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That comment sounds cute, but is actualy silly. randys1 Jul 2014 #1
Cohen said it twice in the interview, but wasn't quick with alternatives Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #2
I'm interested in hearing some good alternatives Blue_Tires Jul 2014 #9
Co-sign. nt Jamaal510 Jul 2014 #20
The trouble is that any approach that only looks at Russia will not work because machiavelliisalive Jul 2014 #76
On this and other threads, your slip is showing. Squinch Jul 2014 #3
We're thread stalking now, are we? Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #5
You have to admit .. Trajan Jul 2014 #11
I do admit that, but I wanted to quote exactly Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #19
Three months on the board...seems more like an old-timer, so familiar alcibiades_mystery Jul 2014 #28
I am an old timer Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #34
Sure thing, bud alcibiades_mystery Jul 2014 #40
+1 Cali_Democrat Jul 2014 #17
Ah, well, the thing is..... Roy Serohz Jul 2014 #4
No disagreement Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #6
I like how he puts all the pieces in place Blue_Tires Jul 2014 #8
It was maddening. Everything he said sounded logical, but no reasonable conclusions were reached Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #12
Oh, c'mon. The end is very wise RobertEarl Jul 2014 #43
I do thank God that Obama is not on a hair trigger to react. Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #53
Russia knows the policy RobertEarl Jul 2014 #57
The problem I see is that every policymaker over -- say 55 -- wants to couch this in cold war terms. Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #59
Sure, more war leads to more war RobertEarl Jul 2014 #63
I grew up in the cold war and I sense that you did as well. Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #66
Yep RobertEarl Jul 2014 #68
What makes him dumb is that he leapt to an untenable conclusion muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #80
Book Smart But Not Street Smart, Sir.... The Magistrate Jul 2014 #90
He is regurgitating the RT spin. geek tragedy Jul 2014 #71
this takes me back CatWoman Jul 2014 #7
the blame Putin for all the world's problems crowd fasttense Jul 2014 #10
You're welcome Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #13
Ah ... poor pootie poot ... Trajan Jul 2014 #15
now there you go proving me right by example fasttense Jul 2014 #23
not really CatWoman Jul 2014 #24
Plenty of us recognize Putin for what he is without longing for war. NT Adrahil Jul 2014 #54
Are you kidding? I watched "Threads", not just "The Day After". moriah Jul 2014 #62
"Threads" BumRushDaShow Jul 2014 #92
Some people have a policy to blame Obama for absolutely everything. pnwmom Jul 2014 #14
To twist Lincoln's words - you can't please all the people all the time Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #16
Sometimes the far left sounds like the far right. JaneyVee Jul 2014 #18
You've got that right. Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #22
Here Here! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #51
Some of the far left's love affair with Putin is disgusting. Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #21
it wasn't Stalin we on the real left loved fasttense Jul 2014 #25
Keep propping up Putin. It makes you look like a Republican. Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #26
Repubs are salivating over the mere thought fasttense Jul 2014 #100
well.... sheshe2 Jul 2014 #104
So, you're saying Prof. Cohen loves Putin? Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #31
The article drives home the point conservatives have been making... Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #33
DI, understand, please, first that I posted this as a discussion point Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #49
I think so many are quick to attack Obama and give Putin a pass... Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #78
Other than to materially support Britain and the USSR, FDR did little in Europe prior to 42 Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #87
That's my point, though... Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #94
I think he admires Putin, and thinks he wouldn't make a mistake muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #81
As I said elsewhere - I'd just like to know what he would have Obama do. Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #89
No, it's just the smear all critics of Obama routine. Vattel Jul 2014 #85
Is there some reason why you don't like the 'left'? We are used to it of course, but I'm always sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2014 #72
I asked you before, do I know you? You sound very familiar, but that could be because you are sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #74
Disagree onecaliberal Jul 2014 #27
Fair enough Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #30
I get that.... onecaliberal Jul 2014 #36
He ran as a progressive but got alot of campaign cash from neocons betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #29
Obama has ran the least interventionist foreign policy, beyond maybe Carter, since before FDR. Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #35
American foreign policy has long been a disaster since WW2 betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #39
No president has been good. Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #55
Stephen Cohen is an imbecile. conservaphobe Jul 2014 #32
Explain and expand, please. Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #37
I work under the assumption that any apologist for Putin is an imbecile. nt conservaphobe Jul 2014 #38
I don't think there is any basis for saying he is an apologist for Putin betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #42
Anyone who doesn't hold Putin and the separatists solely responsible for MH17... conservaphobe Jul 2014 #45
That's your opinion. betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #46
That's corroborated fact. nt conservaphobe Jul 2014 #47
The insurgency against the elected leader of Ukraine betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #48
LOL, okey dokey. conservaphobe Jul 2014 #52
Yep...she threw cookies at them until they fled!! lol EX500rider Jul 2014 #95
Disagree. Chan790 Jul 2014 #41
Possibly because the Ukraine was part of Russia betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #44
Uh, check your history book. Chan790 Jul 2014 #60
Cohen is right. BKH70041 Jul 2014 #50
OK. You agree with Cohen. Finish his argument. What should US policy be? Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #56
One doesn't have to state their own policy to observe that someone else has none. BKH70041 Jul 2014 #58
No - One does have to state their own policy to observe that someone else has none. Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #64
What you're saying makes no sense. BKH70041 Jul 2014 #65
Difference in views on argumentation Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #67
Complaining about a problem without suggesting solutions is called "whining". phleshdef Jul 2014 #70
That's a more elegant way of stating what I was trying to say Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #75
Oh please. BKH70041 Jul 2014 #83
No, it is called recognizing a problem. I say the answer not just usually but almost always is TheKentuckian Jul 2014 #93
So, I e-mailed Cohen. He referred me to his article in "The Nation" Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #98
Disagree. Cohen is a Putin humper. geek tragedy Jul 2014 #69
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2014 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jul 2014 #77
You Seem To Imagine, Sir, Free Speech Exists Only If No One Disagrees With What Someone Says The Magistrate Jul 2014 #79
No-one attacked Democracy Now muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #82
Nothing against Amy Goodman... Drunken Irishman Jul 2014 #96
It really does not matter SoCalDem Jul 2014 #84
Not disagreement, but some observations Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #88
Stephen Cohen is a bigoted, hateful writer. I no longer read The Nation because of shit he Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #86
Fair Enough Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #91
What is the correct policy? Is this a EU matter? A NATO matter? A UN matter? McCamy Taylor Jul 2014 #97
Peace talks would be ideal. From a US standpoint, "Stay Out of it" might be the best option. (nm) Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #99
I disagree. Obama is waiting for the right moment, for the moment when things are almost JDPriestly Jul 2014 #101
Any evaluation of the current administration policy has to start with remembering W.Bush Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #107
I disagree ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2014 #102
Well said Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #106
It frustrates me to no end ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2014 #108
Yet another pontificating academic with no skin MineralMan Jul 2014 #103
I feel much more that way since I read his article in "The Nation" Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2014 #105
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