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10. Exactly - some did this for chem warfare overboots
Wed Jan 21, 2015, 09:56 AM
Jan 2015

But it wasn't breadbags, but plastic grocery sacks. Helped slide the heavy combat boot into the chem boot.

But I never had a problem, so never did this.

Doesn't really keep them warm, but will keep them dry I guess. Avalux Jan 2015 #1
Has nothing to do with warmth or keeping them dry. Putting bags on your feet makes it easier Brickbat Jan 2015 #2
If your boots were leaky, it kept your feet warm and dry too. HappyMe Jan 2015 #7
Exactly - some did this for chem warfare overboots sammytko Jan 2015 #10
People used to stuff newspapers in their shoes to stay warm. DetlefK Jan 2015 #3
Bags go over socks, inside boots, rubber bands around ankles. unrepentant progress Jan 2015 #4
That's what I thought trumad Jan 2015 #6
That's what came to mind for my childhood, too. Igel Jan 2015 #14
Eat white bread, develop type 2 diabetes, wear bag to keep diabetic feet warm. nt tridim Jan 2015 #5
one tiny leak in 'waterproof' boots sucks!! in very cold places. I've always learned to use Sunlei Jan 2015 #8
I think she misspoke, is all. And - bread bags over socks and under shoes or boots are a good djean111 Jan 2015 #9
Misspoke... trumad Jan 2015 #11
It may just a fantastic and logical convenience for some, and it may be the only difference between djean111 Jan 2015 #12
She was making it a poor thing, indicating that she pulled herself up by the breadsak aka:bootstraps liberal N proud Jan 2015 #17
We did it all the time during the winter...and we weren't poor LeftinOH Jan 2015 #13
Would you agree the most important thing is that we learned she was poor and that she Jefferson23 Jan 2015 #15
Republic0ns, looking to run on sympathy for poor people in 2016. Stellar Jan 2015 #16
self delete CoffeeCat Jan 2015 #18
My family was so poor.. nruthie Jan 2015 #19
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