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A tip of the hat to DU's The Magistrate. [View all] Tommy_Carcetti Jul 2014 OP
Absolutely right! CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2014 #1
Very polite to boot madokie Jul 2014 #2
Thug tactics against people who post Salon.com, Counterpunch, The Nation, DN!, BBC articles cprise Jul 2014 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author Ken Burch Jul 2014 #58
I Do Not Know Where Some Get That Idea, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #69
I stand corrected. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #77
No Trouble, My Friend The Magistrate Jul 2014 #79
I always love reading your posts and have only one small complaint Samantha Jul 2014 #131
The audacity of having to read George Orwell! Tommy_Carcetti Jul 2014 #81
Lol! Thanks for reminding me. nt littlemissmartypants Jul 2014 #82
A Link For You, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #84
And having 10 screenfuls of it repeated at the start of every thread. cprise Jul 2014 #90
That is The Best You Can Find, Sir? The Magistrate Jul 2014 #91
Yet Obama didn't vote for IWR and was elected President cprise Jul 2014 #92
The Illinois Legislature, Sir, Had No Say In The Matter The Magistrate Jul 2014 #94
and he attacked Hillary Clinton in 2008 for supporting it. cprise Jul 2014 #96
Indeed He Did, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #97
That's nice, but this is war we're talking about cprise Jul 2014 #99
Are We, Sir? It Seemed To Me You Were Complaining About Impurity.... The Magistrate Jul 2014 #100
Drawing the line at warmongering is not a purity test. Sorry. cprise Jul 2014 #103
Now, Sir, You re Just Making Things Up, If You Are Seriously Calling Me A War-Monger The Magistrate Jul 2014 #105
So we should base political decisions on fascist principles? cprise Jul 2014 #111
Only, Sir, If You Believe Political Reality Has An Inherent Fascist Bias.... The Magistrate Jul 2014 #113
It does only if politicos give up on the public's acceptance of facts. cprise Jul 2014 #116
I Appreciate Your Kicking The Thread, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #118
I'm getting the idea xfundy Jul 2014 #142
Yet more irony. cprise Jul 2014 #147
... Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2014 #109
Not a bad quote -- from an old gun-toter. Eleanors38 Jul 2014 #159
Bush was invading without AUMF. joshcryer Jul 2014 #162
There is a difference between impolite and polite ... Igel Jul 2014 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author KoKo Jul 2014 #133
Polite to a fault--but with an incisive intelligence and a sharp bite! pinboy3niner Jul 2014 #3
Yes, and absolutely devastating when it comes to puncturing gasbags Warpy Jul 2014 #4
Indubitably. snagglepuss Jul 2014 #5
Hear Hear~Bravo Sir! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #6
Agreed... ChisolmTrailDem Jul 2014 #7
He's also one of the more skilled model builders I've ever sen... Blue_Tires Jul 2014 #8
does he do the ships in the bottles? Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2014 #18
I think so... Blue_Tires Jul 2014 #24
OK, Maybe that was someone else ... I remember now a picture thread Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2014 #41
Ah, but he refuses to build Roald Dahl's Gloster Gladiator Brother Buzz Jul 2014 #23
Thank You, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #66
good to see you my friend. we should get together. mopinko Jul 2014 #151
Another 'Meet Up' Gathering Here Might Be Nice, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2014 #153
i did my first taxidermy project mopinko Jul 2014 #166
hear, hear! bigtree Jul 2014 #9
Indubitable, sir. immoderate Jul 2014 #10
Glad to join in with my tip of the hat. CTyankee Jul 2014 #11
One of DU's best Cali_Democrat Jul 2014 #12
Yes, one of DU's greatest. Coventina Jul 2014 #13
Totally agree! MoonRiver Jul 2014 #14
I agree. H2O Man Jul 2014 #15
Always a delight when they contribute to a thread! n2doc Jul 2014 #16
I have a great deal of respect for The Magistate lunatica Jul 2014 #17
Allow me to add my appreciation also as I too enjoy your posts. n/t justhanginon Jul 2014 #19
I find his wit refreshing and his commentary incisive.... Rowdyboy Jul 2014 #20
He is One of a Kind, The Magistrate. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2014 #21
I'll gladly rec this kcr Jul 2014 #22
Indeed. eom littlemissmartypants Jul 2014 #25
You are right, sir! bravenak Jul 2014 #26
Indeed! riqster Jul 2014 #27
OH Absolutely Positively Unquestionably, sir! calimary Jul 2014 #28
I'll drink to The Magistrate! greatauntoftriplets Jul 2014 #29
Haven't had the pleasure, Benton D Struckcheon Jul 2014 #44
I Remember, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2014 #70
It was warm out! greatauntoftriplets Jul 2014 #72
No Fool Like An Old Fool: Put This In The Wrong Place The Magistrate Jul 2014 #74
Most definitely - credit where it's due! Glorfindel Jul 2014 #30
Good idea. I like that guy! Squinch Jul 2014 #31
Totally agree! Spazito Jul 2014 #32
I usually stay off tribute threads Tom Rinaldo Jul 2014 #33
Thank You, Mr. Rinaldo The Magistrate Jul 2014 #119
Totally agree Sir. Lochloosa Jul 2014 #34
An appreciation thread I can happily endorse... SidDithers Jul 2014 #35
Hear, hear! With a Pimm's Cup to toast. DinahMoeHum Jul 2014 #36
I'll rec that! Bobbie Jo Jul 2014 #37
I agree Sir! tenderfoot Jul 2014 #38
A BIG K&R! William769 Jul 2014 #39
Agreed... K & R !!! WillyT Jul 2014 #40
K&R sir N_E_1 for Tennis Jul 2014 #42
Uh-oh. What has he done? leftstreet Jul 2014 #43
I Remember a Thread the Magistrate Started on Kosovo On the Road Jul 2014 #45
Happy To have That Remembered, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #67
K & R SunSeeker Jul 2014 #46
SIR! I most wholeheartedly concur, SIR! rocktivity Jul 2014 #47
What? The Magistrate is dead? When did this happen? randome Jul 2014 #48
He has been so since 2001 Jack Rabbit Jul 2014 #49
Must Appreciated, My Old Friend The Magistrate Jul 2014 #68
!! Jack Rabbit Jul 2014 #98
WWTMP? MohRokTah Jul 2014 #50
*tips my hat also* steve2470 Jul 2014 #51
A gentleman and a scholar who has proven that one can debate in a civilized manner. LongTomH Jul 2014 #52
K & R sinkingfeeling Jul 2014 #53
Intelligent, knowledgeable, and gracious Skidmore Jul 2014 #54
I'll add a formal bow to The Magistrate, Sir. One of my favorite DUers. Hekate Jul 2014 #55
Thank You, Mr. Carcetti The Magistrate Jul 2014 #57
The pleasure is all mine. Tommy_Carcetti Jul 2014 #59
I'll second that. NuclearDem Jul 2014 #60
And That, Sir Or Ma'am, Is A Fact. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2014 #61
Love The Magistrate! hrmjustin Jul 2014 #62
he's one of the good eggs PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #63
He is a great DUer. nt sufrommich Jul 2014 #64
Highest respect for The Magistrate! nt cry baby Jul 2014 #65
Proud to be the 101st Rec! freshwest Jul 2014 #71
K&R mcar Jul 2014 #73
I Appreciate Your Kind Words Very Much, My Friends The Magistrate Jul 2014 #75
More Meta Wanking Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #76
True, never broken character once. Rex Jul 2014 #78
Yes Sir!! malaise Jul 2014 #80
K&R for The Magistrate! Sissyk Jul 2014 #83
I'd like to hijack this for just one post 90-percent Jul 2014 #85
Be My Guest, Sir: I Think He Is An Excellent Fellow The Magistrate Jul 2014 #88
you read my mind. nt navarth Jul 2014 #120
A gentleman of the old school, and one of the few here whose posts I always read. ColesCountyDem Jul 2014 #87
Yes indeed Still Sensible Jul 2014 #89
x1000 mac56 Jul 2014 #93
I dig him blogslut Jul 2014 #95
I heartily agree, sir. KurtNYC Jul 2014 #101
The Magistrate has been a dear and valued friend since my earliest days here. scarletwoman Jul 2014 #102
Thank You Very Much, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2014 #114
... scarletwoman Jul 2014 #115
Yes, he deserves it Duckhunter935 Jul 2014 #104
i think he is funny JI7 Jul 2014 #106
I find the sir and ma'am routine to be annoying and condescending. Threedifferentones Jul 2014 #107
Heck to the yes sir lovemydog Jul 2014 #108
I agree! DoBotherMe Jul 2014 #110
he brings to DU... Enrique Jul 2014 #112
A tip of the hat to the good sir IronLionZion Jul 2014 #117
Absolutely WilliamPitt Jul 2014 #121
Thank You Very Much, Mr. Pitt The Magistrate Jul 2014 #125
A question Sir something I've wondered if you will azurnoir Jul 2014 #140
Someone In The Lounge, Ma'am, Once Described 'Deadwood' Dialogue As 'Magistrate With Tourettes'..... The Magistrate Jul 2014 #141
Lol I'm trying to imagine that azurnoir Jul 2014 #144
That It Can, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2014 #154
Kick! M can be reasoned with! grahamhgreen Jul 2014 #122
Are you Serious? "The Magistrate" has been Threatened and Needs Our Support? KoKo Jul 2014 #123
Will always make a point of reading any Magistrate Surya Gayatri Jul 2014 #124
at first I did not take to him Billy Budd Jul 2014 #126
I think the Magistrate is a big part of what makes DU wonderful! nt MADem Jul 2014 #127
I concur. flying rabbit Jul 2014 #128
I'll say… MrMickeysMom Jul 2014 #129
K & R Liberal_Dog Jul 2014 #130
there's nothing about The Magistrate I dislike tishaLA Jul 2014 #132
My most-respected poster, hands down. Barack_America Jul 2014 #134
Stand Gentlemen Lithos Jul 2014 #135
Good To See You Here, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #139
My pleasure Lithos Jul 2014 #155
I Expect It Will Only Get Worse, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #163
You remind me of my Dad, sir. beam me up scottie Jul 2014 #136
When world leaders meet, he's never invited - his attendance is assumed. maced666 Jul 2014 #137
I do so enjoy THe Magistrate. Ellipsis Jul 2014 #138
In my view...... DeSwiss Jul 2014 #143
Now, this is one tipping of the hat thread I can agree with! Violet_Crumble Jul 2014 #145
Thank You Very Much, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2014 #149
Oh hell yeah! BumRushDaShow Jul 2014 #146
Appreciate The Magistrate posts! Sunlei Jul 2014 #148
Way to go The Magistrate! egduj Jul 2014 #150
Undoubtedly. The Green Manalishi Jul 2014 #152
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #156
Idiosyncratic Use Of Language Fascinates Me, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2014 #158
Well, when you gather your disciples to get a comment nyabingi Jul 2014 #160
You Mean A Jury Hid One of Your Posts, Sir? The Magistrate Jul 2014 #161
Copy that! Populist_Prole Jul 2014 #157
Here! Here! burrowowl Jul 2014 #164
Again, My Thanks To All Who Replied Here The Magistrate Jul 2014 #165
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