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8. One person is entitled to file a sexual harassment lawsuit...
Tue Mar 24, 2015, 11:22 AM
Mar 2015

And that's the poor trans-woman who was just trying to go to the gym and work out, when this crazy fundie lady started screaming about her genitalia, publicly humiliating her. It was so bad that Planet Fitness's management stepped in and threw the crazy lady out to make the harassment stop.

I think we could all see this one coming. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #1
They're a big company. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #4
"two counts of sexual harassment" NuclearDem Mar 2015 #2
One person is entitled to file a sexual harassment lawsuit... backscatter712 Mar 2015 #8
Only sexual harrassment I see is the fundie screaming about the trans' private parts LynneSin Mar 2015 #15
Without knowing very much about whatever law or laws might be involved, SheilaT Mar 2015 #3
I don't know why that's relevant. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #5
Planet Fitness made it very clear. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #9
I think most states have a refusal of service law. gvstn Mar 2015 #6
If there was such a thing as a "reasonable" fundamentalist Christian... hunter Mar 2015 #7
This particular woman is a member of a Dominionist group... backscatter712 Mar 2015 #12
Wow, they sound like the Taliban or ISIS. Rex Mar 2015 #21
This lawsuit is not serious Gothmog Mar 2015 #10
That's my bet. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #11
I would day the same thing about the Hobby Lobby case mythology Mar 2015 #13
Can I call the lawsuit a fad? msanthrope Mar 2015 #14
And that person is still allowed to post here, its a travesty. n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #18
Seriously? Rex Mar 2015 #22
I remember one member here bringing up... Lancero Mar 2015 #23
Yes, seriously, oh, and please look at the context with the post they responded to, Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #26
I'll say it again. I'll wear the hide I got in that thread with pride. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #24
Same here, I had a couple of hides, if I remember right. n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #27
+infinity (nt) LostOne4Ever Mar 2015 #30
I'd be willing to be the Kallman Legal Group contacted her, and not the other way around. tanyev Mar 2015 #16
Her lawyers are extreme right-wingers davidn3600 Mar 2015 #17
I'm sure there are many posters here that are gleeful she is suing and are hoping she wins... Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #19
I'm surprised they're staying away from this thread. tammywammy Mar 2015 #28
Me too. I was wondering if the transphobes would drop a turd in the punch bowl. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #32
If they are like other big box fitness gyms, then she signed away all her rights Rex Mar 2015 #20
The Diary has some interesting info about the case if you are interested in more than just KittyWampus Mar 2015 #25
You have no legal right to gender segregated locker or bathrooms. Xithras Mar 2015 #29
Transphobic bigots making a name for themselves by using the courts. LittleBlue Mar 2015 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2024 #33
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