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91. I'm a boomer too (born in early 50s)
Tue Mar 3, 2015, 03:58 AM
Mar 2015

And I too, place MUCH blame on our generation and its smug complacency.

Plus, voting for REAGAN (which I never did--I smelled trouble from the get-go with RR, as some others did) was a real departure point for our generation----The place where many boomers left the rails of political common-sense, and never returned.

The election of Reagan is one of the biggest and bitterest points of criticism for our generation, IMO.
So much damage was done to America, while boomers counted their meagre tax cuts and cheered like idiots.

This is very important to the freedom of the American people. rhett o rick Feb 2015 #1
And the Prez, who helped. babylonsister Feb 2015 #4
I am happy with the outcome and will search as you suggest, but rhett o rick Feb 2015 #6
But perhaps he did in fact have influence... babylonsister Feb 2015 #10
I appreciate that and am willing to give the President his due. However, I don't understand why rhett o rick Feb 2015 #12
Bite me! When I read in my best scholarly voice, "However", babylonsister Feb 2015 #13
I will never "relax" and stop "griping" as long as millions of American children go to bed hungry. rhett o rick Feb 2015 #19
lol! babylonsister Feb 2015 #20
DUzy. Good job. Some people just don't want any credit to go to Obama for anything uhnope Feb 2015 #63
One would think we'd see most of that on the knuckle-dragger sites. calimary Feb 2015 #65
I commented that I appreciate this decision but you told me to "relax". rhett o rick Feb 2015 #80
I'm with you, and the capacity to still maintain DOUBT nikto Mar 2015 #87
Thank you for the comment. I think that complacency is what got us into rhett o rick Mar 2015 #88
I'm a boomer too (born in early 50s) nikto Mar 2015 #91
Yes I agree. nm rhett o rick Mar 2015 #92
pathetic stonecutter357 Feb 2015 #75
Damn good point, IMO nikto Mar 2015 #86
Thanks rhett o rick Mar 2015 #89
And yet here (see links) you blame the president for Wheeler's actions FSogol Feb 2015 #18
Those links say it all. joshcryer Feb 2015 #26
Yup, I don't see how any other conclusion can be reached. FSogol Feb 2015 #36
Here's a blast from the past: joshcryer Feb 2015 #42
LOL 26 recs. Those Eeyores are bemoaning something else today. FSogol Feb 2015 #56
Damned DU Site Search thingy! ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #66
If an Executive Branch agency does something most people like, Obama influenced it. If it does merrily Feb 2015 #28
Obama was a strong leader on this and influenced the national debate uhnope Feb 2015 #64
The three Democrats on the Commission were appointed by President Obama. PoliticAverse Feb 2015 #72
So was the Attorney General but that's beside the point I was making, which was about what gets merrily Mar 2015 #84
because Rightwingers are idiots....they just hate Liberals..so they hate anything Liberals like.... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2015 #27
Thanks to Obama for nominating a reasonable man. joshcryer Feb 2015 #11
Wheeler's first proposal was AGAINST NET NEUTRALITY. rhett o rick Feb 2015 #15
There was always going to be a comment period. joshcryer Feb 2015 #23
Wheeler was an industry insider. So are most lawyers in the FCC's legal department. merrily Feb 2015 #30
To know an industry you have to be in it. joshcryer Feb 2015 #32
Not true. Industry watchdogs know industries. In this case, there were, within the FCC itself. merrily Feb 2015 #33
Name one capable of running it. joshcryer Feb 2015 #35
Truthfully stating Wheeler was an industry insider is dragging him through the mud? Dramatic much? merrily Feb 2015 #38
It certainly is. joshcryer Feb 2015 #40
Josh, I know from experience that you'll keep posting nonsense forever, then bizarrely merrily Feb 2015 #41
The links speak for themselves. joshcryer Feb 2015 #43
Google did lobby and influence these rules. rtw Feb 2015 #51
No they did not. Wheeler said so in his speech. joshcryer Feb 2015 #52
We should believe him why? rtw Feb 2015 #53
Hahaha, you win. joshcryer Feb 2015 #54
Alrighty then. nt rtw Feb 2015 #55
"The Federal Communications Commission will allow some cities and towns to set up and expand Cha Feb 2015 #2
Yet ANOTHER way that Obama has SCREWED OVER liberals! PBass Feb 2015 #3
Liberals helped him see the way. nm rhett o rick Feb 2015 #16
I just heard 4-7M people weighed in (on Maddow) so babylonsister Feb 2015 #24
This was an extremely important issue that had me worried. I am happy on two accounts. One the rhett o rick Feb 2015 #44
Some people upthread put up some of your own links about this topic. Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #74
RWNJ ^^^^^ stonecutter357 Feb 2015 #76
Hahaha! babylonsister Feb 2015 #21
Thanks for nothing, Obama! BlueCaliDem Feb 2015 #77
I doubt it will "rock the world" for rural people. n/t TexasProgresive Feb 2015 #5
Neither will it harm us. riqster Feb 2015 #7
Rural people with utility poles are more likely to get broadband now. Orsino Feb 2015 #59
I have entered the ranks of the retired this morning TexasProgresive Feb 2015 #60
I'm still in telecom, and fiber is getting cheaper. Orsino Feb 2015 #61
Iwould love to tell DISHNET addios! B Calm Feb 2015 #71
K&R n/t myrna minx Feb 2015 #8
Thanks Obama Fumesucker Feb 2015 #9
Great news! JDPriestly Feb 2015 #14
Thanks Obama and the many, many Americans that took the time to convince the FCC to rhett o rick Feb 2015 #17
+1 F4lconF16 Feb 2015 #46
The FCC pissed off Glenn Beck today project_bluebook Feb 2015 #22
Yo! spanone Feb 2015 #25
It sounds like good news for a change. zeemike Feb 2015 #29
What does Manny think? Old and In the Way Feb 2015 #31
Not sure who Manny is, but anyone who would have a problem with it DescendantOfMany Feb 2015 #34
OR... BlueCaliDem Feb 2015 #78
Nope ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #67
This is exactly what government is for, teabaggers. nt tridim Feb 2015 #37
Please let this be true. blue neen Feb 2015 #39
K & R SunSeeker Feb 2015 #45
Blessed! Hutzpa Feb 2015 #47
K&R.... daleanime Feb 2015 #48
Look for cable companies and phone companies to start arguing about pole position... Thor_MN Feb 2015 #49
This is so important! phylny Feb 2015 #50
It was expected in January JustAnotherGen Feb 2015 #57
Yeah ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #68
right-wingnut reply: Roland99 Feb 2015 #58
Here is where that comes from ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #69
Morans. Also, these people do mention the Netflix v Comcast issue but.... Roland99 Feb 2015 #82
Totally agree. Out here on the rez internet service is terrible. The tribe has been talking about jwirr Feb 2015 #62
What prevented the Nation from becoming a Provider before? ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #70
I am not sure. I do get what you are saying - sovereignty. I don't think they ever thought of it jwirr Feb 2015 #73
The internet is the only thing madokie Feb 2015 #79
K&R B Calm Feb 2015 #81
I'm critical when President Obama does something wrong Aerows Feb 2015 #83
As a Christian Mosaic Mar 2015 #85
You're joking, right? Warren DeMontague Mar 2015 #90
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