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426. Yes, they have a lot to do with it
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 11:57 PM
Dec 2014

and poorly faking a stereotyped version of an accent isn't a skill, any more than wearing blackface is. You not seeing the relationship between what she's doing and racism doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

White hip hop artist under fire [View all] termroffor Dec 2014 OP
It's not her being a rapper that bothers people Nevernose Dec 2014 #1
It is hard to tell what bothers "people" termroffor Dec 2014 #2
What's your take on it? arcane1 Dec 2014 #5
My take is that there is a difference between mimicry and celebration bhikkhu Dec 2014 #122
do you think it is acceptable for black people to be pop/country/classical/polka artists? msongs Dec 2014 #3
Duh termroffor Dec 2014 #4
Hierarchies of privilege are asymmetrical. Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #18
Everytime I hear Kurska Dec 2014 #64
That some progressives are pushing segregationist ideas makes me sick. Odin2005 Dec 2014 #89
Imagine the history of popular music without "appropriation" shaayecanaan Dec 2014 #146
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #167
No, it isn't about segregation. It's about respect. n/t gollygee Dec 2014 #173
Saying that cultures should not borrow from each other is segregationist. Odin2005 Dec 2014 #300
There's another thread about the difference between cultural appropriation gollygee Dec 2014 #304
Segregation? I do not think that word means what you think it means TampaAnimusVortex Dec 2014 #379
If you'd read any of the discussion so far gollygee Dec 2014 #381
Welcome to the Internet. TampaAnimusVortex Dec 2014 #382
Welcome to multitasking gollygee Dec 2014 #383
Nice fuzzy concepts there... TampaAnimusVortex Dec 2014 #384
Fuzzy to you gollygee Dec 2014 #388
It isn't segregation BainsBane Dec 2014 #259
One can criticize Iggy Azalea for being a tasteless jerk aping racist stereotypes... Odin2005 Dec 2014 #301
Minstrel shows. bravenak Dec 2014 #311
That I agree with. Odin2005 Dec 2014 #312
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #166
And all art is a conversation. None of it happens in a vacuum. Warren DeMontague Dec 2014 #283
+1 eom Kurska Dec 2014 #296
What about a black person singing Japanese folk music? shaayecanaan Dec 2014 #77
The Japanese don't think Westerners can write haiku Generic Other Dec 2014 #309
Meh...even IF that's true... NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #136
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #165
sez you Shivering Jemmy Dec 2014 #285
It's a good thing I have a strong historico-theoretical basis for my opinion. Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #286
I'm sorry but... pipi_k Dec 2014 #109
Hell yes I can! Oilwellian Dec 2014 #149
Charley Pride proves it's acceptable for black people to be country artists jmowreader Dec 2014 #121
Mexicans, on the other hand, have assimilated polka in the form of Norteño FrodosPet Dec 2014 #405
Pop and country derive from black music. So yeah, it's cool. Ken Burch Dec 2014 #152
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #162
Country derives from Appalachian folk music. Which is European in origin. ancianita Dec 2014 #210
+1 Go Vols Dec 2014 #214
It was that music meets black blues, though. Ken Burch Dec 2014 #348
Yep. A cool thing about country is that it has evolved in its give and take with other musical forms ancianita Dec 2014 #349
Appropriation or one of the best C&R singers,ever? marble falls Dec 2014 #375
Ice, ice, Baby.. denbot Dec 2014 #6
What a racist pile of crap joeglow3 Dec 2014 #7
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #163
Disgusting article. _Blue_ Dec 2014 #8
THANK YOU Skittles Dec 2014 #151
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #164
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #182
She is Australian and changes her vocal style to sound like she's African American gollygee Dec 2014 #9
To be fair, the OP (unlike you) only used quotation marks when quoting someone. Nye Bevan Dec 2014 #10
Again, it is about her changing her style of speech to mimic African Americans gollygee Dec 2014 #14
Kinda like Hillary with her I ain't no ways tired speech? Nt benz380 Dec 2014 #24
We one to DU! zappaman Dec 2014 #34
Since when do black women NobodyHere Dec 2014 #51
The way Charlie Pride... sendero Dec 2014 #74
Cultural appropriation is when dominant groups take over something from an oppressed group gollygee Dec 2014 #76
Cultural appropriation.... sendero Dec 2014 #80
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #187
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #170
That isn't the same gollygee Dec 2014 #171
Beg pardon? I don't think you mean he was well spoken for a person of color. Thats the way he talked marble falls Dec 2014 #376
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #36
My parents like a country music singer from (I think) Australia who fakes his southern accent. arcane1 Dec 2014 #37
Keith Urban, perhaps? n/t. Ken Burch Dec 2014 #372
I have a white friend who talks like he's black Reter Dec 2014 #11
Did you hear hte part about her being Australian? gollygee Dec 2014 #12
There are black people in Australia . . . nt branford Dec 2014 #22
black people in australia are not african americans unless they are visiting or expats JI7 Dec 2014 #33
I.... just. Wow Number23 Dec 2014 #47
I'm stuck on JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #156
"This thread is going nowhere" Don't ALL race threads on this clueless web site go nowhere? Isn't Number23 Dec 2014 #229
I kind of think the flattery thing gollygee Dec 2014 #238
I kind of think that you are absolutely right. Number23 Dec 2014 #240
And they Talk like they're from Alabama? bravenak Dec 2014 #53
I assume you saw her photo in the post, and Aboriginal Australians don't gollygee Dec 2014 #69
An entirely different race treestar Dec 2014 #114
Might be the main at ignorant thing... a la izquierda Dec 2014 #297
People do that with reggae all the time. Marr Dec 2014 #23
They made a cartoon of it shaayecanaan Dec 2014 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #184
How do you feel about actors faking accents? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #57
She isn't an actor n/t gollygee Dec 2014 #68
No shit. How do you decide in which artistic medium it is okay? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #94
She's an entertainer. Her job is to be entertaining. XemaSab Dec 2014 #354
When someone is acting and playing a part of someone who has an accent gollygee Dec 2014 #389
Oh, does she put on blackface? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #400
She puts on a cartoonish stereotyped version of African American speech gollygee Dec 2014 #402
I think the real issue... NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #403
I'm sure you do think that. n/t gollygee Dec 2014 #404
What does she do that is cartoonish? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #408
She does not use her natural style of speech. Instead, she fakes gollygee Dec 2014 #409
That is NOT cartoonish joeglow3 Dec 2014 #412
It is a cartoonish version of that accent gollygee Dec 2014 #414
What a pile of bull shit joeglow3 Dec 2014 #415
I don't have a personal dislike for her gollygee Dec 2014 #416
Larry the Cable Guy is on a stage, just as this singer joeglow3 Dec 2014 #417
He doesn't appropriate a stereotyped version of a speaking style of a person of color gollygee Dec 2014 #418
We are going in circles joeglow3 Dec 2014 #419
It's very sound logic. gollygee Dec 2014 #420
I get lost joeglow3 Dec 2014 #421
Assimilation is a survival skill gollygee Dec 2014 #422
I think it is bad that you see barriers people shouldn't cross joeglow3 Dec 2014 #423
I understand that's what you see gollygee Dec 2014 #424
None of which have anything to do with... NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #425
Yes, they have a lot to do with it gollygee Dec 2014 #426
Apparently "poorly faking a stereotyped version of an accent"... NaturalHigh Jan 2015 #427
It's like a minstrel show gollygee Jan 2015 #434
If she has any skills, I wish she'd start using them... Violet_Crumble Jan 2015 #429
I didn't realize you were Australian. NaturalHigh Jan 2015 #430
I only became of her a few weeks ago... Violet_Crumble Jan 2015 #431
Happy New Year to you too. NaturalHigh Jan 2015 #432
You mean like... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #199
Is it hard being that obtuse? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #205
Whateva dude... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #207
Do you also blast the new cast of Annie? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #218
Annie is a fictional character gollygee Dec 2014 #220
As is the fictional character this artist is playing on stage. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #231
You are intentionally ignoring the issue gollygee Dec 2014 #233
Which artist? Iggy Azalea? Everything Sucks Dec 2014 #287
You think Madonna is the person she portrays on stage . joeglow3 Dec 2014 #292
How can I blast something I have never seen ... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #290
Why not? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #293
Racism sucks... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #329
I agree. It is very racist to claim someone can't sing a certain way because they are white joeglow3 Dec 2014 #332
Someone made the important point... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #333
I agree it is about intent. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #334
Actually, she changed her vocal style to sound like a southern rapper...not AA per se. PragmaticLiberal Dec 2014 #92
So should everyone be eternally wedded to the stereotypes we hold? bhikkhu Dec 2014 #123
Cultural appropriation goes one way gollygee Dec 2014 #176
Isn't the AA culture the dominant force of hip-hop? _Blue_ Dec 2014 #239
Again, that is the whole point of how it's cultural appropriation gollygee Dec 2014 #241
I would rather look at Rihanna or Beyoncé than Iggy. Not so much with Nicki Minaj.. _Blue_ Dec 2014 #243
This is about cultural trends, not your personal tastes. n/t gollygee Dec 2014 #244
I think the cultural trend is that hip hop is AA dominated _Blue_ Dec 2014 #245
You don't hear the same stuff about Eminem gollygee Dec 2014 #246
Iggy's sound and style is popular. She shouldn't be punished for artistic success. _Blue_ Dec 2014 #247
She isn't being punished for artistic success gollygee Dec 2014 #249
There's nothing wrong with utilizing elements of the southern hip hop style. _Blue_ Dec 2014 #250
She is being scorned for mimicing someone else's sound. gollygee Dec 2014 #251
"he doesn't change his natural style of speech." EX500rider Dec 2014 #267
"only sings like that" gollygee Dec 2014 #269
You don't hear the same stuff about Eminem XemaSab Dec 2014 #355
Probably true. gollygee Dec 2014 #365
Oh, please. Everything Sucks Dec 2014 #371
"I would rather look at Rihanna or Beyoncé than Iggy." EX500rider Dec 2014 #265
More than 'pretty cute'. bravenak Dec 2014 #316
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #168
Mick Jagger and Mick Hucknall are English, John Fogerty is American, and they do the same thing. Ken Burch Dec 2014 #350
I'm talking about the speech style when she raps gollygee Dec 2014 #351
i wouldn't call it a "speech" style. it's music. unblock Dec 2014 #353
No it isn't singing gollygee Dec 2014 #367
This is part of a deeper story for Azealia Banks. JaneyVee Dec 2014 #13
I would have told her: Welcome to the club, plus the exploitation and the people that have been.. BlueJazz Dec 2014 #35
Obviously if one cries one is always sincere and right AngryAmish Dec 2014 #65
I think you should watch the video before commenting. JaneyVee Dec 2014 #142
I agree her tears are real. aikoaiko Dec 2014 #327
she only gets emotional while talking about both her songs and slave reparations. Calista241 Dec 2014 #410
So, does she protest against Eminem? n/t bobclark86 Dec 2014 #104
Oh, does she ever. Dr. Strange Dec 2014 #150
Yep. She has. PragmaticLiberal Dec 2014 #175
Hip hop loves rapper feuds. aikoaiko Dec 2014 #15
All this has happened before and will happen again wyldwolf Dec 2014 #16
So say we all. dawg Dec 2014 #340
Cultural appropriation is an invalid concept LittleBlue Dec 2014 #19
yeah, here's an example - not quite the same thing... wyldwolf Dec 2014 #20
Now that I think about it, I don't see African Americans playing banjo very often either. arcane1 Dec 2014 #42
Or, The Other Way ProfessorGAC Dec 2014 #177
Ahistorical reductionism is not a valid intellectual position. Try again. Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #21
Who exactly appointed you the judge of what is or is not a "valid intellectual position" branford Dec 2014 #25
My position is a universal in my academic concentration. Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #44
A list of unprovable terms with no conceivable application LittleBlue Dec 2014 #191
Why do you state it can't be proven? kwassa Dec 2014 #248
Unprovable in what respect? If you want to be an absolutist, up your semantics game. Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #279
Wow. MrScorpio Dec 2014 #61
WRONG! Native Americans certainly own the right to call their artwork "Native American". KittyWampus Dec 2014 #90
Nope. You're talking about trademarks LittleBlue Dec 2014 #185
Yes, Ayn Rand, you have the legal right to do a number of irresponsible things. n/t gollygee Dec 2014 #242
That is a matter of debate LittleBlue Dec 2014 #255
No, it's about irresponsibility and disrespect. gollygee Dec 2014 #271
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #186
Don't... pinboy3niner Dec 2014 #26
traffic traffic, lookin for my chapstick. DawgHouse Dec 2014 #32
Ha! Desert805 Dec 2014 #62
It is acceptable if she continues to be successful. Ykcutnek Dec 2014 #27
What's that they say about "flattery?" nt kelliekat44 Dec 2014 #28
+1 Go Vols Dec 2014 #215
Ask Eminem. PeteSelman Dec 2014 #29
I don't know about racist backwoodsbob Dec 2014 #67
So, I just watched an Iggy Azalea video so I would know what the brouhaha is over TransitJohn Dec 2014 #82
Thank you for having an open mind gollygee Dec 2014 #96
Thank you, beat me to the punch. I don't care about Iggy personally but she stinks. sir pball Dec 2014 #216
It would be like saying Azealia Banks wears a straight wig to give herself a more anglo look... 951-Riverside Dec 2014 #30
If you think that hair is "anglo", you are ignorant of African-American style. morningfog Dec 2014 #38
I'm only pointing out how absurd and idiotic her attack on Icky Australian is 951-Riverside Dec 2014 #39
Faking a black accent is insulting as hell. bravenak Dec 2014 #103
You're first sentence treestar Dec 2014 #111
Immitation is not always flattery. bravenak Dec 2014 #116
I agree it is possible they are doing it to make fun of people treestar Dec 2014 #117
There is no reason for her to do it. bravenak Dec 2014 #120
"I think that may be why it irritates. She's pretty, rich, blond, famous." EX500rider Dec 2014 #305
Naw, playa, it was right the first time. bravenak Dec 2014 #310
American teens Everything Sucks Dec 2014 #335
They buy anything. Anything at all. bravenak Dec 2014 #336
Isn't most weave hair from India? XemaSab Dec 2014 #356
cultural appropriation is when a dominate group takes on, or takes over, gollygee Dec 2014 #72
Are there any other examples? treestar Dec 2014 #112
If you read about Native American spirituality and cultural appropriation gollygee Dec 2014 #131
I thought imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. BlueJazz Dec 2014 #31
Not always. gollygee Dec 2014 #78
Oh..I understand the topic and the issue. I say this with all kindness> BlueJazz Dec 2014 #88
Of course it is acceptable. You can't control music and art like something you own. Vattel Dec 2014 #40
Mick Jagger. Iggo Dec 2014 #41
Who stole from Muddy Waters JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #157
That's the point. Iggo Dec 2014 #180
Well - I think if she wants to be one of us JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #181
Can she take it? Here is her twitter log regarding the latest Banks poutrage... MelungeonWoman Dec 2014 #192
She comes across as very angry JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #202
As I said before, I thought parts were quite uplifting. MelungeonWoman Dec 2014 #219
To each their own. She's angry to me. - have an eta book rec JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #221
Fate? LOL gollygee Dec 2014 #222
My brother's best friend from high school - my friend JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #230
Whatever. MelungeonWoman Dec 2014 #235
I don't know either! JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #236
And yet, like most popular male rappers, they're nowhere near exceptional in their rapping skills. nomorenomore08 Dec 2014 #253
you kids with your tight pants and the long hair olddots Dec 2014 #43
White appropriation of black culture is nothing new but Iggy takes it to another level Number23 Dec 2014 #45
I think you hit the nail on the head with yr post... Violet_Crumble Dec 2014 #66
Ugh. So she's clueless about black Americans AND black Australians?? Number23 Dec 2014 #124
She's also clueless about Australian hip hop... Violet_Crumble Dec 2014 #299
What a great post, Violet. And I agree with you Number23 Dec 2014 #361
His name's Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, and unlike Iggy he's amazingly talented... Violet_Crumble Dec 2014 #399
"difference between Iggy and Eminem and the Beastie Boys is that they've got talent and she doesn't" EX500rider Dec 2014 #306
No. bravenak Dec 2014 #314
Actually yes.....and if Eminem's talent is singing about raping Iggy I can do without, thanks.. EX500rider Dec 2014 #318
Did he really do that? bravenak Dec 2014 #322
Actually i agree, I think the Aussie accent would be cool in a rap also. EX500rider Dec 2014 #326
Good post. eom TransitJohn Dec 2014 #101
So it's about the money. It's really only offensive because she's successful. n/t hughee99 Dec 2014 #107
If you got that out of my post, out of the article in the OP and out of the comments in this thread Number23 Dec 2014 #125
When people become concerned about cultural hughee99 Dec 2014 #128
Black people have railed against cultural appropriation forever. To NO avail Number23 Dec 2014 #135
Ah, I see what you did there... hughee99 Dec 2014 #137
Yes, because no one ever railed before the Internet was created. Number23 Dec 2014 #139
So I should do a bit of research into the number of black people that railed about hughee99 Dec 2014 #140
As I said in my first post to you, your inability to read and process the lines of this conversation Number23 Dec 2014 #141
Nice. Almost an entire post where you talk about me, hughee99 Dec 2014 #143
The profit is the result of cultural appropriation kwassa Dec 2014 #252
This is a specific case of a specific work that you are citing. hughee99 Dec 2014 #257
The style is part of the artistic work, and the style is what is being appropriated. kwassa Dec 2014 #263
So style is part of one's artistic work and is "intellectual property", hughee99 Dec 2014 #266
Cultural appreciation vs. cultural appropriation kwassa Dec 2014 #268
Okay, so this is not really what we were discussing before, where style is part of an artist's hughee99 Dec 2014 #274
It is sometimes hard to determine that line between the two. kwassa Dec 2014 #275
I don't disagree with anything you just said, but that brings me back hughee99 Dec 2014 #276
In as sense that is true, but in general ... kwassa Dec 2014 #277
Happens all the time in music. Look at what Geto Boys did with Scarface. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #261
I have no idea what you are referring to. "Scarface" the movie? kwassa Dec 2014 #264
They are a rap group with a member named scarface. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #294
Ghetto boys!!!! bravenak Dec 2014 #315
I still pop Uncut Dope into the CD player occasionally. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #319
LOL! I was listening to the Ten Crack Commandments earlier. On a CD. bravenak Dec 2014 #324
Did Michael Jackson appropriate White culture upaloopa Dec 2014 #378
Cultural appropriation has a definition. It has been posted repeatedly. Read it and understand. kwassa Dec 2014 #387
Sorry I am not buying it. I don't care what your upaloopa Dec 2014 #390
It isn't up to you whether it exists or not. Me, either. kwassa Dec 2014 #391
You can find a million words on line to support anything upaloopa Dec 2014 #392
No. You can't. kwassa Dec 2014 #393
Bull shit argument. upaloopa Dec 2014 #394
Alright. Let us see if you can actually construct an argument. kwassa Dec 2014 #396
I don't have to prove anything. upaloopa Dec 2014 #397
I win. You don't have anything. I knew it. kwassa Dec 2014 #398
No Michael Jackson did not. randys1 Dec 2014 #401
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #188
Nails it JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #159
"The modeling contract makes no sense - and shes not that thin." EX500rider Dec 2014 #331
! fishwax Dec 2014 #289
Nice to see you, fishwax. You're one of a handful DUers that has really tried to not make this place Number23 Dec 2014 #291
Most white people suffer from this shit, too XemaSab Dec 2014 #357
What do you think? Stellar Dec 2014 #46
No... Micheal Jacksons publicists/handlers (if not MJ himself) VScott Dec 2014 #54
That's still being questioned as far as I know. Stellar Dec 2014 #71
I wouldn't mind Iggy A. if she were a better rapper. nomorenomore08 Dec 2014 #48
I don't know the backstory to this JonLP24 Dec 2014 #49
Will post later. 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #50
looking forward to your input wyldwolf Dec 2014 #93
I am loathe to comment in these kind of threads ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #338
That one post was all that was needed on this OP. Thanks for saying it: she uses it to.... marble falls Dec 2014 #380
Meh. Disco sucked... rap blows... hip-hop is the bottom of the barrel . VScott Dec 2014 #52
Don't like him. bravenak Dec 2014 #55
Was there ever time when he didn't look ill? VScott Dec 2014 #56
I'm not quite sure if he once looked healthy... bravenak Dec 2014 #58
IGGY! NBachers Dec 2014 #60
I love Disco.... Stellar Dec 2014 #73
You've never heard "Lust for Life" or "Candy"? WorseBeforeBetter Dec 2014 #386
Sorry... Stellar Dec 2014 #406
This right here. +1 nt Tree-Hugger Dec 2014 #108
I. Feel. It. WorseBeforeBetter Dec 2014 #385
I don't have a problem with white people doing hip hop Kalidurga Dec 2014 #59
Little Richard and Pat Boone Blue_In_AK Dec 2014 #63
As long as you have flow, who cares? nt Codeine Dec 2014 #70
It's a genre of music... Earth_First Dec 2014 #75
couple of cans d_b Dec 2014 #81
Just a few observations. wyldwolf Dec 2014 #83
there is sort of an implicit racism in implying southern black women sound a particular way. KittyWampus Dec 2014 #91
I agree it is very interesting treestar Dec 2014 #119
They call Aerosmith "the grandfathers of rap" because of "Walk This Way".. Ghost in the Machine Dec 2014 #144
Wah Wah Wah, Someone else wants to express themselves in the same medium as me. Taitertots Dec 2014 #84
Yes. mmonk Dec 2014 #85
Ridiculous. 99Forever Dec 2014 #86
I guess Macklemore is an evil monster, too? Odin2005 Dec 2014 #87
Iggy pisses me off a little, and *I'm* white myself. dawg Dec 2014 #95
Elvis Presley. Iggo Dec 2014 #97
I'm guessing you haven't heard Iggy Azalea. dawg Dec 2014 #98
Oops. That was meant as a reply to the OP. Iggo Dec 2014 #99
Elvis Presley. Iggo Dec 2014 #100
Led Zeppelin... bobclark86 Dec 2014 #105
Here's a 12 second clip ... dawg Dec 2014 #102
it certainly acceptable for them to spend lots of money on it lame54 Dec 2014 #106
1st this thread is useless without a Iggy vid... EX500rider Dec 2014 #110
Wonder why she doesn't just do that in her own accent. treestar Dec 2014 #113
My guess is.. EX500rider Dec 2014 #115
Yeah, I wonder how they would feel about that if it's so treestar Dec 2014 #118
If she were to hang out with me JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #160
However you and your sister might not have fit in with some black strippers in Miami either. EX500rider Dec 2014 #308
Definitely not JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #320
That's could also be considered a Southern accent ErikJ Dec 2014 #132
She isn't southern. gollygee Dec 2014 #174
"She's putting on a style of speech that is not authentic to her" EX500rider Dec 2014 #223
Yes, of course she thought it would make her more popular gollygee Dec 2014 #226
So if that's the look or accent she like to use, she can't? EX500rider Dec 2014 #228
She obviousy is capable of it gollygee Dec 2014 #234
So what's your point? LincolnsLeftHand Dec 2014 #258
It is irresponsible and disrespectful. gollygee Dec 2014 #270
"Wonder why she doesn't just do that in her own accent." EX500rider Dec 2014 #307
She's wrong. bravenak Dec 2014 #317
Actually her current popularity proves her right. EX500rider Dec 2014 #321
I still think she would do even better acting real. bravenak Dec 2014 #323
I'd think it would get her attention treestar Dec 2014 #328
Another video Everything Sucks Dec 2014 #288
Other than the fact that I hate rap... NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #126
+1 It's just repackaged Disco. SomethingFishy Dec 2014 #190
Anyone who believes in racial appropriation is a segregationist and instant racist. chrisa Dec 2014 #127
Why would anyone want to "steal" it? VScott Dec 2014 #154
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #189
Oh...you're back. cyberswede Dec 2014 #197
did you check out the edit? uppityperson Dec 2014 #198
I missed the edit. *grump* cyberswede Dec 2014 #203
he edited to add the message body vs just title, to make sure it was hideable uppityperson Dec 2014 #204
Oh...then I did see the edit... cyberswede Dec 2014 #208
how do you make it? as kids we liked cold rice with milk, sugar, cinnamon for breakfast, it got uppityperson Dec 2014 #209
We ate that for breakfast! My mom added raisins & served it hot. cyberswede Dec 2014 #212
So you're a Dan Snyder fan, who thinks redface on football fans is just 'honoring' Native Americans? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #254
You shouldn't use words you cannot define. Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #280
lol chrisa Dec 2014 #281
If you don't know what it means to be a segregationist or racist... Gravitycollapse Dec 2014 #282
I like Iggy POP ErikJ Dec 2014 #129
Heard this song in the car a while back. johnp3907 Dec 2014 #346
the Beastie Boys 'Paul's Boutique' is widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums.. frylock Dec 2014 #130
I kind of like Iggy Azalea's response in the article. NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #133
Because of course hip-hop has never, ever had anything at all to do with race or politics. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2014 #138
Was a pretty good slap down i thought also... EX500rider Dec 2014 #224
I wish somebody would steal hip hop and hide it away forever workinclasszero Dec 2014 #134
Then do it better than her madville Dec 2014 #145
I don't see Banks or anyone else saying white ppl shouldn't be hip hop artists fishwax Dec 2014 #147
Acceptable? You mean like the Beastie Boys? flvegan Dec 2014 #148
Iggy's music Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #153
"I also think it's strange how similar her name and Azealia Banks' name are." EX500rider Dec 2014 #225
Personally I think they both sound like crap. dilby Dec 2014 #155
It's acceptable if they're talented Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #158
Who determines talent? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #193
Yes, I'm outnumbered by preteens Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #194
I am right there with you joeglow3 Dec 2014 #195
If you have this playing every day in the car Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #201
And my parents said that about Pearl jam, Nirvana, sound garden and Alice in chains joeglow3 Dec 2014 #206
I am old Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #211
I must be older joeglow3 Dec 2014 #217
This 'old' parent was saying that about Hanson, S club 7 and the Spice Girls... Violet_Crumble Dec 2014 #298
I had it playing everyday in the car BumRushDaShow Dec 2014 #213
Actually tying a record set by the Beatles is pretty impressive.. EX500rider Dec 2014 #227
That's a good question. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #256
Those programs u list are small niche programs joeglow3 Dec 2014 #260
That works too. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #262
There have also always been distinctions between young and "old" parents. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #295
OP - see this post re lies America tells itself about black women JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #161
Haters gonna hate. _Blue_ Dec 2014 #169
White people? yes. Bradical79 Dec 2014 #172
Why not? CrispyQ Dec 2014 #178
Wow! A person who has spent MelungeonWoman Dec 2014 #179
I have spent *all* of my life in the deep south. dawg Dec 2014 #339
This is how she sounds when she speaks gollygee Dec 2014 #342
Right?!?nt bravenak Dec 2014 #352
Yes bigwillq Dec 2014 #183
"Artist" lol phil89 Dec 2014 #196
If the quote is accurate (never a given), then Banks does not understand music. True Blue Door Dec 2014 #200
There is only one question that has to be asked: "Is s/he any good?" Warpy Dec 2014 #232
Eric Clapton. Iggo Dec 2014 #237
Clapton's got bigger problems... sweetloukillbot Dec 2014 #273
Source? truebrit71 Dec 2014 #344
Here he is complaining about loss of English identity.... sweetloukillbot Dec 2014 #345
And here's a story with the quote and citations sweetloukillbot Dec 2014 #347
"I was too drunk to censor myself" XemaSab Dec 2014 #358
What about this? U4ikLefty Dec 2014 #272
Iggy's been quite gross, but rap/hip-hop aren't giving their beats back to the Art of Noise anytime MisterP Dec 2014 #278
Racists just can't help themselves AgingAmerican Dec 2014 #284
Chris Lilley explains the problem fully in ' Angry Boy's ' orpupilofnature57 Dec 2014 #302
"White hip hop artist under fire" NCTraveler Dec 2014 #303
Iggy has been getting flack for a while. bravenak Dec 2014 #313
Is it acceptable for white people to play jazz? Or for black people to play classical? hatrack Dec 2014 #325
That's not really the issue. Everything Sucks Dec 2014 #337
anyones free to 'make music & try to sell it' Iggy is not a decent musician anyway. Sunlei Dec 2014 #330
While I normally wouldn't wade into this mess Veruca Salt Dec 2014 #341
The world doesn't revolve around America.nt redgreenandblue Dec 2014 #377
Yup, exactly. Veruca Salt Dec 2014 #411
First time I heard her i thought she was taking the piss.. truebrit71 Dec 2014 #343
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #359
Tick tock... nt cyberswede Dec 2014 #362
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #363
Hee! Dazzling repartee! cyberswede Dec 2014 #364
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #366
...yet cravenly self-delete. cyberswede Dec 2014 #368
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #369
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #370
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #373
Why on earth would I do that? cyberswede Dec 2014 #374
This article was correct in comparing Iggy Azalea to a minstrel show. octoberlib Dec 2014 #360
Talent? VScott Dec 2014 #407
Is this like mstinamotorcity2 Dec 2014 #395
AB looks to be one fucked up person joeglow3 Dec 2014 #413
People will vote with their dollars. JEFF9K Jan 2015 #428
I dont think her success has anything to do with racism or mimicry. DCBob Jan 2015 #433
People had a lot of fun going to minstrel shows too. n/t gollygee Jan 2015 #435
For clearly different reasons.. DCBob Jan 2015 #436
I don't know gollygee Jan 2015 #437
I suspect very few fans of Iggy ever think of the racial aspect you are claiming here. DCBob Jan 2015 #438
She gets more attention because she's white gollygee Jan 2015 #439
Racial not racist. DCBob Jan 2015 #440
Maybe but not in this case. gollygee Jan 2015 #441
I think she is simply copying a music style that is very popular and profitable. DCBob Jan 2015 #442
A complaint by ONE performer constitutes "under fire"? brooklynite Jan 2015 #443
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