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Old and In the Way

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34. Brilliant, actually.
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 09:16 PM
Mar 2015

I never thought of tying Legislative income to general population results,, but this makes a lot of sense. Start with a lower base rate and peg bonus to the overall economic increase of society. Republicans oughta love this metric...it is how all executive payment should be benckmatked. That would change everything in Congress. Hurt us, you get hurt. Help us, you benefit. No-brainet.

Happy to see clowns like Pence run into the tipping point on this issue KeepItReal Mar 2015 #1
This law isn't just aimed at the LGBT community is it? Can't the discrimination be for other rhett o rick Mar 2015 #2
I've been asking this question on other threads BrotherIvan Mar 2015 #5
The answer is no. NutmegYankee Mar 2015 #6
But a law so unspecific could have troubling consequences BrotherIvan Mar 2015 #11
If a business person discriminates in Connecticut, they can go to jail for 30 days. NutmegYankee Mar 2015 #13
It's not clear to me why businesses in IN can't discriminate against anyone they feel is not in AlinPA Mar 2015 #24
There are seperate laws that are considered "compelling government interest". NutmegYankee Mar 2015 #25
Nutmeg, your posts on the subject are enlightening. Beartracks Mar 2015 #37
It ends when there is a "compelling state interest" that trumps the religious objection caraher Mar 2015 #14
We will see how this plays out BrotherIvan Mar 2015 #17
Under most state statutes, the state takes action once discrimination is reported. NutmegYankee Mar 2015 #19
...discrimination against atheist and agnostics too. StarzGuy Mar 2015 #12
I wonder what these bigots consider worse vssmith Mar 2015 #18
What they need is shaming, massive loss of business, anything and everything that is legal NoJusticeNoPeace Mar 2015 #26
That's easy, a gay atheist. nm rhett o rick Mar 2015 #29
Nullification for everyone! Orsino Mar 2015 #20
It very much institutionalizes discrimination against women frazzled Mar 2015 #21
Women are our future. nm rhett o rick Mar 2015 #30
Wow, interesting. lovemydog Mar 2015 #38
I don't believe so, blackspade Mar 2015 #28
But it can be used against anyone. All one has to do is claim they thought you was gay when rhett o rick Mar 2015 #32
No arguement there. blackspade Mar 2015 #39
Stephanopolous suggested... Oilwellian Mar 2015 #35
Republicans believe their own lies nakocal Mar 2015 #3
And this is bullshit... winter is coming Mar 2015 #4
It just cannot be stressed enough how this IS REPUBLICAN THOUGHT and they march in lockstep across world wide wally Mar 2015 #7
I hear you and understand your frustration. nm rhett o rick Mar 2015 #31
YEA SoLeftIAmRight Mar 2015 #8
I really like your discussion of tipping points erronis Mar 2015 #9
Brilliant, actually. Old and In the Way Mar 2015 #34
These boycotts are justified Gothmog Mar 2015 #10
Oh yeah. Cha Mar 2015 #16
Poor mike dence playing at defense.. he "..just cannot account for the hostility.." yada yada yada.. Cha Mar 2015 #15
Not to worry Gov. Pence, Arkansas is rushing in to up-one you. Hopefully, sinkingfeeling Mar 2015 #22
What about the dreaded Sharia Law? footinmouth Mar 2015 #23
Did my tiny little part to boycott Indiana products today. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #27
Why did the damn burst now? It is March Madness. In Indiana. Home of the NCAA High Temple. Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #33
kick Liberal_in_LA Mar 2015 #36
Part of it is when Obama said "We are not a collection of Red States and Blue States".... Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2015 #40
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