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21. Like a high-priced superstar athlete, he's locked-in at over $30 Million/year, regardless of ratings
Fri Feb 20, 2015, 02:48 AM
Feb 2015

Net worth estimated around $400 Million.

He's served the corporate masters well by poisoning the dialogue and muddying the waters
with insane emotions, in order to preclude wingnuts from engaging in rational conversation.
Regardless of ratings, he helps push the dialogue for maybe 5-10 million foolish American RW suckers.

Sadly, I have to say, I believe he's earned his money.

bull. The stations that allow the drug addict to spew his garbage don't care. It is part of still_one Feb 2015 #1
Most of the radio stations airing Limbaugh Jenoch Feb 2015 #3
Unless Limbaugh purchases the time outright. PSPS Feb 2015 #6
I agree. nikto Feb 2015 #19
That model is prohibitively expensive. It can run into the stevenleser Feb 2015 #36
What's a few million a month when you get billions back? PSPS Feb 2015 #46
He doesn't get billions back. No one is footing the bill for him. Even if we accept your premise stevenleser Feb 2015 #55
I never said "he" makes billions. PSPS Feb 2015 #60
Rupert does it. Dont call me Shirley Feb 2015 #59
They Don't Own TV Networks and Newspapers to Make a Profit on those Businesses AndyTiedye Feb 2015 #64
Propaganda is their business. On paper it looks like they're losing money, but in reality not. Dont call me Shirley Feb 2015 #68
I'm not much for conspiracy theories JohnnyRingo Feb 2015 #43
Actually, it's not a theory at all PSPS Feb 2015 #47
What you are talking about is what most businesses do in the beginning stevenleser Feb 2015 #56
His radio show was FREE when it first came out.... Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2015 #48
Yes, see my #56 nt stevenleser Feb 2015 #57
Actually, he spread at a unique time in history. It was when most people weren't political.... Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2015 #69
Most of the stations are owned by a select few quakerboy Feb 2015 #12
What is your experiemce in broadcasting? Jenoch Feb 2015 #20
Im happy for you quakerboy Feb 2015 #22
San Francisco is a perfect example. Essentially liberal talk radio is gone from San Francisco. A still_one Feb 2015 #24
Many liberals do not like talk radio FrodosPet Feb 2015 #37
Excellent point. I could never stomach Air America RufusTFirefly Feb 2015 #41
I think you're right about that. PSPS Feb 2015 #51
And many do quakerboy Feb 2015 #67
The only reason liberal talk radio has not Jenoch Feb 2015 #63
The agenda is little more than increased profits for shareholders. LanternWaste Feb 2015 #25
That seems a bit pollyanna quakerboy Feb 2015 #27
Correlation does not equal causation. Certain media are simply in decline stevenleser Feb 2015 #38
when there is a rapid and large change in audience immediately following a quakerboy Feb 2015 #66
It's to promote the Right Wing.... Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2015 #52
True JohnnyRingo Feb 2015 #42
Bain Capital, LLC and Thomas H. Lee Partners? Of course there is no agenda! LiberalAndProud Feb 2015 #14
Yes, people out there should know that there's yet another obscuring name change to Iheartmedia cascadiance Feb 2015 #34
On most stations (which are owned by mega-corps like Comcast, Clear Channel, etc) it IS an agenda nikto Feb 2015 #18
You mean he didn't pull himself up by his bootstraps? nxylas Feb 2015 #31
That feels mighty good... Fumesucker Feb 2015 #2
OxyRush is a slimy weasel. He'll adapt. lpbk2713 Feb 2015 #4
I thought Rush was subsidized by the masters he serves. jalan48 Feb 2015 #5
You're right. PSPS Feb 2015 #7
I fall in the middle... sendero Feb 2015 #50
Hard-core listeners PSPS Feb 2015 #54
Perhaps... sendero Feb 2015 #58
If they don't get that bang for their buck, they'll stop backing him. MADem Feb 2015 #8
I see Rush as part of the propaganda network. jalan48 Feb 2015 #11
Everyone I know who listens to radio is within 20 years of a hundred--except for the NPR crowd. MADem Feb 2015 #13
I quit listening to NPR during the run-up to the Iraq War. jalan48 Feb 2015 #15
Let's hope the internet survives erronis Feb 2015 #40
When Bob Edwards was gone, so was I rurallib Feb 2015 #45
Bob Edwards Weekend is still ongoing. alp227 Feb 2015 #62
Our local stations don't carry it rurallib Feb 2015 #65
Like a high-priced superstar athlete, he's locked-in at over $30 Million/year, regardless of ratings nikto Feb 2015 #21
No such thing as "locked in" in the media world. There are out clauses in every contract stevenleser Feb 2015 #39
Flush rush blkmusclmachine Feb 2015 #9
Limbaugh's job is to get people angry. The Wizard Feb 2015 #10
Anger is also addictive and will keep people coming back for more Fumesucker Feb 2015 #28
Hate radio is like Hydra Midnight Writer Feb 2015 #16
That's why the protest needs to be spread. Arugula Latte Feb 2015 #53
awwwww Vestigial_Sister Feb 2015 #17
Great news. Thank you TT!! RiverLover Feb 2015 #23
Gee. He might one day run out of listeners or sponsors, and have to retire to his mansion? Orsino Feb 2015 #26
We need to spread the protest to all the rightwing radio hatemongers. Arugula Latte Feb 2015 #29
KamaAina Affirms - Rush Limbaugh Is Trouble KamaAina Feb 2015 #30
Flush Rimjob..... concreteblue Feb 2015 #32
It is a source of Doc Holliday Feb 2015 #33
How sad. Another attack of anal warts spreading to his brain? Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2015 #35
Who's the Father? charles d Feb 2015 #44
K and R no text.. Stuart G Feb 2015 #49
MEGA-DITTOS!!! KansDem Feb 2015 #61
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