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23. And a Canadian
Mon Mar 16, 2015, 05:05 PM
Mar 2015

Never forget that this loser was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father.

Interesting. ananda Mar 2015 #1
And this idiot is a Senator ? BlueJazz Mar 2015 #2
Yes he is atreides1 Mar 2015 #7
I have met any number of people who... 3catwoman3 Mar 2015 #38
A Republican Senator rock Mar 2015 #9
And a Princeton and Harvard Law grad, no less KamaAina Mar 2015 #11
And Cotton is a Harvard grad too. Skidmore Mar 2015 #12
That's because these morons spent all their time getting wasted. AngryDem001 Mar 2015 #29
Amen to that! 7962 Mar 2015 #30
And a Canadian MiniMe Mar 2015 #23
I point that out every chance I get. I still don't understand how he claims to be able.... George II Mar 2015 #33
I believe the law states... gregcrawford Mar 2015 #42
The big difference betweeen the two is that Obama was born in the US, Cruz wasn't. George II Mar 2015 #49
Between Cruz and Cottonball it is very clear that one does not need intelligence liberal N proud Mar 2015 #28
can we buy 47 pair of Rick Perry smart glasses for the GOP senators? guillaumeb Mar 2015 #3
Maybe we should make that 94 large corks just to eliminate all of the options. n/t A Simple Game Mar 2015 #35
I laughed renate Mar 2015 #61
Sarah Palin's long-lost twin brother. kestrel91316 Mar 2015 #4
So so misinformed. Lex Mar 2015 #5
They govern through lying and cheating and sowing Skidmore Mar 2015 #15
Technically they have not governed. I don't know since when. Rex Mar 2015 #58
In other news.... AZ Mike Mar 2015 #6
LOL. I heard about this too. Lex Mar 2015 #14
Canadians don't understand U.S. law. nt TeamPooka Mar 2015 #8
Nope, he's not Canadian thank heavens... Spazito Mar 2015 #19
The solution of Solomon says we have to split him and share. TeamPooka Mar 2015 #20
LOL! n/t Spazito Mar 2015 #22
I'd be happy if he just split. nt Xipe Totec Mar 2015 #25
When Bieber wins a seat in Parliament, we'll send our condolances. Jack Rabbit Mar 2015 #32
Well, seeing as idiots were elected last election in Canada, neocon idiots... Spazito Mar 2015 #37
I'll take Bieber over the Koch brother any day. nt awoke_in_2003 Mar 2015 #62
You can denounce your birth place but you can never deny it! A Simple Game Mar 2015 #36
Yep, you can 'give it back', Conrad Black, the criminal, did... Spazito Mar 2015 #39
OOOOH.....NO! A HERETIC I AM Mar 2015 #40
LOL, good thing I scrolled down... Spazito Mar 2015 #41
As much as I can't stand Bieber, it would be better Jamastiene Mar 2015 #44
With Bieber, there's still a chance he will change his ways and grow up... Spazito Mar 2015 #48
Dammit! Jamastiene Mar 2015 #53
Cruz AND Swartzy, are you crazy??? Spazito Mar 2015 #55
I'm pretty certain based upon Aerows Mar 2015 #50
It appears they don't even know the basics of the US Constitution... Spazito Mar 2015 #56
This is the same jeenyus who doesn't understand the core message of Green Eggs and Ham. tanyev Mar 2015 #10
Good point, tanyev. sheshe2 Mar 2015 #16
He's in the car, but no one's sitting in the driver's seat. Baitball Blogger Mar 2015 #13
This may be the point - to make himself look like a dumb-ass teabagger. erronis Mar 2015 #24
Playing to the teabagger minority in Iowa and N.H., hoping to be Chosen, to be showered with Godly ad cash Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #26
As a "Cruz Stands up to DC" PR stunt, it was probably a smashing success to his brainless supporters arcane1 Mar 2015 #27
That's the thing with Republicans. Jamastiene Mar 2015 #45
Is this guy stupid? B Calm Mar 2015 #17
Image from your link Don. sheshe2 Mar 2015 #18
Haa that dumb look says it all. misterhighwasted Mar 2015 #51
Yup.... sheshe2 Mar 2015 #52
He looks like Pat Buchanan's love child. Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #57
He doesn't care if it's true. All that matters is if those he's addressing don't know it's not. herding cats Mar 2015 #21
That is exactly what they have been doing for ages now... Jamastiene Mar 2015 #46
Yeah, and they're winning. Again. herding cats Mar 2015 #54
more hysteria before the horse - KT2000 Mar 2015 #31
MORON ALERT!! An especially MORANIC MORAN!!! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2015 #34
I want to watch him write a bill and call a vote to repeal this marym625 Mar 2015 #43
Actually, he's not that far off. knitter4democracy Mar 2015 #47
Damn he's effective! He's already gotten it repealed!:P n/t Bossy Monkey Mar 2015 #59
Conversely, Cruz has shown full throated support for The Animator Mar 2015 #60
Well, there you go. malthaussen Mar 2015 #63
They make a bumpersticker like this for nothin'.. Cha Mar 2015 #64
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