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Thu Jun 5, 2014, 12:11 PM Jun 2014

Should DU be an English Only site? [View all]

A fellow DUer told me that her post had been hidden because it was written in a different (Asian) language. There's nothing like a little xenophobia to exhibit our liberalism(?). And, yes, it is a push poll.

47 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
10 (21%)
31 (66%)
Only English and Profanity
1 (2%)
English and French when discussing cuisine (ooops..cuisine IS French)
1 (2%)
Olde English would be preferable
2 (4%)
If Latin was good enough for the Romans...
2 (4%)
Only the 'Murikan dialect and only if spoken by white folks
0 (0%)
Vive la différence
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Should DU be an English Only site? [View all] Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 OP
Hewa! 'A'ole makemake! KamaAina Jun 2014 #1
Be careful AsahinaKimi Jun 2014 #9
I sincerely hope not KamaAina Jun 2014 #11
okie dokie AsahinaKimi Jun 2014 #15
In Hawai'i, we would call that "shibai" KamaAina Jun 2014 #16
I went to high school in Hawai'i panader0 Jun 2014 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author KamaAina Jun 2014 #48
Sis... I should have put a translation... maybe yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #19
Sis? KamaAina Jun 2014 #24
I was replying to Kimi Sis... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #28
Unbelievable that your post was hidden panader0 Jun 2014 #34
I hope you got to read that whole thread. yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #43
Woah, that happened? Xyzse Jun 2014 #65
Paranoia. Iggo Jun 2014 #119
Ridiculous. Xyzse Jun 2014 #127
There was a story being passed around, maybe it was on DU yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #141
Yeah, I saw that in DU a few times. Xyzse Jun 2014 #144
My friend calls it yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #147
Anyone that has seen the xenophobic garbage tossed at Sid, Whisp and a few others Number23 Jun 2014 #203
Besides, Hawaiian was spoken on Hawaii way before English was spoken in North America. n/t DFW Jun 2014 #314
This message was self-deleted by its author KamaAina Jun 2014 #2
igPay atinLay onlyyay, easeplay. nt onehandle Jun 2014 #3
Esyay! riqster Jun 2014 #6
No, although any languages other than English MineralMan Jun 2014 #4
English is a dead language anyways. randome Jun 2014 #5
Say that again about my mother. Ikonoklast Jun 2014 #72
@#%%$#$#!#$#$#~! randome Jun 2014 #148
You...you're a MONSTER. Ikonoklast Jun 2014 #173
Why? silverweb Jun 2014 #7
Just testing LTR Jun 2014 #23
Most automated translations are awful, however. Silent3 Jun 2014 #49
I don't have the facts handy but I yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #96
+1 bravenak Jun 2014 #176
I'm not sure how what you're saying is a response to what I wrote Silent3 Jun 2014 #232
You mentioined Chinese... it made me think yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #236
Agreed, that's a really dumb idea treestar Jun 2014 #217
so this is about your issues? we should forbid all but English on DU because you can't handle it? CreekDog Jun 2014 #349
DU is an English board treestar Jun 2014 #362
She posted in romanji, which is using western characters to sound out japanese Jesus Malverde Jun 2014 #336
yes other screen names keep making this point CreekDog Jun 2014 #367
You sound confused... Jesus Malverde Jun 2014 #368
Well, when you think about it packman Jun 2014 #8
Attendez une minute liberal N proud Jun 2014 #10
Just you try it!!`1 Iggo Jun 2014 #12
I think that if you post in GD or any wide open forum in another language el_bryanto Jun 2014 #13
I've also noted particular hostility toward ESL speakers BainsBane Jun 2014 #14
That is what bothers me. NCTraveler Jun 2014 #75
It also translates into a hostllity toward non-American views BainsBane Jun 2014 #77
This ^+1^ JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #293
This thread may be informative, for the sake of back-story Orrex Jun 2014 #17
And more back story Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #33
as the last Jurist said... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #51
Wow. notadmblnd Jun 2014 #105
No, but coherent only would be nice. bluesbassman Jun 2014 #18
That would disqualify some politicians. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #27
If you're curious about the Yes voter, KamaAina Jun 2014 #20
And now there are 6 KamaAina Jun 2014 #160
so He doesn't want French spoken here? yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #188
S'il/elle ha vote "anglais seulement", KamaAina Jun 2014 #256
DU should defiantly be multi lingual. Unfortunately I am 'hard wired' to....... wandy Jun 2014 #21
I find foreign language posts a bit annoying, but "NO"... Wounded Bear Jun 2014 #22
I think if something is posted as an op in another language then it should have a translation. hrmjustin Jun 2014 #25
So do I TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #150
Yes, that's only reasonable. treestar Jun 2014 #218
Well that is too bad for them if they accuse me of anything. hrmjustin Jun 2014 #224
Eway ouldshay sarisataka Jun 2014 #26
LOL ... you brought huge smile to my face! etherealtruth Jun 2014 #47
DU is slowly getting flushed down the toilet because of this language Cleita Jun 2014 #29
Fotze Schlampe? LTR Jun 2014 #39
You forgot the umlaut JVS Jun 2014 #97
It would make a good name for a heavy metal band LTR Jun 2014 #145
Ünited Stätes Toughens Image With Umlauts hatrack Jun 2014 #205
I believe the word you were looking for was "feminazi." Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #108
Congratulations you proved my point. Cleita Jun 2014 #191
Unlike you, who took a thread about the use of foreign language here Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #195
No. I could call them feminist word Stasi, word Caribineros, word KGB and they would Cleita Jun 2014 #212
Gestapo is a Nazi reference. Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #233
"Vile terms for women" Cleita Jun 2014 #240
Who decides on vile terms for African/Americans? For LGBT+ers? Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #246
Oh but I didn't. You did. You jumped right to it too, just like I thought Cleita Jun 2014 #249
One of *my* number? Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #260
I guess I'm about to get grouped in the same number range for saying this... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #307
Oh no. I was't trying to provoke a response. What I am doing is Cleita Jun 2014 #342
Oh, baloney. MadrasT Jun 2014 #175
There were a dozen alerts. On one of the alerts the jury ruled against me. Cleita Jun 2014 #192
it should all be in cockney rhyming slang nt arely staircase Jun 2014 #30
Nyet LondonReign2 Jun 2014 #31
No but non Americans should not be allowed to post on US Domestic Policy threads Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #32
so somone like yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #35
In your example ark from ark is an expat and is allowed to vote in us elections Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #41
YES he is...and there are others yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #44
I do not think you understand the difference between an expat, a us citizen not Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #50
Talk about Xenophobic.... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #53
BS why should those who are not impacted by us domestic policies Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #58
Outsider opinions should be welcome. randome Jun 2014 #59
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #66
You really have no clue in this do you? yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #63
You are missing the point Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #70
I welcome her opinions tkmorris Jun 2014 #82
Ok do what you want I don't really care what you do or don't do Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #92
Oh codswaddle tkmorris Jun 2014 #113
The rules at DU currently allow anyone to post Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #134
Try this example of US Domestic Policy. Tell me it doesn't impact anyone outside the USA. uppityperson Jun 2014 #166
As Sid has said in the past... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #172
So you're saying only Americans in other countries should post here? CreekDog Jun 2014 #88
Did you read the thread? Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #95
well then why are you commenting on the domestic policies of other countries? CreekDog Jun 2014 #116
That policy is an international policy as in not allowing us meet into japan Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #130
love it.. yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #133
Damn! 314 posts in only a few days and you're lecturing us about who should be allowed to post here? randome Jun 2014 #38
Are you the DU gatekeeper and post counter? Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #45
Yes. Si. Da. Will do. randome Jun 2014 #52
I think a found a fraud to expose. Ikonoklast Jun 2014 #80
You apparentlly think they need YOURS tkmorris Jun 2014 #83
Yawn ignore me then if you feel that way Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #100
I ignore no one tkmorris Jun 2014 #126
Whatever perhaps you should start Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #131
Are you saying US Domestic Policy affects only people in the USA? uppityperson Jun 2014 #161
That won't work. Domestic policy in the United States OFTEN...... socialist_n_TN Jun 2014 #210
Don't agree - I would be interested in opinions from abroad treestar Jun 2014 #221
"be allowed to post" what a fucked-up notion. bobduca Jun 2014 #254
Like my husband, whose wife, mother-in-law, nephew, and brother-in-law all are Americans Heidi Jun 2014 #299
Shut up. Hissyspit Jun 2014 #351
English Only? WTF? hunter Jun 2014 #36
But they should realize that almost no one will be able to read what they are writing. Marrah_G Jun 2014 #37
well HOW ABOUT YOU ASK THEM.... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #56
how about just posting in a language most people here can read? TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #153
I hope you will tell that to everyone yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #159
Reading comprehension TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #262
IT is xenophobia. yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #265
BULLSHIT TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #271
YES DO IT ELSE WHERE .... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #273
keep telling yourself that TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #275
">>>>CLICK<<<<" yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #277
I'm not an American, but I'm not understanding why you wouldn't provide a translation.... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #305
"I'd be sitting there wondering if they were saying something bad about me or something," yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #308
Because if my friends suddenly switched to a language I don't understand, it's rude... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #310
Speaking of words.... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #313
Yeah, I agree with yr friend about the funny word usage... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #327
PLEASE GO AWAY. You are becoming increasingly BIZARRE. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #322
Hey WInkydink..its 5:42 am on the West Coast of California... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #326
Pöty. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #331
You must be enjoying this... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #332
I'm simply and solely baffled by anyone's---ANYONE'S---taking offense at SOP. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #333
Well maybe the SOP yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #334
What board do you think you are on???? No, really? WinkyDink Jun 2014 #321
As someone whose second language is Japanese, Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #214
well how nice for you TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #257
Have you never studied a foreign language? Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #259
It's rude to have these private conversations TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #267
Oh, fer crying out loud Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #270
Was on my way to do just that TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #272
Sayonara Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #274
Make sure you say that to people in restaurants and stores too Blue_Adept Jun 2014 #369
totally different TorchTheWitch Jun 2014 #370
Sure it's the same Blue_Adept Jun 2014 #371
just because you can't think of any reason why something would be posted in other language CreekDog Jun 2014 #353
thats not something I would take to a jury..... Marrah_G Jun 2014 #162
I apologize....Didn't mean to Yell...(hugs) yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #168
I wonder if there is some sort of translation program out there? Marrah_G Jun 2014 #348
google translate is the best yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #364
It works pretty well Blue_Adept Jun 2014 #372
I find that if I can't use google translate than to post a question yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #374
I really don't get that attitude treestar Jun 2014 #220
HEY TREESTAR....!!! yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #226
The poll doesn't have effect, the jury did treestar Jun 2014 #227
Whats with your attiude??? yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #228
poor you treestar Jun 2014 #250
So you are one of those who says... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #261
That is exactly what it is. bravenak Jun 2014 #285
Could you imagine if someone spoke yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #287
It would go down exactly like the Japanese post. bravenak Jun 2014 #290
Yup the big tent is starting to lose its yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #294
I agree with everything you just said.nt bravenak Jun 2014 #298
Thank you my friend. yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #301
Thank you so much. bravenak Jun 2014 #302
Tierra_y_Libertad---isn't that one of furrin languages? panader0 Jun 2014 #40
Jag tror inte att DU ska vara en enda engelsk hemsida. Jenoch Jun 2014 #42
Best be careful yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #57
Det tror jag inte heller DFW Jun 2014 #312
English is the best language to fight in AgingAmerican Jun 2014 #54
I'm all for people posting in any language they like. But will that yield effective communication? Silent3 Jun 2014 #55
I can't say I see that as hide worthy. herding cats Jun 2014 #60
Noz, LOLCatese iz teh purrfect langwij. TexasTowelie Jun 2014 #61
where is this post that was allegedly hidden? notadmblnd Jun 2014 #62
It's posted twice above Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #67
thank you notadmblnd Jun 2014 #71
Right here yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #69
Thanks, Captn Obvious pointed it out to me. notadmblnd Jun 2014 #74
Is that ironic? I think it is tkmorris Jun 2014 #85
Did you get any feedback from the jurors? notadmblnd Jun 2014 #90
This feedback? Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #99
Here's the problem: How do you jury a post you can't read? Xithras Jun 2014 #64
"in Hindi, and someone alerts on it claiming that it contains inappropriate content" Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #73
How about this... instead of taking it to a Jury yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #79
That only works if the alerter claims to be alerting over the language itself. Xithras Jun 2014 #98
THATS amazing that you said what I said in a thread here... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #106
You are not a troll jberryhill Jun 2014 #190
Google translate is very bad... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #196
The alert was sent 3 and a half hours after someone asked what it said muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #288
IT was probably cause like some people I have a life outside of yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #295
It's not your style, but DU is too big for everyone to know your style muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #297
I said it because i believe yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #300
Untranslated sentences that Google Translate can't cope with lend themselves to hypotheticals muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #303
Wrong, I was not offered three and a half hours. yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #306
Here's the timing on that thread muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #309
so you're saying to post on DU, you need to speak English... CreekDog Jun 2014 #356
It's because the idea of a forum is for people to understand each other muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #358
Why would someone alert on something they can't understand? tkmorris Jun 2014 #89
Apparently some demand you have a duty to get the translation done treestar Jun 2014 #222
they can't jury posts they can read CreekDog Jun 2014 #355
Mais oui! Certainement! Ikonoklast Jun 2014 #68
Bien sûr! Glassunion Jun 2014 #206
That was a ridiculous hide that Skinner agreed with CreekDog Jun 2014 #76
Arigatou! yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #84
Magalor with that idea CountAllVotes Jun 2014 #78
Oy vey! countryjake Jun 2014 #81
Google Translate, anyone? GoCubsGo Jun 2014 #86
Google Translate works for the writer, too, n'est-ce pas? WinkyDink Jun 2014 #204
GT doesn't work for romanji which is what she posted in...nt Jesus Malverde Jun 2014 #338
If a post is entirely in some other language SheilaT Jun 2014 #87
I think some of the jurors said treestar Jun 2014 #219
Personally, I don't make the assumption that if it's in another language SheilaT Jun 2014 #255
I don't think they assumed it, but that it could be treestar Jun 2014 #363
Google translate does translate Japanese from Japanese characters Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #280
That works for your phrase, but not the one that was hidden muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #291
I can has cheeburger shenmue Jun 2014 #91
So we have over 80% saying DU is NOT English only and a jury that hides a non-English post CreekDog Jun 2014 #93
80% of 13 people doesn't represent the community either. Orrex Jun 2014 #109
Actually I think that 80% is pretty close to representing this community CreekDog Jun 2014 #111
Confirmation bias. Orrex Jun 2014 #114
they aren't randomly selected CreekDog Jun 2014 #117
More randomly than a voluntary poll. Orrex Jun 2014 #118
sounds like you're rethinking things CreekDog Jun 2014 #120
Sounds like you're misunderstanding. Orrex Jun 2014 #129
Understanding does not equal agreeing with you CreekDog Jun 2014 #135
Cuts both ways. Orrex Jun 2014 #138
and while you're at it, don't forget what a jury did allow CreekDog Jun 2014 #132
Disagreement with a jury's result doesn't make the jury non-representative Orrex Jun 2014 #136
Remember that the 'innocuous sentence' was a (deserved) attack on a foreign state muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #296
Yes that amazing 3 and half hours... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #315
The point is that this shows the problems with untranslatable posts muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #317
yes, as I said, an innocuous statement CreekDog Jun 2014 #343
odd numbered juries are dumb. NuttyFluffers Jun 2014 #164
-.. --- -. .----. - / -.- -. --- .-- JVS Jun 2014 #94
Totally. Iggo Jun 2014 #121
Damn! There is NOTHING that can't be translated today, is there? randome Jun 2014 #151
I think it should be English only, including user names. Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #101
Well, we could set a community standard, that is true. CreekDog Jun 2014 #125
I answered english and profanity gwheezie Jun 2014 #102
Klink! You eeediot DefenseLawyer Jun 2014 #103
We should only be allowed to post in pictures. ForgoTheConsequence Jun 2014 #104
Por Que no espanol? EOM tiredtoo Jun 2014 #107
Translation,Why no spanish? EOM tiredtoo Jun 2014 #154
I think it's polite to offer a translation or at least a synopsis of the foreign language commentary MADem Jun 2014 #110
Failing that, it's also polite to ask the poster for a translation Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #115
you know what? yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #122
Well, you should protect yourself!!! That's horrible to jury you! Just annotate as follows MADem Jun 2014 #241
All those are lovely ideas however... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #263
Write it in hiragana or katakana with a link to the Google translate--I think that MADem Jun 2014 #264
Again, THIS IS ALL Going to MAKE EVERY person on yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #266
I think your point is valid. Southwest Asian languages get the stink-eye sometimes, too... MADem Jun 2014 #283
You know in the ASIAN SECTION WE HAD a youtube beginners yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #284
I only read English and a little Spanish. So I guess I prefer English. Inkfreak Jun 2014 #112
This is America, and we talk like Americans here. Zorra Jun 2014 #123
Skittles chan yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #143
AWWWWWWWWW Skittles Jun 2014 #178
Cute!!! IT would be yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #180
My answer is rock Jun 2014 #128
Thats not a version from the Knights who go NEE! yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #194
WHICH english? dixiegrrrrl Jun 2014 #137
Not to, like, mention, the, like, totally, like awesome, Valley Girl dialect. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #142
No, Americans speak different languages, there is nothing wrong having Uncle Joe Jun 2014 #139
Of course DU shouldn't be an English-only site. dawg Jun 2014 #140
Just type in ALL CAPS. With bigger and bigger fonts until the foreigners understand. Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2014 #146
Shiat chat handles this topic ChazII Jun 2014 #149
From a practical point of view, yes muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #152
Isn't it interesting that AsahinaKimi Jun 2014 #155
I'm afraid I had to vote for the "Yes" camp quinnox Jun 2014 #156
So you would deny yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #165
Nope, not denying anything quinnox Jun 2014 #169
Amazing you described this... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #170
It is just well established norms of human communication. You are taking this too personally, quinnox Jun 2014 #171
You mean like when the yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #177
Well, first, I don't run or own the site, so it is not important what my quinnox Jun 2014 #184
Its a yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #186
your bottom line is that you think the whole world needs to speak English CreekDog Jun 2014 #357
except barely anybody responding agrees with you CreekDog Jun 2014 #183
You are being completely bizarre. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #319
Whats that old saying.... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #323
I find your reasoning bizarre. Writing here in Mandarin would achieve virtually zero, communication- WinkyDink Jun 2014 #201
OH wise one.... YOu must KNOW yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #208
Excuse me, what? I didn't understand, because you wrote in English. Please try Mandarin next time. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #325
My dear WInkydink... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #329
that explains many of your posts CreekDog Jun 2014 #181
you want the whole world to make English the official language CreekDog Jun 2014 #350
Is this in the TOS? I don't remember seeing it. Sissyk Jun 2014 #157
I don't think it should be prescribed by rule; but realistically it IS a site of mostly English LeftishBrit Jun 2014 #158
Am I the only one Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #163
one DU member, alerter, declared DU an English only website, got a jury to agree CreekDog Jun 2014 #174
To be "fair" Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #185
those are good observations CreekDog Jun 2014 #187
And again to be fair Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #193
I agree with you completely CreekDog Jun 2014 #197
In Soviet Russia Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #209
No (nt) bigwillq Jun 2014 #167
Bad English. Benton D Struckcheon Jun 2014 #179
Hola! Neoma Jun 2014 #182
Mucho gracias yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #198
I don't care pipi_k Jun 2014 #189
If you want to post in Russian, go ahead steve2470 Jun 2014 #199
Majority is "NO"?! Is English not the lingua franca of U.S.-based Message Boards? WinkyDink Jun 2014 #200
SO you would want um, lets see.... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #213
And you posted that non-sequitur nonsense in ENGLISH because...? WinkyDink Jun 2014 #316
BECAUSE MY DEAR WINKYDINK yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #320
Que? WinkyDink Jun 2014 #328
PorQue? yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #330
But....I'm an American. Half-Century Man Jun 2014 #202
It is... Glassunion Jun 2014 #207
DU would be an inclusive site. all languages welcome Liberal_in_LA Jun 2014 #211
Yes. It's common courtesy to post in the language that most DUers understand (nt) Nye Bevan Jun 2014 #215
Skinner said it is uncivil basically to post things treestar Jun 2014 #216
Oh, well, if Skinner said.... Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #231
I don't get why you are making an issue of this treestar Jun 2014 #234
Here's an English saying, "If the shoe fits". Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #237
So have the guts to post an OP in another language treestar Jun 2014 #248
The idea that people become fearful of another language, as it may contain insult, is xenophobic. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #244
No people are not fearful because they think DU is English treestar Jun 2014 #247
I only speak English. So, that wouldn't be possible. Even if it was... Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #253
You are now referring to words INCORPORATED into English, as WinkyDink Jun 2014 #318
you complained about a single post which contained a single phrase CreekDog Jun 2014 #239
Put up an OP in another language. treestar Jun 2014 #245
ok CreekDog Jun 2014 #344
Ya see.. its stuff like this... AsahinaKimi Jun 2014 #281
I read his post and his justification was stupid beyond words. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #243
Please do us all a favor and go to Skinner yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #269
No creo que sea buena idea. roody Jun 2014 #223
No, phylny Jun 2014 #225
Nej. Or, to put it in different terms, Jackpine Radical Jun 2014 #229
Hiding such a post is rotten but due to ignorance on the receiving end it probably will work best to TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #230
Simply put, no. Non. Nicht. Nein. Nyet. Nada. AverageJoe90 Jun 2014 #235
I think we should have several languages DonCoquixote Jun 2014 #238
Oh you xenophobe!!!!!!1 treestar Jun 2014 #251
Ow-hay about-ay if-at its in ig-pay Atin-lay? Initech Jun 2014 #242
Fuckin-A... Ohio Joe Jun 2014 #252
We are already getting people to TELL US TO yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #276
Personally I don't care whether a language other than English is used as we have a diverse group davidpdx Jun 2014 #258
People post in all kinds of languages other than English eridani Jun 2014 #268
Half the time, I have no idea what people who post in American English are merrily Jun 2014 #278
Agreed, no one here yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #279
As indicated, I have a very high tolerance for posts about whose meaning I am clueless, merrily Jun 2014 #282
Not sure I agree - if there are enough Korean speaking members to post pages of Korean, why not? Chathamization Jun 2014 #345
great post... yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #346
Other... Jamastiene Jun 2014 #286
I don't know if you know but yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #289
That makes sense. Behind the Aegis Jun 2014 #292
There's no equivalent of fuck in pidgin English... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #304
I don't care if people post in other languages and sufrommich Jun 2014 #311
No. There are better ways to cut down on RW trolls Tom Ripley Jun 2014 #324
I'd be compelled to recognize myself as as close-minded, xenophobic, and without imagination LanternWaste Jun 2014 #335
Nein, nein, nein! klook Jun 2014 #337
This thread is so meta...nt Jesus Malverde Jun 2014 #339
But you neva yuiyoshida Jun 2014 #341
lulz... Jesus Malverde Jun 2014 #354
L'ostacolo alla pace è ignoranza Javaman Jun 2014 #340
If we choose Latin kentauros Jun 2014 #347
Where is the "Only Profanity" option? Hissyspit Jun 2014 #352
It got lost in translation. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #360
Ha Hissyspit Jun 2014 #361
I've moderated a board before, and I restricted it to one language wercal Jun 2014 #359
No, BUT .... non-English speakers should realize that juries may misunderstand them MH1 Jun 2014 #365
Juries seem to misunderstand English a whole lot too. Blue_Adept Jun 2014 #373
I had to go with #4 Travelman Jun 2014 #366
This is America a country developed in great thanks to immigrants who didn't speak english! riseabove Jun 2014 #375
The poll didn't ask who here is multi-lingual. I've gotten by all over Europe with bits and pieces WinkyDink Jun 2014 #376
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