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96. K&R. Every DUer should read this.
Tue Jun 24, 2014, 02:49 PM
Jun 2014

I am posting the link again so that I can put it on my journal and cite to it in Hillary Clinton threads. It points precisely at the problem with a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Fool me once . . . . as George W. Bush once tried to say.

We have been fooled for the past 34 years. I for one am tired of it.


Under the bus with ya, Thomas n/t IDemo Jun 2014 #1
DURec leftstreet Jun 2014 #2
Clinton was always very specific about hsi proposals (a total wonk) BootinUp Jun 2014 #3
People voted for his populist persona and his rhetoric Armstead Jun 2014 #4
Its a nice attempt to re-write history BootinUp Jun 2014 #8
Not re-writing history. The problem is that we're not learning from history. Armstead Jun 2014 #11
Just Want To Add My Support For What Armstead Is ChiciB1 Jun 2014 #64
THAT is the catch 22 and there is this pesky thing called Congress Cosmocat Jun 2014 #263
Thank you. I so agree with you, and you explain the facts so well. Thank you. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #102
I agree 100% Enthusiast Jun 2014 #247
Could be. But I think a lot of voters old enough to remember the Clinton presidency and CTyankee Jun 2014 #265
Dimson is already making some of the worst US Presidents ever lists, at merrily Jun 2014 #285
Well, I think we do it every day here at DU... CTyankee Jun 2014 #287
Posting at DU pulls politicians to the left? merrily Jun 2014 #289
No, I'm talking about collective action...hey, we're on the same side here, aren't we? CTyankee Jun 2014 #300
Yes, acting in our own communities and maybe beyond. merrily Jun 2014 #301
Oh, we all love to vent...I know I do...but it's what we do in our own communities that really CTyankee Jun 2014 #303
Your post re-wrote history a lot more than Armstead's. merrily Jun 2014 #33
Please point out the errors in my post, until then BootinUp Jun 2014 #50
Armstead's post was closer to reality than yours. That's not hard to understand, is it? merrily Jun 2014 #55
Of course reality says he is the most popular President in the last BootinUp Jun 2014 #58
That was not the reality under discussion between you merrily Jun 2014 #60
It simply goes to the fact that a complete evisceration of William J. Clinton's record BootinUp Jun 2014 #78
Someone already posted a Clinton list, but the problem with those lists is that merrily Jun 2014 #81
P.S. I didn't completely eviscerate anyone's record and this is so merrily Jun 2014 #86
Well done pscot Jun 2014 #204
Thank you! merrily Jun 2014 #205
Thank you. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #249
De nada. merrily Jun 2014 #284
No it doesn't... sendero Jun 2014 #206
The misjudgments continue. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #248
I don't think it's misjudgment. merrily Jun 2014 #286
Clinton had charm. He loves people. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #105
+1 merrily Jun 2014 #162
Sorry, but the repeal of Glass-Steagall, signing the bill that allowed for the consolidation JDPriestly Jun 2014 #100
This is being discussed just below. BootinUp Jun 2014 #106
If Bill had really learned, or wanted to learn, he'd be using his influence to reverse the results Armstead Jun 2014 #111
I think he and Hillary have been doing their part BootinUp Jun 2014 #115
He campaigned for Obama out of political convenience. bunnies Jun 2014 #327
Try telling that to the millions of hopeful Americans who lost their homes in 2008. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #113
#97 & #103 BootinUp Jun 2014 #116
If you want to know why we prefer Elizabeth Warren to Hillary, watch the video at Post No. 23 JDPriestly Jun 2014 #117
Can she win? BootinUp Jun 2014 #120
She is one of the very few who can be trusted to side with the ordinary American citizen. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #146
I think you are a dreamer. But thats just my opinion. lol. BootinUp Jun 2014 #147
You supported Warren for her political appointment? Interesting. merrily Jun 2014 #172
I did op research on Bill Clinton's business and economic policies in Arkansas. amandabeech Jun 2014 #165
Thing is, most voters are not lawyers who do op research on a merrily Jun 2014 #224
You can thank President Clinton... elzenmahn Jun 2014 #223
You'd be better off decrying the great increase BootinUp Jun 2014 #225
"Wider range of opinion..." elzenmahn Jun 2014 #238
On network programming there is no choice. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #250
IKR ctsnowman Jun 2014 #264
+1 merrily Jun 2014 #230
"You can thank President Clinton... merrily Jun 2014 #288
Precisely. People voted for him because he would "feel their pain." He was an empathetic figure on Ed Suspicious Jun 2014 #29
Most people do laundry_queen Jun 2014 #239
Yep. That's why, "Would you want to have a beer with him?" somehow merrily Jun 2014 #290
I was there. I don't drink beer. bigtree Jun 2014 #44
In the long run many (not all) of those things were part of the poisonous trail... Armstead Jun 2014 #71
Excellent post. nt woo me with science Jun 2014 #85
THIS is a crock 'o shit. "What happened under GW was merely the inevitable..." BootinUp Jun 2014 #90
They both helped it along Armstead Jun 2014 #94
Clinton did not champion financial deregulation. Thats another crock. BootinUp Jun 2014 #97
Of course he woudn't run on it and.... Armstead Jun 2014 #101
Yes, he is smart. And if you read all he said in that interview BootinUp Jun 2014 #103
If there's a problem, common sense would tell you not to make it worse Armstead Jun 2014 #110
Have you seen the knowing grin on Clinton's face when he signed the repeal of Glass- JDPriestly Jun 2014 #129
There's going to be a lot of us little folk supporting Hillary. BootinUp Jun 2014 #131
All "us" little folk who claim to have recommended Warren for her post? merrily Jun 2014 #231
He may have admitted it was a mistake, but he sure didn't Truman up. merrily Jun 2014 #210
It wasn't Clinton's fault. But iit was partly Clinton's fault. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #219
It was a lot Clinton's fault. Bush was to blame, yes, but merrily Jun 2014 #221
Is it a surprise that Clinton blamed it on Bush? merrily Jun 2014 #152
Dems voted 155 for and 51 against. BootinUp Jun 2014 #158
Senate 98-0 on the final bill. merrily Jun 2014 #159
No, he didn't BootinUp Jun 2014 #161
Yes, he did. He told Dems he wanted on his desk ASAP. merrily Jun 2014 #183
Governing is a tough job BootinUp Jun 2014 #184
Oh, please tell me you didn't waste everyone's time with all those posts merrily Jun 2014 #188
She might be even worse than Bill. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #251
Well, she's already clinging to her religion and her guns, apparently. merrily Jun 2014 #292
And who did Obama hire in his first term? Summers and Sperling. merrily Jun 2014 #291
I want a president who is not afraid if exercising the veto. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #134
No one can say what happens after a veto until it happens. merrily Jun 2014 #191
Barack Obama: 2 vetoes. [n/t] Maedhros Jun 2014 #307
He's not a king! merrily Jun 2014 #310
All I hear is that Obama has to deal with such a hostile Congress. Maedhros Jun 2014 #312
How hostile was it 2009-2011? merrily Jun 2014 #314
#97 & #103 BootinUp Jun 2014 #143
Wrong again. Clinton URGED repeal of Glass Steagall. merrily Jun 2014 #145
Look. He explains it. You can NOT believe him if you wish. BootinUp Jun 2014 #149
Clinton has not been faithful to the truth when it requires him to admit merrily Jun 2014 #164
what about 8 years of top to bottom prosperity don't you understand? bigtree Jun 2014 #119
It was when the money started flowing from the bottom to the top Armstead Jun 2014 #128
Clinton did what he could during his presidency bigtree Jun 2014 #138
Top to bottom? Only if you don't count the bottom! merrily Jun 2014 #194
This message was self-deleted by its author merrily Jun 2014 #195
There are things I didn't like about Clinton Jeff In Milwaukee Jun 2014 #75
Yeah, most of us were there and sober, too. Please see reply 81. merrily Jun 2014 #91
The problem with the Clinton presidency, as I said above is that it was like eating fast food JDPriestly Jun 2014 #109
Shhhh.....you'll upset the torch and pitchfork brigade!!! MADem Jun 2014 #203
I guess I missed the posts that said Hillary was to blame for what Bill did. merrily Jun 2014 #295
I guess you did. nt MADem Jun 2014 #304
Were you one of the "people" who Skidmore Jun 2014 #141
It's not a matter of "scorning the masses" Armstead Jun 2014 #153
We can always do better at any given time in history. Skidmore Jun 2014 #154
I agree with that Armstead Jun 2014 #169
I don't give Congress a pass. It's not either or. merrily Jun 2014 #298
And your point is? merrily Jun 2014 #297
Too many voters are like teenaged girls SoCalDem Jun 2014 #293
As Senator Bradley wrote in his book, Democrats are more prone to that merrily Jun 2014 #299
They voted for the outright lies that were told to sell the proposals. JoeyT Jun 2014 #21
The truth is, globalization is a more complicated picture than BootinUp Jun 2014 #42
The deindustrialization of the US ramped up unbelievably with NAFTA and MFN for China. amandabeech Jun 2014 #166
This is hair on fire nonsense BootinUp Jun 2014 #168
My hair is on fire permanently for this issue. amandabeech Jun 2014 #180
The last few years have actually seen a return of some manufacturing BootinUp Jun 2014 #182
Without NAFTA or MFN we would not be in the same situation amandabeech Jun 2014 #186
Technically your post is worthy of a hide. BootinUp Jun 2014 #189
Then do it. Defend your wonderful NAFTA, CAFTA, MFN, TPP and whatever else you have in mind amandabeech Jun 2014 #190
I already decided not to try and silence you as indicated. BootinUp Jun 2014 #193
In the town to the south of my Mom, getting a job is the most complicated amandabeech Jun 2014 #197
I get it. Its bad. BootinUp Jun 2014 #199
Well, at least you agree that there is need for change. amandabeech Jun 2014 #201
Millions never had the option to move because their house couldn't sell. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #252
All because of deregulation that his advisors, Summers and merrily Jun 2014 #313
I hear ya. Is Mom in SE Mich? nt. navarth Jun 2014 #200
No, west central. North of Muskegon. amandabeech Jun 2014 #202
Yes I understand. navarth Jun 2014 #209
I think about that a lot. amandabeech Jun 2014 #214
The work is never done. navarth Jun 2014 #215
Thanks for thinking of the other towns. amandabeech Jun 2014 #315
Brava! merrily Jun 2014 #302
Thanks you! amandabeech Jun 2014 #316
Hook, line, and sinker free trade religious babble. TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #212
And your brilliant solution then? BootinUp Jun 2014 #213
Tariffs should be a tool in the box and I also am less than bought in on the idea that TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #234
Why can't we figure out how to make BootinUp Jun 2014 #235
Holy shit lose markets? HangOnKids Jun 2014 #241
Is that a type of attitude BootinUp Jun 2014 #242
Gee nice emoticon HangOnKids Jun 2014 #243
Yeah, what kind of feeling was that? BootinUp Jun 2014 #244
The feeling that you need to get lost HangOnKids Jun 2014 #245
Because the "we" negotiating them has no such intent. It is often "we" that insist on the worst part TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #272
If you can get a viable candidate to sell it BootinUp Jun 2014 #280
We are paying trillions for people whose day job is solutions. merrily Jun 2014 #306
Nail. Head. Thank you. merrily Jun 2014 #305
Clinton's campaign promises about gays lost Gore votes after DOMA merrily Jun 2014 #57
Nothing's perfect and government policies have pluses and minuses. merrily Jun 2014 #92
Kind of comes down to do you want to win an election or not. nt BootinUp Jun 2014 #122
I know some believe that. I don't. In fact, I merrily Jun 2014 #126
A centrist describes just about every Democratic Presidential candidate that ever won. BootinUp Jun 2014 #127
Noooott reaaaaaly Armstead Jun 2014 #132
McCain tried to be at one point, though. merrily Jun 2014 #135
Youre mixing apples mangos and pomegranites BootinUp Jun 2014 #140
Not true. Then again, neither it is true that only centrists can win elections. merrily Jun 2014 #133
+1! Wonderful post! Enthusiast Jun 2014 #253
+100000000 woo me with science Jun 2014 #271
More total bullshit BootinUp Jun 2014 #276
Hillary: individual mandate. Obama: no individual mandate, public option. merrily Jun 2014 #279
Wrong, and wrong, and really I dont give a flying fuck BootinUp Jun 2014 #281
You moved the goalpost. Not surprised. We were talking why merrily Jun 2014 #283
I think the persona management software has found a way to spoof post count and join date. Maedhros Jun 2014 #311
I pm'd a poster who has been here a lot longer than I and asked if merrily Jun 2014 #317
Si. JackRiddler Jun 2014 #176
"People voted for it." JackRiddler Jun 2014 #175
Fake populism indeed. democrank Jun 2014 #5
That last paragraph needs to be on the Greatest Page. woo me with science Jun 2014 #6
Alas, that statement is too accurate Armstead Jun 2014 #7
I don't think we're being played, at least I know I'm not. cheapdate Jun 2014 #18
Any why is that? Its a chicken and egg thing. Armstead Jun 2014 #25
The right is more effectiive at communication. cheapdate Jun 2014 #34
Why do you think it is that the right seems more effective at merrily Jun 2014 #98
Because the right has a stronger media presence. String Fiesta Jun 2014 #150
Different issue. There is messaging and then there is disseminating the merrily Jun 2014 #157
Merrily, it's not really a different issue at all. cheapdate Jun 2014 #207
Actually, it is a different issue. merrily Jun 2014 #216
There's no need to get snippy. cheapdate Jun 2014 #334
Campaign promises don't mislead? merrily Jun 2014 #84
The Luntzy phrases and populist pablum will flow like wine. raouldukelives Jun 2014 #59
Thing is, what do we do about it. merrily Jun 2014 #62
One answer is atually get the discussion going about it Armstead Jun 2014 #76
I know a lot of posters think that, but I can't. merrily Jun 2014 #79
I'm not just talking about posting here or elsewhere.. Armstead Jun 2014 #80
It's been a long time since the Great Society and an even longer merrily Jun 2014 #82
There are some things bubbling under the surface..i think.. KoKo Jun 2014 #107
Thanks, Koko merrily Jun 2014 #125
Oh...I understand where you are coming from.... KoKo Jun 2014 #163
Hippie probably was not the correct term. merrily Jun 2014 #167
Okay...I get where you're coming from... KoKo Jun 2014 #196
No, I think we agree activism is important. Question is, merrily Jun 2014 #198
Good Points.. NC is doing it with "Moral Mondays" with Marches, Sit In's and those going to jail... KoKo Jun 2014 #329
Too many of those lies to list are right on this thread. merrily Jun 2014 #139
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Jun 2014 #9
Actually the thanks go to Iching Carpenter, who originally steered me to this in anotehr thread Armstead Jun 2014 #13
I vote for both of you then. merrily Jun 2014 #87
I vote for all 3 of ya. navarth Jun 2014 #211
Thank you. I vote for you as well. Now if we can only find another, merrily Jun 2014 #222
sounds good. nt navarth Jun 2014 #228
K&R !!!! SamKnause Jun 2014 #10
Clinton ran as "The Man from HOPE"...Arkansas KoKo Jun 2014 #12
Yes, Hope is a nice safe nebulous commodity....Change, on the other hand, is more difficult Armstead Jun 2014 #14
The promises of change were what gave us hope. merrily Jun 2014 #28
Obama flipped it, though. JackRiddler Jun 2014 #177
I found this article to be right on the mark: Maedhros Jun 2014 #319
Thanks!...that's a good read from Salon about "hope" and trusting.... KoKo Jun 2014 #335
One of the few subjects DU and FR agree on: hatred of all things Clinton. n/t NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #15
Could you possibly make a more shallow post? Armstead Jun 2014 #16
Fine. "Strongly dislike". And it's a simple fact: both DU and FR "strongly dislike" the Clintons. NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #17
And your point is.....? Osama also dsliked Bill Clinon Armstead Jun 2014 #20
And that's where the similarity ends. progressoid Jun 2014 #23
Way to turn a stupid "argument" around! beerandjesus Jun 2014 #45
PM me, willya? I wanna see that. merrily Jun 2014 #89
You know, here you go, just wanting to help with that shallow argument of yours nadinbrzezinski Jun 2014 #26
Well, it's a simpleton fact. merrily Jun 2014 #27
Both many on DU and FR have knee-jerk reactions to anything Clinton. NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #35
Still a simpleton fact--and a "tween" approach to politics. merrily Jun 2014 #38
The "tween" approach to politics is the idea that if you don't agree with an ally 100% NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #43
No, that's bullshit. It's what I said. And, sorry, but I am tired of arguing bullshit with merrily Jun 2014 #47
how ironic. the BOG shock troops are constantly trolling looking for perceived "hatred" noiretextatique Jun 2014 #156
I don't think "liberals are as bad as freepers". NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #185
Today's "liberal" is often a Nixonian conservative on economic issues Armstead Jun 2014 #192
let the liars change and morph definitions noiretextatique Jun 2014 #332
+1 merrily Jun 2014 #308
for entirely different reasons. but never mind logic, right? cali Jun 2014 #36
Yes, logic. Both groups are in a very small minority. NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #37
I believe that's an inch deep and a mile wide, but we shall see. You still can't employ cali Jun 2014 #61
sweeping generalizations like this just make me hate Clinton even more corkhead Jun 2014 #68
Not all criticisms of her are "hating" or invalid. NYC Liberal Jun 2014 #70
No....that is not correct. KoKo Jun 2014 #19
Thank you. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #259
unquestioning adoration is another trait shared between the two sites frylock Jun 2014 #31
Bingo. merrily Jun 2014 #48
Hatred isn't an item that is found, it has to be earned or at least learned nolabels Jun 2014 #53
How about plain ole political differences? merrily Jun 2014 #104
'No trust' is exactly what i meant nolabels Jun 2014 #269
All true. And there are no consequences. merrily Jun 2014 #275
And the other choices were McCain in the first, and vulture in the last nolabels Jun 2014 #331
We need to stop the bleeding of the lower classes by the uber wealthy. If the FR agrees then rhett o rick Jun 2014 #170
I was with you 100% until the last sentence. The Founders were plutocrats. merrily Jun 2014 #294
I think you are being too hard on them. I dont have the info at hand but a lot of them died rhett o rick Jun 2014 #324
How they died is irrelevant to whether they were plutocrats when merrily Jun 2014 #325
Oi. "Hatred of all things Clinton"? JackRiddler Jun 2014 #179
It could be hard to get past personalities if merrily Jun 2014 #208
And many of us have also referred to this era as the new guilded age nadinbrzezinski Jun 2014 #22
I'm reading Herman Hesse again Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #63
I know the feeling nadinbrzezinski Jun 2014 #65
The local is where it happens now not from Washington Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #69
And my paper, we graduated from blog to well paper nadinbrzezinski Jun 2014 #72
Yes, thank you. Please keep reminding us of that. merrily Jun 2014 #108
Yep. Can't unring the bell or unknow what you grasped. merrily Jun 2014 #309
A guilded age would be preferable to a gilded age. merrily Jun 2014 #137
That is likely coming nadinbrzezinski Jun 2014 #148
Ouch, that stings. blackspade Jun 2014 #24
Facts are so inconvenient. Not that the Hillary worshhippers care about facts. cali Jun 2014 #30
I sometimes mix your positions up with those of another cali on the board. merrily Jun 2014 #51
No, I've never been a Hillary supporter. At all. cali Jun 2014 #52
I think I have it straight now. merrily Jun 2014 #99
Just think "tweety bird" re the infamous other one, it is funny in a way and easy to remember /nt Dragonfli Jun 2014 #121
Neoliberalism (dumb name for it) didn't come close to hitting its stride until the DLC merrily Jun 2014 #32
The entire economic platform of the party changed with the forming of the DLC Dragonfli Jun 2014 #123
Calling a strategy to win elections was the way to sell it to Democratic voters. merrily Jun 2014 #144
Oh, I realize that, always have (both points) Dragonfli Jun 2014 #151
I hadn't noticed who I was replying to. merrily Jun 2014 #155
Keep repeating it. Maybe it will sink in. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #255
Clinton ran as a centrist bigtree Jun 2014 #39
Clintonian economics are the opposite of what we need right now. nashville_brook Jun 2014 #40
No Democrat is going to rerun a 1992 or 1996 BootinUp Jun 2014 #46
No democrat hangs with the war criminal George Bush Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #54
"Because you will see them again visiting the White House...." merrily Jun 2014 #320
surely not, but there's no daylight btwn Hillary's and Bill's economic programs nashville_brook Jun 2014 #66
Read the book 'Partners in Power' Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #73
That sentence is so vague in meaning BootinUp Jun 2014 #74
you're a fan of Bill/Hillary's economics? nashville_brook Jun 2014 #77
I am a fan keeping Repukes out of power BootinUp Jun 2014 #83
LOL, when all else fails, sell: Vote Democrat! They're not Republican! merrily Jun 2014 #218
Revealed at last! A Nader/Libertarian/Fringe I'll try anything once loser. BootinUp Jun 2014 #220
Yes, that's it, genius. merrily Jun 2014 #321
Kicked their ass repealing Glass - Stegall? Kicked their ass deregulation the media? Kicked their TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #226
1. Who was your choice as candidate in '92 and '96 and 2000, and hell BootinUp Jun 2014 #229
I thought you were explaining an asswhooping or more crucially, how it wasn't us that took it. TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #237
I already explained in this thread my reasoning on the typical BootinUp Jun 2014 #240
I'm still missing what ass kicking there is. You have rationalized a lot of bad policy, fine. TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #273
You missed a lot apparently. But we are in the realm of opinions. Keep yours for all I care. nt BootinUp Jun 2014 #277
Neither will Ross Perot, though. merrily Jun 2014 #174
Which is why we need to find a viable populist candidate now or our only choices will be Hill or Jeb corkhead Jun 2014 #41
I doubt the DNC will support a populist. merrily Jun 2014 #318
A popular picture of Bill during the NCAA being a populist Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #49
Li'l Bush looks--off-model; the guy in the next row looks REALLY happy, though MisterP Jun 2014 #93
If you do a search on this night with them Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #95
Poppy's favorite son? merrily Jun 2014 #227
Economic populism wins elections and sells Democratic voters. pa28 Jun 2014 #56
DURec...Could not agree more: bvar22 Jun 2014 #67
this is anti-clinton argument that i tend to agree with. La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2014 #88
He's worth reading Armstead Jun 2014 #114
yes. years ago, i remember watching his interview on the daily show La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2014 #118
K&R. Every DUer should read this. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #96
Agree. Let's keep it kicked. merrily Jun 2014 #160
. snagglepuss Jun 2014 #112
"This time around there is no end in sight..." WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #124
Retirement? What's That? Armstead Jun 2014 #130
Especially if they fuck with Social Security. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #136
R U sure? They were talking chained CPI and denying it was a cut and merrily Jun 2014 #171
I'd say many are in for a rude awakening. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #181
Many citizens are, yes. Whether many politicians or political parties are merrily Jun 2014 #282
Just curious. Does everyone think all the posters on this thread are merrily Jun 2014 #173
Do you know of any paying jobs? BootinUp Jun 2014 #178
My, that caught your eye quickly, didn't it? No anwer, though. merrily Jun 2014 #187
It's impossible to prove. navarth Jun 2014 #217
Fairly easy to deny, though. merrily Jun 2014 #323
Oh yes. navarth Jun 2014 #337
Yes. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #257
K&R DeSwiss Jun 2014 #232
Getting a "malicious URL" "threat detected" whenever I open this thread. mia Jun 2014 #233
That's worrisome...But I can't understand why it would be in one thread and no the whole site Armstead Jun 2014 #236
It won't work this time. Not with me. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #246
I agree, same here. Katashi_itto Jun 2014 #256
Our "Democrats." Willing accomplises in the new Gilded Age. blkmusclmachine Jun 2014 #254
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Jun 2014 #258
I think that's a little harsh loyalsister Jun 2014 #260
It's not so much those comments as the history of policies Armstead Jun 2014 #267
How did ending "welfare as we know it" help the poorest people? merrily Jun 2014 #326
I understand this from a different point-of-view ewagner Jun 2014 #261
Triangulation is different from compromise Armstead Jun 2014 #268
I like the distinction you are making. ewagner Jun 2014 #270
Disagree. The DLC took down a lot of stuff from its website last time I looked. merrily Jun 2014 #278
I am reading "The Meat Racket" by Christopher Leonard Atman Jun 2014 #262
And, now we have Smithfield which bought up most of the small US Pork KoKo Jun 2014 #336
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jun 2014 #266
And both sides think it's only the other side... polichick Jun 2014 #296
kick woo me with science Jun 2014 #274
Sanders would be a populist candidate. Clinton not so much... polichick Jun 2014 #322
I don't think Hillary will. merrily Jun 2014 #328
If Sanders runs, he's running to win... polichick Jun 2014 #330
And yet still much better than BushI 2nd term or Bob Dole as president. aikoaiko Jun 2014 #333
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