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Rec. truebluegreen Oct 2014 #1
Bringing the oil and gas out of the ground is becoming more and more expensive. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #15
What if there was a movement to take subsidies given for Cleita Oct 2014 #2
This is what is needed. A major movement. It needs to be serious, more than petitions. Maineman Oct 2014 #72
There will never be a replacement for the fossil fuel consumption rate today. L0oniX Oct 2014 #3
Maybe not in this country packman Oct 2014 #4
The production of solar cells is highly toxic. Taking a step back is no where close to achieving... L0oniX Oct 2014 #7
More toxic than fracking? Nuclear waste? Coal tailings? immoderate Oct 2014 #10
It's not a matter of how toxic it is. Manufacturing a lot of tech things is a toxic process. L0oniX Oct 2014 #37
Why is it not possible to use solar energy to manufacture solar cells? immoderate Oct 2014 #47
So, if it can't be completed in YOUR lifetime ... staggerleem Oct 2014 #20
Welcome to DU. antiquie Oct 2014 #22
My life time has nothing to do with it. L0oniX Oct 2014 #31
Thank goodness someone agrees with the fossil fuel industries ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #59
Thanks for your intelligent rational input. L0oniX Oct 2014 #68
And thank you, too ... staggerleem Oct 2014 #79
And, considering fossil fuels, including conventional crude oil, are finite resources... ChisolmTrailDem Oct 2014 #5
Can't say I am shocked by the lack of rational thinking about it. Coal will out last oil. L0oniX Oct 2014 #28
That's really more encouraging than you think. immoderate Oct 2014 #49
IOW: We're doomed! immoderate Oct 2014 #6
Mocking reality is also doomed. L0oniX Oct 2014 #8
Having a hard time understanding your position/comments packman Oct 2014 #9
You could start with basic physics. You can't get something from nothing... L0oniX Oct 2014 #39
I could be wrong.... daleanime Oct 2014 #23
Okay, I'll play. Why not? And you can't say cost. We always have money for endless war. nt valerief Oct 2014 #12
You can't buy your way out of this. L0oniX Oct 2014 #33
Off to Ignore for you! valerief Oct 2014 #46
Oh boy ...I'm on ignore. LMFAO L0oniX Oct 2014 #51
I take it you do not live in Southern California. We WILL replace fossil fuels with solar. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #14
Hwy 101 is what 10 lanes? Imagine all those cars and trucks using solar power. Can you? I can't. L0oniX Oct 2014 #34
It's a matter of developing the technology. And we can do it. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #36
I've seen the solar car college projects and contests. I don't hold out any hope that they... L0oniX Oct 2014 #38
We don't grow much food for cattle or even hogs in Southern California. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #45
We can use solar energy to create hydrogen to power fuel cells. immoderate Oct 2014 #50
Precisely. The solar cars run on electricity that is from the solar panels. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #56
You seem to be totally ignorant of plug-in electric cars... Thor_MN Oct 2014 #61
Thanks for your rational explanation as to how we can replace the expanding usage of oil with solar. L0oniX Oct 2014 #66
How will you expand the use of oil, when it runs out? immoderate Oct 2014 #74
Huh? You have nothing... Thor_MN Oct 2014 #75
exactly bmac19gg Oct 2014 #54
You mean electric cars using batteries? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #76
It's also not possible to continue dumping CO2 pscot Oct 2014 #21
You think people will stop using cars? Not a chance. China is accelerating car use as well. L0oniX Oct 2014 #30
It won't be our call pscot Oct 2014 #44
Jacobson et. al. has a plan and would disagree Agony Oct 2014 #26
Ah ...so he has figured out how to stop people from using cars. Good for him. L0oniX Oct 2014 #29
no he uses the EIA International Energy Outlook to calculate how to replace fossil fuels with WWS Agony Oct 2014 #40
Now on to forcing people away from their car addictions. Good luck. L0oniX Oct 2014 #41
the stinking putrid air over Beijing is forcing people to analyze their addictions Agony Oct 2014 #42
...despite all the bicycle use too. It's not all from cars for sure. You'd think that... L0oniX Oct 2014 #43
Much as the social fabric dramatically changed during the market changes from horse to combustion en LanternWaste Oct 2014 #67
Wrong. Solar/electric vehicles are already cheaper! grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #53
says the extraction industry ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #58
Your snark is touching. Got nothing else huh. Figures. L0oniX Oct 2014 #65
Also, the COST OF WAR is another subsidy of oil. nt valerief Oct 2014 #11
yep - my guess is we won't have to go to war rurallib Oct 2014 #24
K&R. We have so much sun. Why aren't we using it? JDPriestly Oct 2014 #13
Next we will invade the Middle East to steal their sun. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #16
+1 Auggie Oct 2014 #17
K&R DeSwiss Oct 2014 #18
It's a bit cheaper here in Connecticut NewJeffCT Oct 2014 #19
Fucking Reagan... If he hadn't stopped Carter's move towards solar SomethingFishy Oct 2014 #25
I agree but that would only have prolonged the inevitable and that was before China got on board. L0oniX Oct 2014 #32
says the extraction industry ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #57
can you provide a link to the source? DeadEyeDyck Oct 2014 #27
With some googling, I think it sources back to treehugger.com originally Electric Monk Oct 2014 #35
Thanks for the reference packman Oct 2014 #71
thanks nt DeadEyeDyck Oct 2014 #78
k&r... spanone Oct 2014 #48
Oil is dead. Long live the sun! grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #52
The world economy is still based on fossil fuels. Jenoch Oct 2014 #55
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Oct 2014 #60
fyi--The Koch Attack on Solar Energy RiverLover Oct 2014 #62
per unit of energy produced, renewables get 25x subsidies ctaylors6 Oct 2014 #63
Germany is opening 10.7 Gigawatts of new coal plants Progressive dog Oct 2014 #64
i installed solar at the begining of september rdking647 Oct 2014 #69
kicl samsingh Oct 2014 #70
Ain't goin' nowhere if the Carlyle Group doesn't make a profit from it. WinkyDink Oct 2014 #73
90 billion not enough? maced666 Oct 2014 #77
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