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67. Much as the social fabric dramatically changed during the market changes from horse to combustion en
Tue Oct 28, 2014, 10:32 AM
Oct 2014

"You'd have to rearrange cities and work places so people could get to and from work without cars..."

Much as the social fabric dramatically changed during the market changes from horse to combustion engine.

Rec. truebluegreen Oct 2014 #1
Bringing the oil and gas out of the ground is becoming more and more expensive. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #15
What if there was a movement to take subsidies given for Cleita Oct 2014 #2
This is what is needed. A major movement. It needs to be serious, more than petitions. Maineman Oct 2014 #72
There will never be a replacement for the fossil fuel consumption rate today. L0oniX Oct 2014 #3
Maybe not in this country packman Oct 2014 #4
The production of solar cells is highly toxic. Taking a step back is no where close to achieving... L0oniX Oct 2014 #7
More toxic than fracking? Nuclear waste? Coal tailings? immoderate Oct 2014 #10
It's not a matter of how toxic it is. Manufacturing a lot of tech things is a toxic process. L0oniX Oct 2014 #37
Why is it not possible to use solar energy to manufacture solar cells? immoderate Oct 2014 #47
So, if it can't be completed in YOUR lifetime ... staggerleem Oct 2014 #20
Welcome to DU. antiquie Oct 2014 #22
My life time has nothing to do with it. L0oniX Oct 2014 #31
Thank goodness someone agrees with the fossil fuel industries ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #59
Thanks for your intelligent rational input. L0oniX Oct 2014 #68
And thank you, too ... staggerleem Oct 2014 #79
And, considering fossil fuels, including conventional crude oil, are finite resources... ChisolmTrailDem Oct 2014 #5
Can't say I am shocked by the lack of rational thinking about it. Coal will out last oil. L0oniX Oct 2014 #28
That's really more encouraging than you think. immoderate Oct 2014 #49
IOW: We're doomed! immoderate Oct 2014 #6
Mocking reality is also doomed. L0oniX Oct 2014 #8
Having a hard time understanding your position/comments packman Oct 2014 #9
You could start with basic physics. You can't get something from nothing... L0oniX Oct 2014 #39
I could be wrong.... daleanime Oct 2014 #23
Okay, I'll play. Why not? And you can't say cost. We always have money for endless war. nt valerief Oct 2014 #12
You can't buy your way out of this. L0oniX Oct 2014 #33
Off to Ignore for you! valerief Oct 2014 #46
Oh boy ...I'm on ignore. LMFAO L0oniX Oct 2014 #51
I take it you do not live in Southern California. We WILL replace fossil fuels with solar. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #14
Hwy 101 is what 10 lanes? Imagine all those cars and trucks using solar power. Can you? I can't. L0oniX Oct 2014 #34
It's a matter of developing the technology. And we can do it. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #36
I've seen the solar car college projects and contests. I don't hold out any hope that they... L0oniX Oct 2014 #38
We don't grow much food for cattle or even hogs in Southern California. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #45
We can use solar energy to create hydrogen to power fuel cells. immoderate Oct 2014 #50
Precisely. The solar cars run on electricity that is from the solar panels. JDPriestly Oct 2014 #56
You seem to be totally ignorant of plug-in electric cars... Thor_MN Oct 2014 #61
Thanks for your rational explanation as to how we can replace the expanding usage of oil with solar. L0oniX Oct 2014 #66
How will you expand the use of oil, when it runs out? immoderate Oct 2014 #74
Huh? You have nothing... Thor_MN Oct 2014 #75
exactly bmac19gg Oct 2014 #54
You mean electric cars using batteries? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #76
It's also not possible to continue dumping CO2 pscot Oct 2014 #21
You think people will stop using cars? Not a chance. China is accelerating car use as well. L0oniX Oct 2014 #30
It won't be our call pscot Oct 2014 #44
Jacobson et. al. has a plan and would disagree Agony Oct 2014 #26
Ah ...so he has figured out how to stop people from using cars. Good for him. L0oniX Oct 2014 #29
no he uses the EIA International Energy Outlook to calculate how to replace fossil fuels with WWS Agony Oct 2014 #40
Now on to forcing people away from their car addictions. Good luck. L0oniX Oct 2014 #41
the stinking putrid air over Beijing is forcing people to analyze their addictions Agony Oct 2014 #42
...despite all the bicycle use too. It's not all from cars for sure. You'd think that... L0oniX Oct 2014 #43
Much as the social fabric dramatically changed during the market changes from horse to combustion en LanternWaste Oct 2014 #67
Wrong. Solar/electric vehicles are already cheaper! grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #53
says the extraction industry ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #58
Your snark is touching. Got nothing else huh. Figures. L0oniX Oct 2014 #65
Also, the COST OF WAR is another subsidy of oil. nt valerief Oct 2014 #11
yep - my guess is we won't have to go to war rurallib Oct 2014 #24
K&R. We have so much sun. Why aren't we using it? JDPriestly Oct 2014 #13
Next we will invade the Middle East to steal their sun. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #16
+1 Auggie Oct 2014 #17
K&R DeSwiss Oct 2014 #18
It's a bit cheaper here in Connecticut NewJeffCT Oct 2014 #19
Fucking Reagan... If he hadn't stopped Carter's move towards solar SomethingFishy Oct 2014 #25
I agree but that would only have prolonged the inevitable and that was before China got on board. L0oniX Oct 2014 #32
says the extraction industry ProfessorPlum Oct 2014 #57
can you provide a link to the source? DeadEyeDyck Oct 2014 #27
With some googling, I think it sources back to treehugger.com originally Electric Monk Oct 2014 #35
Thanks for the reference packman Oct 2014 #71
thanks nt DeadEyeDyck Oct 2014 #78
k&r... spanone Oct 2014 #48
Oil is dead. Long live the sun! grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #52
The world economy is still based on fossil fuels. Jenoch Oct 2014 #55
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Oct 2014 #60
fyi--The Koch Attack on Solar Energy RiverLover Oct 2014 #62
per unit of energy produced, renewables get 25x subsidies ctaylors6 Oct 2014 #63
Germany is opening 10.7 Gigawatts of new coal plants Progressive dog Oct 2014 #64
i installed solar at the begining of september rdking647 Oct 2014 #69
kicl samsingh Oct 2014 #70
Ain't goin' nowhere if the Carlyle Group doesn't make a profit from it. WinkyDink Oct 2014 #73
90 billion not enough? maced666 Oct 2014 #77
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