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11. I have to admit...
Thu Jul 10, 2014, 07:50 PM
Jul 2014

they got me too. I used to work for a Dutch company, so I was following the Netherlands. I still think the players flop worse than NBA players, but I have cleared up a lot of my misconceptions and I was entertained. Not saying I am totally hooked and am going to go out and buy the English Premier League package on DirecTV (American football already consumes too much of my time), but I won't turn my nose up at it anymore.

The World Cup has won me over. [View all] minivan2 Jul 2014 OP
Well there's lots of football all the time starting next year malaise Jul 2014 #1
All true but you missed the biggest item of all : MLS musiclawyer Jul 2014 #9
Good rant re the MLS malaise Jul 2014 #10
Well put! ChairmanAgnostic Jul 2014 #31
Nice rant redqueen Jul 2014 #51
Love my Timbers! hogwyld Jul 2014 #55
Just bought a house in West Linn. Will retire there in a few years musiclawyer Jul 2014 #57
I'm not really a sports fan in general (okay, big understatement), but Arugula Latte Jul 2014 #2
The World Cup is so predictable Art_from_Ark Jul 2014 #3
That's true of almost every sport. Threedifferentones Jul 2014 #6
I don't think so. DanTex Jul 2014 #14
Germany and Brazil have both appeared in the Final Four on numerous occasions Art_from_Ark Jul 2014 #17
That's true. The same few countries are usually at the top. DanTex Jul 2014 #19
And little Costa Rica? They did great! ChairmanAgnostic Jul 2014 #32
England? malaise Jul 2014 #42
Well, maybe not so much England. DanTex Jul 2014 #43
What is strange to me is that not one of Norway, Denmark or Sweden malaise Jul 2014 #44
Sweden was a surprise. DanTex Jul 2014 #47
I see you're in California. KamaAina Jul 2014 #4
I used to hate American football. Threedifferentones Jul 2014 #5
I wish I could rec your post... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #13
I still think it's stupid to pay grown folks gobs of money to put on costumes and play kids' games. X_Digger Jul 2014 #7
"Some people think football [i.e. soccer] is a matter of life and death. DanTex Jul 2014 #15
Love that quote redqueen Jul 2014 #52
I find it hard to watch a whole country having a breakdown jimlup Jul 2014 #8
kinda neat to see such pride without tanks and bombs dembotoz Jul 2014 #12
Cartharsis is good malaise Jul 2014 #21
I have to admit... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #11
FYI: English Premier League is now on NBC Sports Network. DanTex Jul 2014 #18
thanks... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #22
I prefer the Spanish La Liga malaise Jul 2014 #23
I agree, to an extent. DanTex Jul 2014 #24
The Seria A scandals malaise Jul 2014 #25
Speaking of the top-heavy La Liga. DanTex Jul 2014 #45
You know Barca and Green Bay Packers are the only two sports teams in the world malaise Jul 2014 #46
Nice! I didn't know that about Barca. DanTex Jul 2014 #48
Barcelona is the anti-fascist club malaise Jul 2014 #56
Wow, I didn't know that... redqueen Jul 2014 #53
I first got into it in 2002 Cali_Democrat Jul 2014 #16
My sons, who were 9 and 12 at the time... 3catwoman3 Jul 2014 #20
WOW! That's dedication! Cali_Democrat Jul 2014 #39
theres no "soccer" in FIFA. nt griloco Jul 2014 #26
It's never too late to enjoy the beautiful game. lovemydog Jul 2014 #27
In 2 weeks Mrs. Lib went from totally passive about sports rurallib Jul 2014 #28
Haha, nice! redqueen Jul 2014 #54
we will be doing that rurallib Jul 2014 #58
If you have any local pro, semi-pro, or college soccer teams nearby--support them as well. Crowman1979 Jul 2014 #29
Took me a bit to get into the sport LittleBlue Jul 2014 #30
Dunno about that. I LOVED Germany beating up Brazil. ChairmanAgnostic Jul 2014 #33
Germany figured out what the USA women have known forever : musiclawyer Jul 2014 #37
exactly! Leaderless prima donnas, no matter how talented each one clearly is. ChairmanAgnostic Jul 2014 #40
Then what explains the fact that they have five world cup wins from seven finals malaise Jul 2014 #49
Because they were better then. The best. musiclawyer Jul 2014 #50
And 'the beautiful game' welcomes you! The youth league in our town has 1700 kids and FailureToCommunicate Jul 2014 #34
I agree. I have been enjoying the World Cup. ellie Jul 2014 #35
I grew up in small town, rural VT... We didn't have big enough schools many times to support an glowing Jul 2014 #36
Welcome aboard. 3catwoman3 Jul 2014 #38
Ann Coulter is against it IronLionZion Jul 2014 #41
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