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196. I can understand folks with "mixed feelings" about Snowden, who at least acknowledge...
Thu Feb 5, 2015, 10:11 PM
Feb 2015

...How frikkin' indispensable the disclosures are to a so-called "free-society".

Nobody has to LIKE Snowden.

But what he DID, he did for The People (against scary, vengeful elites, with the full-force of corporate media on their side).

I guess some folks just can't think of the world in such complex terms,
and need everything to be black or white.
Then, they know for sure.

Greenwald. LOL...nt SidDithers Feb 2015 #1
Ha elias49 Feb 2015 #16
Report Indicates Snowden/Greenwald Lied About Key Claims uhnope Feb 2015 #172
So you won't be coming back? OK. elias49 Feb 2015 #178
? uhnope Feb 2015 #179
RT, Thom hartmann and Amy Goodman aren't over. navarth Feb 2015 #181
Dithers. LOL... whatchamacallit Feb 2015 #39
Bit of a one trick pony, isn't he...nt bahrbearian Feb 2015 #42
Indeed! nt City Lights Feb 2015 #72
I stoled that from Sid bahrbearian Feb 2015 #87
Lol, good one. That thread didn't go so well, did it? Try as they might, most people very much sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #119
I hate to break this to you leftynyc Feb 2015 #133
"He's a narcissistic twit" Helen Borg Feb 2015 #136
Why yes, I do leftynyc Feb 2015 #141
... Estevan Feb 2015 #158
Most people I know, know who he is. I don't think he has anything to worry about there. However he sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #201
He's STILL leftynyc Feb 2015 #203
You're very worried about him. Why, if he's so insignificant? He's a Pulitzer Prize winning sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #213
You really do live in a fantasy leftynyc Feb 2015 #214
Curious, why are you so obsessed with Greenwald? You've expressed your disdain countless times.. 2banon Feb 2015 #205
Obsessed? leftynyc Feb 2015 #206
Hero Worship? Nahh... 2banon Feb 2015 #209
If Greenwald wasn't a one trick pony leftynyc Feb 2015 #210
If any of that were true, you'd have a point! sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #216
U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! 2banon Feb 2015 #220
+1,000,000 lark Feb 2015 #171
+1,000,000,000 LiberalLovinLug Feb 2015 #185
You are so right, about people who must be sitting around all day waiting for threads that sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #197
Just sour grapes from jealous competitors no doubt, not getting enough or any attention - 2banon Feb 2015 #207
Haha! City Lights Feb 2015 #148
And totally effective!!! Major Hogwash Feb 2015 #82
Very Effective, Before his post 0 Recs ,after his post 122> Recs bahrbearian Feb 2015 #88
Sid is a first responder. Major Hogwash Feb 2015 #91
This message was self-deleted by its author 840high Feb 2015 #90
Lol! sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #106
Ad Hominem FAIL. Again. grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #85
Oh! MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #104
Ha! Exactly. nt raouldukelives Feb 2015 #152
Did you agree with Greenwald when he attacked Warren for her statements on Israel/Gaza Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #2
I'm not sure - it did make me think about it though. nt MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #5
I like Greewald, but don't always agree with him. I don't always agree with Sen Warren rhett o rick Feb 2015 #11
Are you and Manny Siamese twins? I asked him a question and suddenly it's 'we'? LOL. nt Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #19
What kind of a dimwit discusses on a discussion board? MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #22
Transgender Former Olympic medalists turned Reality Show actor/actress'? Katashi_itto Feb 2015 #41
Seem to me that you don't like people that speak out to authority. Do you support the rhett o rick Feb 2015 #43
Perhaps you might want to google my stance on US drone attacks Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #46
Which, of course, doesn't mean that you haven't MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #52
Aren't you the same person who would have overturned the election of Obama in favor of McCain? Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #103
Here's one huge difference between you and me, Cali_Democrat, MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #143
So not only did you want McCain over Obama.... Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #164
You didn't read Manny's post at all, or did, and chose to ignore it and try to give the impression sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #202
I am glad to hear that and appologize for misjudging. rhett o rick Feb 2015 #57
The problem is that you think you know me... Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #105
Hard to be a Democrat and NOT agree with Greenwald on Drones. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #108
Don't you tire of getting owned on these threads? Scuba Feb 2015 #138
nicely put guillaumeb Feb 2015 #68
This is a discussion board with an active community. obxhead Feb 2015 #51
I think stonecutter357 Feb 2015 #137
Do you agree with everything someone says? I can't think of anyone, including my mom, that sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #107
Rich, white men is who the founders had in mind when carving out everything. Ykcutnek Feb 2015 #3
Gay Jews? nt MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #6
+1 n/t lumberjack_jeff Feb 2015 #157
Not really; that actually oversimplifies things. AverageJoe90 Feb 2015 #223
K&R for Greenwald. I agree with them, he is a Liberal treasure Autumn Feb 2015 #4
what's this all about then? have I missed the latest two-minute hate? frylock Feb 2015 #7
. MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #8
hmmmnnn.. yes, i managed to stumble upon that prior to your reply.. frylock Feb 2015 #10
That was embarrassing. Either stupid or dishonest. Maybe both. Comrade Grumpy Feb 2015 #76
DURec for Greenwald, bvar22 Feb 2015 #9
No one wants to look into that mirror. Here is but a distant glimpse lest we forget.... xocet Feb 2015 #116
I wonder how many innocents were burned alive... bvar22 Feb 2015 #186
He would have much more support on DU LittleBlue Feb 2015 #12
That is true. AtomicKitten Feb 2015 #15
That is it in a nutshell. n/t truedelphi Feb 2015 #83
ACTUALLY you can narrow that down Skittles Feb 2015 #86
That doesn't make sense, or are you saying that the Greenwald haters also hate Obama? I thought sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #120
He did have that support, almost unanimous support, when the man in the WH WAS a Republican. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #112
Haters of Greenwald obxhead Feb 2015 #13
Doesn't Greenwald align himself more with republicans than Democrats? George II Feb 2015 #29
Some, many elected democrats align themselves with republicans more than Democrats, such Autumn Feb 2015 #44
No, he exposed the Bush criminals on a regular basis /nt Dragonfli Feb 2015 #45
Does he? obxhead Feb 2015 #49
Far from it. Considering he spent most of his time, during the Bush years, BASHING Bush/Cheney and sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #121
Greenwald is a treasure Oilwellian Feb 2015 #14
+1 I remember those days....glad you brought it up. nt snappyturtle Feb 2015 #38
Yep, everyone here loved him back then. The Right absolutely hated him, and used to go to his blog sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #123
He's a real treasure all right itsrobert Feb 2015 #17
That would be humor, if it were funny. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #20
Sorry, Manny, but I'll have to disagree. AverageJoe90 Feb 2015 #18
Agreed. nt mimi85 Feb 2015 #26
Ditto George II Feb 2015 #31
Mediocre journalists willing to take on important stories... Orsino Feb 2015 #160
Okay you can have your opinion LiberalLovinLug Feb 2015 #217
As a famous Democratic President said, "Tell the truth, and they will think its hell!" dissentient Feb 2015 #21
That quote should be at the top of every DU page. nt MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #23
lol, agreed. But I was just paraphrasing the quote, It may not be the exact quote. dissentient Feb 2015 #24
And I appreciate what he did...and it took courage to do it. zeemike Feb 2015 #25
Courage? Greenwald? Then why has he fled the country on a bogus claim? George II Feb 2015 #32
Probably because he doesn't want to be arrested on bogus "espionage" charges 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #36
Yeah, breaking the law is "bogus" YoungDemCA Feb 2015 #54
Framing-up legitimate whistle-blowers and investigative journalists with charges of espionage 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #59
Yes, I remember him whining leftynyc Feb 2015 #134
I find it amusing how far you Greenwald haters 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #182
I don't have to go far at all leftynyc Feb 2015 #183
Your contempt is sorely misplaced IMHO 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #187
Perhaps leftynyc Feb 2015 #204
You may be right about one thing 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #215
When did Greenwald flee the country? Did I miss something? Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2015 #58
He didn't, that is a right wing smear now adopted by some on the left, and has been debunked so sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #124
I know of not one single Leftist engaged in any charachter assassination of GG. Not One.. 2banon Feb 2015 #218
Me neither, never met a Leftist who engaged in the attacks on Greenwald. Quite the contrary, they sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #219
The facts are to be ignored. The point is to "discredit" vis a vis charachter assassination 2banon Feb 2015 #221
Lol, I do agree with you. Have fun with the fiddle and the sewing. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #222
Wow, you have all the talking points, old ones, all of which have been debunked her numerous sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #122
Tell it Sabrina!! Bohunk68 Feb 2015 #145
Greenwally is Papa Paul Tool! Cryptoad Feb 2015 #27
Are you trying to attract cockroaches? Fuddnik Feb 2015 #28
talk about a guy who just fell off the face of the earth arely staircase Feb 2015 #30
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #33
The more Greenwald's detractors blather their hate, 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #34
Exactly !!! WillyT Feb 2015 #35
Apparently "real democrats" only like some truths whatchamacallit Feb 2015 #37
Thank you. Anyone who deliberately slips past that to try to score a political smear woo me with science Feb 2015 #80
Nicely said Vattel Feb 2015 #99
And it should remind us that Bush/Cheney LIED us into a war that has spread across the region, that sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #115
Yes, the racist war mongers have been spectacularly successful. cpwm17 Feb 2015 #130
Liberal what? Historic NY Feb 2015 #47
Yup... malokvale77 Feb 2015 #48
Nah Andy823 Feb 2015 #64
Gotcha. malokvale77 Feb 2015 #66
Your funny, you see libertarians everywhere, a little hint, libertarians are not liberals Dragonfli Feb 2015 #67
Well said malokvale77 Feb 2015 #73
Really? Andy823 Feb 2015 #154
I was just riffing off your paranoia, you appear to see them everywhere and in great abundance here Dragonfli Feb 2015 #155
He is not a Libertarian. Another talking point surfaces. He has been very clear on what his sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #125
"Infiltrated" Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #69
Fooled you... malokvale77 Feb 2015 #75
Yeah, whatever Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #93
Well, then allow a longtimer leftynyc Feb 2015 #135
Don't you have an anti-Obama and/or anti-Hillary "satire" to write? YoungDemCA Feb 2015 #50
I'm probably being tone-deaf, but I don't understand your bit MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #55
You don't know much about the founders. Interesting, the bashing of the Founders. It began sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #127
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #199
Rec for all of my Puglover Feb 2015 #53
If self-reflection and criticism is "narcissism", we need more of it. Bonobo Feb 2015 #56
Oh, yea, if he tells the truth why does he change his story, one or the other Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #60
What are you talking about? Sounds random and made up Dragonfli Feb 2015 #63
Maybe you have not seen the different stories he tells, I do not have any Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #74
I have read him since he served George bush his ass. Dragonfli Feb 2015 #77
He can't keep his stories together, I could care less about what he did Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #89
What did he change, your imagination? I applauded him exposing Bush, Dragonfli Feb 2015 #94
To be honest with you I am not a long time reader of Greenwald, don't know what you are Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #97
Don't you find it strange that only you have seen these mythical "changes"? Dragonfli Feb 2015 #98
Continue to read him, I may read or lusten to his crap from time to time but I will Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #100
Anything? You've been asked several times to cite an example. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #153
Of course you are free to read or not read as you like, as am I. Dragonfli Feb 2015 #163
It seems reasonable that any change you assert could be demonstrated. sibelian Feb 2015 #198
I've been reading Greenwald since he was just a blogger back in 2005. Where has he changed his sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #211
Well, let's see one of those stories... MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #101
Silence is deafening isn't it? elias49 Feb 2015 #78
K & R Greenwald ...for pissing off all the right people. L0oniX Feb 2015 #61
kick L0oniX Feb 2015 #161
He is very annoying to the pro-war wing of the party who excuse our atrocities. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2015 #62
Wow Andy823 Feb 2015 #65
Go ahead and point out his verifiable lies and I'll donate $100 to DU. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #175
Many uncomfortable in this party too. n/t ozone_man Feb 2015 #70
DURec leftstreet Feb 2015 #71
Kick & Rec elias49 Feb 2015 #79
K&R Love comparing recs on this thread to the train wreck that inspired it. woo me with science Feb 2015 #81
Greenwald speaks truth to power and corruption Ramses Feb 2015 #84
Truth. 840high Feb 2015 #92
Exactly,, nikto Feb 2015 #96
Very insightful Dragonfli Feb 2015 #102
Thanks... nikto Feb 2015 #129
DUers are very smart. Most of them 'got' what was going on re Greenwald, a long time ago. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #117
To me, Snowden-hate is one of the litmus tests for stupidity, or right-wingism nikto Feb 2015 #131
What you said. Bohunk68 Feb 2015 #147
+1... freebrew Feb 2015 #149
It is and it does work, every time. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #159
I can understand folks with "mixed feelings" about Snowden, who at least acknowledge... nikto Feb 2015 #196
It appears a few people here are afraid exposure will lead to less fiery deaths. Dragonfli Feb 2015 #95
Let's not overdo it MFrohike Feb 2015 #109
I question the rationale and entitlement behind this statement: Maedhros Feb 2015 #110
It's an opinion? MFrohike Feb 2015 #111
You are simply repeating, what is called, a 'talking point'. It's been repeated, verbatim sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #128
"The original source is probably a think tank" Act_of_Reparation Feb 2015 #166
No, because we KNOW that Greenwald was a target for a smear campaign as were many Liberal Orgs sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #170
excellent post. thank you. nt navarth Feb 2015 #180
Do you think that some people may diverge from Greenwald on other issues? Act_of_Reparation Feb 2015 #184
I don't know 'Driftglass' or 'Bluegal'. The 'Professional Left', btw, is another attempt to smear sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #188
"I don't know 'Driftglass' or 'Bluegal'" Act_of_Reparation Feb 2015 #208
And why should I have stopped there? sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #212
Slow down MFrohike Feb 2015 #190
Having never met the man, I don't feel entitled to pass judgement on his character. Maedhros Feb 2015 #168
Sigh MFrohike Feb 2015 #191
It's not that I've "fallen in love" with Greenwald, just that I'm put off by character attacks. Maedhros Feb 2015 #192
Then aim elsewhere MFrohike Feb 2015 #193
This is not style analysis: Maedhros Feb 2015 #194
I disagree MFrohike Feb 2015 #195
EXACTLY!! He only spoke out against the Bush admin after shit REALLY hit the fan too... uponit7771 Feb 2015 #118
I think Greenwald is pretty much a dipshit... NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #113
It's OK to think he's a dipshit nikto Feb 2015 #132
K&R for exposing secrets Generic Other Feb 2015 #114
Kick & Rec Ichingcarpenter Feb 2015 #126
He's a Pulitzer Prize winner for Public Service & an award-winning investigative journalist RiverLover Feb 2015 #139
has he been approved as a journalist by Diane Feinstein? reddread Feb 2015 #142
B-B-But Android3.14 Feb 2015 #140
K&R! This post deserves hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #144
Well it does have 179. Getting close. Autumn Feb 2015 #150
What does it say LWolf Feb 2015 #146
That's a very catch phrase Autumn Feb 2015 #151
Isn't there only One? xocet Feb 2015 #162
He was also a regular on The Young Turks show on Al Gore's Current TV back in the day... cascadiance Feb 2015 #156
and yet rtracey Feb 2015 #165
I don't have a clue as to who he is and what he's famous for. Kaleva Feb 2015 #167
Most people don't Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #169
Report Indicates Snowden/Greenwald Lied About Key Claims uhnope Feb 2015 #173
Rec #200 Fumesucker Feb 2015 #174
false info jimruymen Feb 2015 #176
On DU, if you tell the truth about bush Jakes Progress Feb 2015 #177
Obama is a Liberal treasure; we are very fortunate that he does what does YoungDemCA Feb 2015 #189
Obama has met his expectations of himself admirably. sibelian Feb 2015 #200
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