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105. it's disengenious to argue that people are arguing all muslims are violent
Fri Oct 17, 2014, 02:54 PM
Oct 2014

the problem was summed up well in another thread. The underlying tenents support violence which is why so many of the community are extremist, support extremism, condone extremism, and don't outright condemn it and ostracize it in every form. The fact so many young muslims are willing to become jihadi's, after growing up in a western country, further suggests that something underlying is driving the situation.

he's over-rated belzabubba333 Oct 2014 #1
Just another loud mouth that thinks littlemissmartypants Oct 2014 #5
that is my assessment of him as well belzabubba333 Oct 2014 #6
He's also a sexist pig wryter2000 Oct 2014 #8
Agreed. The only time I paid attention to his show was littlemissmartypants Oct 2014 #12
I don't disagree with any of that-- but he never said all Muslims were violent. Marr Oct 2014 #9
Please do not inject facts into a strawman bashing thread. (nt) Shemp Howard Oct 2014 #15
Yes, he is. bigwillq Oct 2014 #13
The "All Muslims are the same" slogan needs to return to the far-right from whence it emerged. pampango Oct 2014 #2
We have several Muslim families on out block. leftyladyfrommo Oct 2014 #3
Maybe the Christian haters could crib a few notes from this Dreamer Tatum Oct 2014 #4
remind me which muslims in this country are trying to eliminate women's rights, for example? niyad Oct 2014 #46
Thank You. n/t whathehell Oct 2014 #92
that which predisposes some to drowning in logical fallacies stupidicus Oct 2014 #7
it was also seen in the runup to war: "we're civilizing these poor brutes!" instead of "Jayzus toold MisterP Oct 2014 #51
so true stupidicus Oct 2014 #116
I fear our own homegrown religious nuts more madokie Oct 2014 #10
I've met idiots who are pissed that Constantinople is now called Istanbul... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #21
It's really nobody's business but the Turks. SwankyXomb Oct 2014 #23
Just saying, there are people who believe you convert or die. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #25
;) Pendrench Oct 2014 #26
At least someone got the joke. SwankyXomb Oct 2014 #32
I guess ya had to be there. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #101
Smithsonian Channel had a three-part series on the history of Islam and its dealings with the west, Blue_In_AK Oct 2014 #70
I have been saying this for ages--our own religious nutbars worry me far more--I have to deal with niyad Oct 2014 #47
Six if you count Obama! Schema Thing Oct 2014 #11
BWAH! bigwillq Oct 2014 #14
OMG, DUzy! AwakeAtLast Oct 2014 #16
Clay from Louisville coldbeer Oct 2014 #17
Muhammed Ali got out of Vienam because it's against his religion to kill. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #18
apparently it is not samsingh Oct 2014 #68
It's against Christianity too. Despite the abortion bombings. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #100
those are criminal acts that should be punished harshly samsingh Oct 2014 #102
Same mentality.... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #103
same mentality yes, but how do you explain the violence in the arab/islamic world? samsingh Oct 2014 #106
Remember Ireland? Two branches of Christianity locked in a long standing conflict.... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #107
Bill Maher has some issues. Rex Oct 2014 #19
Bill is an intellectual comedian, brilliant in most areas, with this big blind spot about Islam.... Fred Sanders Oct 2014 #20
I watched him on ABC, before he was cancelled. I think it was ABC. Rex Oct 2014 #22
i don't think he is an intellectual, i think he reads headlines but not much JI7 Oct 2014 #35
I am open to persuasion on the intellectual claim I made, for sure having never met the man. Fred Sanders Oct 2014 #41
I agree with your comment that this is not a new debate ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #24
People are NOT their religion. Leaders, OTOH, use religion to serve their purposes. nt valerief Oct 2014 #27
People are NOT their religion. AlbertCat Oct 2014 #110
Ha, are we in Venn Diagram territory now? People are born into valerief Oct 2014 #111
All that is interesting.... but.... AlbertCat Oct 2014 #112
Which is irrelevant, so ciao forever! valerief Oct 2014 #114
so ciao forever! AlbertCat Oct 2014 #115
I've noticed quite a few generalizations like that on DU. As a newish member, it always surprises me C Moon Oct 2014 #28
Great post marym625 Oct 2014 #29
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true,............and by the rulers as useful"- ErikJ Oct 2014 #30
The failure of punditry is to spend time on extremists and not the people fighting them. freshwest Oct 2014 #31
Thank for the very thought provoking response Turborama Oct 2014 #34
I'd been planning on doing one on media, perhaps I'll add this in. Thanks for the comment. freshwest Oct 2014 #45
You are so right. Blue_In_AK Oct 2014 #72
Worth noting that Maher absolutely did not say that all Muslims are violent. Donald Ian Rankin Oct 2014 #33
+1 Marr Oct 2014 #37
Actually, you 2 ignoring the wider point of the post and calling it a lie looks like classic... Turborama Oct 2014 #38
I'm sorry, but you aren't being honest. Marr Oct 2014 #49
You're in denial Turborama Oct 2014 #56
Maher made his point pretty flatly. Marr Oct 2014 #57
As I said, you're clearly in denial. n/t Turborama Oct 2014 #60
You can't defend your post so you're tossing out insults. Marr Oct 2014 #61
Saying someone is in denial is not an insult, it's an observation. Turborama Oct 2014 #67
You are Refusing to change your mind when confronted by facts LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #64
That is not implying that all muslims are violent LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #63
The "Point" was a hit on Bill Maher LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #53
The article does not say Bill Maher said all Muslims are violent, the title suggests sharing a tweet Turborama Oct 2014 #54
The ARTICLE is titled "The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent.." LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #58
See my post above in reply to Marr. n/t Turborama Oct 2014 #59
Yes it is. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #39
No, but... druidity33 Oct 2014 #42
If you're interested beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #44
Have you ever seen real time? LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #52
Mostly druidity33 Oct 2014 #84
I do not think that is logical. Donald Ian Rankin Oct 2014 #77
+1. I had the same argument with a facebook acquaintance. urgk Oct 2014 #96
Actually, they do exist. Listen again to what he says in the contretemps with Afflick Turborama Oct 2014 #97
Surely, there's a cite-able example? urgk Oct 2014 #118
Brilliant. LawDeeDah Oct 2014 #36
I guess I'm safe to post videos of myself... LostInAnomie Oct 2014 #40
I always thought that PatrickforO Oct 2014 #43
We should treat others as INDIVIDUALS. Stevepol Oct 2014 #48
Young white men are prone to be mass shooters IronLionZion Oct 2014 #50
I love it. Great response. liberal_at_heart Oct 2014 #55
Maher isn't that dumb. moondust Oct 2014 #62
Bravo! beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #65
Christian fundies and holy books. Lefergus70 Oct 2014 #80
Maher: "Because they’re violent. Because they threaten us. And they are threatening." Turborama Oct 2014 #66
"The Muslim world has too much in common with Isis’ Maher Whoa! "But Cha Oct 2014 #71
And he was talking about the people who were making DEATH THREATS at SOUTH PARK for mocking Mohammad LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #78
That is a very good point. Blue_In_AK Oct 2014 #69
Your blatant misrepresentation of Maher's words doesn't help Islam's victims. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #73
See post 66, he has specifically said Muslims are violent. Turborama Oct 2014 #74
Where did he say ALL muslims are violent? beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #75
And now we have classic projection. You have been the one doing the nasty personal attacks... Turborama Oct 2014 #76
What criticism of Islam is acceptable to you? beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #79
For the sake of accuracy, your poll numbers are badly skewed. ieoeja Oct 2014 #98
You are probably correct in your wager LostOne4Ever Oct 2014 #99
Here's what Islamophobia is... Violet_Crumble Oct 2014 #81
I know what it is, thanks. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #82
Well, I've got a big problem with anti-Muslim bigots... Violet_Crumble Oct 2014 #83
So do I. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #85
I think you and I are pretty much on the same page.. Violet_Crumble Oct 2014 #86
No, haven't had that pleasure, ugh, sorry you had to hear that. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #88
The I/P forum? Violet_Crumble Oct 2014 #89
The Israel/Palestine group on DU2, I was dating myself. beam me up scottie Oct 2014 #91
Exactly LeftishBrit Oct 2014 #109
6 if you include Obama. JaneyVee Oct 2014 #87
too funny nt. FreeJoe Oct 2014 #113
sorry santroy79 Oct 2014 #90
Schrub lead a "Christian" ctsnowman Oct 2014 #93
Rec # 100 Douglas Carpenter Oct 2014 #94
Juan Cole has written a very detailed answer with a nice chart, and he mentions Maher... Triana Oct 2014 #95
how are these heroes treated within the muslim community? samsingh Oct 2014 #104
it's disengenious to argue that people are arguing all muslims are violent samsingh Oct 2014 #105
k&r LeftishBrit Oct 2014 #108
Bill Maher never said "all Muslims" anything. Gore1FL Oct 2014 #117
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