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33. I can only add up all the issues for myself
Thu May 29, 2014, 12:16 AM
May 2014

Let's see...


--Getting out of Iraq/Afghanistan
--Raising minimum wage
--NOT bombing Syria
--Setting aside land for Nat'l Parkland
--Obama's Support of Same-Sex Marriage/Gay Rights (although it was a tad wobbly in 1st term)
--Federal support for renewable energy sources
--Policy of not invading countries for no reason, so much as it has been stated
--Promoting growing gardens (Michele)
--Supporting voting rights via Justice Dept actions
--Letting stupid Donald Trump have it that WH correspondents' dinner (OK, not a policy, but I loved it )

I feel the ACA is maybe the start of a good thing, but needs to add a Public Option,
or transmute to Single-Payer, within 5 years or so, 10 at most, or it could be disaster.


--Public Ed privatization/Charter Schools/Race-to-Top/Arnie Duncan
--Drone Killings
--NSA meta-spying of citizens/evesdsropping on Merkel, etc
--Obama's recent statement in support of "American Exceptionalism"
--Non-prosecution of Wall St investors/"Too big to Fail" (for banks)/Geitner's/Paulson's app'ts
--vast numbers of deportations of undocumented Immigrants (increased over Bush)
--Promoting TPP and similar Trade deals that greatly favor elites
--Busting Medical Cannabis dispensaries in California (Holder & DOJ).

I may have forgotten something, but that's basically how I sum up Obama's polices for me.
there are a variety of opinions here n/t Enrique May 2014 #1
Some people are just anti-anything Frances May 2014 #2
Evidently, ProSense May 2014 #3
At least 80-90%! frazzled May 2014 #4
By his manny friends! Whisp May 2014 #6
+10,000 nt okaawhatever May 2014 #22
Does it matter? merrily May 2014 #5
Nice work . . . ucrdem May 2014 #7
Well, at least the vast majority of Democrats do. MohRokTah May 2014 #8
The President himself claims he's a 1980s Republican MannyGoldstein May 2014 #17
Manny, you need a citation for that one ConservativeDemocrat May 2014 #18
OK MannyGoldstein May 2014 #28
So those of us that disagree with many of his policies should .... blackspade May 2014 #9
Disagreeing is fine. Legitimate critique of policy is fine. berni_mccoy May 2014 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words May 2014 #20
Nope Iliyah May 2014 #27
Have you addressed the points listed in the attack thread you're referencing? Please... ChisolmTrailDem May 2014 #10
I do not know what you are talking about? berni_mccoy May 2014 #11
CUT THE CRAP! ChisolmTrailDem May 2014 #13
That thread is a joke, it cites stuff like the fact there will be geek tragedy May 2014 #14
Don't be mccoy ... 1000words May 2014 #21
Vast majority of Democrats, yes. Vast majority of DU, fuck no, sorry, this is the place where geek tragedy May 2014 #15
Yeah, the poor ODSers in Denial on DU would like this to be a purity board where Cha May 2014 #34
What do you burn apart from witches? BootinUp May 2014 #16
Life Iliyah May 2014 #19
i take it day by day... iamthebandfanman May 2014 #23
LBJ was certainly very much on the left side Art_from_Ark May 2014 #37
There are lots of us who support the President and SOME of his policies cali May 2014 #24
Some people just aren't happy unless they're trying to make everyone else as miserable as they okaawhatever May 2014 #25
election time Iliyah May 2014 #29
+100 nt okaawhatever May 2014 #30
I may not agree with everything he does but I support our president. hrmjustin May 2014 #26
All I know is, there's no way I'm voting for him again. Flying Squirrel May 2014 #31
I'm not going to vote for him again either. rbrnmw May 2014 #41
Thank you for listing all these Progressive Policies of President Obama's, Cha May 2014 #32
I can only add up all the issues for myself nikto May 2014 #33
Empirical evidence suggests you are wrong. Donald Ian Rankin May 2014 #35
Those vocal minorities! Got to crush them under your heel and fast! Rex May 2014 #36
more adjectives suggested BootinUp May 2014 #38
"is it really worth responding to these folks?" I said something similar and got a post hidden Number23 May 2014 #39
A lot can happen in 30 days ProSense May 2014 #40
Thanks ProSense! berni_mccoy May 2014 #43
I think your title is false. PowerToThePeople May 2014 #42
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