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The Magistrate

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Thu Aug 7, 2014, 09:43 PM Aug 2014

I Support The Actions Described By President Obama Tonight, Ladies And Gentlemen [View all]

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I think they are right and proper.


( edited to add, with thanks, a link to Ms. Cha's post below with link to video of our President's speech, and transcript of his remarks )

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yes, President Obama was just on live TV and I support these actions. Sunlei Aug 2014 #1
Can I get an explanation..... TheMick Aug 2014 #16
who is "attacking Iraq"? Sunlei Aug 2014 #18
?????????????????????? sheshe2 Aug 2014 #23
i'll try Fred Drum Aug 2014 #28
Well said Fred BobbyBoring Aug 2014 #122
Where are they getting their weapons? And does mean that we will completely give up sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #152
May I offer you this? ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #220
Damn, Sir: When A Fella From 'American Thinker' Is The Voice Of Reason, Someone Has A Problem.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #226
But ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #228
Confirmation Bias, Sir, Is A Cruel Mistress The Magistrate Aug 2014 #241
The source of my information comes from the British Parliament. I do not freguent nor am I sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #329
You know someone in the British Parliament? I'm impressed! ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #330
I read real news not right wingnut sites. The British Parliament voted against sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #340
Okay. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #343
statements of "fact" without links Sheepshank Aug 2014 #247
This ^ ^ ^ Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #276
not even close to justifying it. bowens43 Aug 2014 #227
Why does the religion matter at all? lark Aug 2014 #262
Give me that old time religion..... NOT. n/t DocwillCuNow Aug 2014 #302
As a desert storm vet... No, not even close to being worth involved again. Katashi_itto Aug 2014 #349
Huh? Politicub Aug 2014 #38
We weren't attacking -- we were "liberating". nt gateley Aug 2014 #44
This may shock you but we were ASKED to help. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #100
yeah, especially since God told Bush to do it griloco Aug 2014 #101
Can I get an elaboration... JHB Aug 2014 #153
I do too. femmocrat Aug 2014 #2
Mr President ripcord Aug 2014 #145
I missed it- can you give the basics? Marrah_G Aug 2014 #3
Humanitarian aid, IronGate Aug 2014 #8
Thank you! Marrah_G Aug 2014 #15
civilians kardonb Aug 2014 #21
I am sure President Obama humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #36
LOL Marrah_G Aug 2014 #42
lol m-lekktor Aug 2014 #55
Since ISIS is practicing only humanitarian beheadings, his hand was forced. 11 Bravo Aug 2014 #274
If there are air strikes, there are ALREADY combat troops on the ground. NM_Birder Aug 2014 #221
Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to stop genocide Nye Bevan Aug 2014 #12
Genocide OK in Gaza but not in Iraq? lark Aug 2014 #266
Targeted air strikes in Iraq - TBF Aug 2014 #13
Airstrikes on Isis should they make any hostile and overt moves towards Embassy Sheepshank Aug 2014 #252
Humanitarian aid. Targeted strikes if ISIS moves to commit genocide. msanthrope Aug 2014 #14
I do too. He is a class act and a smart man. I don't always agree with him but it is a joy to.... Logical Aug 2014 #4
agreed ! nt steve2470 Aug 2014 #5
I don't have a problem with it - TBF Aug 2014 #6
I agree Tom Rinaldo Aug 2014 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author TheNutcracker Aug 2014 #9
Without a doubt. This is why I voted for the man. nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Aug 2014 #11
Some are genocide - some 840high Aug 2014 #41
"Genocide?" delphi72 Aug 2014 #213
you first. hopemountain Aug 2014 #296
Agree. moondust Aug 2014 #17
Next stop Gaza. WHEN CRABS ROAR Aug 2014 #19
That has never happened get the red out Aug 2014 #204
Yes, a bad situation but Pres. Obama is doing the right thing. The Bush legacy. nt Cognitive_Resonance Aug 2014 #20
Thank you Sir! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #22
Where is the source? Is there a video? I want to see that. Please. :) freshwest Aug 2014 #128
Hey freshwest... sheshe2 Aug 2014 #135
Thanks. See these pictures today: freshwest Aug 2014 #170
He does look tired, freshwest. sheshe2 Aug 2014 #210
I was remarking to my wife Inkfreak Aug 2014 #278
Agreed mcar Aug 2014 #24
Absolutely, I am sure we will use pinpoint humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #43
K&R eom MohRokTah Aug 2014 #25
Agree. nt sufrommich Aug 2014 #26
I hope the Yazidis have enough stones to kill their own women jberryhill Aug 2014 #27
You're not accusing all 40k humans there of that particular crime, are you? n/t Amonester Aug 2014 #30
Crime? jberryhill Aug 2014 #40
What? You don't think it was a crime? Amonester Aug 2014 #49
everyone but the Yazidis did jberryhill Aug 2014 #52
So they're all guilty before trial to you I see. n/t Amonester Aug 2014 #58
there was a trial jberryhill Aug 2014 #67
Well, maybe the relatively small 'group' (compared to 40,000...) who did it were killed later? Or no Amonester Aug 2014 #71
relatively small? jberryhill Aug 2014 #121
But there wasn't 40,000 people there, so you still insist to let them all starve so you will be Amonester Aug 2014 #132
Hunger kills 25,000 people every single day jberryhill Aug 2014 #138
Of course Rapillion Aug 2014 #73
the four? jberryhill Aug 2014 #80
No, I haven't Rapillion Aug 2014 #95
we did that in Rwanda, Sudan, lots of places jberryhill Aug 2014 #116
Yes, Rwanda, Sudan Rapillion Aug 2014 #130
I don't understand why you said this?! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #81
It seems to be an essential supply for their religion jberryhill Aug 2014 #86
Excuse me.... sheshe2 Aug 2014 #110
It's no joke jberryhill Aug 2014 #117
So they deserve to be slaughtered! Great! killbotfactory Aug 2014 #157
No. I would not suggest we do that jberryhill Aug 2014 #159
But It Would Be Fair To Suggest, Sir, You Think Someone Ought To.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #163
yeah, this is pretty much the worst of what our side has to offer renegade000 Aug 2014 #168
This post is living proof that right wingers are not the only ones capable of sanctimony. bklyncowgirl Aug 2014 #209
Let's nuke New York City because some of their cops are thugs Hekate Aug 2014 #263
Hardly analogous jberryhill Aug 2014 #268
I'm with you on this one, indeed. eom Purveyor Aug 2014 #29
me too. nt kelliekat44 Aug 2014 #31
I'm not so sure I can agree, nor can I trust those representing me that have proven AuntPatsy Aug 2014 #32
^^^This. Squinch Aug 2014 #308
Sure IRAQ WAR III humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #33
The ones with food and water are humanitarian, yes Gore1FL Aug 2014 #51
+1 LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #57
Missed it. Did he do something brave, like send food/medical aid to injured and dying in Gaza? whereisjustice Aug 2014 #34
No nothing so sensible humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #39
Do we should leave 840high Aug 2014 #45
False choice.... humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #53
Maybe you should get a grip. Cha Aug 2014 #171
You are so full of it. IronGate Aug 2014 #50
Have you been asleep for the last 50 years? humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #56
Because I trust President Obama. IronGate Aug 2014 #61
Post removed Post removed Aug 2014 #62
Such an intelligent answer. IronGate Aug 2014 #66
He gave his opinion already, you missed it: freshwest Aug 2014 #131
I did miss it. IronGate Aug 2014 #136
Schmuck HERVEPA Aug 2014 #87
I don't cwydro Aug 2014 #208
I agree with you, IronGate.n/t Duval Aug 2014 #237
Thanks. From the praise, sounded like he was pulling children from the rubble with his own hands whereisjustice Aug 2014 #59
He sent Kerry creeksneakers2 Aug 2014 #125
Yes, we sent $47 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza two weeks ago frazzled Aug 2014 #139
And we sent this, too: Hissyspit Aug 2014 #195
I agree. n/t zappaman Aug 2014 #35
Glad he is in charge Politicub Aug 2014 #37
Was he clear on what kind of bombs humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #46
I guess genocide doesn't bother you Politicub Aug 2014 #54
False Choice.... humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #60
So you're ok with the genocide of these people? nt. IronGate Aug 2014 #65
I'm not ok with Genocide of any people humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #69
The military isn't bombing anyone. IronGate Aug 2014 #76
! humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #88
You're leaving out a very important part of his speech. IronGate Aug 2014 #93
The part where he authorized the use of force humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #107
The only pile of garbage is what's in your posts. IronGate Aug 2014 #113
+1 SunSeeker Aug 2014 #149
But if we just asked ISIS nicely they would surely stop mythology Aug 2014 #165
So what's the answer? What's your answer? Amonester Aug 2014 #77
That is a false choice humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #94
That's not what I asked: I only asked for your idea of a solution. Amonester Aug 2014 #105
The Iraqi Air Force doesn't have the capability to air drop supplies to those trapped people, IronGate Aug 2014 #109
We have already dropped the supplies. The Iraq gov.& the people trapped asked for the help. Sunlei Aug 2014 #114
More Popcorn BKH70041 Aug 2014 #47
The Iraq government asked for help gwheezie Aug 2014 #48
Because they're incompetent and scared shitless LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #79
As do I -- gateley Aug 2014 #63
Indeed. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #64
It may be legitimate but... kentuck Aug 2014 #68
Seems like some people have paid attention humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #72
Yeah, kentuck, it is good to be wary of these things. BillZBubb Aug 2014 #84
Or....since tomorrow is Friday... kentuck Aug 2014 #103
You give the public too much credit LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #92
It never ends...we are in a permanent state of war. zeemike Aug 2014 #309
For the first time in my adult life, I support alcibiades_mystery Aug 2014 #70
Obvisoulsy you have missed humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #75
Really? What good people will die because of targeted air strikes against ISIS? nt. IronGate Aug 2014 #91
Really? humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #98
The air strikes would only commence if ISIS were showing signs of moving against those people IronGate Aug 2014 #104
And you think there will not be even one civilian casualty? Only ISIS fighters? Really? nt kelly1mm Aug 2014 #156
So we just let ISIS slaughter those people? nt. IronGate Aug 2014 #158
Not our problem IMO. nt kelly1mm Aug 2014 #160
So you wouldn't care if these people are slaughtered by this terrorist army? IronGate Aug 2014 #161
Nope, not our problem any more. They did not want a SOFA agreement and thus no more kelly1mm Aug 2014 #162
And the jury results are in... aikoaiko Aug 2014 #97
Yeah, you said that already LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #99
I'll sleep fine alcibiades_mystery Aug 2014 #123
Well, Hissyspit Aug 2014 #140
@BreakingNews: Iraqi official says hundreds of Yazidi women taken captive by Islamic State militants Hissyspit Aug 2014 #280
From good ol' STRATFOR leaked emails via Wikileaks: Hissyspit Aug 2014 #300
@wikileaks: US let ISIS grow: In 2010 Syria offered to partner with US to fight groups like ISIS but Hissyspit Aug 2014 #301
Again, Ma'am, The Entire Document Does Not Seem To Bear Out That Claim The Magistrate Aug 2014 #307
@wikileaks: Stratfor leak shows US created ISIS (ISI) leadership structure and thirst for revenge af Hissyspit Aug 2014 #304
Here Is The Whole Article, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #306
How the US helped arm ISIS: Hissyspit Aug 2014 #311
Not A Word Of That Article Validates Your Headline, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #312
only the bad guys die m-lekktor Aug 2014 #85
I do sincerely alcibiades_mystery Aug 2014 #124
agreed. K & R rollin74 Aug 2014 #74
I am always skeptical of this sort of thing and would like to see Maliki replaced, BillZBubb Aug 2014 #78
so do i. DesertFlower Aug 2014 #82
One might ask though Rapillion Aug 2014 #83
That, sadly, is an "inconvenient" question. nt. BillZBubb Aug 2014 #90
And "one might" think it's a stupid analogy. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #290
When did Hamas ask for our help? nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #341
They didn't Rapillion Aug 2014 #348
We never learn LittleBlue Aug 2014 #89
+ +++ Kick you hit the nail on the head..... N/T humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #96
Yeah. No bombs. ancianita Aug 2014 #108
Too bad the Neocon's actions have instilled such cynicism into the public dgauss Aug 2014 #102
It's not cynicism as much as it is willful ignorance LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #232
I wholeheartedly agree! Sissyk Aug 2014 #106
Thank you, Magistrate Hekate Aug 2014 #111
I was wondering what he was going to do betsuni Aug 2014 #112
K & R davidpdx Aug 2014 #115
I would be very suspicious of those who didn't. Drunken Irishman Aug 2014 #118
me too! TRAITORS!!!1 m-lekktor Aug 2014 #207
One might think we've been completely overrun by a bunch of self centered Libertarians, who sit.... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #292
I think something had to be done. davidthegnome Aug 2014 #119
I concur, as well. Old and In the Way Aug 2014 #120
I'm With You... As Long As It Is Limited... WillyT Aug 2014 #126
Let's see how it develops over the next few days. kentuck Aug 2014 #127
I Here Ya... I Want To Help Those Starving In The Mountains... WillyT Aug 2014 #129
How about we throw that Trillion $/year weight of our M/I complex into a massive humanitarian effort Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #133
I do think it was the proper decision, but... ReRe Aug 2014 #134
How do you know they are right and proper? I'm just asking because I Zorra Aug 2014 #137
questions bigtree Aug 2014 #141
They Do Not Seem Up To The Work, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #144
thanks for the answer, Magistrate bigtree Aug 2014 #154
Humanitarian aid is always good. Targeted air strikes is code for killing people. Of course rhett o rick Aug 2014 #142
I guess by US standards, this is fairly benign. Orsino Aug 2014 #272
If I may, "We're only going to be bombing a few [folks] this week." nm rhett o rick Aug 2014 #273
Vid of the President's statement, TM.. and the transcript.. thank you. Cha Aug 2014 #143
Thank You, Sir: Glad To Have That In The Thread The Magistrate Aug 2014 #146
You're welcome but you can call Ms. :) Cha Aug 2014 #148
An entire minority group gets completely shut out of representative government Ash_F Aug 2014 #254
by now it's obvious he's a Situationist performance artist MisterP Aug 2014 #147
Bullcrap. Cha Aug 2014 #150
You invalidated your whole post when you compared our President to Kimg Jong-il. nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #155
What a load! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #303
K&R SunSeeker Aug 2014 #151
That's nice whatchamacallit Aug 2014 #164
many here act like the U.S is so moral that it needs to intervene when.. politicman Aug 2014 #166
So we shouldn't try to prevent the genocide of these people by the terrorist army ISIS? IronGate Aug 2014 #169
do you think that airstrikes cannot escalate into troops on the ground?? politicman Aug 2014 #175
Got it, IronGate Aug 2014 #177
stop trying to put words in my mouth politicman Aug 2014 #179
And Would You Be Any Better A Person If You Let Her Die, Sir? The Magistrate Aug 2014 #180
try it this way instead... politicman Aug 2014 #181
You Set The Terms, Sir, And Cannot Complain Of The Result The Magistrate Aug 2014 #183
ill try to articulate my point better. politicman Aug 2014 #187
That Does Not Improve Your Case, Sir, Though It Does Clear Up A Point The Magistrate Aug 2014 #188
are you not capable of understand a simple argument. politicman Aug 2014 #189
You Cannot Make A Coherent Argument, Sir; That I Understand Clearly The Magistrate Aug 2014 #193
You have shown your true face, you care for everyone but the Palestinians. politicman Aug 2014 #196
Now That, Sir, Is Some Seriously Rum Fun To Read The Magistrate Aug 2014 #198
its pointlesss debating an israeli apologist politicman Aug 2014 #199
I Could Have Sworn You Just Said Good-Bye, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #200
when you do it so poorly... quaker bill Aug 2014 #201
Best To Stick To Words You Understand, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #172
heres some questions for you? politicman Aug 2014 #174
Had You Opened On The Line Of Your Second Attempt, Sir, Matters Would Have Gone Differently The Magistrate Aug 2014 #178
Thanks, I always learn from your posts.. freshwest Aug 2014 #176
Right on bahrbearian Aug 2014 #314
Or 'Left Off!' Sir, Depending Which Side Of The Mirror One Faces.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #315
Wrong again Missy bahrbearian Aug 2014 #317
Your Meaning Is Unclear, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #320
So many crises, so little time. Jamaal510 Aug 2014 #167
Am I the only one not liking the outcome minivan2 Aug 2014 #173
Yeah right.. the corporatemediawhore$ don't know the difference either.. Cha Aug 2014 #182
Yessir minivan2 Aug 2014 #184
really, minivan? I stopped in 2002.. and, I'm not a sir. :) Cha Aug 2014 #186
Pardon me, ma'am. ;) minivan2 Aug 2014 #191
So, I'm hearing.. via sites like these. I thought they were out of control in 2002.. and, Cha Aug 2014 #192
I do, as well. Major Hogwash Aug 2014 #185
Just listening to the president now, sir, and I totally agree Rhiannon12866 Aug 2014 #190
I agree with a caveat he should be arming the Kurds too azurnoir Aug 2014 #194
Brilliant OP Cali_Democrat Aug 2014 #197
I agree get the red out Aug 2014 #202
I suppose it is probably the right thing to do given the current realities. Unfortunately we do not Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #203
I Appreciate That, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #234
So do I. NutmegYankee Aug 2014 #205
Me too... sendero Aug 2014 #206
Et moi aussie, mes ami. riqster Aug 2014 #211
Agreed Gothmog Aug 2014 #212
yes it is, sir. mopinko Aug 2014 #214
I agree Hubert Flottz Aug 2014 #215
With great reluctance so do I. bklyncowgirl Aug 2014 #216
I Appreciate That, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #224
How are these airstrikes different than... justaddh2o Aug 2014 #217
If you are going to use a criminal justice metaphor, its more like police shooting a criminal who is stevenleser Aug 2014 #236
Okay, however justaddh2o Aug 2014 #269
It Is A Point Of Some Bemusement, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #286
Excellent point justaddh2o Aug 2014 #326
Because There Are Occasions, Sir, When Violence Is Both Appropriate And Necessary The Magistrate Aug 2014 #328
Choosing peace can lead to harm? justaddh2o Aug 2014 #344
Gandhi May Have Done So, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #345
What's the endgame? Akira Watts Aug 2014 #218
Make a lot of money for the war profiteers. JEB Aug 2014 #219
That, sir, is just cynical. nt Akira Watts Aug 2014 #223
It has taken me a good long while, but JEB Aug 2014 #318
Then enlist and go fight over there... Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #222
Nothing More Amusing Than Ritual Chants, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #225
Ok. Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #229
A Rote Noise, Sir, Without The Slightest Point Or Content The Magistrate Aug 2014 #231
So you are going to enlist and help in Iraq? n/t Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #267
When You Actually Have A Point, Sir, By All Means Try Make It The Magistrate Aug 2014 #270
I'll repeat... Are you going to Iraq to help? Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #271
Perhaps You Do Not Know What A Point Is, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #277
Really? 'Cuz I think there's nothing more amusing than self-righteous pomposity & condescension TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #233
Guess I Will Just Have To Bear Up Under It, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #235
You're Nothing but a Sycophant TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #334
Who gives a shit if his opinion means less than nothing to you? IronGate Aug 2014 #245
Yes, by all means, march to that drum! TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #332
Well, you're right about that. IronGate Aug 2014 #333
carry on, brave internet warrior TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #335
Brave internet warrior? IronGate Aug 2014 #337
Also, this is not President Obama trying to settle some petty personal score. Aristus Aug 2014 #230
Yes, I do too. potone Aug 2014 #238
They are all bad options now. I just dont want more troops sent at this point. stevenleser Aug 2014 #239
I Agree, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #240
What is amusing is the pathetic arguments of those criticizing you. As if they have a better option. stevenleser Aug 2014 #242
I Suppose One Could Ask, Sir, If Such Are Willing To Stand Themselves Among The Potential Victims The Magistrate Aug 2014 #243
Which option then? Akira Watts Aug 2014 #249
Which is exactly my point. A bad option among worse options stevenleser Aug 2014 #250
Carpet bombing would probably be most effective.... Historic NY Aug 2014 #299
The last good option was not to invade back in 1991. Dems to Win Aug 2014 #251
I disagree. 1991 had full support of the UN, international community and stevenleser Aug 2014 #253
True, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #255
We still made a bad decision in 1991. But it was the post-war, not pre-war, decision. ieoeja Aug 2014 #288
I strongly disagree. Saddam taking babies from incubators! Yeah, right..... Dems to Win Aug 2014 #256
Your focusing on the most ridiculous in a long line of reasons doesn't help your cause. stevenleser Aug 2014 #261
It Is Part Of The Service, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #282
How about Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran? In which the US supported the invader. Dems to Win Aug 2014 #298
What question do you think you are answering with this post? stevenleser Aug 2014 #313
How about Jimmy Carter's response to the USSRs invasion of Afghanistan Dems to Win Aug 2014 #319
Affirmed sir. nilesobek Aug 2014 #244
These adventures tend to start from a justifiable case and grow into shit. Often being shit from TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #246
That Can Happen, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #248
We are aiding affiliate factions inarguably, Sir. I believe the distinction is without much TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #331
Saying 'We Are Aiding Affiliate Factions', Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #342
The long path to selecting stupid and inept from root to leaf. TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #346
It's easy to support it when we aren't the ones dying. Iron Man Aug 2014 #257
Equally, Sir, Easy To Oppose It When You Are Not The One Designated For Massacre The Magistrate Aug 2014 #259
I was against bombing Iraq when Dubya did it and I'm against it now. Iron Man Aug 2014 #260
You Engaged In Ritual Chant, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #264
That's funny. Iron Man Aug 2014 #284
And What, Pray Tell, Sir, Do You Find So Interesting About It? The Magistrate Aug 2014 #285
Most of us knew regime change in 2003 would lead to exactly what we are seeing today. ieoeja Aug 2014 #291
+1 LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #283
I don't support it, this is just to protect corporate interests in Iraq. dilby Aug 2014 #258
can you give me some idea (links) Sheepshank Aug 2014 #265
That answer should be interesting, if one is forthcoming. nt stevenleser Aug 2014 #275
They don't need no stinkin' links, it's what RT told 'em. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #279
Pretty much anyone who has money invested in Iraq. dilby Aug 2014 #294
It has everything to do with helping the people of Iraq. Cha Aug 2014 #305
So, which CEOs are going to make a killing off our newest muder spree in Iraq??? blkmusclmachine Aug 2014 #281
I see so much so much dissonance in response to recent world happenings kjones Aug 2014 #287
I Appreciate Your Thoughtful Reply, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #289
And I appreciate your regular application of logic sir kjones Aug 2014 #293
War Is Not The Answer Tace Aug 2014 #295
Depends On The Question, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #297
Nope, not even remotely... truebrit71 Aug 2014 #310
And I am Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs MyNameGoesHere Aug 2014 #316
Obama says we must, "stay vigilant." Skip Intro Aug 2014 #321
They Did Not Come Out Of Nowhere, Though, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #322
Let's say they quickly grew to prominence, then. n/t Skip Intro Aug 2014 #323
There Are Few Real Overnight Sensations, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #324
Too bad they didn't make plans. n/t Skip Intro Aug 2014 #325
Thank goodness you do. It makes it right around here. n/t flvegan Aug 2014 #327
self-righteous, war mongering sycophantism is always in style! TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #336
I Suspect You Fell Into A Sarchasm There, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #347
I heard ISIS throws babies from incubators & just bought yellow cake from Niger TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #338
Again, The Ritual Chants Of The True Believer, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #339
It seems pretty clearly the right thing to do. Unvanguard Aug 2014 #350
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