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61. Kerry is on the inside now.
Fri May 30, 2014, 05:35 PM
May 2014

Kerry is now Obama's Dean Rusk.

Remember Dean Rusk? LBJ's Secretary of State?

Here, from the New York Times' obituary for Rusk:

As Secretary, Mr. Rusk played almost two different roles. Under President Kennedy, his position was much less defined, with the President often taking advice from other officials and not paying that much attention to Mr. Rusk. But Mr. Johnson, himself an outsider in the Kennedy Administration, relied increasingly on the advice of his fellow Southerner.

Mr. Rusk's belief, which he never tired of stating, was that the United States had a commitment to South Vietnam that it could not break without risking a larger war with China or Russia.

He declared again and again that "as far as the United States is concerned, we have a commitment to South Vietnam -- and we shall meet it."

Mr. Rusk was also deeply involved in the hot and cold American relations with the Soviet Union. He helped engineer the first arms control accords with Moscow. And he was President Kennedy's adviser when the Soviet Union, in Mr. Rusk's word, "blinked" during the Cuban missile crisis. Praised by Johnson, Reviled by Protesters [sic]


Elizabeth Warren explains how it works in her book A Fighting Chance. page 106

"Late in the evening, Larry (Summer) leaned back in his chair and offered me some advice. By now, I'd lost count of Larry's Diet cokes, and our table was strewn with bits of food and spilled sauces. Larry's tone was in the friendly-advice category. He teed it up this way. I had a choice. I could be an insider or I could be an outsider. Outsiders can say whatever they want. But people on the inside don't listen to them. Insiders, however, get lots of access and a chance to push their ideas. People -- powerful people -- listen to what they have to say. But insiders also understand one unbreakable rule: They don't criticize other insiders:

Kerry is now an insider. It's not his job to criticize any more. Criticism? That's our job.

excellent! m-lekktor May 2014 #1
And a nod to Mario Savio gratuitous May 2014 #2
+1 nashville_brook May 2014 #10
Kerry is on the inside now. JDPriestly May 2014 #61
yep, and yep nt grasswire May 2014 #68
Well the Rude one gets it right again! K&R! Nt riderinthestorm May 2014 #3
Rude Pundit...you are now DEAD TO ME!!!1! bullwinkle428 May 2014 #4
meegbear, this is so excellent - thanks for bringing it truedelphi May 2014 #5
Toss in a little Mario Savio as well starroute May 2014 #6
Wonderful article, thanks for posting this. Autumn May 2014 #7
The oligarchs are bipartisan. They favor the Republicans because they rhett o rick May 2014 #8
political parties lose elections, but the Military Industrial Complex never does carolinayellowdog May 2014 #20
yeah, we made and funded a shadow government...the NSA nt Leme May 2014 #40
Huzzah! grasswire May 2014 #9
LOL! Thoreau didn't pay taxes. So it's hilarious to even bring him up. KittyWampus May 2014 #11
Are you saying he's part of the 47%? Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2014 #13
So now even Thoreau is thrown under the bus?! riderinthestorm May 2014 #14
At that time in the 19th Century gratuitous May 2014 #24
O.M.G. BrotherIvan May 2014 #35
Where are all the unhinged authoritarians? whatchamacallit May 2014 #12
Yielding to Rude... WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #22
This article was crap. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #15
You can always tell when Rude really believes something mindwalker_i May 2014 #34
Outstanding, woo me with science May 2014 #16
Great piece by the Rude One! Thank you for posting it! scarletwoman May 2014 #17
Comrade Lee Capt. Obvious May 2014 #18
brilliant with nary a rude word carolinayellowdog May 2014 #19
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe May 2014 #21
Not to tarnish the rep of an ENG 101 icon but . . ucrdem May 2014 #23
I gotta shake my head... WorseBeforeBetter May 2014 #25
Snowden didn't throw his body under any gears, he hightailed it to Moscow ucrdem May 2014 #26
Well back then they would not have tortured Thoreau and tossed him in jail for life zeemike May 2014 #33
Thoreau would not have been tortured n/t eridani May 2014 #36
Well Said Sir - I Can Only Hope More Americans Wake Up And Soon cantbeserious May 2014 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author rocktivity May 2014 #28
Snowden should be worshiped by fox news maindawg May 2014 #29
K & R... elzenmahn May 2014 #30
Excellent. Thank you. 840high May 2014 #31
The big difference is that when Thoreau committed his acts of civil disobedience... George II May 2014 #32
Neither were tortured eridani May 2014 #37
Then why would he be compared to Thoreau? One doesn't pick and choose what one likes... George II May 2014 #41
honestly, why do you care? nt grasswire May 2014 #52
Why do I care? George II May 2014 #55
"we"? grasswire May 2014 #56
Mighty presumptuous of you. George II May 2014 #63
not at all when you fly the Maple Leaf. nt grasswire May 2014 #64
I have my personal reasons. I'm a native born American! George II May 2014 #66
yeah? grasswire May 2014 #67
So in order to be taken seriously TBF May 2014 #39
Not necessarily a marty, but willing to accept the consequences of his actions.... George II May 2014 #42
Marty, he's got enemy capital!! bobduca May 2014 #44
This is now a much different nation. Enthusiast May 2014 #49
Civil Disobedience - TBF May 2014 #38
I agree but I think it goes much much farther Leme May 2014 #43
I agree with you. nt TBF May 2014 #45
And our government continues to lie about - everything. chimpymustgo May 2014 #46
Beautiful. bvar22 May 2014 #47
^^^^^^ grasswire May 2014 #53
On the Wrong Side of most of the Patriots who served our Country, bvar22 May 2014 #59
Anyone that recommended this post are nothing but damned commies. Enthusiast May 2014 #48
what the Rude Pundit fails to recognize is that if you criticize the government the terrorist have Douglas Carpenter May 2014 #50
All the political asylum seekers in America should be told to "man up" and sent home. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2014 #51
that's an interesting point. nt grasswire May 2014 #54
No, they proved actual persecution to get that treestar May 2014 #60
Excellent post. Thank you. JDPriestly May 2014 #57
Well said Rudie malaise May 2014 #58
I feel like kicking this again. grasswire May 2014 #62
I'm guessing Rude Pundit & the OP never actually read "Civil Disobedience". baldguy May 2014 #65
Civil disobedience has many forms Harmony Blue May 2014 #70
I hope you are kidding. baldguy May 2014 #71
kick woo me with science May 2014 #69
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