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58. Technically they have not governed. I don't know since when.
Tue Mar 17, 2015, 03:58 AM
Mar 2015

Stumbling from one disaster to another with their eyes closed, is more like constantly falling. The more they fall the more disasters they cause.

Clearly McCain wanted to start a war with Russia. Cotton wants to nuke Iran. They are either the worlds biggest dullards or criminally insane megalomaniacs. Blowing off the head to save the body never worked. You just have to wonder why they don't get it. Even someone without most of their faculties still wants to breath and eat and survive. McCain and Cotton appear to have all working bodyparts and brain matter.

Republicans are an enigma.

Interesting. ananda Mar 2015 #1
And this idiot is a Senator ? BlueJazz Mar 2015 #2
Yes he is atreides1 Mar 2015 #7
I have met any number of people who... 3catwoman3 Mar 2015 #38
A Republican Senator rock Mar 2015 #9
And a Princeton and Harvard Law grad, no less KamaAina Mar 2015 #11
And Cotton is a Harvard grad too. Skidmore Mar 2015 #12
That's because these morons spent all their time getting wasted. AngryDem001 Mar 2015 #29
Amen to that! 7962 Mar 2015 #30
And a Canadian MiniMe Mar 2015 #23
I point that out every chance I get. I still don't understand how he claims to be able.... George II Mar 2015 #33
I believe the law states... gregcrawford Mar 2015 #42
The big difference betweeen the two is that Obama was born in the US, Cruz wasn't. George II Mar 2015 #49
Between Cruz and Cottonball it is very clear that one does not need intelligence liberal N proud Mar 2015 #28
can we buy 47 pair of Rick Perry smart glasses for the GOP senators? guillaumeb Mar 2015 #3
Maybe we should make that 94 large corks just to eliminate all of the options. n/t A Simple Game Mar 2015 #35
I laughed renate Mar 2015 #61
Sarah Palin's long-lost twin brother. kestrel91316 Mar 2015 #4
So so misinformed. Lex Mar 2015 #5
They govern through lying and cheating and sowing Skidmore Mar 2015 #15
Technically they have not governed. I don't know since when. Rex Mar 2015 #58
In other news.... AZ Mike Mar 2015 #6
LOL. I heard about this too. Lex Mar 2015 #14
Canadians don't understand U.S. law. nt TeamPooka Mar 2015 #8
Nope, he's not Canadian thank heavens... Spazito Mar 2015 #19
The solution of Solomon says we have to split him and share. TeamPooka Mar 2015 #20
LOL! n/t Spazito Mar 2015 #22
I'd be happy if he just split. nt Xipe Totec Mar 2015 #25
When Bieber wins a seat in Parliament, we'll send our condolances. Jack Rabbit Mar 2015 #32
Well, seeing as idiots were elected last election in Canada, neocon idiots... Spazito Mar 2015 #37
I'll take Bieber over the Koch brother any day. nt awoke_in_2003 Mar 2015 #62
You can denounce your birth place but you can never deny it! A Simple Game Mar 2015 #36
Yep, you can 'give it back', Conrad Black, the criminal, did... Spazito Mar 2015 #39
OOOOH.....NO! A HERETIC I AM Mar 2015 #40
LOL, good thing I scrolled down... Spazito Mar 2015 #41
As much as I can't stand Bieber, it would be better Jamastiene Mar 2015 #44
With Bieber, there's still a chance he will change his ways and grow up... Spazito Mar 2015 #48
Dammit! Jamastiene Mar 2015 #53
Cruz AND Swartzy, are you crazy??? Spazito Mar 2015 #55
I'm pretty certain based upon Aerows Mar 2015 #50
It appears they don't even know the basics of the US Constitution... Spazito Mar 2015 #56
This is the same jeenyus who doesn't understand the core message of Green Eggs and Ham. tanyev Mar 2015 #10
Good point, tanyev. sheshe2 Mar 2015 #16
He's in the car, but no one's sitting in the driver's seat. Baitball Blogger Mar 2015 #13
This may be the point - to make himself look like a dumb-ass teabagger. erronis Mar 2015 #24
Playing to the teabagger minority in Iowa and N.H., hoping to be Chosen, to be showered with Godly ad cash Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #26
As a "Cruz Stands up to DC" PR stunt, it was probably a smashing success to his brainless supporters arcane1 Mar 2015 #27
That's the thing with Republicans. Jamastiene Mar 2015 #45
Is this guy stupid? B Calm Mar 2015 #17
Image from your link Don. sheshe2 Mar 2015 #18
Haa that dumb look says it all. misterhighwasted Mar 2015 #51
Yup.... sheshe2 Mar 2015 #52
He looks like Pat Buchanan's love child. Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #57
He doesn't care if it's true. All that matters is if those he's addressing don't know it's not. herding cats Mar 2015 #21
That is exactly what they have been doing for ages now... Jamastiene Mar 2015 #46
Yeah, and they're winning. Again. herding cats Mar 2015 #54
more hysteria before the horse - KT2000 Mar 2015 #31
MORON ALERT!! An especially MORANIC MORAN!!! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2015 #34
I want to watch him write a bill and call a vote to repeal this marym625 Mar 2015 #43
Actually, he's not that far off. knitter4democracy Mar 2015 #47
Damn he's effective! He's already gotten it repealed!:P n/t Bossy Monkey Mar 2015 #59
Conversely, Cruz has shown full throated support for The Animator Mar 2015 #60
Well, there you go. malthaussen Mar 2015 #63
They make a bumpersticker like this for nothin'.. Cha Mar 2015 #64
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