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9. In fairness to most human members of the 99%, they are exhausted, powerless, lack
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 12:01 AM
Mar 2015

funds and have day jobs, lives to run, kids to raise and no staff. And are not Machiavellian anyway.

It's not their day job to outthink the likes of the Koch brothers. That is what they were taught/brainwashed that their choices in voting booth, their elected representatives and their donations to the IRS to support their elected representatives and their respective staffs and lawyers and accountants and strategists, etc. would do for them.

Sometimes I blame them/us, most times I don't.

I like what you've said, and how you've said it, my dear byronius... CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2015 #1
Human beings seem doomed to repeat and repeat and repeat past troubles NRaleighLiberal Mar 2015 #2
I think that the Earth itself will get tired of our shenanigans. AngryDem001 Mar 2015 #3
Exactly. I am not worried at all about Earth - when it's had enough, it will vomit us away NRaleighLiberal Mar 2015 #4
In fairness to most human members of the 99%, they are exhausted, powerless, lack merrily Mar 2015 #9
Agreed, but I am speaking beyond percentages - looking back over history, NRaleighLiberal Mar 2015 #12
Do you think the Iraq War vote evidenced inability to learn from Vietnam? merrily Apr 2015 #22
K&R Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #5
To the Greatest Page. woo me with science Mar 2015 #6
Well said! And there's always a get rich quick scheme like investing in tulips... displacedtexan Mar 2015 #7
"Star Trek post-apocalyptic moneyless Ethical Society" < You do know that was just a movie, right? jtuck004 Mar 2015 #8
It is surprising more people donít go berserk polynomial Mar 2015 #10
Kick! calimary Mar 2015 #11
"six f'ing inches forward" BobTheSubgenius Mar 2015 #13
There is definitely a metaphor in the fact of the QE2 moving six inches per gallon of diesel. byronius Mar 2015 #17
Ahhhh. Thank you for the reply. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2015 #19
k&r ND-Dem Mar 2015 #14
The more things change... Wounded Bear Mar 2015 #15
You may need a change of Renaissance seveneyes Mar 2015 #16
Nice. byronius Mar 2015 #18
Brilliant post, eloquently expressed nikto Apr 2015 #20
Thanks for the compliment, and sure. byronius Apr 2015 #21
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