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Fuck him. SergeStorms Feb 2021 #1
His statement is true, just not in the manner he meant it. uppityperson Feb 2021 #2
From my POV, his statement describes the GOP in a nutshell. yonder Feb 2021 #9
Yep moose65 Feb 2021 #15
It is a sad commentary that a sitting president can lie about the election, incite an insurrection, milestogo Feb 2021 #3
When he does start his campaign blueinredohio Feb 2021 #4
Wonder who wrote that? That's not trumps writing. flying_wahini Feb 2021 #5
Exactly what I just said to Hubby! 42bambi Feb 2021 #13
Same immediate thought electric_blue68 Feb 2021 #19
He's never said "denigrate" in his life. Who wrote this for him? Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2021 #6
I wonder who wrote that for him. nt Crunchy Frog Feb 2021 #7
Projection, as usual...nt Wounded Bear Feb 2021 #8
More lies spewing from UpInArms Feb 2021 #10
Wait until his salvo against McConnell comes out. roamer65 Feb 2021 #11
He is going to rally.. and he will take their money to pay his debts.. Peacetrain Feb 2021 #12
Nor does he have Twitter and Facebook to amplify his blathering. tblue37 Feb 2021 #18
fuck you don. spanone Feb 2021 #14
How long till he goes on fox? badhair77 Feb 2021 #16
FU Trump Celerity Feb 2021 #17
If he runs Democrats will have a good turn out. pwb Feb 2021 #20
I wonder if his appeal will last till 2024. He'll have some diehard supporters, Arkansas Granny Feb 2021 #21
I've believed this all along, that convicting him and barring him from running again, only suits the OnDoutside Feb 2021 #22
He can cause bdamomma Feb 2021 #23
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