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Mc Mike

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17. There was an interesting tie-in between the anti-healthcare ads and the tv ultrasound bills
Thu Jul 10, 2014, 04:36 PM
Jul 2014

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that Rachel Maddow caught, and Galraedia posted 9-20-13.


Bryan Slater was an "Americans United for Life" v.p.. He was in charge of the successful ram-rodding of model legislation that pushes mandatory t.v. ultrasounds, that the patient had to pay for, in a dozen repug controlled states. Slater moved over to the Koch brothers funded "Generation Opportunity", to run the creepy 'Uncle Sam doing gyn exams' ad campaign!

A typical picture of the way nazi repugs work. The repugs ARE the creepy uncle sam 'government' wielding a large probe as a weapon, then they project that crime falsely onto their political enemies, to avoid fallout from their insanely fascist legislation, and to attempt to make political gains on another health legislation front.

So openly condoning breaking the law? Nothing will happen to them, they are white randys1 Jul 2014 #1
Uh... What?... onehandle Jul 2014 #2
A creepy hospital? el_bryanto Jul 2014 #3
Remember their creepy Uncle Sam doing gynecological exams ad? FSogol Jul 2014 #4
There was an interesting tie-in between the anti-healthcare ads and the tv ultrasound bills Mc Mike Jul 2014 #17
It is terrifying to me how much of a hold they have on the thinking in this country. Frustratedlady Jul 2014 #5
We start from the top, directly. Make sure people have heard of the Koch brothers and how they Voice for Peace Jul 2014 #20
I agree, but time is limited and their slimey claws are so deeply imbedded Frustratedlady Jul 2014 #21
exposure, illumination.. Voice for Peace Jul 2014 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author demigoddess Jul 2014 #6
Somebody ought to hand of contraceptives... Historic NY Jul 2014 #7
I wonder if they will have General Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance in place Glorfindel Jul 2014 #8
they'll make sure onethatcares Jul 2014 #15
I wonder if any of their paid-for Kongressional Klowns will attend? n2doc Jul 2014 #9
seems to be a great opportunity... dhill926 Jul 2014 #10
I hope the "Billionaires for Wealthcare" show up n2doc Jul 2014 #13
creepy bigtree Jul 2014 #11
Hopefully this works out as well at the american spring teabagger nonsense a few months ago Takket Jul 2014 #12
I hear the top act is going to be onethatcares Jul 2014 #14
DUzy!!! freshwest Jul 2014 #24
July 23? I'll have to juggle some purity balls to make that work... Blue Owl Jul 2014 #16
Will 10 million angry tea partiers be coming to that protest too? LynneSin Jul 2014 #18
I thought they were still there Andy823 Jul 2014 #27
It would be grand if someone could get to the performers and enlighten them. Voice for Peace Jul 2014 #19
Cultists. K&R n/t bobthedrummer Jul 2014 #22
Kreepy Koch Karnival will likely include the Confederate flag and calls for an Article 5 Convention. freshwest Jul 2014 #25
No they won't. Brigid Jul 2014 #26
The Koch Brothers are really sick fucks! They are simply crazy deranged fucks! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2014 #28
What an invitation to creative protest roody Jul 2014 #29
David Koch, cancer patient 20 yrs, still spewing toxic carcinogenic poisons via Koch Industries wordpix Jul 2014 #30
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