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48. FOX ain't serving ISIS (directly), they are serving the Neocons
Fri Feb 6, 2015, 04:29 AM
Feb 2015

A solid block of FOX talking heads (blockheads? ) are well-known Neocons (WM Kristol, Krauthammer, etc).
The link between Fox and Neocons is inescapable and iron-clad.

The Neocons and US War-industry/MIC have the same goal as ISIS----Vast WAR, involving the whole world.

They want it for different reasons---ISIS, apparently for some insane messianic vision (they are clearly
baiting many nations, 1-at-a-time), while
the Neocons/MIC want it for for $$$$ and global dominance (Project for The New American Century, etc).
Also, war is the best way to control those troublesome dissidents (an old fascist method).

Ultimately, both ISIS and US Corporate Militarists want the same thing.

You can serve 2 masters.

Huge K & R !!! WillyT Feb 2015 #1
So was most of American media for months now, Fox is just less subtle. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #2
Now can we use the word sorefeet Feb 2015 #3
Nope. Free speech protects Fox from even playing a snuff movie of the death of an ally fighter. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #6
Nope nichomachus Feb 2015 #7
In your example no one wins. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #10
I have no idea what that means nichomachus Feb 2015 #11
Brainwashers-R-Us. 24/7 world wide wally Feb 2015 #4
Working for ISIS? packman Feb 2015 #5
There is no line for this kacekwl Feb 2015 #34
"The Guardian" what no American News Media is willing to admit. gordianot Feb 2015 #8
mr pete & i kpete Feb 2015 #9
The Guardian is going to have to doing some guarding for America now that the American media Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #13
Perpetual fear is being sold for huge profit, the rest of the media want some of the action. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #12
Is it still on? greytdemocrat Feb 2015 #14
you actually need that visual to determine that these scum are animals? frylock Feb 2015 #17
I watched - not on Fox. Agree with you. 840high Feb 2015 #43
Not a surprise. Xyzse Feb 2015 #15
Putin, Bibi, & ISIS - they will promote anyone NOT named Obama underpants Feb 2015 #16
I understand Fox has a political point of view Peacetrain Feb 2015 #18
But, but free speech.....ISIS is thanking Fox openly...an enemy of America aided and abetted. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #19
I am beyond shocked, I hope this is the wake Peacetrain Feb 2015 #21
................ Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #22
Fixed the links: Triana Feb 2015 #20
Fuck Fox and their french kissing of ISIS. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #23
Guardian totally nails it!! lark Feb 2015 #24
Wonder what Jordan thinks about Fox distributing the ISIS video of the execution of their pilot? Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #26
FAUX SOOZE respectful TO ANYONE OTHER THAN A TEABAGGER or 1%er? lark Feb 2015 #28
That is the elephant in the room.... Saudi Arabia. bvar22 Feb 2015 #32
+1 840high Feb 2015 #44
+1 more n/t jaysunb Feb 2015 #45
Conservative Sites Rush to Post ISIS Video After Fox Opens Floodgates | Mediaite Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #25
This is what happens when you allow the Saudis to buy domestic media corporations. leveymg Feb 2015 #27
^^^^^^ BrotherIvan Feb 2015 #37
Faux is the full-time, 24/7 psyops arm of the MIC hifiguy Feb 2015 #29
This whole ISIS thing reeks of dirty tricks. Who funds them? grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #40
+100 ND-Dem Feb 2015 #51
Start the investigation in Riyadh. Nt hifiguy Feb 2015 #55
These are sick individuals who aired this video mountain grammy Feb 2015 #30
, blkmusclmachine Feb 2015 #31
Fox Entertainment should be investigated for spreading terrorism PatrynXX Feb 2015 #33
Then again, so is Jeremy Scahill Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #35
why? what's your evidence? neverforget Feb 2015 #39
To be specific, Scahill's apologia is for AQAP, not ISIS.... Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #46
Now for the evidence of said apologia? neverforget Feb 2015 #47
Sound even better when they say it malaise Feb 2015 #36
I heard that someone sold their 3% of the Fox parent company. Possibly the Saudis pennylane100 Feb 2015 #38
Not true watoos Feb 2015 #41
This needs a good kick libodem Feb 2015 #42
FOX ain't serving ISIS (directly), they are serving the Neocons nikto Feb 2015 #48
Guardian link not working ---> Petrushka Feb 2015 #49
Pox Propaganda Network The Wizard Feb 2015 #50
Fox News has been working for terrorists for years. Turbineguy Feb 2015 #52
K&R Thespian2 Feb 2015 #53
Certainly Fox is using their propaganda for their own propaganda JonLP24 Feb 2015 #54
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