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52. People who KNOW they are dishonest and WRONG cannot abide criticism
Sun Jan 4, 2015, 05:23 AM
Jan 2015

Ayn Rand knew deep down inside she was a phony and a hack.

She was far too weak and flimsy a thinker to withstand any counter-argument or disagreement with her
pathetic excuse for a "philosophy".

Ayn Rand is a joke, taken seriously only by the ignorant, or willfully deceptive.

I have talked to/communicated with.... Bigmack Jan 2015 #1
It's possible those hammerheads didn't actually read Rand's books Martin Eden Jan 2015 #12
The sad thing is when they give off that air of smug superiority... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #18
Those who need to feel superior to others are attracted to RW ideology Martin Eden Jan 2015 #28
What cracks me up is when they claim GREED drives all.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #29
They willfully delude themselves to justify their greed ... Martin Eden Jan 2015 #33
Some of THAT group believes the poor are being punished by God for sinning.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #34
Anyone who believes greed drives all probably has not been a mother. JDPriestly Jan 2015 #49
You are saying it well enough. +1! Enthusiast Jan 2015 #50
I liken her to the Neocons who also believed themselves the intellectual vanguard over the masses,.. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #51
I agree with you (as a mom). IdaBriggs Jan 2015 #57
Another one is where they believe work creates wealth.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #58
True. JDPriestly Jan 2015 #59
She deserved to be studied.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #61
Makes sense when you consider this.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #62
lol Boreal Jan 2015 #56
you don't have to read Rand to know her philosophy... awoke_in_2003 Jan 2015 #47
I always liked Dick Cavett madokie Jan 2015 #2
That is some weird, wild stuff. Unknown Beatle Jan 2015 #41
She could not tolerate disagreement treestar Jan 2015 #3
He makes a very good point, that the cretin's writings appeal to the young... joeybee12 Jan 2015 #4
Correction: they appeal to the immature. eppur_se_muova Jan 2015 #14
MAN, that's a good one, eppur_se_muova! calimary Jan 2015 #16
Not original with me, but I can't recall the source. ;) nt eppur_se_muova Jan 2015 #17
Thanks for posting this. SheilaT Jan 2015 #5
Hmmm...who would have been in hiding? MARTHA Mitchell, maybe??? MADem Jan 2015 #8
Doh - Martha Mitchell ashling Jan 2015 #19
Martha Mitchell Pantagruelsmember Jan 2015 #20
Aha! I should have figured it out myself. SheilaT Jan 2015 #22
crazy mopinko Jan 2015 #26
Gaslighting is such a common thing, most cheaters go for that gambit bettyellen Jan 2015 #55
I always thought they did a number on her. dmr Jan 2015 #30
rand was a fake living on welfare. the fools who worship are are beyond stupid samsingh Jan 2015 #6
Cavett was great TV, back in the day, before the internet, before "On Demand!" MADem Jan 2015 #7
In this modern world, seems like most nights I'm trying to find one good show out of 378 channels. BlueJazz Jan 2015 #9
Go back to the Old School Stuff! MADem Jan 2015 #13
Thanks. I shall do that. BlueJazz Jan 2015 #15
My favorite Dick Cavett moment was christx30 Jan 2015 #23
Not much gets by Dick Cavett - a sharp guy!! MADem Jan 2015 #25
There are two novels that can transform a bookish 14-year-kidís life: Martin Eden Jan 2015 #10
Lucky me I didn't encounter either of those at that age. SheilaT Jan 2015 #24
Just as I was about to pick up LOTR in high school bvf Jan 2015 #43
Thanks. I don't want to ever imply that those who SheilaT Jan 2015 #45
Agreed about Rand. bvf Jan 2015 #53
k and r..nt Stuart G Jan 2015 #11
Fuck Rand. I'd rather see Cavett and Davis. valerief Jan 2015 #21
What a bumpy night! nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #63
Atlas Shrugged has a very intersting makeup: it's totalizing MisterP Jan 2015 #27
I was kinda waiting to see if someone else would draw the obvious comparison with Chuck Todd.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #31
I still can't decide if I take more pleasure in Rand's failure as an intellectual... Tom Ripley Jan 2015 #32
Of course, the Right will say . . . amb123 Jan 2015 #35
Correct. Thespian2 Jan 2015 #37
Ha! good one. n/t marym625 Jan 2015 #39
Why should we even care what the Right says? They don't even know who Dick Cavett is. YOHABLO Jan 2015 #40
A good example of Cavett's wit is his quip about Sarah Palin pinboy3niner Jan 2015 #36
I'd heard that comment, bvf Jan 2015 #44
He was on WWHL marym625 Jan 2015 #38
Atlas Shrugged : It was a warning; NOT an instruction manual! bullwinkle428 Jan 2015 #42
I sat about 2 seats away from DC at a Rolling Stones concert Gloria Jan 2015 #46
why can't he be the late night TV star again. He was great Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #48
He's pushing 80. bvf Jan 2015 #54
People who KNOW they are dishonest and WRONG cannot abide criticism nikto Jan 2015 #52
She was the original Fox News anchor.. SomethingFishy Jan 2015 #60
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