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118. Cool...drinks around Grand Central? I would say Raines Library is the place!
Sat Feb 14, 2015, 02:53 PM
Feb 2015

I am very close by to Manhattan, it's not big deal. I'm in a crunch time for work for another week, then things should be a lot more flexible during weekdays. But weekends can work for me too! We should invite La Lioness Pryanka, have not seen her in RL in a few years. She is the coolest.

PM me and we will talk next week!!

With credit to the Bard of Avon . . . enlightenment Feb 2015 #1
Oh, so you know the play? CTyankee Feb 2015 #2
Without googling, indeed. enlightenment Feb 2015 #3
so I guess you know the poet from Amherst... CTyankee Feb 2015 #5
Okay - I'm guessing here. enlightenment Feb 2015 #14
Indeedy so! I love her! CTyankee Feb 2015 #15
Yay! enlightenment Feb 2015 #24
Yeah, Dickinson is odd. But if any American poet would get this painting, it would CTyankee Feb 2015 #28
Poetry suggestions? F4lconF16 Feb 2015 #109
I like Wallace Stevens, altho he can be a bit difficult. Yeats is fine, too. CTyankee Feb 2015 #111
If you're just enlightenment Feb 2015 #112
I think the quote is from William Shakespeare. stage left Feb 2015 #4
Great play. Glad you like the painting. CTyankee Feb 2015 #6
Many of the mentally ill are exceptionally intelligent and talented. stage left Feb 2015 #54
but they often should not be in managerial positions...hell on earth depending on CTyankee Feb 2015 #57
Yes stage left Feb 2015 #68
I secured another job and left, not knowing that that manager had bipolar disorder. CTyankee Feb 2015 #70
It really depends on the person AndreaCG Feb 2015 #102
It does depend on the person. stage left Feb 2015 #106
I'm always gobsmacked by the chaotic order of Van Gogh. blogslut Feb 2015 #7
You are so right. He had so much to say... CTyankee Feb 2015 #29
Just spent a month with Vincent via the Naifeh/White Smith bio BeyondGeography Feb 2015 #8
Thanks. I got that book from the library. Geez, 900 pages, really? CTyankee Feb 2015 #22
Hey, you started it BeyondGeography Feb 2015 #56
good for you for getting so far into the bio. I didn't have the courage... CTyankee Feb 2015 #59
Since you cited Schama, he and the Beeb did this masterful documentary on Van Gogh BeyondGeography Feb 2015 #69
*** Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #9
I sure don't need to say how I feel about "Starry Night"! nirvana555 Feb 2015 #96
N/T skamaria Feb 2015 #113
A repost packman Feb 2015 #10
very cool - thanks ! Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2015 #31
OMG it's beautiful - I love it. IcyPeas Feb 2015 #73
Let's not forget that he also helped The Doctor capture the Krafayis progressoid Feb 2015 #11
Oh, c'mon progressoid. Now you're just... pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #97
I don't think The Doctor is a fan of .... progressoid Feb 2015 #98
Now that's surreal, lol! pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #101
....who? Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #99
First base pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #100
Those last lines from THAT play, pangaia Feb 2015 #12
OH YANK!!! elleng Feb 2015 #13
SO glad you liked it! CTyankee Feb 2015 #17
Oh, I'm glad you like it ellen! I'm so happy to post it...it's been a pleasure... CTyankee Feb 2015 #23
Great work as usual, elleng Feb 2015 #25
thank you ellen! I love doing these, tho...it's my fun... CTyankee Feb 2015 #53
The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" RufusTFirefly Feb 2015 #16
wonderful! What a great explanation of the artist's disability/ability! CTyankee Feb 2015 #18
Vincent van Gogh and Turbulence mckara Feb 2015 #19
What genius he had and such pain. Brother Theo declined after Vincent's death. Both died appalachiablue Feb 2015 #20
his biographers believe that both (and their sister wilhemina) also sufferd from it. CTyankee Feb 2015 #35
You have me singing this malaise Feb 2015 #21
One of my favorite of favorites. Richard D Feb 2015 #26
"tears of joy" yes! That happened to me once...a van gogh wheat field with crows... CTyankee Feb 2015 #33
I had that beauty overload happen after a tour through the Frank Lloyd Wright house BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2015 #104
This message was self-deleted by its author Bosonic Feb 2015 #27
i may be wrong here. not sure if i learned this is art school, or just mopinko Feb 2015 #30
i'm a bit obsessed with his palette knife in the second night sky. He must have been CTyankee Feb 2015 #38
hue variation. mopinko Feb 2015 #40
hmm. I think it makes some sense... CTyankee Feb 2015 #42
Thanks CTY. I have always been obsessed with him. As for light - I did Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2015 #32
well, all artists are interested in capturing the light. But they just strive to do it in CTyankee Feb 2015 #34
Yes...not what I was referring to - I look it up. :>) Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2015 #80
chiaroscuro. mopinko Feb 2015 #41
It is hard for me to see chiarascuro in this work. Because chiarascuro depened on CTyankee Feb 2015 #44
meant it as a reference mopinko Feb 2015 #46
no, light and shadow were always important but I see how gaslight can influence that. CTyankee Feb 2015 #50
wow never knew you Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2015 #122
sorry to sound so snippy...I am far from expert and am an amateur in art history CTyankee Feb 2015 #123
Someone made this video years ago Generic Other Feb 2015 #36
that is lovely. thank you... CTyankee Feb 2015 #37
It's actually just called astigmatism. alphafemale Feb 2015 #39
In 125 Years, Millions Of People Have Looked At This Painting. No One Really Saw It Until Now. Omaha Steve Feb 2015 #43
Interesting! Thank you Omaha Steve! CTyankee Feb 2015 #47
Check out his book of letters to his brother. Definately not a "mad" anything. Brilliant writer too. harun Feb 2015 #67
He was an excellent writer. Really expressive of himself, his life and his art... CTyankee Feb 2015 #81
Such beauty. Delphinus Feb 2015 #45
Nice to see you visit here. I do art stuff here at DU every couple of weeks or so... CTyankee Feb 2015 #48
I thought Benedict Cumberbatch's - Van Gogh: Painted With Words was very good, and ND-Dem Feb 2015 #49
Thank you for this! CTyankee Feb 2015 #51
I'm so grateful, appreciative, loving - for THEO n/t UTUSN Feb 2015 #52
and poor Theo had his own psychological problems...he lived only some six months CTyankee Feb 2015 #55
"accident"?!1 Really?!1 n/t UTUSN Feb 2015 #60
It is now thought that the problem with the gun was an accident.....really... CTyankee Feb 2015 #62
The sad thing is edhopper Feb 2015 #58
Terrible luck, that... CTyankee Feb 2015 #61
I think he was too alone edhopper Feb 2015 #82
I wonder, tho, if he didn't want to be alone...people with bipolar disorder often cannot CTyankee Feb 2015 #84
All true. edhopper Feb 2015 #87
I do think some of his visions were as a result of his disordered mind, tho. CTyankee Feb 2015 #88
That's true edhopper Feb 2015 #90
I had a friend wonder awoke_in_2003 Feb 2016 #125
Pictures of Vincent's masterpieces don't due them justice workinclasszero Feb 2015 #63
so true. I used to carry a little magnifying glass into museums but I was stopped so CTyankee Feb 2015 #65
Yes they have to be seen workinclasszero Feb 2015 #71
when I went to the Met as a teen with my aunt- she was appalled that Van Gough "wasted.... bettyellen Feb 2015 #108
Thanks, I would love that! CTyankee Feb 2015 #110
Cool...drinks around Grand Central? I would say Raines Library is the place! bettyellen Feb 2015 #118
OK, great! I will research what's going on where artwise in NYC in the meantime. CTyankee Feb 2015 #119
We can hope! Gosh it has been years... bettyellen Feb 2015 #121
One of my all time life favorite experiences... 3catwoman3 Feb 2015 #64
Yes! That was the place of my meltdown...I started crying in front of one of his CTyankee Feb 2015 #66
I totally get the same feelings seeing his works workinclasszero Feb 2015 #74
I think in my case it was because I had been to Delft and other towns where the great CTyankee Feb 2015 #76
Wow I wish I could go to that museum workinclasszero Feb 2015 #72
I've been going to museums in Europe now for almost a decade just to see the CTyankee Feb 2015 #75
I'm glad that some folks get to see the creative work of humanity workinclasszero Feb 2015 #77
I always say that art always saves you. CTyankee Feb 2015 #79
When I was a child every public school workinclasszero Feb 2015 #83
god, yes...how can we get art into the lives of deprived children? CTyankee Feb 2015 #85
I went there too! They are so different in the flesh... sibelian Feb 2015 #107
I read the book Lust for Life.... IcyPeas Feb 2015 #78
I must read that book...thanks for mentioning it to me... CTyankee Feb 2015 #86
Huge celebration of Vincent Van Gogh in 2015 workinclasszero Feb 2015 #89
Bookmarked for FOREVER Mira Feb 2015 #91
Another gorgeous essay. I have loved Van Gogh from the first... Hekate Feb 2015 #92
Thanks for the sweet complment! I love doing the research and always have a pile of CTyankee Feb 2015 #105
There's an App for that.... Turbineguy Feb 2015 #93
Thank you for that! Hekate Feb 2015 #94
thank you for this. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2015 #95
My own personal Van Gogh epiphany came with the Church at Auvers RufusTFirefly Feb 2015 #103
The Musee D'Orsay is a blessing... CTyankee Feb 2015 #120
WUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNderful!!! calimary Feb 2015 #114
art is my therapy too. CTyankee Feb 2015 #116
Hah! I know how that is! calimary Feb 2015 #117
No photograph can ever do Van Gogh's work justice. MohRokTah Feb 2015 #115
Somewhat off-track but still interesting. Van Gogh understood the human optic system. erronis Sep 2015 #124
Puck. :>) pangaia Feb 2016 #126
I was hoping to get to MoMA last April but illness of my art buddy and my own health issues CTyankee Feb 2016 #127
You know, I just rrealized this mpost was from last year. pangaia Feb 2016 #128
getting there, but slowly and with setbacks. I have to talk to my neuro doc about CTyankee Feb 2016 #129
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