39
More than embarrassing themselves--they're showing their true colors. MADem May 2014 #173
They have ALWAYS embarrassed themselves. But this is extra face palm-y Number23 May 2014 #185
... savalez May 2014 #211
Absurd. Behind the Aegis May 2014 #11
Thank. You. Hekate May 2014 #13
thank you, that is my take also. uppityperson May 2014 #159
Thanks you! sheshe2 May 2014 #204
I thought it stood for Gay Gay, LuvLoogie May 2014 #12
Golly Gee! Goodness Gracious! jberryhill May 2014 #14
Good Game! Lancero May 2014 #138
BTW...he was never really "Bush's bane" when it counted Cali_Democrat May 2014 #16
Good point. Thanks. n/t pnwmom May 2014 #17
I'll be straight with you. I'm too young to know if what you are claiming of him is true... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #18
Here ya go Cali_Democrat May 2014 #19
Yep that's it. nt ucrdem May 2014 #21
As stated below, the preface to that book was a reflection on previous views which had changed... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #24
Like I said, his views "changed" only after the war became an unpopular clusterfuck... Cali_Democrat May 2014 #27
You haven't presented any evidence yet that he was a cheerleader for the Bush administration. Gravitycollapse May 2014 #32
LOL Cali_Democrat May 2014 #34
Yes, that is actually a marked improvement. He did support them as he himself has admitted. Gravitycollapse May 2014 #37
He has also railed against undocumented immigrants in the past Cali_Democrat May 2014 #40
Okay, but where is the evidence? I'm seriously asking and you haven't shown it. Gravitycollapse May 2014 #42
You asked me for evidence of his war-hawking and I gave it to you. Cali_Democrat May 2014 #45
Well, you said he was anti-immigrant. How so? Gravitycollapse May 2014 #49
Here ya go... Cali_Democrat May 2014 #53
Okay, but he recanted on that subject, giving a similar explanation as before Gravitycollapse May 2014 #56
He's 'recanted' quite a bit, hasn't he? randome May 2014 #104
Is twice quite a bit? Gravitycollapse May 2014 #161
No he didn't, he just said "it was long time ago" as if that exonerates his asshat views on the uponit7771 May 2014 #142
He always "recants" when his position becomes unpopular. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #210
Hillary Clinton: I cast my Iraq war vote "With Conviction" nationalize the fed May 2014 #61
How did you find out about Greenwald's views on the Iraq War?? sabrina 1 May 2014 #136
You mean "think tanks" like this one? Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #212
Thank you, and now we have talking point #2, the 'Cato Talking point'. Also refuted so often it's a sabrina 1 May 2014 #235
Well, you certainly know from "talking points". When you're not running around the board.... Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #236
Of course I do. I was hoping you would supply us with talking point #3. sabrina 1 May 2014 #245
Just for you! Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #246
I'm underwhelmed. Smarmie Doofus May 2014 #74
Yeah, "bush's bane".. :( nm thanks Cali Cha May 2014 #183
It's in the preface to How Would a Patriot Act ucrdem May 2014 #20
The preface to that book was a reflection on his past views and how they had changed... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #22
How could any sentient being living on the planet earth trust Cheney and Dumbya ucrdem May 2014 #25
Not buying what? That his political perspective changed? What is so hard to believe about that? Gravitycollapse May 2014 #31
I don't believe a word of it. A Manhattan lawyer politically isolated and uneducated ucrdem May 2014 #35
One of my best philosophy professors was a former Manhattan attorney... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #38
If Greenwald was teaching existential philosophy somewhere I might believe him. ucrdem May 2014 #41
He let his law license lapse much like President Obama. Gravitycollapse May 2014 #44
I would say Obama is making excellent use of his legal knowledge ucrdem May 2014 #50
Yes, whenever you can do so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could document it for me. Gravitycollapse May 2014 #52
here's a piece on lies he told about Miranda's arrest: ucrdem May 2014 #60
the unintended irony in this post is off the charts grasswire May 2014 #179
Um, no..his law licence is "suspended" as opposed to "lapsed." In NY state you can voluntarily msanthrope May 2014 #151
He seemed to have forgotten how close he was to being censured. Ikonoklast May 2014 #191
+1. Sibel Edmonds called him "an ambulance chasing style attorney". Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #215
70% of the population supported the Iraq invasion. Including leading Dems in Congress. Luminous Animal May 2014 #92
Are you calling Greenwald a Clinton supporter? ucrdem May 2014 #94
Ask all those Democrats who voted for Bush and Cheney's war. Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #121
Greenwald was not to my knowledge an elected representative. nt ucrdem May 2014 #122
I have to wonder how anybody manages to stay apathetic until age 35 struggle4progress May 2014 #89
yeah, it makes no sense arely staircase May 2014 #108
Well, he says he was a constitutional lawyer, but he originally practiced corporate law, and struggle4progress May 2014 #110
Because he's full of shit. He ran locally, at age 17, on "The National States' Rights" ticket. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #216
Are you sure? I would happily repeat that, if I knew it were true, but struggle4progress May 2014 #217
I can't find the blurb right now. Perhaps I saved it on my home pc. Will check when I get home. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #220
Interesting! on Greenwald! Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #295
Same goes for Hillary Clinton MannyGoldstein May 2014 #82
If you have animus for Hillary Clinton & her Iraq vote… why not Greenwald? KittyWampus May 2014 #178
My position on this is clear MannyGoldstein May 2014 #189
I would love to see links Crunchy Frog May 2014 #129
it's the Tiger Beat crowd - what do you expect? Skittles May 2014 #23
I don't see how "GG" is homophobic. JohnnyRingo May 2014 #26
People have been using it in a... TDale313 May 2014 #48
I prefer BHO to BO, is less derisive imo. uppityperson May 2014 #160
But-but-but!!!! That "H" is for HUSSEIN, which must mean that you're making fun of him!!! MADem May 2014 #168
Heh. I mock those who think that of his middle name, wear it proudly to show them they are uppityperson May 2014 #177
Those people are anti-religious blessings, too, MADem May 2014 #184
Thank you for bringing this up. TDale313 May 2014 #30
What about married people who use it? jberryhill May 2014 #33
Wait, here's you in 2011 talking about how great it was that a dog was named GiGi after him... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #36
How did you search for that post without a star? HangOnKids May 2014 #43
google JI7 May 2014 #46
Hey thanks for reminding me that I never put you on ignore HangOnKids May 2014 #51
Cute. joshcryer May 2014 #77
I searched "Glenn Greenwald gigi" on Google because I wanted to see what came back... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #47
I think this thread is an insult to DUers because the thread starter is angry at people MADem May 2014 #66
I'm decidedly on the side of Greenwald. But an OP like this is bad news... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #68
Especially when the OP writer has used the GG term herself in the past. MADem May 2014 #222
It's rich. joshcryer May 2014 #78
How strange! I have a friend named Johnna. Named after her father but no one calls her father Johnna Luminous Animal May 2014 #90
Is her father's name Johnna? If it is, maybe saltpoint May 2014 #257
So cool that you came out of retirement to entertain us with your word salad. Double spaced! Luminous Animal May 2014 #260
LL Bean. No No Nanette. CSNY. saltpoint May 2014 #262
What does a 300 pound canary say. Luminous Animal May 2014 #268
If you have a canary that saltpoint May 2014 #269
We spoon. Luminous Animal May 2014 #271
It's very simple: THAT was a post by somebody who admired GG struggle4progress May 2014 #111
I'm confused. That post is by Oilwellian, not the OP of this thread. What am ChisolmTrailDem May 2014 #132
Read the whole thread--the thread starter here was an enthused participant MADem May 2014 #174
And with that, this thread just became bookmarkable Number23 May 2014 #186
LOL Cali_Democrat May 2014 #207
But wait...there's MORE! MADem May 2014 #231
Here's the poster in 2012 USING the "GG" term griping about a post getting hidden. MADem May 2014 #224
Or they're just lazy and only feel like tapping the 'G' key twice Blue_Tires May 2014 #54
Good thing his letters aren't written by a secretary jberryhill May 2014 #55
Or trying to conserve space in the title/reply line itsrobert May 2014 #57
Is this a joke? Beearewhyain May 2014 #58
This is an accusation of HOMOPHOBIA and it is uncivil as hell. This thread is calling MADem May 2014 #64
It also, IMO, devalues homophobia. Behind the Aegis May 2014 #65
You're damn tooting. I think this thread is a huge step over that line. MADem May 2014 #67
Also, the OP hasn't returned to the thread that I see ... LisaLynne May 2014 #86
I know what you mean... MADem May 2014 #88
^^^ This davidpdx May 2014 #214
Also, the OP making the accusation USED THE TERM in a post her very self. MADem May 2014 #221
WOW, OMGoodness, MADem! The Blatant Hypocrisy is Stunning.. and this member of the Cha May 2014 #225
As they say in Tennis, Game, Set, Match. OP Loses 6-0, 6-0 in two golden sets. stevenleser May 2014 #249
Gigi yes, GG no. tammywammy May 2014 #59
You're shitting me. What kind of slur is ES for Edward Snowden? How about GWB and MADem May 2014 #62
..... saltpoint May 2014 #261
What a goofy statement. Demit May 2014 #69
JFK, FDR, RFK, LBJ, BHO... Drunken Irishman May 2014 #70
Gigi perhaps but not GG. maddezmom May 2014 #71
Bullshit. I use "GG" when posting on my phone. joshcryer May 2014 #72
Is it even worse than using "etc"? MannyGoldstein May 2014 #80
Omg, Manny, what is WRONG with you!! sabrina 1 May 2014 #133
Good Lord... Blue_In_AK May 2014 #153
I'm amazed no one's pounced for the use of "nags." WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #198
I must have slipped under the radar. Blue_In_AK May 2014 #200
Guess that got under your skin Manny. sheshe2 May 2014 #205
I cannot live with this terrible shame. MannyGoldstein May 2014 #209
LA, this thread is disturbing because I find myself agreeing with MannyGoldstein msanthrope May 2014 #91
jesus, mary and joseph arely staircase May 2014 #95
JMJ, you mean? nt msanthrope May 2014 #98
LOL ucrdem May 2014 #102
What a crock! Whisp May 2014 #96
You posted this at 2 am EST, and have answered only one post..... msanthrope May 2014 #97
I think there's a word for such behavior, but it's somehow slipped me mind struggle4progress May 2014 #112
You used "EST" instead of "EDT"! Jim Lane May 2014 #144
This thread is so stupid it's spawning apologia threads for it. N.B.....this will not end well. nt msanthrope May 2014 #146
Sorry, but that never even crossed my mind. City Lights May 2014 #99
unfortunately, there has always been an undercurrent of homophobia with some of the Greenwald hate quinnox May 2014 #100
I don't think that's true. People use initials to abbreviate names MineralMan May 2014 #105
Now look, LA, you may be painting with too wide a brush here. randome May 2014 #106
be careful, using LA is like saying LA LA, and saying LA LA LAND Whisp May 2014 #119
Sorry about that, W. Whoops! Sorry about that, too! randome May 2014 #124
I was thinking of changing my name to Hisp because of that. Whisp May 2014 #128
Greenwald's "assumed feminity"? grasswire May 2014 #181
Greenwald's "assumed femininity"? (n/t) WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #199
Sometime "GG" is just a pair of letters rock May 2014 #107
Sometimes it's just a horse. Denzil_DC May 2014 #114
LOL! Sometimes it's just a movie rock May 2014 #155
No, they're not... SidDithers May 2014 #109
Maybe some. Puglover May 2014 #113
Even when it's his Initials? Katashi_itto May 2014 #115
They know what they're doing. Iggo May 2014 #116
^^ this. nt laundry_queen May 2014 #123
Exactly. (n/t) WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #197
I know why you are making this ridiculous accusation: Whisp May 2014 #117
Yep, I think you got it. MADem May 2014 #118
That is fuckin' awesome. And it's pretty obvious you got under some skin. nt msanthrope May 2014 #143
I love it! Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #218
They're comparing him to GG Allin. Despicable. Throd May 2014 #120
and hot dogs nt arely staircase May 2014 #147
So can we call him "Glenwald" or something? LOL. AverageJoe90 May 2014 #125
'Gled Snowwald'. randome May 2014 #126
Edlenn Greendon Whisp May 2014 #130
BS - it's JUST his initials. 840high May 2014 #127
One of the silliest posts I've ever read on DU. Should we also speill out OregonBlue May 2014 #137
How about straight folks stop fighting equality, act like humans toward LGBT people for 10 minutes Bluenorthwest May 2014 #141
How about we all fight stupidity and not get our collective undies in a bunch over "GG"? Throd May 2014 #145
How is using GG instead of Glen Greenwals fighting equality? Silly. OregonBlue May 2014 #157
GG. There, I said it. Funny... ChisolmTrailDem May 2014 #139
hitler nt arely staircase May 2014 #140
How about any less? Hassin Bin Sober May 2014 #175
How about none, before or after? I find it interesting how far you had to stretch to place doubt on ChisolmTrailDem May 2014 #188
Sorry. I couldn't resist the low hanging fruit. Hassin Bin Sober May 2014 #192
Ah they're fine with right wing memes. JoeyT May 2014 #150
+1 QC May 2014 #227
cry me a fucking river d_b May 2014 #156
I am a gay man and have no idea how calling him GG is homophobic. hrmjustin May 2014 #162
Thanks for writing this OKNancy May 2014 #164
I imagine this poster would liken calling Elizabeth Warren EW as the same as MADem May 2014 #170
Someone used the words Tigerbeat crowd. I think that describes Greenwald and Snowden fans stevenleser May 2014 #213
does he bellydance too? MisterP May 2014 #163
Hmm...that post was written by someone with a user name with the initials GG. MADem May 2014 #172
I don't embrace or reject terms depending on the GOP's opinion of them. winter is coming May 2014 #176
kick for hilarity. Whisp May 2014 #187
kick. nt msanthrope May 2014 #190
New issue of Tiger Beat out: Whisp May 2014 #193
Ok....that's hysterical!! nt msanthrope May 2014 #194
That's PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!! nt MADem May 2014 #196
+1. And they still don't see the irony. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #201
hahahahaha nt Cali_Democrat May 2014 #208
Nominated for best Tiger Beat cover of the year. nt ucrdem May 2014 #219
Whisp, you are simply the (wo)man Number23 May 2014 #234
I don't think we'll be hearing that Tiger Beat crap much anymore. Whisp May 2014 #252
What about those who called George Zimmerman GZ? fried eggs May 2014 #195
Everybody who high five'd that "gd used car salesman" post is a fucking racist. That how it works? Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #202
GG RandySF May 2014 #206
What an absurd post. xfundy May 2014 #233
My partner would be stunned to learn that I'm homophobic-especially after this morning! Rowdyboy May 2014 #237
Turns out the thread starter has used the "GG" term herself. MADem May 2014 #240
Apparently anyone disliking GG in any way is by her definition homophobic. Well I have no respect Rowdyboy May 2014 #241
+1 nt MADem May 2014 #242
Come back Luminous=(Fire)Animal=(Dog)! You & the 18 recc'ers should address post #223. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #243
Oh my....I never made THAT connection...! Now it ALL makes sense! nt MADem May 2014 #253
That's why her rants are so easy to dismiss. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #294
So does that include you too? Rex May 2014 #244
Yep. Tears were flowing down my face that night. I had 3 hidden posts in one night. Luminous Animal May 2014 #248
There is no absolute in it. GG are his initials. Just like HRC, people know who I am talking about. Rex May 2014 #250
More than "approving"---actually USING the "GG" term. It's high and deep, the hypocrisy. nt MADem May 2014 #255
Makes me wonder what does the MAD stand for in MADem. Rex May 2014 #256
I'll confess! MADem May 2014 #265
I miss our DU2 days and endless rants on Dubya. Withstanding GHB was bad enough Rex May 2014 #276
Seriously? If using a man's initials as shorthand is "homophobic" then NYC Liberal May 2014 #247
It evidently was a proactive backfire on DU. Rex May 2014 #251
I have a James Taylor album called JT. saltpoint May 2014 #254
Barak Hussein Obama. GG. Luminous Animal May 2014 #258
JD Salinger. Bebe Rebozzo. NOLA. saltpoint May 2014 #259
WWJD? Rex May 2014 #263
Ol' JC would be A-OK. Kind of his M.O. saltpoint May 2014 #266
ttl M.O. Rex May 2014 #278
Sing. Sing a song. Sing it loud. Sing it long. Luminous Animal May 2014 #264
Koko Taylor. Mimi Farina. BLT. saltpoint May 2014 #267
One of the Butt Sisters. Luminous Animal May 2014 #270
Papa John's. Papa's daughter Johnna. RPM. saltpoint May 2014 #272
See you've mastered the googling. Thank your grandchildren for the assist. Luminous Animal May 2014 #274
I make a respectable saltpoint May 2014 #275
Natch. Luminous Animal May 2014 #280
I agree-- some of them actually used to use Gigi, and now use "GG" because it's so Marr May 2014 #273
And those same people have no problem typing out "Obama". Luminous Animal May 2014 #277
Exactly! nt Mojorabbit May 2014 #293
GG could just change his name and obviate saltpoint May 2014 #279
Or. People could stop using the homophopic meme originated by the right wing when Greenwald Luminous Animal May 2014 #281
I'm not too damn interested in GG, now or then, saltpoint May 2014 #282
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #283
If there's a darlin' in the room what ain't makin' saltpoint May 2014 #284
You can lead a canary to water... Luminous Animal May 2014 #285
But not to H2O? EKG? BB guns? AA meetings? saltpoint May 2014 #286
Yew don even call me ba ma name. Luminous Animal May 2014 #287
"LA" it is, then. Desmond Tutu. Bobo the Clown. CTA. saltpoint May 2014 #288
So,I was was wondering what I should do next, I really had to pee but my cat was sitting on my lap. Luminous Animal May 2014 #289
Grace's friendship to Janis Joplin saltpoint May 2014 #292
Hey saltpoint.. LA used it herself in META so it cannot be deleted.. posted upthread Cha May 2014 #290
Cha, fond tidings, and yes, saltpoint May 2014 #291
Interesting! Every single person who refers to Glenn Greenwald as GG is using a homophobic meme Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #296
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