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Well, he's dead on the money about HuffPo being an uninformative source. msanthrope Jan 2015 #1
deflection bigtree Jan 2015 #4
Yes. Aerows Jan 2015 #68
OK, Pres, publish the damn document so we can get informed!! nt kelliekat44 Feb 2015 #464
And if it isn't "finalized" Aerows Feb 2015 #477
Has he explained how these Democrats are supposed to 'get informed' when they have been sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #11
Excellent point. whathehell Jan 2015 #30
Every single member of Congress has the right to review the TTP drafts. Some have taken the msanthrope Jan 2015 #48
They won't let Grayson in there to read it anymore 2naSalit Jan 2015 #55
Really--did Grayson ask and was formally denied or was this a rumor? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #58
Maybe you weren't in that particular loop? n/t Aerows Jan 2015 #113
Well, we know they have RIGHT, but we know, unless Wyden et al are all liars, they have been DENIED sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #62
Nonsense--Elizabeth Warren has been reading the drafts. You seem to be confused..... msanthrope Jan 2015 #65
The security procedures Aerows Jan 2015 #133
Right--they can't. Which is also standard procedure for many other pieces of legislation, like the msanthrope Jan 2015 #138
If a trade deal Aerows Jan 2015 #145
Aerows, can you name the other countries in this agreement? You think they might have security msanthrope Jan 2015 #152
Not sure I can, actually Aerows Jan 2015 #171
Um, Aerows....so secret that google has them? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #184
So every member of Congress has the right to see them under extraordinary MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #188
Walking to the Winder Building is not extraordinary, Manny. Finding out msanthrope Jan 2015 #190
So secret Aerows Jan 2015 #192
There isn't a final bill to review. And no....I'm really glad Ted Cruz's staffers can't review this msanthrope Jan 2015 #193
Oh Aerows Jan 2015 #199
It's a national security is because we've included other countries and nearly 500 outside sources msanthrope Jan 2015 #245
I see you offering Aerows Jan 2015 #248
Thank you, Aerows. I appreciate your well reasoned arguments in this thread. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #406
I've done my best Aerows Feb 2015 #481
I'm not, and I'm not glad Alan Grayson's Aerows Jan 2015 #206
"I'm really glad Ted Cruz's staffers can't review this" Joe Turner Jan 2015 #256
Elizabeth Warren was told that public opposition would be significant for the TPP if think Jan 2015 #235
Passing or not passing the TPP is a measure of our democracy. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #407
It's not my argument. You don't seem to know much about the history of this issue. The Congressional sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #300
There is today a world full of low wage workers even without the TPP. I do not think the intent of Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #309
Are you arguing then to make things WORSE? It is the job of our GOVERNMENT not of Global Corporatio sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #314
+1 treestar Jan 2015 #321
UNTRUE! The spoiled American consumer are at fault? Incredibly cheap food? Enthusiast Feb 2015 #410
If Elizabeth Warren would change her mind and decide to support the TPP, my support for her Enthusiast Feb 2015 #404
She's an important voice in this debate--one I listen too. The thing is, as I've written previously msanthrope Feb 2015 #488
I vote for snide remark intended to deflect....... SammyWinstonJack Jan 2015 #59
I guess they should read Aerows Jan 2015 #215
if this were a Republican President doing this exact thing, neverforget Jan 2015 #233
That has been our big mistake. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #411
These snide remarks just serve to piss me off more than I already am. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #403
Very condescending, as if members of Congress were children. Especially considering the YEARS during sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #438
Those in that DC bubble, Enthusiast Feb 2015 #439
I can understand bashing the Huff Aerows Jan 2015 #72
Every single member of Congress has access to the draft TPP. Some have taken the time to read msanthrope Jan 2015 #76
You sound awfully informed on this one Aerows Jan 2015 #85
Well, shit, Aerows....I learned that from DU..... msanthrope Jan 2015 #101
Do you have a financial adviser? n/t Aerows Jan 2015 #107
I do pretty well on my own--I tell my broker what to do. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #109
Because you have all of the relevant information Aerows Jan 2015 #111
I don't have a financial adviser, Aerows. And I index. If I could turn prospecti into toilet paper msanthrope Jan 2015 #119
Honestly, I wouldn't be so self-assured to do without professional expertise Aerows Jan 2015 #127
Well, Aerows, sometimes ya' just gotta bet it all on red.... msanthrope Jan 2015 #130
Wow Aerows Jan 2015 #136
fast track means limited debate and zero amendments on a bill already signed by the President bigtree Jan 2015 #150
Yes--I've already said I think no amendments is a feature, not a bug on fast track. msanthrope Jan 2015 #153
Definite bug Aerows Jan 2015 #157
Do we really want the Republicans to have the ability to amend? msanthrope Jan 2015 #160
We shouldn't be having it at all, then Aerows Jan 2015 #172
+100 ND-Dem Feb 2015 #460
in support of fast-track you are blocking Democrats from influencing this trade pact bigtree Jan 2015 #175
I don't think the Democrats have the numbers to cloture amendments that would benefit. You forget.. msanthrope Jan 2015 #191
you have no way of knowing what amendments would prevail bigtree Jan 2015 #196
To block Republican amendments--yes. What amendment do you possibly see msanthrope Jan 2015 #197
but you don't really want any amendments bigtree Jan 2015 #198
Again...have you a TPP amendment that would get cloture? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #241
If not Aerows Jan 2015 #252
the entire process is anti-democratic bigtree Jan 2015 #257
You absolutely Aerows Jan 2015 #299
+100 ND-Dem Feb 2015 #462
you're claiming, on one hand, that Congress has a right to review - on the other you dismiss them bigtree Jan 2015 #162
Yes--our Democratic legislators do have the right to negotiate, and have. msanthrope Jan 2015 #180
just 'review' a draft, not the final language; not so with numerous corporate representatives bigtree Jan 2015 #189
Well....I can't fix Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2...can you? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #242
I can fix this quandry Aerows Jan 2015 #254
Lol, so in your opinion, this is how democracy works. Foreign Corporatins, NOT out Legislative Body, sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #492
My dear, you must take it up with the forefathers who wrote Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2. nt msanthrope Feb 2015 #495
The forefathers are dead. They would roll over in their graves, if they were to visit the country sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #499
It really puzzles me Aerows Jan 2015 #159
So you are betting on Red huh? Caretha Jan 2015 #284
Some sharing of the final draft with the public is overdue. I suppose there is a legal constraint if Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #128
They don't have a final. The drafts are available to every member of Congress, though. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #132
But they can't take notes Aerows Jan 2015 #250
The final draft isn't negotiated yet, so it can't be "shared" (nt) Recursion Jan 2015 #276
In Reply 101, you cite as authoritative the source you dissed in Reply 1 as uninformative. merrily Jan 2015 #149
No--merely noting that it was used on DU. I suspect that even HuffPo can transcribe msanthrope Jan 2015 #155
Not exactly. Aerows asked you the source of your info and, as reply to Aerow's inquiry, you merrily Jan 2015 #173
Ta Da! annabanana Jan 2015 #158
Thank you. merrily Jan 2015 #174
Shame on you for actually being informed about the topic you're discussing!!... SidDithers Jan 2015 #202
Did you catch the part where Google is keeping secret the names of the other signatories? msanthrope Jan 2015 #243
The political naïveté on this board is sometimes stupefying... SidDithers Jan 2015 #244
Well..FDL tells them there's a problem, so there must be one. Funny...no one wants msanthrope Jan 2015 #246
No, they don't. Link to text. grahamhgreen Jan 2015 #322
I'm glad he told us that. Savannahmann Jan 2015 #118
Perfect (nt) malokvale77 Jan 2015 #230
Here is a bald fact. Aerows Jan 2015 #120
That's shocking. JackRiddler Jan 2015 #310
I don't consider it "access" Aerows Jan 2015 #353
Look here, Bub, if your Rep or Senator doesn't have a photographic memory it is on you TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #361
To quote Homer Simpson Aerows Jan 2015 #363
Pffft! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #412
Some things you only share with the general public, not loved ones FrodosPet Jan 2015 #147
Ad Hominem. FAIL. grahamhgreen Jan 2015 #318
What do you do for a living? How will this costly trade deal benefit you? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #445
I love when POTUS tells it like it is. Ykcutnek Jan 2015 #2
Did he tell those Democrats HOW they can inform themselves considering they have been DENIED sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #14
They seem to know a lot about something that is so secret. Ykcutnek Jan 2015 #15
There have been leaks, damn whistle blowers again, and we know some of what is in there, relating sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #18
Yes, If the TPP is so great, why has it been kept SECRET for years? n/t whathehell Jan 2015 #33
lots of negotiations sabbat hunter Jan 2015 #200
Exactly. Aerows Jan 2015 #227
Every member of Congress can see it--they merely have to abide by the security procedures. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #51
Yes, and several of those that have seen it (can't take notes 'natch) have... stillwaiting Jan 2015 #54
And I think we should listen to all voices---and thanks for confirming my point-- msanthrope Jan 2015 #61
As I replied before Aerows Jan 2015 #75
I don't know everything about it--but I do know who has access to it---every member of Congress, msanthrope Jan 2015 #80
And I can see why. Aerows Jan 2015 #97
Why do you think the committees have no access to experts? msanthrope Jan 2015 #104
This troubles me Aerows Jan 2015 #139
Right--and when you deal with 12 odd countries, that's how things work. Jeebus, they can take a msanthrope Jan 2015 #148
But there are SEVERE and frankly undemocratic restrictions. stillwaiting Jan 2015 #77
Oh, lordy....those restrictions have to do with the nature of the very democratic Congress and the msanthrope Jan 2015 #87
As I have said previously on DU this Agreement apparently includes quite a bit that goes well above stillwaiting Jan 2015 #116
What goes above is national security issues, which makes the secrecy all the more msanthrope Jan 2015 #129
Krugman changed his tune a bit a few days ago. From his blog... stillwaiting Jan 2015 #134
Oh--I agree with Krugman. We should have strong suspicions. But we shouldn't panic and lose our msanthrope Jan 2015 #142
You have strong suspicions but you are for Fast Track? nt stillwaiting Jan 2015 #144
Yes--I don't want Repuke amendments. Straight up and down. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #156
LOL You're worried about "repuke" amendments? Oilwellian Jan 2015 #179
+100 ND-Dem Feb 2015 #463
+100000 Beyond funny. woo me with science Feb 2015 #498
Who, commenting on the TPP, has actually read the text of it? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #112
Who at DU or who in Congress? merrily Jan 2015 #224
What bullshit. JackRiddler Jan 2015 #372
Tell me you are being sarcastic? He tells people to get smart on an agreement that rhett o rick Jan 2015 #31
Oh, that is so true. malthaussen Jan 2015 #42
Yes I agree. Sadly people are so desperate they will believe rhetoric. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #46
Every single member of Congress has the right to review the draft TPP. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #63
It's all being done at the command of the Oligarch Rulers, rick... SidDithers Jan 2015 #221
Hi Sid. Good to see you. You seem to pop in to comment on my posts. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #237
Sid, do you side with Code Pink or Dipshit McCain? nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #249
... Enthusiast Feb 2015 #414
They're not? Enthusiast Feb 2015 #413
I'm sure your Prime Minister and parliament are interested in your feedback and support. TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #501
Oh we can use that ol lightning fast freedom of information thingy...with no redaction's too. L0oniX Jan 2015 #289
Yep rhett o rick Jan 2015 #290
Then you should have a frowning face lark Jan 2015 #79
^^This^^ truebrit71 Jan 2015 #163
PLUS ONE, a huge bunch! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #415
What do you do for a living? How will this costly trade deal benefit you? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #447
Ya know, I'm getting real tired of hearing about dry powder. malthaussen Jan 2015 #3
One thing I've learned about President Obama madokie Jan 2015 #26
Exactly...I like the guy personally, voted for him 5 times (1x for Senator) whathehell Jan 2015 #36
Playing dumb is no longer effective? I'm with you, malthaussen. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #416
In that what he said to me is madokie Jan 2015 #5
I think what we've been privy to doesn't measure up to the billing bigtree Jan 2015 #8
From what I see madokie Jan 2015 #34
What? Alan Greyson has begged for a copy. It's not available to Congress. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #50
I haven't even heard from Grayson in a while madokie Jan 2015 #57
Every single congressperson has access to the drafts. Not all of them have staff access msanthrope Jan 2015 #67
Anything this big and far reaching has to be debated Joe Turner Jan 2015 #280
Trust you and your nose about what? Sounds folksy but I'm not clear on what the point is. TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #446
Nonsense....Alan Grayson, like every single member of Congress, has the right to review msanthrope Jan 2015 #64
well, not in this case. Sen Sanders said members "have little or no knowledge as to what is in it,’ bigtree Jan 2015 #78
Much of this is still in draft madokie Jan 2015 #123
I'd be very concerned about the republican majority and corporate-minded Dems passing fast-track bigtree Jan 2015 #143
Hey, Jan, I've got news for you. It will remain unacceptable. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #417
This message was self-deleted by its author Enthusiast Feb 2015 #418
What do you do for a living? How will this costly trade deal benefit you? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #448
What difference does that make madokie Feb 2015 #455
Deflection. One can only guess what motivates your position. How wi the trade deal benefit you, your grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #491
I agree with him completely. He has done nothing to think he's selling us down the river. Hoyt Jan 2015 #6
I know right!? No banker deserved to go to jail Phlem Jan 2015 #9
You mean like Ron Wyden? So 'just trust us' is good enough for the Trade Committee sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #23
In other words, since he has done nothing to explain how this will help the 99%, rhett o rick Jan 2015 #38
Hopefully any agreement will set the stage for trade in the 21st Century. I hope we are a major Hoyt Jan 2015 #56
More happy trade talk to put lipstick on pig. Elwood P Dowd Jan 2015 #81
Blind faith is not a trait of the Left. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #82
Blind fear of Obama seems to be, though. Hoyt Jan 2015 #99
so now Bernie Sanders is just like Chicken Little? frylock Jan 2015 #204
None on the Left "fear" Obama, they just want him to be accountable as any rhett o rick Jan 2015 #216
He's been accountable, but never good enough for some. Hoyt Jan 2015 #222
When we find ourselves with millions of our children living in poverty, it isn't good enough rhett o rick Jan 2015 #226
Candidate Obama said that he saw the damage done by NAFTA. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #325
Those that support the President will not speak to facts only tell us to have Faith. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #326
I used to have great faith in the President. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #336
Canada and Mexico are part of the deal -- that would change/replace NAFTA. He's crafty ain't he. Hoyt Jan 2015 #337
Tax the hell out of them? Enthusiast Jan 2015 #342
Is that all you have to post. What about fact you totally missed that TPP IS REDOING NAFTA? Hoyt Jan 2015 #343
The NAFTA provisions will probably get worse. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #347
Why do you think that? I agree things aren't as well as they were a few decades ago, but it Hoyt Jan 2015 #348
It is because of NAFTA. NAFTA contributed to the Race to the Bottom. If the President continues Enthusiast Feb 2015 #401
I think NAFTA was more trying to preserve what we had and slow your so-called "race to the bottom." Hoyt Feb 2015 #440
I would believe what I want rather than what the corporations wish me to believe. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #441
and there sure is a surplus of lackeys ND-Dem Feb 2015 #465
It must pay well. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #474
I'm quite sure it does for many; especially the lawyers and TV commentators. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #476
But we should have blind faith in treestar Jan 2015 #323
And if it's not a great deal, we can always blame it on someone else. merrily Jan 2015 #217
Not participating in the trade agreement, at this point, gets us nowhere. Hoyt Jan 2015 #223
And you know that how? You also don't know where participating will get us. merrily Jan 2015 #225
Well, I am sure letting the world pass us by -- by sitting on the sidelines -- won't help us. Hoyt Jan 2015 #339
With the working class of the US as martyrs to global capitalism Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #349
Doing nothing won't help, sorry. Plus, there are working class people in other countries too. Hoyt Jan 2015 #351
Doing nothing is better than doing something bad Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #358
yes; let's all work for peanuts together! ND-Dem Feb 2015 #466
The TPP would raise standards, but I get a lot of folks don't care about that. Hoyt Feb 2015 #472
Right, that's why wages & benefits are going down; because free trade raises standards! ND-Dem Feb 2015 #473
Not because of trade agreements. Hoyt Feb 2015 #482
why then ND-Dem Feb 2015 #483
When will he stand up for US workers and against the interests of multinational corporations? Enthusiast Feb 2015 #420
What do you do for a living? How will this costly trade deal benefit you? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #449
I believe Obama. End of rant. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #7
He's certainly more credible than the quacks who are spreading TPP disinformation. Ykcutnek Jan 2015 #10
Who are these "quacks" who are spreading TPP Disinfo? KoKo Jan 2015 #17
The various Anti-TPP sites list them as endorsements. Ykcutnek Jan 2015 #20
vs the reactionary neo liberal posters that support this shit Ichingcarpenter Jan 2015 #37
I'm with you and Grayson and Sanders and Warren. merrily Jan 2015 #231
+1 Enthusiast Feb 2015 #421
So you can't back up your statement? How do you know that the information they are spreading rhett o rick Jan 2015 #45
"Blind faith isn't Democratic." Should be written in stone. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #422
it should be a simple task to cite a few examples frylock Jan 2015 #205
Well, I would not call MannyGoldstein a "quack", but he did make a very serious mistake msanthrope Jan 2015 #69
I have no problems blaming him. If he's spreading that disinformation BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #110
I'm willing to get all het up about the TPP, once I get some accurate information about what I msanthrope Jan 2015 #115
Ron Wyden is a 'quack'? All those Dems on the Trade Committee are 'quacks'? When did Democratic sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #29
All the outrage over secret negotiations over trade where liberals are well represented but not quite so much Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #74
The TPP is way more that trade. It's about corporate domination. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #84
Like I said, I trust Obama, that includes more than anonymous comments on the Internet. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #94
This message was self-deleted by its author rhett o rick Jan 2015 #100
.. frylock Jan 2015 #207
But they object to the term 'authoritarian'. Marr Feb 2015 #471
Ron Wyden is not anonymous, neither are Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson among so many sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #292
So, to be clear your position is that Ron Wyden is an internet crank because that TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #332
i doubt few of the posters pushing tpp do it because of childish devotion to politicians. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #468
I'm not following you. We are talking in this thread about the secret agreement being crafted by sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #295
I was not aware that Congress was being illegally denied access to draft accords or documents. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #307
This is waaaaay more than a mere "trade agreement". And the warrior for the lower rhett o rick Jan 2015 #315
Liberals were "well represented" by who exactly and to what extent? TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #453
Tell us more about those "quacks" with organized crime. madfloridian Jan 2015 #96
But then again, they do know a thing or two about organized crime. malokvale77 Jan 2015 #232
Obama never lied? 840high Jan 2015 #285
Me too fadedrose Jan 2015 #53
I trust Obama. End of another rant. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #70
So do I. BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #124
My full faith and trust also. Evidence to the contrary does not yet exist to change my mind. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #126
Did you believe him when he said: rhett o rick Jan 2015 #92
I believe this part: fadedrose Jan 2015 #258
But he isn't doing what he said he believed in. He isn't trying to make this process more rhett o rick Feb 2015 #486
Which Obama do you believe? rhett o rick Jan 2015 #89
Please see both my rants on the thread. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #93
Do you say anything substantive or just tell us that you blindly trust Pres Obama? nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #291
Added to Ignore list. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #306
Sorry to hear that. I was hoping you'd share with us some good reason to support the TPP. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #313
This message was self-deleted by its author neverforget Jan 2015 #383
they don't have a good reason and they can't argue the point on its merits ND-Dem Feb 2015 #469
He has effectively asserted that he will engage in "double think" if required TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #502
I understand the need in some to "just go along" w/o thinking. In these trying times it is rhett o rick Feb 2015 #505
You are better than me, all I get is "I'm a witless nodding machine". TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #506
Too vague to interpret . . . fadedrose Jan 2015 #260
The US negotiating position will require Vietnam et. al. to raise their minimum wage Recursion Jan 2015 #278
You totally avoided the question. Did you believe Obama in 2008 or rhett o rick Jan 2015 #293
Well, since as I pointed out he's not "saying the opposite" I can't answer your question Recursion Jan 2015 #294
That is exactly why we lose treestar Jan 2015 #328
What do you do for a living? How will this costly trade deal benefit you? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #450
People have tried to 'get informed' but the current version of the TPP isn't readily available. n/t PoliticAverse Jan 2015 #12
Wikileaks got hold of a chunk of it and "Public Citizen" and other Groups lawyers KoKo Jan 2015 #66
I suppose "they" think Moyers is a quack, too. grasswire Jan 2015 #186
anyone who dare speaketh against Him is a quack.. frylock Jan 2015 #208
Yes I agree. nm rhett o rick Feb 2015 #458
... Enthusiast Feb 2015 #423
They are always looking out for us.. sendero Jan 2015 #13
I am sure Obama genuinely believes the TPP will be good for America. I don't know if he's right. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #16
That's how I feel too. Hoyt Jan 2015 #19
Excuse me but he 'can't let our current Congress negotiate details'. Are they not the sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #39
Excuse me, I'm talking about during negotiations to get a final agreement that would be presented Hoyt Jan 2015 #43
They cannot "negotiate" a damned thing with Fast Track. NO REVISIONS. djean111 Jan 2015 #161
Obama does not have Fast-Track authority and he's unlikely to get it. In any event, Hoyt Jan 2015 #178
"The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About..Moyers & Company" --Dean Baker/Yves Smith KoKo Jan 2015 #267
Notice that everything they say is "COULD" do this or that. Hoyt Jan 2015 #298
You said it! :) raindaddy Jan 2015 #137
TPP Explained....Interactive Links at "Public Citizen" KoKo Jan 2015 #22
Like I said, uninformed opinion is heavily against it. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #25
The track record of previous 'free trade agreements' has been horrible Maedhros Jan 2015 #32
Well, I may be stupid and you may be much smarter than I am, so could 'analyze' the part sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #44
crickets. Octafish Jan 2015 #95
Aw, you are very kind, Octafish. But there are a whole lot of people who I'm sure, would disagree. sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #287
Well, they don't know what they're talking about... Octafish Jan 2015 #304
How about Clinton's Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich? "Why the TPP is a Pending Disaster" KoKo Jan 2015 #60
All I can say is that, unlike the last link, he's not obviously a crank. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #86
Well, then, it's a good opportunity to go back to "Public Citizens'" Link and inform yourself... KoKo Jan 2015 #103
Professional activists, or professional trade economists? Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #114
The professional trade economists are cheerleaders for the race to the bottom. Elwood P Dowd Jan 2015 #140
Huge plus one. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #333
I disagree with your assumption that we are all knaves, Maedhros Jan 2015 #253
I think you need to reread. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #264
Nah, you're chiding us as naysayers because we have concerns based upon Maedhros Jan 2015 #301
Not "have concerns". "Are certain this is a bad thing". Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #303
What is logically wrong with "I think this is a bad thing, based on past experience these things TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #354
Well put Populist_Prole Feb 2015 #507
Yup, given enough opportunities real mistakes would on occasion benefit workers TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #509
There has been adequate analysis by learned individuals from a number of disciplines. Maedhros Feb 2015 #480
What you have done is limited your acceptable inputs to a group that is chock full TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #503
Public Citizen is a crank oufit now? Yeah, according to the US CoC. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #475
I think if it's soley about trade and economics, it's a matter of scholarship on some levels bigtree Jan 2015 #28
Only a highly-trained specialist can understand the TPP? Enthusiast Feb 2015 #424
for what part of 'america'? ND-Dem Feb 2015 #470
Don't make a 'case'. Publish every last bit of the TPP a year in advance and let us decide on point Jan 2015 #21
You will never see that. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #425
'There is no red state or blue state just the United Corporate neo Liberalism states of america Ichingcarpenter Jan 2015 #24
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #426
If the TPP will be so beneficial to American workers, Maedhros Jan 2015 #27
Good suggestion. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #427
If it was beneficial, they would want us to read it. grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #451
"Get informed, not by reading the Huffington Post..." but by reading...what, exactly? Iggo Jan 2015 #35
By reading Rt.com ... obnoxiousdrunk Jan 2015 #47
The TPP drafts are available to every member of Congress. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #52
WHEN were they made available?? For years Congress has been denied access and have relied on leaks sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #311
OK. How about the details of the negotiations so far and future negotiations in public? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #40
Perfectly well said. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #428
I'd love to. Publish the TPP treaty so I can read it. (nt) jeff47 Jan 2015 #41
I suspect we will see it when it's done. Right now, every member of Congress has access to the msanthrope Jan 2015 #71
you'll see it when it's done. isn't that reassuring? good to know the masters watch over us. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #478
OK, so inform us Mr. President. progressoid Jan 2015 #49
Every single member of Congress has access to the drafts. We see it when the drafting is done. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #108
Are you saying that KMOD Jan 2015 #176
Yes. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #182
Yes. Congresspeople can read it. Sanders is complaining that his staff can't read it (yet) Recursion Jan 2015 #277
Can I ask you something, KMOD Jan 2015 #279
Fast Track means they have to give it an up or down vote as it stands Recursion Jan 2015 #281
ahh, I think I understand it now. KMOD Jan 2015 #282
I *think* it also precludes a filibuster, but I'm not entirely clear on that Recursion Jan 2015 #283
Fine Mr. President, then explain why the Huffington Post is wrong. Dawgs Jan 2015 #73
Did you know over 50 million US households watch RT? zappaman Jan 2015 #83
Did you believe him when he said: rhett o rick Jan 2015 #98
FOAM THE RUNWAY! Octafish Jan 2015 #88
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #429
What a con man President Obama SamKnause Jan 2015 #90
All Obama voters should be in the streets! WDIM Jan 2015 #209
I agree 100%. SamKnause Jan 2015 #210
+1 Enthusiast Feb 2015 #431
+1 Enthusiast Feb 2015 #430
"We share same values and are looking out for the same people" Then why so secretive?? madfloridian Jan 2015 #91
Apparently folks know all about it, and what it does -- notwithstanding, it's far from complete. Hoyt Jan 2015 #102
Obama calls critics of TPP secrecy 'Conspiracy Theorists' Octafish Jan 2015 #105
goggle Ghana and recyle your compute Ichingcarpenter Jan 2015 #117
I missed that.......thanks for posting... KoKo Jan 2015 #122
Huffington Post is as reliable as any of the TV MSM or print media for that matter. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #341
cass sunstein is a horrible person TimeToEvolve Jan 2015 #154
..... madfloridian Jan 2015 #167
The few articles there are Aerows Jan 2015 #302
My opinion of Cass Sunstein?? From 2008 He said keep harmony protect Bush. BS madfloridian Jan 2015 #164
Don Siegelman says "give me a break." Octafish Jan 2015 #220
Pointing and shouting "Conspiracy Theorists" is a favorite tactic of those that don't believe in rhett o rick Jan 2015 #316
Exactly. Aerows Jan 2015 #352
Exactly, because we all know there never are any conspiracies in Washington DC politics. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #356
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #432
You'll see it when it's done. In the meantime, every single member of Congress has access to the msanthrope Jan 2015 #106
TPP will affect our lives worse than NAFTA. We have a need to know. madfloridian Jan 2015 #169
Sure---and we will know--when we have a trade agreement. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #195
That's not acceptable, but then TPTB don't care what we think. madfloridian Jan 2015 #211
Let me know when you want to amend Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #247
The Republicans in Congress that favor the TPP clearly are looking out for the same people that... stillwaiting Jan 2015 #141
They need more than access to a "draft" ThoughtCriminal Jan 2015 #121
Among the people who have covered the TPP for Huffington Post are Lori Wallach and Robert Reich. pa28 Jan 2015 #125
Me too! raindaddy Jan 2015 #135
+1 Enthusiast Feb 2015 #433
Instead listen to the Republicans.... raindaddy Jan 2015 #131
Huffpo has published info from Grayson and others re: TPP. So, I guess Huffpo had to go under the merrily Jan 2015 #146
what's a better source? Enrique Jan 2015 #151
there you have it folks: transparency Skittles Jan 2015 #165
and don't forget: every member congress is allowed to read it... KG Jan 2015 #185
I will follow Sen. Sanders on this Omaha Steve Jan 2015 #166
I'm still trying to find out more about it. KMOD Jan 2015 #177
So how many "trade pacts" or "free trade agreements", have really benefited all of America? SoapBox Jan 2015 #168
It's a tabloid, not a news source, and Arianna is staunchly Republican. closeupready Jan 2015 #170
sure, they publish stuff from folks like this guy bigtree Jan 2015 #181
LOL Oilwellian Jan 2015 #234
Pres. Obama tells Dems, on TTP: "Get informed, not by reading the Huffington Post" The CCC Jan 2015 #183
"keep our powder dry"? what is this, 2007? are they no longer able to come up with new ways to say MisterP Jan 2015 #187
Kudos. That's some nice writing. I especially like this one: merrily Jan 2015 #219
Nice rant of the truth Ichingcarpenter Jan 2015 #229
again, the goal's not to convince anyone, or even to stay in charge of the terms of discourse MisterP Jan 2015 #238
Its rather obvious for us that are independent thinkers and independent researchers. Ichingcarpenter Jan 2015 #240
+10000000 Propaganda of a corrupt government woo me with science Jan 2015 #308
Love your post! Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #345
+100 ND-Dem Feb 2015 #485
oh, and just in cased you missed it: Every member of Congress can see it. KG Jan 2015 #194
Do you know how recently that happened? Because there had been complaints about secrecy. merrily Jan 2015 #228
I think he was being a bit sarcastic Oilwellian Jan 2015 #236
Thanks. On my part, though, it was a serious question. If anyone knows, I'd merrily Jan 2015 #297
I missed that. Do you have a link? nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #317
Sorry, Mr. President, but still no sale. Brigid Jan 2015 #201
another nafta coming with the new disaster. WDIM Jan 2015 #203
"The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About.. Bill Moyers & Company" KoKo Jan 2015 #266
This should be an OP. n/t winter is coming Jan 2015 #273
Thanks for posting. K&R. JEB Jan 2015 #275
An old friend of mine is a UAW auto worker - I asked for her thoughts. closeupready Jan 2015 #212
I stand with Bernie... AzDar Jan 2015 #213
Few things to add Aerows Jan 2015 #214
Her, Grayson and Sanders. merrily Jan 2015 #218
We are supposed to just shut up and cheer, though Aerows Jan 2015 #255
Wait. You haven't been going under the bus to read Huffpo, have you? merrily Jan 2015 #296
Our senators and reps need to get informed that we oppose this StopTheTPP Jan 2015 #239
exactly right, StopTheTPP bigtree Jan 2015 #251
+ 330 million nationalize the fed Jan 2015 #261
"Betrayal of democracy" JEB Jan 2015 #271
The State Dept website currently returns 805 docs for "Trans-Pacific Partnership" ucrdem Jan 2015 #259
You say 805 docs are available and from your "It doesn't take a lot of reading" you believe rhett o rick Jan 2015 #324
Yep and note the treestar Jan 2015 #331
I think few Congressfolk have read the 802 documents, they are very busy taking sides. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #334
Then you shouldn't be afraid to let us know the details. alarimer Jan 2015 #262
start here: ucrdem Jan 2015 #263
Part of the revolving door propoganda mill. JEB Jan 2015 #268
At this point I trust the administration more than the pundits. ucrdem Jan 2015 #269
I don't trust any of the parties involved JEB Jan 2015 #270
Yes, I understand that point of view. But I think this is a different kind of deal. ucrdem Jan 2015 #272
I do not trust corporate lobbiests and negotiators JEB Jan 2015 #274
YGBFSM Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #340
I would ask one of the Beltway pundits if they have read through the American objectives of the TPP? Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #344
Those are "objectives" they mean nothing. Zero. Zilch. Tell me what the document rhett o rick Feb 2015 #459
One more straw on the almost broken backs JEB Jan 2015 #265
+1 840high Jan 2015 #286
+1000 Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #330
...by using that ol speedy freedom of information thingy. L0oniX Jan 2015 #288
Well we could GET informed if they would release the text of the agreement. Very shitty tactic Autumn Jan 2015 #305
Then why don't you inform us Mr President? classykaren Jan 2015 #312
This thread provides a great example of the split in the Democratic Party. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #319
You stated it perfectly Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #329
This thread provides a great example of a few things, but not what you're talking about. Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #350
It would be swell if the Democratic Party was united and Progressive. But the reality rhett o rick Jan 2015 #355
None of which is especially responsive to what I said. Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #366
The reality is that you don't know what you're talking about. NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #374
Do you think that kind of talk intimidates me? rhett o rick Jan 2015 #376
Apparently the facts don't intimidate you ... NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #382
You've never bothered with expressing any facts. Let me know when you wish to discuss rhett o rick Jan 2015 #389
Cool. NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #392
This isn't about me. I accept your derision. But do you think that Sen Sanders rhett o rick Jan 2015 #377
So you take Sanders' word for everything ... NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #380
Excellent post. Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #360
I have a huge problem Aerows Jan 2015 #362
As I said to rhett Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #367
Fantastic. Aerows Jan 2015 #368
I'm very pleased to hear that. n/t Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #369
"Wait and see" and "we'll fix it later" are the political versions of the "four corners" offense in TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #456
don't worry bigtree Feb 2015 #461
Ha! Nothing new under the sun in this area. TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #500
I'm bookmarking that to read it a 3rd time. Excellent post. Hoyt Jan 2015 #365
Why would Democrats and Republicans alike (as you admit) push harmful policies like this? TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #371
Rather than state facts, he attacks the press. FAIL. grahamhgreen Jan 2015 #320
So far no one that supports the TPP has argued with facts. They expect Blind Faith. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #327
Your own words ... NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #370
My arguments are that we shouldn't ram this thru w/o knowing what the impact will be. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #373
"Pres Obama says "get smart" about the agreement ... NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #378
Funny how you attack me but don't commit yourself on issues. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #379
What the hell THAT was all about ... NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #381
cool table? bigtree Jan 2015 #386
A few corrections ... NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #391
okay, sure bigtree Feb 2015 #393
It is an easy thing ... NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #394
thing is, Nance bigtree Feb 2015 #396
I agree with you wholeheartedly ... NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #397
why are we still up at this hour? bigtree Feb 2015 #398
I dunno. NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #399
At a minimum, you are for secret laws, we're against them. grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #490
Ah, yes ... NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #493
The majority of We The People:) grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #494
Firstly ... NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #497
The TPP is a secret set of laws unavailable to the American public, we can agree? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #504
Nope. NanceGreggs Feb 2015 #508
Brings me back to - what do you do for a living? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #510
PLUS ONE, a huge bunch! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #402
It's a bad sign. I also see this organized DU push back against criticism as a bad sign. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #346
Yes, the think tank paid posters are here in force. grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #395
They will not change my opinion. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #400
^^^Yep. RiverLover Feb 2015 #409
^^^Unintentional irony Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #437
Indeed. Those who want what's best for the country that also happen to be Democratic policies RiverLover Feb 2015 #442
No conservative here Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #443
I know intentional deflection when I see it. RiverLover Feb 2015 #444
Indeed. Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #452
Absolutely! Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #436
Where would you like us to read about a secret agreement, Mr President? lumberjack_jeff Jan 2015 #335
This is the outline for labor and full site available at the link: Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #338
This offers zero assurances of any kind of protection. It's rhetoric at it's finest. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #359
Well, the parallel system in NAFTA has allowed US and Canadian unions to sue Mexico dozens of times Recursion Jan 2015 #385
And your point is that you support NAFTA and the TPP? rhett o rick Jan 2015 #387
As I've answered to you multiple times Recursion Jan 2015 #388
This goes beyond workers' rights. This allows corporations to sue countries if djean111 Feb 2015 #408
PLUS ONE, a huge bunch! You win! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #434
Yes, we should listen to his bullshit projections about 650,000 new jobs instead. Vattel Jan 2015 #357
650,000 new ones created in exports, 10-fold that lost in imports Populist_Prole Jan 2015 #364
Obama does not like the Internet. WinkyDink Jan 2015 #375
How are we supposed to do that? davidthegnome Jan 2015 #384
Why informed? It's easier to be blissfully ignorant while spouting crap like Obama's legacy is dead. great white snark Feb 2015 #390
Aren't those that refuse to try to learn what's going on but content to trust Obama and the rhett o rick Feb 2015 #467
I wonder if Fox will have coverage of the TPP he approves of? RiverLover Feb 2015 #405
"they won't support any new trade deal b/4 the admin. can demonstrate that the result will riversedge Feb 2015 #419
There will be higher wages but 82% fewer jobs available. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #435
K&R for Much Needed Attention.. and just want to say... 2banon Feb 2015 #454
How can we get informed about something that is delibertately being kept secret? Man from Pickens Feb 2015 #457
As stated at least 20 times already-every member of congress has access to any and all drafts. great white snark Feb 2015 #479
and the public? Man from Pickens Feb 2015 #484
Untrue. The actual text of the agreement is under lock & key. RiverLover Feb 2015 #487
Huff Post is a news source? Generic Brad Feb 2015 #489
Sigh "...according to a source in the closed-door session....." uponit7771 Feb 2015 #496
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