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Sun Oct 12, 2014, 07:09 PM Oct 2014

Hillary: how inevitable? [View all]

39 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
As inevitable as last time.
24 (62%)
Even more inevitable than last time.
10 (26%)
Other (please explain)
5 (13%)
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Hillary: how inevitable? [View all] MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 OP
K&R 99Forever Oct 2014 #1
I would say more inevitable than last time, but... JaneyVee Oct 2014 #2
The only chance she has of not running customerserviceguy Oct 2014 #74
Who is going to run against her? No one is on the horizon right now. randome Oct 2014 #3
"as of right now, she is inevitable." MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #4
Do you have a candidate who can beat Hillary, bring them on. Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #7
Yes, Hillary beats Hillary. That's what scares me about her. InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2014 #10
Just rest your weary heart, Hillary has it covered. Don't be afraid. Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #18
Warren could...and even beat Jeb moonbeam23 Oct 2014 #54
Astrology aside. (Not a believer.) JDPriestly Oct 2014 #58
If Warren is going to beat Hillary or Jeb she is going to need to launch with a rocket launcher in Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #67
Every hour of every day is a potential change in the future. randome Oct 2014 #14
Yes and the oligarchs are jumping for joy. Goldman-Sachs are beside themselves. rhett o rick Oct 2014 #9
Geeze, will you get off your crying horse? randome Oct 2014 #12
I won't get off my horse and I will cry as loud as I can. "We don't need another Wall Street rhett o rick Oct 2014 #15
Agreed. I wish we had more vibrant candidates to choose from. randome Oct 2014 #16
I agree. I don't mean to aim my frustration at you. Looks like we can't stop rhett o rick Oct 2014 #19
I would love to see Warren as president, she well might be the radical change this country needs. RKP5637 Oct 2014 #79
She will have an uphill battle. All the big money will be behind H. Clinton. nm rhett o rick Oct 2014 #84
Yep, Wall Street has supported Warren Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #20
Are you trying to say that Sen Warren is as beholden to Wall Street as the Clintons? rhett o rick Oct 2014 #29
She has accepted campaign donations from corporations, she has already said she has, don't Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #36
She's not been a good "investment" if you REALLY think she's beholden to them... cascadiance Oct 2014 #45
But HRC has accepted money for her personal bank account from Wall Street. There is a difference. rhett o rick Oct 2014 #51
HRC record does nit agree with you, yes HRC is in demand for speaking engagements and yes she Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #81
I've seen and commented on that list. Most of it is pure rhetoric and some is pure rhett o rick Oct 2014 #82
I guess you call votes in Congress nonsense and rhetoric, then proof may not be enough. Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #94
While campaigning in 2007 she told the unions that she was "Outraged at CEO compensation." rhett o rick Oct 2014 #104
Are you willing to have a candidate run on their record or with things said today? Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #111
What? You want to dismiss what she says she stands for today? She stands with the banksters. rhett o rick Oct 2014 #112
Are you having a hard time admitting HRC has the best record, has the experience and is qualifird Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #117
There is a huge difference between voting record and campaign rhetoric. When you posted the list rhett o rick Oct 2014 #121
Hillary on the issues has the voting record and statements she has made, prove them wrong. Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #122
Tap dance all you want, HRC does not represent the 99%. Why you want so very hard rhett o rick Oct 2014 #154
I have not been tap dancing, I have provided you proof but still waiting for you to provide your Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #155
Warren and Hillary: two peas in a pod. MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #73
I think she will flat out win. hrmjustin Oct 2014 #5
If HRC is inevitable, why would a primary be a good thing? Maybe make Democrats think they actually rhett o rick Oct 2014 #11
And your opinion is shared by a good number in our party and a primary is a good hrmjustin Oct 2014 #17
Don't misunderstand me. I want a lively primary. I wan't Sen Sanders to explain to the country that rhett o rick Oct 2014 #22
And if he or Warren I think we as a party will be better served. hrmjustin Oct 2014 #23
I agree that that would make it lively. nm rhett o rick Oct 2014 #30
They say "a primary is good because it will provoke discussion", or similar. I don't know. NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #156
Nothing In Politics Is Inevitable cantbeserious Oct 2014 #6
The first inevitable was a beta. This one is for realz: Inevitable 2.0 LawDeeDah Oct 2014 #8
Just as inevitable as last time. SheilaT Oct 2014 #13
Where is your candidate who can beat her? Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #25
If she runs, she will win the nomination this time. onehandle Oct 2014 #21
Sounds JUST like the conditions BEFORE Obama announced then! cascadiance Oct 2014 #28
I see a lot of words there, but no names. onehandle Oct 2014 #38
The question isn't if she's inevitable.. But WHY should ANYONE be "inevitable" at this point? cascadiance Oct 2014 #41
Among my several fears about her, is that if SheilaT Oct 2014 #66
Do you think they hate her more than a black President? onehandle Oct 2014 #72
They hate her every bit as much. SheilaT Oct 2014 #83
Double-plus inevitable. GeorgeGist Oct 2014 #24
++ Fumesucker Oct 2014 #98
Shame, shame! Manny, you shouldn't be distracting us from 2014 election now! cascadiance Oct 2014 #26
This post will look foolish if she does win... DontTreadOnMe Oct 2014 #27
It looks pretty silly now. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #35
Only for Hillary fans. Nt Logical Oct 2014 #85
only for everyone. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #86
Hillary managed to lose a 20 point lead in 2008, I am confident.... Logical Oct 2014 #89
which would still put her substantially ahead of her closest challenger. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #90
LOL, like in 2008? nt Logical Oct 2014 #91
LOL, no, like in 2016 wyldwolf Oct 2014 #92
Explain 2008 please! Nt Logical Oct 2014 #93
No! wyldwolf Oct 2014 #95
Keep dreaming! Nt Logical Oct 2014 #96
dreaming about what? wyldwolf Oct 2014 #97
Make believe is FUN! nt Logical Oct 2014 #103
your name is quite ironic. LOL. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #105
We will see in about a year who looks really clueless! nt Logical Oct 2014 #106
yes! we! will! wyldwolf Oct 2014 #107
Think she doesn't remember ... think she'll ignore the caucus states? JoePhilly Oct 2014 #128
that will be the big difference questionseverything Oct 2014 #133
Its unlikely anyone is going to sneak up on her this time around. JoePhilly Oct 2014 #135
sadly u r probably questionseverything Oct 2014 #136
Folks should have spent more time trying to create alternative candidates. JoePhilly Oct 2014 #138
LOL, you people crack me up. nt Logical Oct 2014 #139
yes, I did hear she is way ahead of the poles. LawDeeDah Oct 2014 #60
By any reasonable measure she is in a posiition that she is immensely likely to win dsc Oct 2014 #31
The question coming up then sadoldgirl Oct 2014 #32
Why do you think she loses to Jeb? wyldwolf Oct 2014 #37
Probably the same reasons you think that Warren would lose to him... cascadiance Oct 2014 #39
There are polls showing Clinton stomps Jeb wyldwolf Oct 2014 #40
Just the person that the corporate media running those polls want to push! cascadiance Oct 2014 #42
oh, you subscribe to the Mitt Romney school of polling wyldwolf Oct 2014 #50
So... You think that I follow a belief of Romney that Warren might stomp Jeb Bush?... cascadiance Oct 2014 #61
you just professed a belief polls are rigged. Mitt Romney, 2012. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #62
So... You think that I believe that a "liberal media" has the polls rigged against corporatists? cascadiance Oct 2014 #64
"corporate media running those polls want to push!" - You believe the polls are rigged. Romney, 2012 wyldwolf Oct 2014 #65
So... Are you saying that Romney believes that the *CORPORATE MEDIA* had the polls rigged? cascadiance Oct 2014 #68
Romney and his ilk claimed the 2012 polls were rigged against him. You're denying that happened?? wyldwolf Oct 2014 #69
How does that have ANYTHING to do with what I said!? cascadiance Oct 2014 #70
You said the media is pushing one person in particular. That they're rigging the polls. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #71
If they know that real UNRIGGED polls support THEIR candidates (Clinton)... cascadiance Oct 2014 #76
Simple. The polls are not rigged. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #77
So, just NOT having a poll on a someone is "rigging that poll".... cascadiance Oct 2014 #123
evidence "the process is rigged"? wyldwolf Oct 2014 #124
I've always stated that it is my BELIEF that it is rigged... cascadiance Oct 2014 #125
and that belief isn't based on evidence? wyldwolf Oct 2014 #132
It's believed on by the FACT that most of our media is owned by a handful of corporations! cascadiance Oct 2014 #141
which doesn't prove polls are being rigged! wyldwolf Oct 2014 #143
I DID NOT SAY THE POLLS WERE RIGGED! cascadiance Oct 2014 #145
YES YOU DID! lol! wyldwolf Oct 2014 #146
I guess wyldwolf doesn't understand what constitutes poll rigging! GOT IT! cascadiance Oct 2014 #147
Just referring to your words. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #148
I am too... cascadiance Oct 2014 #149
then we agree. You think the polls are rigged for Hillary - the same way Romney whined about polls wyldwolf Oct 2014 #150
That's it.. Your continued CRAP that you spew about me just earned you an ignore! cascadiance Oct 2014 #151
I'm only repeating your crap back to you. wyldwolf Oct 2014 #152
Next time, practice debate with these guys as a warm up MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #80
Don't get me wrong sadoldgirl Oct 2014 #46
Perhaps if Jeb offers to double any tax cuts on the 1% Hillary end up proposing? closeupready Oct 2014 #115
if Jupiter gets smacked with a comet the left will be blamed MisterP Oct 2014 #56
Another stupid poll Andy823 Oct 2014 #33
IMO, the outcome of the Senate elections will be a major factor in who runs and who doesn't. CK_John Oct 2014 #34
I want a ticket to the coronation ball RobertEarl Oct 2014 #43
These push polls are puerile./NT DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2014 #44
I voted other. leeroysphitz Oct 2014 #47
Once again: only the anti-Hillary people are using the word "inevitable" brooklynite Oct 2014 #48
Eau Gawd!! LuvLoogie Oct 2014 #49
Then the NSA . orpupilofnature57 Oct 2014 #53
Defeat Anyone that can't prove they've put our interest ahead of their own, and orpupilofnature57 Oct 2014 #52
Less inevitable if Elizabeth Warren runs Hippo_Tron Oct 2014 #55
"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, gang aft agley." Robert Burns Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2014 #57
As inevitable AnalystInParadise Oct 2014 #59
The New Democratic Party and 3rd way believe she is Republican enough to win and smart enough whereisjustice Oct 2014 #63
Other: I really don't know. NaturalHigh Oct 2014 #75
voted other..... mojowork_n Oct 2014 #78
obviously she is the front runner, of course. A progressive candidate could put up a very serious Douglas Carpenter Oct 2014 #87
As inevitable as last time. baldguy Oct 2014 #88
She'll run in the primaries, but hopefully Democrats will choose a more suitable candidate. chrisa Oct 2014 #99
I have no idea. Xyzse Oct 2014 #100
+10000000 JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #101
About as inevitable as one of these threads.. Peacetrain Oct 2014 #102
I think she could be beaten by just about anyone, to be honest. Marr Oct 2014 #108
I used to do this on tea leaves Progressive dog Oct 2014 #109
Goldman Saks made a $400k bet on her chances. Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2014 #110
I live in Iowa... CoffeeCat Oct 2014 #113
Everyone seems to forget that SHE CAN NOT WIN IOWA. ieoeja Oct 2014 #140
I find it so hilarious that DU who now hate Obama and Raffi Ella Oct 2014 #114
They'll be complaining about President Hillary Clinton for 8 years. JoePhilly Oct 2014 #129
The DU hates Obama? Please provide proof of this silly statement. nt Logical Oct 2014 #144
It's inevitable that she will run AgingAmerican Oct 2014 #116
If Dems run Hillary, woo me with science Oct 2014 #118
+1 R.Quinn Oct 2014 #119
Is Biden going to run? Jamastiene Oct 2014 #120
I hope not. bigwillq Oct 2014 #142
"Manny": how repetitive? n/t Jeff Rosenzweig Oct 2014 #126
Well, in fairness, blog-posting the same point is a lot easier than actually finding a candidate... brooklynite Oct 2014 #137
Uh..... What? HRC's nomination is a done deal. Period. WinkyDink Oct 2014 #127
There is a 100% chance she will lose in November. tridim Oct 2014 #130
Clinton, 2-1; Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., 6-1; former Flordia Governor Jeb Bush, 9-1 LanternWaste Oct 2014 #131
Seattle Seahawks, 66/1 frylock Oct 2014 #134
Relentless, yes. Inevitable? About as much as last time. n/t Smarmie Doofus Oct 2014 #153
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