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Renew Deal

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Sat Mar 7, 2015, 10:16 PM Mar 2015

Should women be drafted into the military? [View all]

If there draft is reinstated, should women be drafted?

(I know it's not being reinstated.)

47 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
40 (85%)
5 (11%)
Not Sure
0 (0%)
2 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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If men and women make a stupid decision Aerows Mar 2015 #1
If men and women are ever again drafted LittleBlue Mar 2015 #2
Yes and there SHOULD be a draft, elleng Mar 2015 #3
That would result in a military so large as to make war more likely hack89 Mar 2015 #16
I think the idea is that everyone is up for the draft, no exceptions. ohnoyoudidnt Mar 2015 #19
One of the things we learned from Vietnam SteveG Mar 2015 #20
Yep. You nailed it. BlueJazz Mar 2015 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2015 #87
We killed 2 Million Vietnamese people while "figuring it out". Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #135
I've made that same argument for decades. Jackpine Radical Mar 2015 #181
We would never fight a war with conscripts hack89 Mar 2015 #21
There was exactly such a shortage in Vietnam. Ken Burch Mar 2015 #65
Two thirds of those who went to Viet Nam were volunteers hack89 Mar 2015 #74
All the enlisted men E-5 & below in my infantry company Jackpine Radical Mar 2015 #182
So President Johnson's gladium et scutum Mar 2015 #174
Well, he wasn't gonna come right out and SAY that... Ken Burch Mar 2015 #185
I am not sure gladium et scutum Mar 2015 #199
Is that why WW2 had 10 Million Draftee's One_Life_To_Give Mar 2015 #145
What potential enemy would we need that large an army against? hack89 Mar 2015 #156
And age limits should be broadened... fadedrose Mar 2015 #26
Kind of like... rainbobryte Mar 2015 #39
'zackly fadedrose Mar 2015 #43
Those were amazing times. rainbobryte Mar 2015 #206
There's no need for a large conscript military Ex Lurker Mar 2015 #48
I don't see why not A Little Weird Mar 2015 #4
I do. pnwmom Mar 2015 #37
Pass the ERA, and eliminate draft registration. stone space Mar 2015 #82
I agree. I think we should have an ERA regardless. pnwmom Mar 2015 #88
Nobody should support a draft ever. stone space Mar 2015 #90
Only if Canada will accept them as refugees along with men. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2015 #5
Canada won't do that anymore. leftofcool Mar 2015 #10
If we would get back to drafting sadoldgirl Mar 2015 #6
There won't be a draft BainsBane Mar 2015 #7
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2015 #81
This male voter has two daughters. stone space Mar 2015 #86
Sure, as soon as men start producing babies. Warpy Mar 2015 #8
+1 KMOD Mar 2015 #12
Funny how males never think in those terms Warpy Mar 2015 #14
Reminds me of a Gloria Steinam quote leftofcool Mar 2015 #76
'If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament'. Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #95
War is a sacrament. stone space Mar 2015 #103
Why should the ability to give birth SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #18
Are your daughters aware of this? KMOD Mar 2015 #29
If there was a draft, people would be making that decision for his boys too. PersonNumber503602 Mar 2015 #40
Lol, KMOD Mar 2015 #41
How much do you know about me? PersonNumber503602 Mar 2015 #70
Of course they should. stone space Mar 2015 #89
What decision? SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #73
I've met plenty of warmongering women forsaken mortal Mar 2015 #35
Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with that Warpy Mar 2015 #50
If childbirth and war were the only dangers, your point would be stronger. 2013 US child birth Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #105
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2015 #84
I totally agree. TM99 Mar 2015 #38
Yes, because you can just as easily raise a child while in college, or in a career as you can KMOD Mar 2015 #42
Sorry, TM99 Mar 2015 #53
OK, I'll go to war, and you can give birth. KMOD Mar 2015 #58
This a false equivalency. TM99 Mar 2015 #67
I think any woman who wishes to serve, should serve. KMOD Mar 2015 #133
I am not in favor of a draft. TM99 Mar 2015 #155
+1 TexasMommaWithAHat Mar 2015 #159
You sound like those assholes who slam doors in a woman's face Jamastiene Mar 2015 #197
And yet I am not. TM99 Mar 2015 #198
Thanks! I momentarily forgot that military service is dangerous and thus for men only. n/t lumberjack_jeff Mar 2015 #46
Childbirth is dangerous and it's for women only. KMOD Mar 2015 #47
Are you seriously conparing modern childbirthing TM99 Mar 2015 #68
i am thinking you do not have a real idea about "modern" childbirth so some info. seabeyond Mar 2015 #92
can you tell me what modern childbirthing is? KMOD Mar 2015 #131
With the advent of modern medicine TM99 Mar 2015 #152
I've had two modern childbirths KMOD Mar 2015 #161
I am sorry you had difficult pregnancies, TM99 Mar 2015 #187
I didn't have difficult pregnancies. KMOD Mar 2015 #193
I have seen combat. TM99 Mar 2015 #195
except women serve also, and it has been womens groups fighting for womens right to serve. seabeyond Mar 2015 #96
Right? Perhaps. Responsibility? Obviously not. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2015 #126
feminist: womens issue. mans battle. go out and fight it. i will support YOU! seabeyond Mar 2015 #128
So feminism is about women's rights and not necessarily equal rights? davidn3600 Mar 2015 #138
feminism deals with womens issues and often overlaps to the rights of all. seabeyond Mar 2015 #139
Yes. If we consider equality a goal, it's incumbent on only men to advocate for it. n/t lumberjack_jeff Mar 2015 #188
Forcing women to kill and die in war is ok. stone space Mar 2015 #102
Oh, for goodness' sake TexasMommaWithAHat Mar 2015 #157
counterproductive to what? RB TexLa Mar 2015 #184
Interesting question RobertEarl Mar 2015 #9
We would need another version of, "Where have all the flowers gone?" MrMickeysMom Mar 2015 #141
Yes but gwheezie Mar 2015 #11
Love your idea about us oldies sadoldgirl Mar 2015 #13
Will the phrase "Hell no, I won't go" work? leftofcool Mar 2015 #78
Yes (nt) bigwillq Mar 2015 #15
No one should be drafted into any military. Orsino Mar 2015 #17
Yes. Even better! Should all american animals be drafted? YES! Rex Mar 2015 #22
Nice post, Noah Renew Deal Mar 2015 #31
Are you calling me the father of Ham? Rex Mar 2015 #33
No draft, period. eoom uppityperson Mar 2015 #23
Just women? That's messed up, man. Iggo Mar 2015 #24
;) KMOD Mar 2015 #27
Lots of ifs; including or excluding women would be decided by the Supreme court Brother Buzz Mar 2015 #25
Yep. I'm all for equality for women (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2015 #28
For just a hypothetical draft? KMOD Mar 2015 #30
I fully support the Fourteenth Amendment (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2015 #32
No one should be drafted into the military. nt valerief Mar 2015 #34
Hell no. Not before an Equal Rights Amendment is passed. n/t pnwmom Mar 2015 #36
Hell no. And not after, either. stone space Mar 2015 #97
I'm opposed to the draft itself. DEMTough Mar 2015 #44
I'll take "How to end war immediately for $100, Alex". lumberjack_jeff Mar 2015 #45
I'd prefer that NO ONE be drafted, but if there's a draft, that's what EQUALITY is all about. MADem Mar 2015 #49
But we aren't equal. The Equal Rights Amendment failed, remember? No ERA, no women in any draft. n/t pnwmom Mar 2015 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Mar 2015 #51
Everybody??? Manifestor_of_Light Mar 2015 #52
There are active duty women in the military now you know, Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #55
yes, but they probably don't have health problems. Manifestor_of_Light Mar 2015 #60
So they are magically heathier? I just find your objection rather... Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #61
You don't know very many women. Manifestor_of_Light Mar 2015 #72
Again, what you said isn't a reason to not have universal service, indeed you seem to be arguing... Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #75
I didn't say ALL WOMEN. Manifestor_of_Light Mar 2015 #172
In that case, why are you posting about this again, do you think the military is going to want... Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #173
Newt? Is that you? lumberjack_jeff Mar 2015 #189
Newt doesn't know the diff between a period and an infection. Manifestor_of_Light Mar 2015 #196
when they have enough political influence to stop the insanity Skittles Mar 2015 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author John Poet Mar 2015 #56
Technically more fair, but won't happen. TwilightGardener Mar 2015 #59
Not if they are the primary caregiver of their children Marrah_G Mar 2015 #62
If we have a draft, draft everybody. Ken Burch Mar 2015 #64
You suggest punishing children for the views of their parents? Seriously? People of draft age are Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #115
I have mixed feelings about this... yuiyoshida Mar 2015 #66
You are not playing the game correctly! djean111 Mar 2015 #83
only if a mandatory draft is started again nt steve2470 Mar 2015 #69
It depends on the occupation the military is using the draft for JonLP24 Mar 2015 #71
Other. MadrasT Mar 2015 #77
This! smirkymonkey Mar 2015 #143
No. Hands off my daughters! stone space Mar 2015 #80
No draft. Period. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #85
Apparently some want to pick and choose what to have equality in davidn3600 Mar 2015 #91
feminists are not excluding women from the same obligations to service. it is repug male that says seabeyond Mar 2015 #94
I didnt say it was only feminists... davidn3600 Mar 2015 #98
"I didnt say it was only feminists..' again, feminist fight for the right of women to serve. seabeyond Mar 2015 #99
Have you even looked at the posts on this very thread! davidn3600 Mar 2015 #104
third time... feminists position is FIGHTING for the right for women to serve. seabeyond Mar 2015 #106
For some reason you are trying so very hard to find a way to disagree with me and start a fight davidn3600 Mar 2015 #109
what i am doing is presenting fact instead of your fiction. fact is: feminist position supports and seabeyond Mar 2015 #111
This thread is NOT about the "right of women to serve". stone space Mar 2015 #116
i specifically addressed a poster that consistently blames feminists for the ills of this world. seabeyond Mar 2015 #119
then, please - share it. I want to hear your opinion about the OP. n/t Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #136
here are a couple subthreads of opinion in different Ops. i really did not want to participate in seabeyond Mar 2015 #137
Personally, I think this OP is very badly worded but, I voted, yes. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #140
ya. i did not vote. if boys have to, then girls do. neither should. is my stand. nt seabeyond Mar 2015 #142
I think education should include some type of service to our country, as in, Peace Corp -- Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #147
then again, if the are spending 6 or 7 yrs old more, in higher education to make a wage.... seabeyond Mar 2015 #148
I am not understanding you. Please clarify. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #149
i use to like the idea of a mandatory service. i can so see the education for boy in peace corps... seabeyond Mar 2015 #151
you are thinking private pay. I think not. I think they should get room/board/stipend Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #158
also.... if they do it freshly out of highschool, then i also feel that can stop a lot of kids seabeyond Mar 2015 #154
It should/could be included as part of our edcuation system based on a more European style. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #160
i agree with all you are saying. and further, i do not buy in all kids should go to college. seabeyond Mar 2015 #162
Yes. And now we understand why this OP is -so-badly worded. Thank you. - Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #163
back atcha. kinda like a .... discussion, of thought! fun to be had. nt seabeyond Mar 2015 #164
Which has nothing to do with the point of this thread. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2015 #190
it has everything to do with the post i replied to seabeyond Mar 2015 #194
Oh, most definitely. Some people DO want to pick and choose kcr Mar 2015 #183
Do you mean for combat MOS or you just mean the draft? JonLP24 Mar 2015 #191
Nobody should n/t eridani Mar 2015 #93
Do those here who support manditory military "service" for women also support... stone space Mar 2015 #100
What a bizarre question SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #107
Both ways of men telling our daughters how to live their lives. (nt) stone space Mar 2015 #108
Opening the draft up to women SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #110
You make it sound like an opportunity, not violent coersion. stone space Mar 2015 #112
That's an argument against the draft in general, not an issue that would only affect women. n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #121
It's coercion for men as well SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #124
Different thread, different poll. stone space Mar 2015 #202
You seem to be the master of the non sequitur, seriously, what the fuck are you talking about? n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #114
Why should we telling women how live their lives? stone space Mar 2015 #117
Again with the non sequitur, what the hell are you prattling on about? n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #118
Whether or not we should kidnap women and force them... stone space Mar 2015 #120
Do you feel the same way about men? n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #122
Of course I do. But that wasn't the question. stone space Mar 2015 #123
What you choose to ignore is that the question was asked SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #125
The poll does *not* ask "Do you support mandatory military service for women?". That's important. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2015 #129
"If women are raped, should men also be raped?" stone space Mar 2015 #200
Why would a draft be reinstated? ileus Mar 2015 #101
Yes to the question in the text, no to the question in the title. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2015 #113
Agree 100% on both counts n/t SickOfTheOnePct Mar 2015 #127
YES, and ONLY women should be drafted. It's time to balance an historic wrong HereSince1628 Mar 2015 #130
so, to compensate for the historical wrong of rape allowed, .... anytime a girl/women says rape, seabeyond Mar 2015 #132
Sure. Only if laundry_queen Mar 2015 #167
LOL. This is a real serious thread doncha know? HereSince1628 Mar 2015 #170
If men are, yes. treestar Mar 2015 #134
Yes if men are women should be and there is a draft ismnotwasm Mar 2015 #144
As soon as the ERA is ratified I will consider this question TBF Mar 2015 #146
Actually that's a good point ismnotwasm Mar 2015 #150
Same here - anti war and anti-draft TBF Mar 2015 #166
No doubt an ERA should be ratified, but HereSince1628 Mar 2015 #153
I don't agree with conscription so someone else TBF Mar 2015 #165
What's with all the "trial balloons" about the draft? Wella Mar 2015 #168
Not while the US military is basically a giant rape camp mwrguy Mar 2015 #169
That is my reason for saying "No!" AwakeAtLast Mar 2015 #175
Who cares? JackRiddler Mar 2015 #171
Yes. stone space Mar 2015 #201
I don't even think men should have ever been drafted. Jamastiene Mar 2015 #176
God damn, Jamastiene! Kath1 Mar 2015 #179
rape aspect is an excellent point i totally overlooked and their unwillingness to address. just a seabeyond Mar 2015 #180
Excellent points. Thanks. nt F4lconF16 Mar 2015 #204
I answerred OTHER because of a conversation I heard from a military officer. napi21 Mar 2015 #177
No to a draft for men or women. Joe Magarac Mar 2015 #178
Not only no, but hell no kcr Mar 2015 #186
This poll kind of begs the question(s) CreekDog Mar 2015 #192
See campanion poll here: stone space Mar 2015 #203
Easiest way to see just how 'equal' a person believes women should be to men... Lancero Mar 2015 #205
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