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Old and In the Way

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13. "No Manny, that is a Republican jurist, nominated by a Republican Preisident that may kill Obamacare
Mon Mar 23, 2015, 11:21 PM
Mar 2015

Millions of people will lose their subsidies and Republicans will destroy the best healthcare opportunity they we have had. As the board's "resident"socialist, it does not surprise me me in the least that you are supporting a Republican verdict...and blaming it on "triangulation". That is what apologists do. The next time I read a post from you that critizes a Republican (spare me the 1:50 links), I will be surprized.

Tea Leaves, or Tea Bags? nt Xipe Totec Mar 2015 #1
Sure seems that is what he has become still_one Mar 2015 #2
It would be a great issue for us but not worth the damage done./NT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #3
Obviouly, the answer is to elect a Republican. Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #4
This ^ ^ ^ Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2015 #5
The issues we are having with the court right now have all been caused by republican appointed still_one Mar 2015 #6
Clarence Thomas. Joe Biden. I'm sure that was just a coincidence......... Autumn Mar 2015 #34
You can blame Joe Biden for Clarence Thomas, but my point was that these were republican appointees. still_one Mar 2015 #36
Yes he was appointed by a republican. I watched every minute of those hearings on Thomas. Autumn Mar 2015 #39
I didn't disagree with your point, only stating that the SC matters, and appointments by still_one Mar 2015 #40
Yes very true, but it's the fight, or lack of fight that has us where we are today. Autumn Mar 2015 #41
sadly, I think your assessment is right on still_one Mar 2015 #42
Go get 'em, Sport MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #8
Manny, when you disagree with my opinions... Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #11
very kind of you rufus dog Mar 2015 #12
What a simplistic saw MFrohike Mar 2015 #28
Oh what a pile of #%*& we make MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #7
"No Manny, that is a Republican jurist, nominated by a Republican Preisident that may kill Obamacare Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #13
Today's Republican Party is dispicable beyond words MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #15
oh, thanks for the oblgatory "Opposition are idiots' 2 sentence acknowledgement of no Republican Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #17
You're cute. MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #18
From you Manny, that is a compliment. Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #21
The "obfuscation and distraction" game gets old, doesn't it? MADem Mar 2015 #20
What is fascinatinating to me is a defender of the Republican majorirty.. Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #25
Well, when I pull the string, I don't like what I see at the other end, frankly. MADem Mar 2015 #26
Republicans are the best triangulators I know. Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #14
The top ten percent had great health care prior to the ACA. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #9
The people who brought this case are not even affected by the ACA. still_one Mar 2015 #16
Hopefully the top 1% can save the 90% from the dreaded 10%. nt MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #19
Trying to read tea leaves based on today's colloquy is silly, imo. elleng Mar 2015 #10
I don't see why he thinks they must assume that all three branches are fully functioning when tblue37 Mar 2015 #22
Because he must. elleng Mar 2015 #23
And then, if they're partisan Republicans, they ignore precedent whenever necessary to arrive at the tblue37 Mar 2015 #24
And if they think that their decision is particularly egregious... graegoyle Mar 2015 #27
W in 2000. jwirr Mar 2015 #38
Thanks for your posts here -- interpreting this to mean support of overthrowing ACA seems lame karynnj Mar 2015 #33
So the author of this article thinks Supreme Court decisions should be based on politics not law? nt PoliticAverse Mar 2015 #29
It's a Blomberg author. B Calm Mar 2015 #30
Yes, the author is speculating, but based on Kennedy's actions within this still_one Mar 2015 #31
However, I think context matters -- it is NOT just the 4 words, but the words that surround them karynnj Mar 2015 #35
I agree with your view still_one Mar 2015 #37
Exactly what "swing" votes has he ever cast?!1 n/t UTUSN Mar 2015 #32
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