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454. Thanks for linking the two original posts which mention the WHITE MEN on DU ...
Tue Jun 10, 2014, 09:15 PM
Jun 2014

"...I have read too many times here that we need to try to reach out to... Drumroll please...... WHITE MEN! Not our base, and our voters, but we need to reach out to old white males and not say stuff that might make them anxious. Why? Because the board is full of them and some of them think that the nation is not paying attention to their problems ..."

Then in response to another poster ...


"After you old guys are gone the rest of us will make up the new majority ..."

Since then there seems to have been lots of back peddling, but those were the original comments directed at old, white men of DU. Sad that these type of comments will now be acceptable on DU.

Rec for exposure. bravenak Jun 2014 #1
I had to check the OP's opening sentence to see if I had roguevalley Jun 2014 #29
My exact same status here makes us triplets. ancianita Jun 2014 #35
triplets are good. :D:D:D roguevalley Jun 2014 #67
Another sister here Hekate Jun 2014 #88
For all that it is informed by heartbreak, I simply love your post... CBHagman Jun 2014 #98
BRAVA!!!! I'm exactly there with you!!! calimary Jun 2014 #117
Amen, sister Hekate Jun 2014 #127
^^^ calimary Jun 2014 #133
another Amen to you and Hekate. BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #136
I think I first became a feminist while sitting in catechism class with Father Flanagan as guest calimary Jun 2014 #154
HA! I too remember sitting in religion class and having the priest napi21 Jun 2014 #181
I am stlll Catholic too yeoman6987 Jun 2014 #242
Honestly, if she believed that, it may have influenced her career choice Maeve Jun 2014 #268
I was never subjected to that stuff. BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #358
your cat, blanche, is AWESOME! roguevalley Jun 2014 #170
lol! that's somebody's cat I found on the innertoobz. BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #178
I want. LOL! What a great cat. Thanks for putting it here. :D:D:D roguevalley Jun 2014 #196
you're most welcome! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #356
who is the lady with the little witch doggie? That is a hilarious dog :D:D:D roguevalley Jun 2014 #400
dat's me and Shrimpybooboobaby BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #401
Oh my god, Blanche. How cute you two are. I will have to try this sort of roguevalley Jun 2014 #402
Awwwwwwwww, tanks! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #403
+ about a million! Or so. BlueMTexpat Jun 2014 #205
I worked for McCarthy too Madam Mossfern Jun 2014 #130
Love your description, freckles and all. madfloridian Jun 2014 #141
I adored Harry Truman and have a pin of a shoe with a hole in it roguevalley Jun 2014 #171
Wish I could recommend this, Hekate. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2014 #291
Yes we have actually been in the fight to save our democracy; some intense fighting on saving our DhhD Jun 2014 #69
Who said this? Number23 Jun 2014 #91
The way I took it was that bravenak was talking about society in general davidpdx Jun 2014 #120
I am a she. madfloridian Jun 2014 #135
Oophs sorry davidpdx Jun 2014 #140
Thanks, me, too. madfloridian Jun 2014 #142
(((HUG))) nt Mojorabbit Jun 2014 #190
Hugs back. madfloridian Jun 2014 #191
It has been really rough Mojorabbit Jun 2014 #195
Old white conservative leaning men. bravenak Jun 2014 #236
there has to be a way to discuss this fact noiretextatique Jun 2014 #283
That was my basic point. bravenak Jun 2014 #287
I agree...actually it is ridiculous noiretextatique Jun 2014 #299
Those who know what's up, know what's up here (as in this thread) too Number23 Jun 2014 #344
Thank you. bravenak Jun 2014 #346
Perhaps it is a good idea, especially for Liberals, to drop the labels and broadbrushing of sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #353
I will work hard for Crist, but that's about it for me. No other Dems to vote for anyway. madfloridian Jun 2014 #363
It matteers, Madfloridian, and you have no need ever to defend yourself against such bile. You are sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #366
And also I am at Dkos as floridagal... madfloridian Jun 2014 #369
You will have plenty of support if you decide to stay here. We are targets of a certain group sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #371
you are correct, however the GOP noiretextatique Jun 2014 #408
Of course, in fact we've always been able to discuss it. We have shamed them into accepting women sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #411
WOW, now I'm thrilled that I waiting to post my first response.. OLDMADAM Jun 2014 #422
Powerful first post. madfloridian Jun 2014 #424
Hello OLDMADAM. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #425
The "white female poster" fully understood connotations. I tried to be tactful.... madfloridian Jun 2014 #426
In the end, this is all probably a good thing. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #428
This thread is about me. bravenak Jun 2014 #429
Oh my.. I don't know how to respond to your request.. OLDMADAM Jun 2014 #437
Irony: redqueen Jun 2014 #438
I felt the same way when i joined and did not join the AA group until later. bravenak Jun 2014 #440
Hang in there, bravenak. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #447
Oh my god that is so sad. bravenak Jun 2014 #448
Don't get discouraged. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #449
Ok. bravenak Jun 2014 #452
Beautiful statement, OLDMADAM. sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #434
Agreed The Road Runner Jun 2014 #435
There were actually generalizations on the makeup of DU that came first... countryjake Jun 2014 #156
Others still see it when the thread is trashed or ignored. madfloridian Jun 2014 #175
But there are tons of things that are left standing here... countryjake Jun 2014 #200
I know in my heart you are exactly right. madfloridian Jun 2014 #201
This ^^^^^^^ treestar Jun 2014 #294
Did you read the subthread between bravenak and me? msanthrope Jun 2014 #174
I can answer that JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #203
This whole thing has been so illuminating/mortifying/predictable Number23 Jun 2014 #204
Let's talk about mischaracterisation... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #208
In defense of me. bravenak Jun 2014 #211
And that's the bravenak I like seeing... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #214
I never got mad at her. bravenak Jun 2014 #215
I am going to chime in here once. PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #251
Violet...mirt does not see who alerts, right? nt msanthrope Jun 2014 #220
No, only the admin know who alerts on what n/t Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #221
So....unless the alerter clearly states who they are, you don't know if someone is alert stalking? msanthrope Jun 2014 #222
I'm going on what Skinner said a while back about alert stalking... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #232
I think the situation you described regarding yourself is alert stalking. You shut it down msanthrope Jun 2014 #234
No, it wasn't. I think claims of alert stalking are way overdone... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #282
Madfloridian got upset so that explains and justifies all of this? Number23 Jun 2014 #337
Yes, Madfloridian is still upset at being called a serial stalker and Repub. troll. madfloridian Jun 2014 #350
Your indignation started before you were accused of being a Repub troll (and I have no idea Number23 Jun 2014 #357
There was another post going on at the same time. madfloridian Jun 2014 #359
You jumped up to attack bravenak. And you announced to the world that you'd alerted on her post Number23 Jun 2014 #360
Here is my post about what I am not, a link to one of her posts, and a link to the ongoing AA post. madfloridian Jun 2014 #368
"I never realized there was such anger toward those of us who are white in this forum." Number23 Jun 2014 #380
Here's my whole post in my defense. Perhaps you did not read all of it. madfloridian Jun 2014 #383
But what does that have to do with my post or anything that I've written? Number23 Jun 2014 #385
Oh, I did visit there today. madfloridian Jun 2014 #387
I'm not worried about the alert stalker stuff. I realize that is important to you Number23 Jun 2014 #390
I just posted one of the posts here in entirety. madfloridian Jun 2014 #391
In what way did madfloridian mischaracterize what bravenak said? countryjake Jun 2014 #370
Wow, I guess I missed that or did not read completely madfloridian Jun 2014 #405
In fact here is my whole post in my defense. madfloridian Jun 2014 #372
I did not know i was flagged until about an hour before i posted in AA. bravenak Jun 2014 #212
You might find this subthread of interest to you.... msanthrope Jun 2014 #224
I see that our AA group was already known about. bravenak Jun 2014 #229
Yes. Note that exchange happened a week before yours. FYI...when you get a hide, the admins msanthrope Jun 2014 #230
I am enjoying how easily people have fallen into the trap of believing i called her any names. bravenak Jun 2014 #235
You didn't call any DUer names. And I hope that the links I gave you give a little context msanthrope Jun 2014 #238
Well i feel like i should stay off of here and let this thing die. bravenak Jun 2014 #239
I think that was a very gracious apology to madflo in the prior thread, and I respect msanthrope Jun 2014 #241
Bravenak, I really don't think most of the posters replying here... countryjake Jun 2014 #269
I was just going by the DU polls. bravenak Jun 2014 #270
I don't see what is so outrageous about that post BainsBane Jun 2014 #323
Very interesting subthread you posted, msanthrope. Number23 Jun 2014 #338
Wow. nt Bobbie Jo Jun 2014 #347
Indeed..I cannot believe she was flagged. My post #224 above msanthrope Jun 2014 #226
I've seen enough posts here that are ageist. WCLinolVir Jun 2014 #225
I am not sure what is going on, but bravenak is one of my fave people here so, i will say this randys1 Jun 2014 #279
Randy i love you too. bravenak Jun 2014 #281
"...kill Wall Street"... really? WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #328
98% of All the problems in America are from stupid fucking fundies snooper2 Jun 2014 #420
Yes, it is not ageism to recognize that older white people treestar Jun 2014 #293
I think I already responded here but I will again, bravenak is NOT an ageist randys1 Jun 2014 #427
Proud to be progressive ... GeorgeGist Jun 2014 #134
I never called anyone lazy, stupid or selfish. bravenak Jun 2014 #233
I already defended you on that. madfloridian Jun 2014 #430
I posted that as a response to this. bravenak Jun 2014 #432
Do you really have the nerve Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #439
No. I expect exactly this. bravenak Jun 2014 #441
"Scared"? LOL, yeah right -- DUers didn't just fall off the turnip truck. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #446
So you think the Dem Party doesn't need 'old' voters? Is that the position of the Party, or just sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #164
Careful Sabrina, that poster is busy telling everyone that she is being stalked by those Dragonfli Jun 2014 #172
Thanks Dragonfli, I've never seen such drivel, even on some of the Right Wing forums I used to post sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #367
I never said any of that Sabrina. bravenak Jun 2014 #217
I have read the post you wrote bravenak. But I don't think the problem is just that post. Apparently sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #373
Thank you Sabrina. bravenak Jun 2014 #374
Thank you for listening. I appreciate that. I know we all say things the wrong way sometimes, sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #377
No problem. I am lacking a filter. bravenak Jun 2014 #378
That's true, I guess we all get sensitive because we feel passionately about things and on a forum sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #379
Yes, they are my sweeties. bravenak Jun 2014 #381
Then I'll say it again, they are adorable! sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #382
Thanks! bravenak Jun 2014 #384
I will post it again. bravenak Jun 2014 #219
+10,000 WCLinolVir Jun 2014 #228
It's getting silly. Just remember that the extremists are a fringe. Comrade Grumpy Jun 2014 #2
And get far more attention than they deserve from the media. maddiemom Jun 2014 #70
Seems to me that most of the progressives on this board are the people over 50 BuelahWitch Jun 2014 #3
No definitions given. madfloridian Jun 2014 #8
Yes, this. We remember a time when the Democratic Party actually stood up for working people, kath Jun 2014 #11
Good point. madfloridian Jun 2014 #12
And in the next generation, Jesus and JFK, with FDR still up there ideally. maddiemom Jun 2014 #57
Agreed. progressoid Jun 2014 #15
What is the detractors' definition of "progressives" and "liberals"? Maedhros Jun 2014 #43
Or very close to 50 - TBF Jun 2014 #129
My political steering wheel is turned so far left defacto7 Jun 2014 #202
Some Of the Most Radical Here, Ma'am, Are Among The Oldest The Magistrate Jun 2014 #4
It's a very broad brush, and it's not needed. madfloridian Jun 2014 #5
Well said and I fully agree. justhanginon Jun 2014 #25
I, too... awoke_in_2003 Jun 2014 #72
I'm among the younger "older white men." hunter Jun 2014 #47
This black man thanks you for telling the truth!-nt Anansi1171 Jun 2014 #100
I am speaking of the DU community. I know what it's like to live in a RW community. madfloridian Jun 2014 #106
I appreciate your comments. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #340
maybe because the left's biggest victories and most outspoken times were back then. alp227 Jun 2014 #95
Perhaps we should just speak about people as people, criticize them if we think they are wrong, as sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #157
Well, durn... chervilant Jun 2014 #223
I didn't say they were very influential, I said they claim to represent women. Those are two sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #351
It's really amusing to watch you accuse others of claiming they speak for all women while seaglass Jun 2014 #419
Absolutely, sir. (nt) Heidi Jun 2014 #176
Exactly! scarletwoman Jun 2014 #246
R#6 & K for, KKKarl's strategy has been to pit Dem constituencies against one another. n/t UTUSN Jun 2014 #6
good heavens, have I been missing something? a VERY cranky, radical old white woman niyad Jun 2014 #7
What threads? Where? Le Taz Hot Jun 2014 #9
I too am an older white woman, a retired teacher... FLyellowdog Jun 2014 #10
I'm sorry shenmue Jun 2014 #13
Another older, retired, white woman here. SheilaT Jun 2014 #14
I like older white women. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #23
..... madfloridian Jun 2014 #26
Mine too LeafsFan17 Jun 2014 #37
I've known a few Peace Corp people, so know what you're saying. maddiemom Jun 2014 #63
im 55 MFM008 Jun 2014 #206
An RPCV from BlueMTexpat Jun 2014 #207
I am a former educator too, MissDeeds Jun 2014 #16
You are appreciated voteearlyvoteoften Jun 2014 #17
Guess who started this generation divide battle? The Third Way...in the 90s. madfloridian Jun 2014 #18
when I taught as an old geezer, I had youngers ask me to get roguevalley Jun 2014 #30
If you want to know why America has a deficit, look into the tax returns of the very wealthy JDPriestly Jun 2014 #167
Those affiliated with Third Way should be purged from the party. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #266
K&R. They've been so destructive. Overseas Jun 2014 #302
Yes. They employed an elaborate ruse to hand over control of the party to corporations. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #303
Agreed. Overseas Jun 2014 #306
Yep. The big red Trojan Horse you see in the middle of the Democratic Party is the Third Way. nt Zorra Jun 2014 #332
I couldn't agree more. They have their own party, they are only in this party because the other one sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #361
They have been so old-fashioned while pretending to modernize. Regressive. Overseas Jun 2014 #305
exactly. The "people" are asked to sacrifice for the common good. Where is the sacrifice for the liberal_at_heart Jun 2014 #450
Its more than that and its sad and pisses me off to to levels of rage. MANY of us grew up in Drew Richards Jun 2014 #19
Good rant. Lifelong Protester Jun 2014 #55
I'm over 60, been on du since very near the beginning.... tomp Jun 2014 #249
+1! Enthusiast Jun 2014 #267
if anything DonCoquixote Jun 2014 #20
Many of us consider you to be an example of the very best DU has to offer. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #21
I'll second that. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #99
Links please Andy823 Jun 2014 #22
I have the old DU habit of not linking to posts when I am being critical. madfloridian Jun 2014 #24
Call it out LeafsFan17 Jun 2014 #38
Yes isin't strange that that used to be the policy...and I agree with..not linking..but others do it Drew Richards Jun 2014 #81
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 2014 #27
Well said! Drew Richards Jun 2014 #87
Amen to that. madfloridian Jun 2014 #143
I'm an old-timer here..... Uben Jun 2014 #28
Recommended Marrah_G Jun 2014 #31
They're characterized by Their willingness to throw people under their bus, not just by WHO They MisterP Jun 2014 #32
Certain forms of bigotry are allowed, for example DrDan Jun 2014 #33
It is simply human nature and our culture to blame "others" for problems. goldent Jun 2014 #34
That is terrible, so sorry you felt that way LittleBlue Jun 2014 #36
All older people are not the same. Stellar Jun 2014 #39
Yes.... Grey Jun 2014 #40
Ageism is as bad as sexism I say... Helen Borg Jun 2014 #41
Excellent thread. K&R Louisiana1976 Jun 2014 #42
let's be honest here - is this the Tiger Beat club again? Skittles Jun 2014 #44
Of course it is. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #101
LOL Skittles Jun 2014 #103
LOL WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #110
uh yes, really Skittles Jun 2014 #152
Yes. bravenak Jun 2014 #237
No, it is the Golden Girls snooper2 Jun 2014 #421
what madfloridian said bigtree Jun 2014 #45
Another older white woman here, and I will be damned if I will apologize hamsterjill Jun 2014 #46
Amen sister! StarryNite Jun 2014 #60
The young folks are one pregnancy scare away from getting it. Both sexes. Warpy Jun 2014 #79
Right On! Drew Richards Jun 2014 #85
I agree. hamsterjill Jun 2014 #114
A post referencing Swift and baby-eating was once hidden... WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #123
I know, sometimes the ignorance here is astonishing Warpy Jun 2014 #169
True. It's the rudeness and doubling-down when one is so clearly wrong...` WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #297
Sheesh. That's pathetic. kath Jun 2014 #192
That's a good point. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #289
Many of us remember... onyourleft Jun 2014 #82
I remember girl friends suddenly gone for a whole school year. madfloridian Jun 2014 #153
Here Here KauaiK Jun 2014 #48
As an old woman/mother/grandmother/great-grandmother and one time activist GoldenOldie Jun 2014 #65
Hooray. Another golden geezer here, and here close to the start elfin Jun 2014 #49
I, too am an older white woman and retired teacher. I'll hit seventy in 2015. maddiemom Jun 2014 #50
My family were mostly Republicans. They believed basically the same as we did. madfloridian Jun 2014 #56
In a nutshell. The Southern Strategy and then the "Christian" Right." maddiemom Jun 2014 #68
After giving it some thought, I realized that the blame goes to Karl Rove; maddiemom Jun 2014 #250
I'm an Old White Guy and here is what I believe in..... zwyziec Jun 2014 #51
Great post. madfloridian Jun 2014 #52
Wonderful! You are are defnitely 75. I've got a half dozen years to go, but agree maddiemom Jun 2014 #76
I forget why I clicked on this thread... Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2014 #53
..... madfloridian Jun 2014 #58
Right on, Sister! I'm an old, liberal white guy! LongTomH Jun 2014 #54
I put a lot heaven05 Jun 2014 #59
I am an old woman, named after my mother... KG Jun 2014 #61
When I used to sing professionally, Le Taz Hot Jun 2014 #83
I saw some of the comments on one thread yesterday. historylovr Jun 2014 #62
Seems like a certain set wants to move forward past what made us Democrats. Octafish Jun 2014 #64
That is what I see also. nt laundry_queen Jun 2014 #71
Me too. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #168
I totally agree with you! nikto Jun 2014 #108
+1. It does seem that way, doesn't it. nt historylovr Jun 2014 #122
Wonderful post, MadFlo Blue_In_AK Jun 2014 #66
Thanks, Blue madfloridian Jun 2014 #145
Sure. Blue_In_AK Jun 2014 #149
I, too, am an older woman--I'll asjr Jun 2014 #73
You sound like an amazing person. madfloridian Jun 2014 #183
Sorry you have to feel that way on DU, asjr. But you're not alone, there is a nasty trend going on sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #348
Thanks Mad.... SomethingFishy Jun 2014 #74
^^^THIS!^^^ scarletwoman Jun 2014 #240
Who are the idiots making such asinine judgments?! I, for one, am a 64-yr-old FLAMING Liberal. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #75
This older white man is definately pulling this board to the left. Scuba Jun 2014 #77
And thank you for that. madfloridian Jun 2014 #461
I agree with you on this. AverageJoe90 Jun 2014 #78
Thanks for... onyourleft Jun 2014 #80
To all those who are wishing we would all just hurry up and die off: Le Taz Hot Jun 2014 #84
Any of you kids think you're more progressive than me, but weren't out protesting with Occupy, Zorra Jun 2014 #86
Love it! scarletwoman Jun 2014 #245
+10000000000000000000000 QC Jun 2014 #290
KnR, madfloridian Hekate Jun 2014 #89
I haven't seen the threads, but don't mind them. Beacool Jun 2014 #90
Absolutely agree jopacaco Jun 2014 #92
Hi! I also come from blue collar roots in the Pgh area. Welcome to DU! kath Jun 2014 #194
Welcome to DU, from a native Johnstowner. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #330
Welcome to DU, jopacaco! femmocrat Jun 2014 #341
Me, too, liberal that is. The older I get the more liberal. madfloridian Jun 2014 #389
retired librarian, old white southern male, progressive side of every intraparty divide carolinayellowdog Jun 2014 #93
instead of making it iamthebandfanman Jun 2014 #94
You were here before they were and, if you choose, you'll be here long after they've gone.... Rowdyboy Jun 2014 #96
I may have been clueless when younger, but I don't remember being rude. madfloridian Jun 2014 #97
Hey madflo. I agree with you and have never thought about age here... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #109
I should have bitten my tongue last night instead of responding. madfloridian Jun 2014 #116
I really believe part of it is the anonymnity granted by the keyboard... Rowdyboy Jun 2014 #180
I, too, am an older (71) white woman AND A PROGRESSIVE. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #102
, blkmusclmachine Jun 2014 #104
Still at it in the trenches in downtown tpa. cachukis Jun 2014 #105
Hi there, haven't seen you post in ages. madfloridian Jun 2014 #197
Thank you. I've been here since 2002, and tired of being ripped to shreds. Faygo Kid Jun 2014 #107
I am also an oldie and wish to express a couple things to the youngsters onboard. Frustratedlady Jun 2014 #111
As an old white woman, I just assume that those here who stupidly broad-brush djean111 Jun 2014 #112
I get the distinct impression that DU is primarily made up of "older" people redruddyred Jun 2014 #113
Right on! FloriTexan Jun 2014 #115
Thank you, from an old fart who's been here since the start of this place. GoneOffShore Jun 2014 #118
Another almost-retired teacher and white female. femmocrat Jun 2014 #119
My daughter says I have an "inner hippie". madfloridian Jun 2014 #121
MF, most people ignore those who are here to divide people. sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #124
Ad hominem arguments are distractions I hate liars Jun 2014 #125
PS: I'm not criticizing this thread... I hate liars Jun 2014 #126
MF is responding to some pretty nasty comments about 'old people' on this forum. sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #166
You are right though, Sabrina. madfloridian Jun 2014 #185
No, I don't think you should lie low, MF. Liberals need to stand up more. It's because they often sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #393
Keep up the good fight madfloridian! neverforget Jun 2014 #128
I'm an older white man OldRedneck Jun 2014 #131
Love your post. Thanks for sharing. madfloridian Jun 2014 #187
That is an incredible story. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #271
The account of the person who thinks "old white men" are... SMC22307 Jun 2014 #132
Thank you. I usually stay out of stuff. This is twice in two weeks... madfloridian Jun 2014 #137
My pleasure. SMC22307 Jun 2014 #144
Some of us progressives grew old here! Generic Other Jun 2014 #138
Rec 840high Jun 2014 #139
I really value your input and that of older DU'ers steve2470 Jun 2014 #146
Thanks a lot for that. madfloridian Jun 2014 #148
"Who let all these old people in here?" NBachers Jun 2014 #147
Old memories...bet I could list more. madfloridian Jun 2014 #150
Yes, I was a little restrained with my entries. We all could fill in a lot of memories, couldn't we? NBachers Jun 2014 #151
There are people here who were involved in the civil rights, environmental, anti-war, etc. movements G_j Jun 2014 #155
Amen to that. madfloridian Jun 2014 #158
I am an older white woman also, and I agree. Thanks. nt babylonsister Jun 2014 #159
I've been here since 2001. Triana Jun 2014 #160
It's been OK for a long time to "hate old white guys", if we're being blunt Corruption Inc Jun 2014 #161
I am not old, only 62, and JEB Jun 2014 #162
me too. ellenrr Jun 2014 #227
When did Democrats start demeaning the elderly? Oilwellian Jun 2014 #163
In the 2008 primary. DURHAM D Jun 2014 #253
Madfloridian, you have always been advocating for education akbacchus_BC Jun 2014 #165
I have been retired for a while. I see what is happening by contact and research. madfloridian Jun 2014 #177
Well said, Mad.... paleotn Jun 2014 #173
Just try real hard not to take it to heart, madfloridian... countryjake Jun 2014 #179
the FUD looking for fissures has been extremely strong this past year NuttyFluffers Jun 2014 #182
Yay! Tell 'em, girl! Duppers Jun 2014 #184
If we are dragging those "younger folk" down, I think they ought to take their young asses, MADem Jun 2014 #186
......... madfloridian Jun 2014 #188
Some of my favorite people davidthegnome Jun 2014 #189
no room for racism on du. glad to be the 200th rec of this thread Liberal_in_LA Jun 2014 #193
K&R LiberalElite Jun 2014 #198
do not be fooled DonCoquixote Jun 2014 #199
I'm a middle-aged feminist BainsBane Jun 2014 #209
Dear Mad ... hang in there! BlueMTexpat Jun 2014 #210
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #213
Little old 60+ woman here,not yet retired, but wannabe. raccoon Jun 2014 #216
What so many younger people tend to forget is that too will someday be older justiceischeap Jun 2014 #218
That sort of stuff is why I barely ever post here any. 99Forever Jun 2014 #231
Much empathy with your words. madfloridian Jun 2014 #396
You're not the only one reconsidering your party affiliation. If the party doesn't want 'old white sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #409
Sabrina, question. I swear I must be stupid. madfloridian Jun 2014 #410
Look at the top of this page. sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #412
Thanks, after this I better fill one out. madfloridian Jun 2014 #413
It's definitely a good idea. I filled it out a while ago, still have a few spaces though which sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #414
It helps a lot PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #417
I have always been a registered Democrat, and a two-time Obama voter. madfloridian Jun 2014 #243
Per more stuff in this thread....I ALERTED ONCE. madfloridian Jun 2014 #244
OK, I'm a white male, 71. rogerashton Jun 2014 #247
I am an older white women, retired school nurse mgardener Jun 2014 #248
People should know what this is about BainsBane Jun 2014 #252
Okay, here goes. Here's the text since you keep pushing it. madfloridian Jun 2014 #255
If you wanted to "be in this together" BainsBane Jun 2014 #257
I did try to discuss. madfloridian Jun 2014 #258
You didn't respond to her apology BainsBane Jun 2014 #259
At least she didn't say 'I really don't care about her apologies.' Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #260
That is what you single out as nasty? BainsBane Jun 2014 #261
It was an example of a really nasty response to a genuine and heartfelt apology... Violet_Crumble Jun 2014 #262
This message was self-deleted by its author boston bean Jun 2014 #285
Oh please. RiffRandell Jun 2014 #325
I've seen her apologize several times BainsBane Jun 2014 #333
Forget it, Baines. Thanks for trying, though. Peace to all. Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2014 #336
She never apologized to me. RiffRandell Jun 2014 #342
I never mentioned the name, never gave a link until just now when you pushed it. madfloridian Jun 2014 #265
I guess we had it coming to us. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #278
I think it was a good post. bravenak Jun 2014 #256
It was an EXCELLENT post. redqueen Jun 2014 #274
Not ALL men!! bravenak Jun 2014 #276
It is SO clear in your post which segment of society you were talking about. redqueen Jun 2014 #277
Because that is not how it was stated PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #280
Bullshit. Find me some bellyaching about this redqueen Jun 2014 #295
To be honest, it made me do a second and third read. historylovr Jun 2014 #286
+1000... SidDithers Jun 2014 #263
Well said. redqueen Jun 2014 #275
This thread is about posters Union Scribe Jun 2014 #386
I would think if people were tired of division BainsBane Jun 2014 #394
anytime any1 says questionseverything Jun 2014 #254
Thanks for the post. ctsnowman Jun 2014 #264
I see all my friends are under the transparency tab libodem Jun 2014 #272
Another old broad checking in Maeve Jun 2014 #273
frankly, I do not believe age is the issue noiretextatique Jun 2014 #284
There's been an attempt generally to divide the young from the old(er) in the media. alarimer Jun 2014 #288
Noticed the "old" meme crop up, which is generally applied to anyone middle-aged or older... villager Jun 2014 #292
I am often seen as too liberal here. madfloridian Jun 2014 #296
Exactly. villager Jun 2014 #298
as though the party's problem is rigid, doctrinaire lefties rather than glib corporate spokesmodels MisterP Jun 2014 #329
Exactly, redux villager Jun 2014 #334
Jeane Kirkpatrick/Scoop Jackson playbook? that's an OLD one nt MisterP Jun 2014 #335
If there is honest sincerity about not wanting to disparage older people here... madfloridian Jun 2014 #300
nailed it. djean111 Jun 2014 #301
I am serious. madfloridian Jun 2014 #309
I know you are. And yes, it is being doubled-down on. djean111 Jun 2014 #311
It's interesting to me that there was no similar angst about 'the dividing' when this came out redqueen Jun 2014 #310
That was published in 2001. madfloridian Jun 2014 #315
Are you talking about the thread where bravenak talks about being alert stalked? redqueen Jun 2014 #317
It reads like the future of DU to me. madfloridian Jun 2014 #320
The title does not bother me. It also doesn't bother me when women complain about white feminists. redqueen Jun 2014 #321
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #304
Why does the older white demographic vote Republican in large numbers? YoungDemCA Jun 2014 #307
Older DUers do not likely vote Republican in large numbers. madfloridian Jun 2014 #308
Some people here don't want to talk about what bravenak ACTUALLY WROTE, redqueen Jun 2014 #312
racism and sexism often go hand in hand. A lot of overlap there ... Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2014 #339
+10000000 reality sucks noiretextatique Jun 2014 #314
older white people are the GOP demographic...period noiretextatique Jun 2014 #313
Wrong, there are many older and elderly white Democrats in America. quinnox Jun 2014 #316
who votes for republicans? noiretextatique Jun 2014 #318
And many of those elderly white Democrats are Southern style Democrats. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #327
I am tired of qualifying...it is privilege to demand that noiretextatique Jun 2014 #407
. Baitball Blogger Jun 2014 #415
okay...who the fuck is the GOP demographic? noiretextatique Jul 2014 #474
Yes. Number23 Jun 2014 #343
wtf...you would think i said all white americans are fascists or something noiretextatique Jul 2014 #477
I'm not perplexed at all nor am I perplexed by the responses you got from particular posters Number23 Jul 2014 #482
Joe Biden is an old White Man. So is Sen Sanders and Reid and every old Democrat I know sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #392
that does not change the reality of the GOP's demographic noiretextatique Jul 2014 #476
So your point is to drive all older white people Jakes Progress Jun 2014 #442
my point is not controversial...at all. it is a FACT noiretextatique Jul 2014 #475
Your facts are the republicans dream. Jakes Progress Jul 2014 #479
how absolutely ridiculous...you can continue to deny reality all you like noiretextatique Jul 2014 #480
Still missing the point, Jakes Progress Jul 2014 #484
Not older Democrats of any shade, though. merrily Jul 2014 #473
duh...of course not. real democrats typically do no fall for the GOP's bullshit noiretextatique Jul 2014 #478
I agree on both points. merrily Jul 2014 #483
I Was More Conservative When I Was Younger Liberal_Dog Jun 2014 #319
Older, white retired widow agreeing with you, MadFlo. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #322
279 recs. nt Zorra Jun 2014 #324
It's more threads than that now, they just keep coming Corruption Inc Jun 2014 #326
And the jury results are in.... aikoaiko Jun 2014 #345
Recommended, thanks for saying what needed to be said. Autumn Jun 2014 #331
NO, I am not an "alert stalker", not an ex Repub troll stalking. Defending myself... madfloridian Jun 2014 #349
I am trying to decide which one is the drama queen Skittles Jun 2014 #352
I am defending myself against those attacks. If you call that drama queen so be it. madfloridian Jun 2014 #354
I never said it was you Skittles Jun 2014 #362
You know what? I don't give a damn what anyone says here anymore. madfloridian Jun 2014 #364
do what I do - put those folk on Ignore Skittles Jun 2014 #365
+1000 - I support you, I have read your posts for over a decade now. Dragonfli Jun 2014 #375
Thank you. madfloridian Jun 2014 #376
There are many sincere people here Union Scribe Jun 2014 #388
Good 1st paragraph, very true. madfloridian Jun 2014 #398
Now I'm a drama queen. madfloridian Jun 2014 #355
No, you're no drama queen. historylovr Jun 2014 #395
Again for visibility..my defense of me and some links I didn't post before trying to be nice. madfloridian Jun 2014 #397
I already feel like I'm not wanted here, or as a Democrat. ladyVet Jun 2014 #399
I am amazed at how far left I am heading. madfloridian Jun 2014 #404
Just remember, you are in very good company. Those few who are slamming Democrats on this forum have sabrina 1 Jun 2014 #406
FDR said, "I welcome their hatred" Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #436
Yeah, me too. Le Taz Hot Jun 2014 #416
+1. historylovr Jun 2014 #444
I updated the post in which I defend myself and give examples of why I posted. madfloridian Jun 2014 #418
AND madfloridian Jun 2014 #423
They are being myopic and working from a tiny world. Jakes Progress Jun 2014 #443
I've been watching this thread and I feel a need to comment.... Sancho Jun 2014 #431
Thanks so much for your post. Lots of wisdom as usual. madfloridian Jun 2014 #433
I tried reading all this crap. Jakes Progress Jun 2014 #445
K&R! Almost 300 recs! Rex Jun 2014 #451
300th rec... Upton Jun 2014 #453
Thanks for linking the two original posts which mention the WHITE MEN on DU ... slipslidingaway Jun 2014 #454
In my journal I put two posts with what was said. madfloridian Jun 2014 #455
Old rules seem to no longer matter ... slipslidingaway Jun 2014 #456
A couple of months ago kiva Jun 2014 #457
I've decided not to use it. madfloridian Jun 2014 #459
I respect your decision. kiva Jun 2014 #460
I just heard through the grapevine that I am still being accused of serial stalking and trolling. madfloridian Jun 2014 #458
This message was self-deleted by its author MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #485
The theme of *white liberals are racists* continues... Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #462
Bigoted? Reverse bigoted hooey? JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #463
If that's the reason for ditching FDR, it's a lame one. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #464
It's not ditching FDR JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #465
Wow. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #466
And I can appreciate that JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #467
Do you really think Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #469
And I can appreciate that JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #470
Everybody's experience is valid, I do believe that wholeheartedly. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #472
Here's a good book that will help you understand us JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #468
Thanks, JAG. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #471
anti seniorism is stupid DonCoquixote Jul 2014 #481
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