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Sun Jun 1, 2014, 10:34 PM Jun 2014

Does smearing Snowden and Greenwald count as right-wing propaganda? [View all]

There was a poll yesterday in which DUers voted overwhelmingly (6 to 1!) that "promotion of rightwing propaganda is a per se violation of community standards", and thus offending posts should be hidden. And this makes sense to me - right wing nonsense should not be tolerated on DU.

My question: should sustained attacks on the messengers who carry important truths to us also be considered as right-wing propaganda? In particular, I'm thinking about the stuff that hijacks virtually every thread about Operation Spy on Everyone™, e.g., "Snowden sux!!! and should be in jail!" , and "Smearmaster Greenwald is a smearing Libertarian Paulite greed-head who was once in favor of the Iraq war***" After all, isn't this a standard right-wing technique to distract from discussing substantive issues?

***so were some, but by no means most, Congressional Democrats. But the same folks don't complain about that - instead we get a handful of "oh grow up" tossed at our heads.

18 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Unless it makes sense within the context of the thread, "attacking the messenger" is a right-wing tactic and should be dealt with as such
18 (100%)
Attacking the messenger is fine.
0 (0%)
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Well.... sheshe2 Jun 2014 #1
Why don't you link to an example and we can take a look? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #2
Sure, we can take a look! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #6
Still waiting for your link to an example MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #25
nice try! bigtree Jun 2014 #42
Manny is in to you! Ikonoklast Jun 2014 #52
^ this ^ bigtree Jun 2014 #81
That must make Caretha Jun 2014 #77
And you want me to do a call out... sheshe2 Jun 2014 #51
No link forthcoming AgingAmerican Jun 2014 #90
Right-wing propaganda is determined by the ears that hear. egduj Jun 2014 #3
Does disagreeing with how they did what they did count as "smearing?" nt kelliekat44 Jun 2014 #4
Is it an attack when you post the truth? joshcryer Jun 2014 #5
The truth is not an attack, of course. MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #23
Do you have links that prove sheshe2 Jun 2014 #54
Wow, and you pull out another right wing trick! BillZBubb Jun 2014 #58
Bingo! You just hit the nail on the head!!! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #63
Can you provide proof you're not cloned from Mao Tse Deng? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #66
Actually no I am not busted. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #70
I see what you did there. Whisp Jun 2014 #65
So it's logical to conclude... AgingAmerican Jun 2014 #92
80-90% of DU'ers disagree with the premise of this question frazzled Jun 2014 #7
+1 treestar Jun 2014 #12
Your post is a perfect example of the attack method I'm referring to MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #24
Of course he's a Libertarian. Whisp Jun 2014 #67
$10 if you produce a quote where Greenwald labels himself as a Libertarian MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #69
Snowden donated money to Ron Paul. documented, no lie. find your own link. Whisp Jun 2014 #71
Now you're changing the topic MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #73
Are you getting upset, Manny. Whisp Jun 2014 #74
So you attack Greenwald as being a Libertarian, can present no evidence, MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #78
I'm kind of dissapointed at your weak arguments, Manny. Whisp Jun 2014 #79
Thank you for that cogent proof AgingAmerican Jun 2014 #93
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2014 #40
no, because here it is mosty the Tiger Beat crowd Skittles Jun 2014 #8
Latest issue of Tiger Beat: Whisp Jun 2014 #10
If a democratic president ever loses bobduca Jun 2014 #36
+1 L0oniX Jun 2014 #47
No. But smearing the President should be considered so. n/t Whisp Jun 2014 #9
A professional push poll couldn't have done it any better! Egnever Jun 2014 #11
How is this a push poll? BillZBubb Jun 2014 #60
My favorite Mannypoll to date! OilemFirchen Jun 2014 #13
You gotta admit, this particular "not even trying to be subtle" push poll is inspired. Number23 Jun 2014 #16
Note, "within the context of the thread." joshcryer Jun 2014 #17
Of course it's a joke, josh. It all is. Number23 Jun 2014 #18
Can you please provide an example MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #27
Greenwald and his "irrelevant" tweet. joshcryer Jun 2014 #45
Can you link to an example? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #46
Will later, on phone now. joshcryer Jun 2014 #56
This thread: joshcryer Jun 2014 #75
The OP compares apples and oranges MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #76
The NSA did not deny that Snowden sent emails. joshcryer Jun 2014 #80
Before we continue... do you agree that Clapper lied to Congress? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #82
Clapper waffled, lying, but the record was corrected. joshcryer Jun 2014 #84
poll dancing is in vogue. n/t Whisp Jun 2014 #68
TBH, the answer to the OP is.....no. nt AverageJoe90 Jun 2014 #14
Cannot rec highly enough. woo me with science Jun 2014 #15
Sheesh!! Come on Manny you know perfectly well that YES it would be rightwing propaganda IF Douglas Carpenter Jun 2014 #19
I see the same type of vitriol on DU as I saw when OWS crashed and burned. randome Jun 2014 #20
Which dumb statements are those? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #26
You seem incapable of understanding other opinions. randome Jun 2014 #28
How often have you posted that you're wrong on DU? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #29
I've used the phrase "Maybe I'm wrong" often enough. randome Jun 2014 #31
Well @#$% me. MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #32
Snowden saying he didn't speak out on Russian abuses because he did not speak the language karynnj Jun 2014 #62
If not for Russia, Snowden would likely be tortured and/or imprisoned for life MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #64
actually he would be chopped up in little pieces and the President Whisp Jun 2014 #72
Depends on what you smear on them betsuni Jun 2014 #21
Are you saying Snowden and Greenwalds smearing whistler162 Jun 2014 #22
Loaded language in both premise and in poll options: Pffft!1 & the word "smear" UTUSN Jun 2014 #30
Depends... SidDithers Jun 2014 #33
what is your position on outsourcing bobduca Jun 2014 #34
What is your position on recycled propaganda?... SidDithers Jun 2014 #35
0.92 US Dollar * your base rate = adjusted rate bobduca Jun 2014 #37
Nationalism is a poison...nt SidDithers Jun 2014 #38
Annexation or Bust! bobduca Jun 2014 #39
no, but smearing those you disagree with is propaganda (who knows what your motivation is) bigtree Jun 2014 #41
right Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #43
obviously bigtree Jun 2014 #44
True, true... MrScorpio Jun 2014 #49
My own issues with Greenwald and Snowden are pretty much well explained MrScorpio Jun 2014 #48
No. Orsino Jun 2014 #50
But concerted attacks on the Democratic twice elected by majority vote is AOK right? VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #53
Not RW at all Mnpaul Jun 2014 #85
So supporting the Twice elected BY majority Democratic President is RW? VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #86
Who else are we going to vote for? Mnpaul Jun 2014 #87
if you dont like the decisions your fellow democrats VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #88
What's the matter? Mnpaul Jun 2014 #89
told you....didnt expect him to mirror me.....he is a moderate just left of Bill Clinton VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #91
According to your reasoning he must be a secret Libertarian Mnpaul Jun 2014 #94
no i dont hear him constantly bashing fellow democrats VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #96
Right-wing? Not necessarily. Intellectually lazy and likely to undermine the poster's credibility? winter is coming Jun 2014 #55
do RWingers smear GG? Whisp Jun 2014 #57
The problem is suggesting that Snowden did anything illegal is considered a "smear" rather than karynnj Jun 2014 #59
Promoting Snowden and Greenwald counts as right-wing propaganda. baldguy Jun 2014 #61
No, it doesn't Aerows Jun 2014 #99
naw, they're just motivated by concern for the gay marraige support Greenwald's destroying--somehow MisterP Jun 2014 #83
Congrats on an extremely impartial poll... War Horse Jun 2014 #95
All this endless typing and casting of aspersions...you already know the result. randome Jun 2014 #97
Quit calling it smearing as if they are victims treestar Jun 2014 #98
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