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I have been saying for ages that I fear the fundamentalist reichwingnutjobs in this country niyad Feb 2015 #1
And you have been correct. riqster Feb 2015 #2
I think they both have extremist ideologies, but one is a specific organization and the other is not Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #3
I think it's more about funding, organization and opportunity. CJCRANE Feb 2015 #5
Of similar beliefs, but dissimilar actions whatthehey Feb 2015 #4
Actually, violent Christian extremists are quite a problem. riqster Feb 2015 #9
Sure - but nowhere near the same extent. There are Buddhist and Hindu terror groups too whatthehey Feb 2015 #12
If it's only a question of degree, I don't think my OP is disproved riqster Feb 2015 #14
Another point, albeit a minor one: riqster Feb 2015 #34
Best to confront these "terrorists" as soon as possible, like, at the visitor parking space. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2015 #6
I am sure that would have stopped Eric Rudolph. riqster Feb 2015 #35
Well, the militant atheists managed to stop 3 religious types recently. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2015 #39
Christian extremists have killed far more people than ISIS could ever dream of mwrguy Feb 2015 #7
I have no dog in the make believe fight, but this is not true recently whatthehey Feb 2015 #8
Depends on how narrowly you draw your definitions. riqster Feb 2015 #10
or how much you push the limits of definitions whatthehey Feb 2015 #13
The OP said that there are Moslem and Christian terrorist groups. riqster Feb 2015 #15
The rule of law in Western-style democracies makes 90% of your post pointless Pooka Fey Feb 2015 #11
Crap. Christian terrorists exist. riqster Feb 2015 #16
The western judicial system punishes criminal violence - religious inspired or otherwise Pooka Fey Feb 2015 #17
True, but not all that relevant in relation to the OP. riqster Feb 2015 #23
I don't make irrelevant posts. Pooka Fey Feb 2015 #25
And upon you, peace. riqster Feb 2015 #26
One way to dilute the atrocities of one group is by saying everyone does it. Kaleva Feb 2015 #18
And another way is to say "those other guys kill more people than these". riqster Feb 2015 #20
Case of the mistaken mondegreen seveneyes Feb 2015 #19
Wore my copy out, I must admit. riqster Feb 2015 #21
I completely agree with this el_bryanto Feb 2015 #22
I certainly did not mean to tar all Moslems and Christians with that brush. riqster Feb 2015 #24
Not at all - I appreciate that you made the distinction. el_bryanto Feb 2015 #27
Like Obama made crystal clear in his speech yesterday....both are evil...both cloak evil in religion Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #28
S'truth. riqster Feb 2015 #31
Also, largely ignored is the entirety of Obama's messsage, the media filters not only Obama to suit the agenda Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #33
Yeah, I usually wait for transcripts myself. riqster Feb 2015 #36
Here it is: Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #38
Thanks. riqster Feb 2015 #40
We can rein in domestic terrorism with one first step meow2u3 Feb 2015 #47
I would be interested in seeing a link Jenoch Feb 2015 #29
So, a beheading is worse than shooting an abortion provider? riqster Feb 2015 #30
+1000 hobbit709 Feb 2015 #32
When did 21 abortion providers Jenoch Feb 2015 #43
So it's quantity then? riqster Feb 2015 #44
I am not justifyig the shooting of a single Jenoch Feb 2015 #45
Nowhere in the OP did I claim quantitative equivalence. riqster Feb 2015 #46
And let's not forget the fatwa issued by the Pope against the guy who created "Piss Christ". Nye Bevan Feb 2015 #37
Damfino. riqster Feb 2015 #41
Not sure about the Pope, but Bill O'Reilly just issued a fatwa CJCRANE Feb 2015 #42
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