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The Dem Party isn't infested with religious fanatics. That's enough for me to distinguish the two. nomorenomore08 Mar 2015 #1
We're just better at hiding the religious extremists who are here. blkmusclmachine Mar 2015 #70
Sure there are some (like fervently anti-choice Catholics). But they're not the base of the Party. nomorenomore08 Mar 2015 #97
Progressives did not sit home. WorseBeforeBetter Mar 2015 #2
They stayed home and made waffles...nt SidDithers Mar 2015 #5
Yeah, I have no idea who you are referring to. (n/t) WorseBeforeBetter Mar 2015 #8
yup JI7 Mar 2015 #13
Who did you vote for in 2014? morningfog Mar 2015 #51
Who was running for office in Canada at that time? Rex Mar 2015 #60
You are too generous in calling him an "expert in American politics." morningfog Mar 2015 #62
As are replies in this vein sharp_stick Mar 2015 #78
+1000 eom BlueCaliDem Mar 2015 #176
And bragged about it. Bobbie Jo Mar 2015 #86
I'm out of the loop... cyberswede Mar 2015 #138
Yep Bobbie Jo Mar 2015 #139
Was it a single person, or a bunch of people? cyberswede Mar 2015 #140
I suppose "they" Bobbie Jo Mar 2015 #141
This was the thread... SidDithers Mar 2015 #144
And *continues* to be proud of it, promising to do it again in 2016. BlueCaliDem Mar 2015 #177
The Waffle Abides Katashi_itto Mar 2015 #162
Big ole "yup"... Agschmid Mar 2015 #164
I have 5 friends who I classify as liberal democrats. Not a single one voted in the last election. LiberalArkie Mar 2015 #35
Me too, Liberal Arkie.. mountain grammy Mar 2015 #80
My experience is the exact opposite. EVERY "liberal democrat" in my circle... WorseBeforeBetter Mar 2015 #171
They like to return to spew this lie time after time LondonReign2 Mar 2015 #110
Truth matters little to that crowd. bvar22 Mar 2015 #161
Ah, thanks for that info. WorseBeforeBetter Mar 2015 #172
Exactly... joeybee12 Mar 2015 #135
Rex nailed it in #75. Any time some shit Sensible Centrist policy... WorseBeforeBetter Mar 2015 #173
oh look another hippie punching op. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #3
Attacking progressives will inspire them to vote next time. L0oniX Mar 2015 #4
Jesus, did you see some of the youth bashing posts after the election? F4lconF16 Mar 2015 #14
Bingo. Thanks. 840high Mar 2015 #72
I am a youth bashing youth. iandhr Mar 2015 #85
+1 L0oniX Mar 2015 #123
Yeah. Go figure RufusTFirefly Mar 2015 #32
works every time madokie Mar 2015 #48
You miss the NJ Senator Martinez threads yeoman6987 Mar 2015 #180
DU rec...nt SidDithers Mar 2015 #6
Since not even one of the loser dems ran on this betterdemsonly Mar 2015 #7
+1000 F4lconF16 Mar 2015 #10
In 2009-2010 the GOP was able to block everything with only 40 Senators, how was that any better? Doctor_J Mar 2015 #16
^^^^^^^That right there^^^^^^^^^^ BrotherIvan Mar 2015 #69
Right you are! MissDeeds Mar 2015 #71
That word "everything"... it doesn't mean what you think it means. stevenleser Mar 2015 #87
They blocked Obamacare?? Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #93
They blocked healthcare and stuck us with Gingrichcare Doctor_J Mar 2015 #102
Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #170
Lol! You would have more credibility if you didn't pull 'facts' out of your arse. n/t demmiblue Mar 2015 #9
^^^this^^^ L0oniX Mar 2015 #124
... Fumesucker Mar 2015 #11
LOL! So perfect. nt laundry_queen Mar 2015 #43
bullshit. NRaleighLiberal Mar 2015 #12
Why are some of these divisive, shit-stirring OP's allowed to stand, while others Doctor_J Mar 2015 #15
It appears to me that those that hate liberals and progressives have more power here rhett o rick Mar 2015 #19
LOL ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2015 #61
Why, did you spill your Third Way Kool Aid? U4ikLefty Mar 2015 #96
No, it was Liberal hating 3rd way punch. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2015 #106
Oh boy! You want some cheese with your whine? leftofcool Mar 2015 #101
because OPs complaining about the people doing this are seen as "equal time" MisterP Mar 2015 #77
What is the goal of this OP? This same post or something similar has been posted on a regular rhett o rick Mar 2015 #17
I think it's the usual bullying by the DINOs. Even though their approach to governing has been a Doctor_J Mar 2015 #20
Serious question. Who are these people, I mean what do they believe in, that find it rhett o rick Mar 2015 #27
Who are these people? Third Wayers LondonReign2 Mar 2015 #111
The goal is to stir shit and piss off everyone except oligarchy shills? Just guessing. L0oniX Mar 2015 #168
Yea! Beat up on liberals! That'll get them to do what you want!! jeff47 Mar 2015 #18
LOL. "Let's nominate a DLC candidate and then complain when the liberals don't like it." rhett o rick Mar 2015 #22
Don't think they have forgotten Nader. I had to set one of them straight A Simple Game Mar 2015 #47
Blaming Nader is illogical. What did he do but legally run for office? A lot of illegal things rhett o rick Mar 2015 #95
I asked this last one why he picked on Nader when there were 7 other A Simple Game Mar 2015 #100
One of the failures in 2000 of the Democratic Party Machine rhett o rick Mar 2015 #109
I have no doubts that it will be the same if Clinton is the nominee. A Simple Game Mar 2015 #112
Be careful here, talk like that will bring the wrath. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #120
Screw the wrath, it's the internet, I'm not foolish enough to let it bother me. n/t A Simple Game Mar 2015 #122
they beat themselves up treestar Mar 2015 #163
It's not the liberals "playing victim". jeff47 Mar 2015 #165
Those aren't Liberals, and I don't care how loudly they scream on DU that they are. BlueCaliDem Mar 2015 #178
How do you explain the fact that the more progressive States had higher turnouts in 2014? Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #21
What I want to know is, if this OP author isn't a progressive, what is she? rhett o rick Mar 2015 #24
Hey now! Don't let reality get in the way of a good liberal beating! (nt) jeff47 Mar 2015 #25
The OP is full of shit stirring. Nothing more, nothing less. morningfog Mar 2015 #52
The non-progressives really don't like to discuss actual issues, rhett o rick Mar 2015 #128
Don't expect honest answers from the OP. This is a hit and run piece. L0oniX Mar 2015 #169
Obama attributed midterm losses to AAs, Latinos, young'uns and unmarried women. SMC22307 Mar 2015 #23
Well, I'm old and white and I voted straight (D) as I have since 1978 Doctor_J Mar 2015 #30
Same here, only 1980 for me. SMC22307 Mar 2015 #34
"What do you know that he doesn't? " Phlem Mar 2015 #50
Well then. What that tells you is that Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #103
I stayed home. LWolf Mar 2015 #26
Here is what I saw this last election day. Hundreds of people showed up to rhett o rick Mar 2015 #28
+10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Phlem Mar 2015 #54
so you "woo hoo" a thread explaining why it's better to have the REP put into office? Sheepshank Mar 2015 #116
so it was better to put a REP in office? Sheepshank Mar 2015 #115
If you have an argument, why not spite it out in lieu of these rhett o rick Mar 2015 #119
bull fucking shit...I was clearly answering your post Sheepshank Mar 2015 #121
You left out an important part of my post. No Republicon was put into office. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #126
*I* noted the important part of your post...you divert attention from it Sheepshank Mar 2015 #134
My post was very clear, but you said " so it was better to put a REP in office?" rhett o rick Mar 2015 #137
What you assert was not stated. You distorted and then just ran with it. TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #153
I agree with Cali's post guillaumeb Mar 2015 #29
Just 36.3 percent of registered Illinoisians voted last November (including me!) greatauntoftriplets Mar 2015 #31
This OP is what happens when people make things up MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #33
but not enough people who are natural left voters actually vote guillaumeb Mar 2015 #37
I think that's a different issue than the OP MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #55
Both sides don't have to be identical to turn off voters. winter is coming Mar 2015 #66
true guillaumeb Mar 2015 #157
Heh. See #4 progressoid Mar 2015 #40
Juror #4 is my kinda DUer. (n/t) SMC22307 Mar 2015 #44
This place has become DemocraticThunderdome lately. nt MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #57
This is what happens 20 minutes after the TPP is posted in GD. Rex Mar 2015 #75
Let's try to turn that around a little, shall we? MannyGoldstein Mar 2015 #89
this is what happens PowerToThePeople Mar 2015 #36
You and the recently booted AverageJoe90 are of like minds. SMC22307 Mar 2015 #38
random acts of hippie punching Enrique Mar 2015 #39
yep. The voters fault. Phlem Mar 2015 #53
Random acts of hippie punching that are contrary to actual facts no less LondonReign2 Mar 2015 #113
K & R Cryptoad Mar 2015 #41
of course it's the voters fault. Phlem Mar 2015 #42
Yep. This is exactly what happens. Wanna keep the jerks out? calimary Mar 2015 #45
Words can't express Jamaal510 Mar 2015 #46
Good post! And here's something else to "vote for"... Beartracks Mar 2015 #59
Thanks, Jamaal. freshwest Mar 2015 #90
Since I don't live in a parliamentary country, I don't vote for 'party'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #104
Yes, elections have consequences. Agnosticsherbet Mar 2015 #49
No. this is what happens when Democrats provide no leadership Android3.14 Mar 2015 #56
Warren had no plan? Fuck that!! Sheepshank Mar 2015 #117
Intentional misunderstanding? You tell me. Android3.14 Mar 2015 #125
LOL! The 80s called and wants it's meme back! Rex Mar 2015 #58
Cali_Democrat reiterates Horse shit. You whine about liberal non-voters but you offer no facts! Ford_Prefect Mar 2015 #63
I actually I think they know all this--so, besides keeping their mitts on the reins against a rival MisterP Mar 2015 #83
I think, for clarity/accuracy ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2015 #64
Agreed. The GOP is in permanent election mode, see the MSM. They write the narratives for the L&R. freshwest Mar 2015 #91
Yep ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2015 #107
Blaming progressives for the failures of the Democratic party is ludacris & explains think Mar 2015 #65
Meanwhile, back at the ranch Mnpaul Mar 2015 #67
Exactly. The fish rots from the head /nt think Mar 2015 #74
Careful Mnpaul Mar 2015 #81
I call bullshit. 99Forever Mar 2015 #68
BS 840high Mar 2015 #73
Yep. The Democratic circular firing squad MaggieD Mar 2015 #76
any proof that the progressives lost '14 and not the absence of any actual campaign? MisterP Mar 2015 #79
just like the Republicans Mnpaul Mar 2015 #82
Brecht has a poem for that MisterP Mar 2015 #84
Dropped a steaming pile and split huh OP? tkmorris Mar 2015 #88
Nailed it Android3.14 Mar 2015 #133
Recently I renewed my prescription for Fukitol™ for a 2 year supply. Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #92
Umm... am I the only that sees your "this is what happens" as a hypothetical instead of you saying Number23 Mar 2015 #94
And, they're still defending it on DU.. mustn't upset their sensibilities by pointing out the Cha Mar 2015 #98
Avail yourself of some facts before posting. DisgustipatedinCA Mar 2015 #150
You "avail yourself of some facts". Cha Mar 2015 #166
the people I know that stayed home were middle of the roaders. hobbit709 Mar 2015 #99
Who says progressives stayed home? Scuba Mar 2015 #105
I've posted this story about the 2010 exit poll many times and it showed neverforget Mar 2015 #131
Yeah, but those are facts and the whole destroy the premise of the OP. Scuba Mar 2015 #132
Thanks, I'm going add this to the list of facts I have in post 110 LondonReign2 Mar 2015 #136
like how "spoilers" didn't lose us '68, '80, or '00 MisterP Mar 2015 #143
Only fools would claim both parties are the same. NCTraveler Mar 2015 #108
I'm so fucking sick of hearing "they're the same" bull shit Sheepshank Mar 2015 #114
good luck G_j Mar 2015 #145
would be great if it weren't true. Sheepshank Mar 2015 #146
I'm sure someone might say that occasionally G_j Mar 2015 #147
has anyone stated numbers? Sheepshank Mar 2015 #152
I don't think that is possible G_j Mar 2015 #154
ahh I see subtelty isn't in your vocab. Sheepshank Mar 2015 #155
"they're the same" G_j Mar 2015 #156
Thought it would be nice for you to see some of those 'nebulous' posts Sheepshank Mar 2015 #174
Both of your examples are comments G_j Mar 2015 #182
another non-nebulous post Sheepshank Mar 2015 #181
It is the OP that is a "big fat whopping lie". LondonReign2 Mar 2015 #149
crickets G_j Mar 2015 #158
it's hard to dispute these facts but the hippie punching will neverforget Mar 2015 #159
A fine whine that doesn't get better with age............ marmar Mar 2015 #118
sometimes we have to sweep our dirt floor olddots Mar 2015 #127
No, this is what happens as a result of dogmatically pushing a decades long agenda supposedly TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #129
From your OP it seems you are not a progressive so I am curious as to rhett o rick Mar 2015 #130
is there some kind of evidence G_j Mar 2015 #142
I don't take correction from those far to the right of me. DisgustipatedinCA Mar 2015 #148
Elections has consequences, a good senator needs other congressional members to Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #151
I Call Them Republican Enablers, They Are Enabling Republican Victories... Corey_Baker08 Mar 2015 #160
What a load MFrohike Mar 2015 #167
C'mon people. Cut off the bark and the tree will die. Capt. Obvious Mar 2015 #175
Those weren't "progressives". They're Liberal Regressives, because that's exactly what happens BlueCaliDem Mar 2015 #179
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