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I think we could all see this one coming. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #1
They're a big company. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #4
"two counts of sexual harassment" NuclearDem Mar 2015 #2
One person is entitled to file a sexual harassment lawsuit... backscatter712 Mar 2015 #8
Only sexual harrassment I see is the fundie screaming about the trans' private parts LynneSin Mar 2015 #15
Without knowing very much about whatever law or laws might be involved, SheilaT Mar 2015 #3
I don't know why that's relevant. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #5
Planet Fitness made it very clear. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #9
I think most states have a refusal of service law. gvstn Mar 2015 #6
If there was such a thing as a "reasonable" fundamentalist Christian... hunter Mar 2015 #7
This particular woman is a member of a Dominionist group... backscatter712 Mar 2015 #12
Wow, they sound like the Taliban or ISIS. Rex Mar 2015 #21
This lawsuit is not serious Gothmog Mar 2015 #10
That's my bet. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #11
I would day the same thing about the Hobby Lobby case mythology Mar 2015 #13
Can I call the lawsuit a fad? msanthrope Mar 2015 #14
And that person is still allowed to post here, its a travesty. n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #18
Seriously? Rex Mar 2015 #22
I remember one member here bringing up... Lancero Mar 2015 #23
Yes, seriously, oh, and please look at the context with the post they responded to, Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #26
I'll say it again. I'll wear the hide I got in that thread with pride. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #24
Same here, I had a couple of hides, if I remember right. n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #27
+infinity (nt) LostOne4Ever Mar 2015 #30
I'd be willing to be the Kallman Legal Group contacted her, and not the other way around. tanyev Mar 2015 #16
Her lawyers are extreme right-wingers davidn3600 Mar 2015 #17
I'm sure there are many posters here that are gleeful she is suing and are hoping she wins... Humanist_Activist Mar 2015 #19
I'm surprised they're staying away from this thread. tammywammy Mar 2015 #28
Me too. I was wondering if the transphobes would drop a turd in the punch bowl. backscatter712 Mar 2015 #32
If they are like other big box fitness gyms, then she signed away all her rights Rex Mar 2015 #20
The Diary has some interesting info about the case if you are interested in more than just KittyWampus Mar 2015 #25
You have no legal right to gender segregated locker or bathrooms. Xithras Mar 2015 #29
Transphobic bigots making a name for themselves by using the courts. LittleBlue Mar 2015 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2024 #33
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