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I'm sorry Feral Child Sep 2014 #1
So you're against cigarette age limits and restaurant health codes too? True Blue Door Sep 2014 #4
You are equating a candy bar to cigarette sales and restaurant health codes? former9thward Sep 2014 #8
Either it's legitimate to regulate business for public health reasons or not. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #13
No the nanny state implies unreasonable regulation. former9thward Sep 2014 #27
But you haven't argued that it's unreasonable. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #33
I did argue that it was unreasonable. former9thward Sep 2014 #45
That's a "gotcha" argument Feral Child Sep 2014 #20
Will I need ID to buy Cocoa Puffs? LittleBlue Sep 2014 #2
"Nanny state" is a thought-terminating cliche. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #5
I don't need an impressive argument LittleBlue Sep 2014 #11
But I'm not talking to "the majority of Americans," or Congress, or food lobbyists. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #14
How many different ways can I put this? LittleBlue Sep 2014 #63
"Nanny state" Boreal Sep 2014 #47
we all bear the costs of the obesity epidemic grasswire Sep 2014 #3
Getting rid of the corn subsidies that led to HFC would be a start. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #6
^This^ jen63 Sep 2014 #9
What I've read is that natural cane sugar induces fewer pancreatic problems True Blue Door Sep 2014 #16
The older I get the more I crave veggies. jen63 Sep 2014 #29
Yep, it does pretty horrible things to people. Like cigarettes, people will eventually realize that. Chathamization Sep 2014 #32
What if we installed little cameras and sensors on everyone? Oktober Sep 2014 #7
Is there a Rand Paul convention going on here that no one warned me about? True Blue Door Sep 2014 #17
It's amazing that everyone who disagrees with your nanny state idea... Oktober Sep 2014 #19
It would be questionable enough to use "nanny-state" rhetoric at all. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #34
Add fox news viewer to the list... Oktober Sep 2014 #50
I'm fine with banning marketing to children ... surrealAmerican Sep 2014 #10
1st paragraph pulled from your ass. 2nd paragraph is elitist tripe. 3rd paragraph is just wrong. Throd Sep 2014 #12
That's an amazing impression of a Tea Party tweet. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #18
Are you always this obnoxious to others Boreal Sep 2014 #48
If you think it sounds extreme, you should watch this documentary: Marr Sep 2014 #15
so we raise children with the idea that breaking the law is bad dembotoz Sep 2014 #21
Not reading the OP before commenting on it: Stupid, stupid, stupid. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #35
We don't need a nanny state badtoworse Sep 2014 #22
We don't need right-wing sockpuppet trolls flooding a Democratic website either. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #36
You're getting your ass handed to you in this thread badtoworse Sep 2014 #55
Classy. IronGate Sep 2014 #67
No. IronGate Sep 2014 #23
Our gov't *SUBSIDIZES* the production of HFCS through our Agriculture policy. Look deeper. nt Romulox Sep 2014 #24
The American diet turned a corner about 7 years ago, without any such regulations. KurtNYC Sep 2014 #25
And a healthy, kickass First Family no doubt has an influence, too! randome Sep 2014 #30
The article's behind a paywall. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #39
it wasn't paywall yesterday but I see it is now KurtNYC Sep 2014 #54
I'd be fine with banning the advertising. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #26
Why would it be going too far? True Blue Door Sep 2014 #38
Because 'high sugar foods' covers a hell of a lot of territory, and is 'fudgeable'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #70
Let's just rip out people's taste buds at birth. WinkyDink Sep 2014 #28
If parents were in the habit of giving kids jen63 Sep 2014 #31
Let's just legalize selling crystal meth to 5-year-olds. Since we don't want a Nanny State. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #37
Now that is one dumbass reply. IronGate Sep 2014 #68
A diabetic child might need that candy bar in an emergency. DebJ Sep 2014 #40
LOL. They might also need a cigarette in an emergency. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #42
Do you have children? I raised two children by myself for twenty years. DebJ Sep 2014 #43
Then by implication you think people whose kids do develop "substance" problems are negligent scum. True Blue Door Sep 2014 #44
You're usiang strawmans Boreal Sep 2014 #49
I'm a Type 1 diabetic who has had about 8 seizures from hypoglycemia LittleBlue Sep 2014 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author DebJ Sep 2014 #41
I say ban advertising not sales. alp227 Sep 2014 #46
It would be more effective to ban high-fructose corn syrup in all foods. Ken Burch Sep 2014 #51
Banning an addictive substance jambo101 Sep 2014 #52
While we are at it.. sendero Sep 2014 #56
I dont like the idea but jambo101 Sep 2014 #59
Anybody... sendero Sep 2014 #60
No. This is ridiculous. RedCappedBandit Sep 2014 #53
Maybe. LWolf Sep 2014 #57
I say yes only because bigwillq Sep 2014 #58
!!! linuxman Sep 2014 #61
Didn't you mean save me from Bloomberg? badtoworse Sep 2014 #62
. linuxman Sep 2014 #64
No. The punishment wouldn't fit the crime. ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #66
Interesting. Savannahmann Sep 2014 #69
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