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53. You realize dissenters do not have to sign onto the Petition to uphold for KS. So, we do not know if
Thu Nov 13, 2014, 06:53 PM
Nov 2014

there were 3 or 4 dissenters. However, I suspect Scalia and his puppet Thomas did not have 5 bigot votes for KS at this time, and that is good news for equality.

7-2 remember those numbers. [View all] William769 Nov 2014 OP
I'll raise a glass to that Hekate Nov 2014 #1
... William769 Nov 2014 #3
Yep, the writing is on the wall. LAGC Nov 2014 #2
I pray for his death nightly Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #26
Tens of millions of americans agree 100% with every single disgusting pig fuck randys1 Nov 2014 #52
This is distasteful. SylviaD Nov 2014 #67
I'm a Luciferian Satanist n/t Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #74
Seriously? n/t SylviaD Nov 2014 #75
Yes, seriously Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #76
I thought Satanists were atheists who didn't really believe in "Lucifer"? n/t SylviaD Nov 2014 #77
Different kind of Satanist Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #78
Interesting! Please humor a few questions from an interested person. SylviaD Nov 2014 #79
No problem Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #80
Thank you for the information... SylviaD Nov 2014 #81
You're welcome Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #82
If Scalia dies two SCOTUS seats open up rpannier Nov 2014 #65
Aside from just being an inappropriate comment, Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #68
Yay, about time. uppityperson Nov 2014 #4
I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to have heard the two dissenters. William769 Nov 2014 #5
oh yeah uppityperson Nov 2014 #20
Great news! Behind the Aegis Nov 2014 #6
Yes it is my friend. William769 Nov 2014 #7
Great news! Gives us hope! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #8
Hey there stranger! William769 Nov 2014 #9
Hello, my friend! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #10
I am great! Hope you are the same. William769 Nov 2014 #13
So glad to hear that! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #18
I'm sending good vibes your way. William769 Nov 2014 #19
Thanks so much! I can use all I can get, LOL. Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #22
Your furbaby is adorable! Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #27
Thanks so much! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #72
Ah, my dear Rhiannon, forgive me for butting in on your conversation with William! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2014 #25
Peggy! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #73
Thank you leanforward Nov 2014 #70
I'll move on. Control-Z Nov 2014 #11
I'll share a drink with you. William769 Nov 2014 #14
DU rec... SidDithers Nov 2014 #12
Love that picture Sid. William769 Nov 2014 #15
Rec! progressoid Nov 2014 #16
... William769 Nov 2014 #17
Wonderful! Thanks for posting. I am thrilled that it was 7-2. It makes me feel nirvana555 Nov 2014 #21
I did wonder what you meant by those mysterious numbers, my dear William769... CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2014 #23
Wow, I hadn't heard about this! I feel so relieved! Thanks for the good news. freshwest Nov 2014 #24
K&R ReRe Nov 2014 #28
How the hell did I miss this thread for so long! sheshe2 Nov 2014 #29
Hey wait a minute. William769 Nov 2014 #37
:-) sheshe2 Nov 2014 #44
A-Mazing! Might well face it, William.. Cha Nov 2014 #30
Great! Thanks Cha. William769 Nov 2014 #39
That news is worth waking up in the middle of the night! brer cat Nov 2014 #31
~ sheshe2 Nov 2014 #32
~ sheshe2 Nov 2014 #33
The tide has definitely turned Egnever Nov 2014 #34
It is a very good thing davidpdx Nov 2014 #35
Thank you for the post. oldandhappy Nov 2014 #36
Just spreading the news. William769 Nov 2014 #42
SCOTUS!!!! bigwillq Nov 2014 #38
Agreed! William769 Nov 2014 #40
Excellent. I think it's over for the haters. MineralMan Nov 2014 #41
Agreed. William769 Nov 2014 #43
Wow! 7-2, that is absolutely wonderful! Spazito Nov 2014 #45
K&R TBF Nov 2014 #46
That's friggin Awesome! William769 Nov 2014 #48
I save the best emoticons TBF Nov 2014 #49
It's all over but the wing-nut screaming. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #47
K & R Iliyah Nov 2014 #50
One more kick as it is making me happy today uppityperson Nov 2014 #51
You realize dissenters do not have to sign onto the Petition to uphold for KS. So, we do not know if blkmusclmachine Nov 2014 #53
I am not following you, I am trying to understand what you are saying. William769 Nov 2014 #55
You are not. former9thward Nov 2014 #58
a lot of people gaining heaven05 Nov 2014 #54
Yay! Chellee Nov 2014 #56
This is good news. What case was this? nm rhett o rick Nov 2014 #57
The two had to be Scalia and Thomas... joeybee12 Nov 2014 #59
100th rec. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2014 #60
k&r Starry Messenger Nov 2014 #61
Scalia and Thomas were the two? NewJeffCT Nov 2014 #62
Well, word around the blogosphere is that Kennedy is a firm vote for marriage freedom. longship Nov 2014 #63
Excellent and hopeful news William mcar Nov 2014 #64
I have friends who'd like to get married here in Michigan gollygee Nov 2014 #66
k and r. that is good news. may all those adults who wish to marry, be free to do so. niyad Nov 2014 #69
Know what else is shocking about 7-2? Roland99 Nov 2014 #71
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