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Wed Jan 21, 2015, 12:15 PM Jan 2015

Should the Patriots be made to forfeit Sunday's game? [View all]

It is has been reported by ESPN and Yahoo Sports that sources with in the NFL have indicted that a preliminary investigation as shown that 11 of the 12 footballs used by the Patriots in Sunday's game were under-inflated by 2lbs psi or more. If this is proven should the Patriots be made to forfeit and have the Colts go to the Super Bowl instead?

72 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
36 (50%)
34 (47%)
re-play Colts-Patriots game this Sunday in MA
0 (0%)
re-play Colts-Patriots game this Sunday and have them lose home field advantage
2 (3%)
re-ply Colt-Patriots game this Sunday in Neutral location
0 (0%)
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We don't know how long the Patriots have been doing this, right? petronius Jan 2015 #1
Let's expel Seattle from the NFL former9thward Jan 2015 #5
Good luck with that AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #29
It will happen at the same time former9thward Jan 2015 #55
Good luck with that AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #64
One of the former Seahawks who was suspended is now a Patriot. opiate69 Jan 2015 #90
Yes, Brandon Browner AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #113
He was one of my favorite seahawks as well. opiate69 Jan 2015 #115
In Seattle, he could have smoked all the super "bowls" he wanted n/t eridani Jan 2015 #185
No one has innocent hands in the NFL. former9thward Jan 2015 #152
Wait, didn't we already do that? No?!? petronius Jan 2015 #187
Did the NFL check the Colts' balls too? House of Roberts Jan 2015 #2
yes pintobean Jan 2015 #28
That's even funnier than the OP! zappaman Jan 2015 #65
I wanted to go with a pintobean Jan 2015 #110
DUzy! riqster Jan 2015 #140
It must be Super Bowl time sharp_stick Jan 2015 #3
appears the Super Bowl is hfojvt Jan 2015 #26
That was profound! AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #31
As is this... sharp_stick Jan 2015 #34
lol AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #37
I try to educate sharp_stick Jan 2015 #51
U mad bro? AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #61
Not really sharp_stick Feb 2015 #193
Mad enough... AgingAmerican Feb 2015 #194
Well that was just for kicks sharp_stick Feb 2015 #195
It won't 'disappear' AgingAmerican Feb 2015 #196
Don't worry sharp_stick Feb 2015 #197
Some people believe that cheating is wrong mythology Jan 2015 #78
Actually I prefer sharp_stick Jan 2015 #80
Yes, that it happened is one thing pipi_k Jan 2015 #138
Yeah, cause 11 out of 12 footballs are going to just lose 2 lbs of air... Drahthaardogs Jan 2015 #177
Too much money involved. OffWithTheirHeads Jan 2015 #4
Couldn't possibly care any less. 99Forever Jan 2015 #6
Sports is really only relevant F4lconF16 Jan 2015 #95
I'm always amazed at how seriously people take this stuff (including members of my immediate family) Arugula Latte Jan 2015 #108
I feel the same way about magazine covers. nt. RiffRandell Jan 2015 #144
+ antiquie Jan 2015 #154
bingo! opiate69 Jan 2015 #188
If true, the Patriots cheated. Avalux Jan 2015 #7
As would the refs KamaAina Jan 2015 #14
We need to check Walt Coleman's bank account stat Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #19
Nice post, Alex Jones! KamaAina Jan 2015 #21
ESPN lies to us!!! Initech Jan 2015 #59
Well, they are based in Connecticut KamaAina Jan 2015 #66
True. Refs, and all of the players, handle enough footballs to know when they are soft or not. nt TheBlackAdder Jan 2015 #23
Yes but may not have noticed since they don't grip and squeeze it. Avalux Jan 2015 #30
Yes they do grip and squeeze it sharp_stick Jan 2015 #43
Thank you for explaining. Avalux Jan 2015 #45
So did Luck and his Center. The same balls are used by both teams. berni_mccoy Jan 2015 #79
Then why did ESPN say the only way they knew was when the ball was intercepted? Avalux Jan 2015 #84
Each team has it's own set of balls AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #89
Not exactly. Each team is allowed it's own set of balls, but only the home team is required hughee99 Jan 2015 #105
That is correct. You should also notice on all change of possessions, though joeglow3 Jan 2015 #124
The balls used for kicking plays are different. (nt) jeff47 Jan 2015 #127
Irrelevent AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #88
I thought so too, but that is not true. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #160
Possible but not likely. former9thward Jan 2015 #168
The refs may not have "noticed it" because it's not uncommon... hughee99 Jan 2015 #103
Super Bowl liberal from boston Jan 2015 #48
They change balls frequently. jeff47 Jan 2015 #129
Each team has its own balls truebluegreen Jan 2015 #178
"If true, the Patriots cheated." Uh, no. MANative Jan 2015 #17
The balls they supplied the colts AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #35
I've not heard anything about that yet. Lots of questions about whether they even weighed... MANative Jan 2015 #44
They checked all the balls AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #53
Do you have a link to back that up? onenote Jan 2015 #148
Obviously it isn't an issue with the NFL AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #149
That's not the same as saying that the league checked the Colts' footballs when the checked the Pats onenote Jan 2015 #151
It is looking like only the Patriots balls were deflated AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #166
Yep. We should know more. onenote Jan 2015 #173
I was at the game and I can tell you Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #57
Irrelevent AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #67
Enjoy the haterade Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #68
Right, it's 'hate' AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #71
Sorry, jealousy Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #74
Weird AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #75
No Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #77
Wait, the plot thickens! AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #81
Yes the Colts had their balls deflated in that game too Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #82
Haha Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #85
Yeah, sure they did AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #167
Colts were home team 4Q2u2 Jan 2015 #161
So cheating is acceptable AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #175
Ever Hear of Suck for Luck 4Q2u2 Jan 2015 #190
I agree with you but it seems that many of the good liberals here think cheating doesn't matter adigal Jan 2015 #40
I totally agree! gopiscrap Jan 2015 #87
No, but huge fines and take away draft picks. (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #8
That'll likely be the punishment FLPanhandle Jan 2015 #20
A fine and the loss of a draft pick after illegally spying didn't stop this mythology Jan 2015 #96
The Seahawks have one of the highest number of PED violations. BillZBubb Jan 2015 #104
How many have they had this season? opiate69 Jan 2015 #111
Absolutely not. PeteSelman Jan 2015 #9
Oh, come on. Orrex Jan 2015 #12
Well, That Quantifies It Perfectly ProfessorGAC Jan 2015 #145
If it is just whining AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #42
Because that's what some writers desperately hope to happen Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #52
Ah, that explains it AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #54
My mistake Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #58
The Pats are the most succesfful franchise over the past decade or so...because? Threedifferentones Jan 2015 #93
Aww Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #94
Ya, uh huh. Threedifferentones Jan 2015 #98
This makes my red, white and blue blood boil Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #99
"Caught cheating (other than PEDs) ZERO TIMES". Fucking classic! 11 Bravo Jan 2015 #107
Ya, the leader of the Pats should have resigned after getting caught the first time. Threedifferentones Jan 2015 #112
Yes... other than offering bounties for knocking players out of games (Saints), hughee99 Jan 2015 #153
New Orleans Saints, for paying their players to intentionally injure opposing team players Dont call me Shirley Jan 2015 #164
I Agree, Given The Pats History, This Should Be Investigated... Corey_Baker08 Jan 2015 #179
This all day d_b Jan 2015 #159
The NCAA should vacate their 110 victories Orrex Jan 2015 #10
Given the team's history sarisataka Jan 2015 #11
The definitive word on the subject KamaAina Jan 2015 #13
He sure is rabid - an example of moral relativism adigal Jan 2015 #47
No, but belicheck should be suspended for the game. cleanhippie Jan 2015 #15
He should be flat out banned. Initech Jan 2015 #56
I can't disagree. cleanhippie Jan 2015 #60
That doesn't go far enough Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #16
At a minimum, the Pats should forfeit a whole lot of draft picks. Paladin Jan 2015 #18
Can someone explain this to me... JackRiddler Jan 2015 #22
nope 12 per side plus x amount for special teams rbrnmw Jan 2015 #36
What? JackRiddler Jan 2015 #38
He is saying dsc Jan 2015 #106
I believe the Colts brought their own balls as is custom since 2005(?) Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #114
all the accounts I have read stated that the home team supplies all the balls dsc Jan 2015 #117
nope each team supplies 12 offense balls for their team. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #162
Each team supplies their own balls for offensive play. Balls for kickoffs are... MANative Jan 2015 #39
The home team supplies all the balls AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #70
The digest of the rules you cite is not the official rulebook onenote Jan 2015 #150
No, each team provides 12 balls for their offense to use. cleanhippie Jan 2015 #50
Gee, it's funny shenmue Jan 2015 #24
Why don't the ref's or NFL supply the balls? FLPanhandle Jan 2015 #25
Indeed. JackRiddler Jan 2015 #102
That was my question too. NaturalHigh Jan 2015 #119
I imagine it is an old policy and the NFL hates to change it to give the Refs even more power Johonny Jan 2015 #139
Absolutely not. At worst, they should be fined $275K and *possibly* lost a first round draft pick. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #27
The Ravens should play the Colts this weekend pintobean Jan 2015 #32
No we have no proof they did anything yet. Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #33
if you read the poll question correctly gopiscrap Jan 2015 #41
Oh oh if PROVEN .... Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #46
I vote no. nilesobek Jan 2015 #49
It's going to be a great game Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #63
Yeah it gives those shock jocks on ESPN radio something to talk about. nilesobek Jan 2015 #69
I'm thinking it's going to be a one score game Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #76
Lmao! RiffRandell Jan 2015 #142
I voted no benld74 Jan 2015 #62
It's too late to forfeit the game. dilby Jan 2015 #72
Those balls don't account for the Colts lousy performance with Pathwalker Jan 2015 #73
Couldn't have said it better Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #83
Actually they may. opiate69 Jan 2015 #86
The Colts had their own balls when they missed the field goals, Pathwalker Jan 2015 #91
Patriots still would have won, but that doesn't brendan120678 Jan 2015 #146
If proven true, they will be, according to NFL rules, Pathwalker Jan 2015 #156
"I Misinterpreted The Rules" The Great Escape Jan 2015 #92
Know as much about football as I know about golf and I don't even know which end you hold the caddy Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #97
The Scotts invented the game Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #101
The Scotts call themselves "Scots". nt truebluegreen Jan 2015 #180
No. That isn't a possible punishment and we have two "reports" underpants Jan 2015 #100
Does each side use only its own balls on offense? aint_no_life_nowhere Jan 2015 #109
Three sets of footbals: one set for Colts offense, one set for Patriots offense, one set for Kickers Iggo Jan 2015 #122
They should replay the game and the Patriots have to wear bread bags over their shoes! Sancho Jan 2015 #116
Thank you! That's the best answer yet!!! gopiscrap Jan 2015 #125
Pats are disgraced enough. no to forfeit. Denis 11 Jan 2015 #118
The refs should be banned from post season games for a season. aikoaiko Jan 2015 #120
Not until deflategate is proven to NOT be a false flag operation. Kaleva Jan 2015 #121
I don't like forfeit as a penalty jmowreader Jan 2015 #123
Yeah let's check every ball every game Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #126
Either that, or get away from this ironclad rule jmowreader Jan 2015 #141
Watch the owner say: gopiscrap Jan 2015 #128
I wonder why Rush Limbaugh hasn't said that already shenmue Jan 2015 #133
Not forfeit, but I suppose the league should... brendan120678 Jan 2015 #130
I agree Belicheck should be banned gopiscrap Jan 2015 #132
The only time they've banned is for gambling and... when someone got caught doing exactly what the Johonny Jan 2015 #136
Nah. hifiguy Jan 2015 #131
But it's still cheating if true gopiscrap Jan 2015 #135
Now you might see a rule change where the refs control game balls up to kick off... Johonny Jan 2015 #134
I do think this is a serious problem shenmue Jan 2015 #137
Replay the game in Iraq using a soccer ball. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #143
Pats haven't won a super bowl since spygate. LeftOfWest Jan 2015 #147
Whatasillyquestion! Stephen Retired Jan 2015 #155
At least their alleged crime isn't criminal, like a certain coach who paid his players to injure Dont call me Shirley Jan 2015 #157
who did that? gopiscrap Jan 2015 #171
"saints" 2012 Dont call me Shirley Jan 2015 #172
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jan 2015 #158
How though? Cancel the Superbowl? Reter Jan 2015 #163
Option 6: go out and see a movie on Sunday... brooklynite Jan 2015 #165
I don't really have an opinion Blue_In_AK Jan 2015 #169
Too late. It's past. Let the game begin! cheapdate Jan 2015 #170
Yes. Has me thinking, how much in common does this have with the Black Sox. closeupready Jan 2015 #174
folks in indiana are pretty pissed spanone Jan 2015 #176
This has to stop machI Jan 2015 #181
Cheating is rewarded by our society abelenkpe Jan 2015 #182
I'm missing something. Doesn't the other team use the same balol? n/t eridani Jan 2015 #183
Definitely, unquestionably YES. liberalhistorian Jan 2015 #184
They should be allowed to only use deflated balls Generic Brad Jan 2015 #186
By the time I get to Arizona Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #189
Preposterous suggestion oberliner Jan 2015 #191
Whoever voted "yes" is crazy taught_me_patience Jan 2015 #192
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