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Thu Apr 2, 2015, 10:58 AM Apr 2015

Guess What Happened When Liberia Tested a Pilot Program of Cash Transfers to the Extreme Poor [View all]

"Try to imagine an income guarantee of that size, in essence guaranteeing you your share of the country's total productivity; basically the same share we used to have but lost when productivity decoupled from wages decades ago."

Guess What Happened When Liberia Tested a Pilot Program of Cash Transfers to the Extreme Poor in Bomi
Surprise. People make good decisions for themselves, their children and others.

Further evidence of the potential of basic income

So what was observed in Bomi? Did the poor spend all their money on alcohol? Did they gamble it away? Did businesses fail? Did school attendance decrease? Did overall health decline? Did cats begin living with dogs?

The study found compelling evidence that the SCT program improved the food security, health, education and economic conditions of participating households. Cash transfer program households reported improved food intake and larger food stores that lasted longer. When faced with illnesses they were more likely than in previous years to seek healthcare for all members of the family, especially children. School attendance improved and 66% of children had improved school marks. Participating households also generally reported improved economic statuses. Indeed, two-thirds of the heads of program households reported satisfaction with their quality of life, compared to just 20% of a comparison population. The study also found evidence of multiplier effects that enable the benefits of the SCT program to reach beyond the immediate beneficiaries to the community at large.


The clear majority of program households (65%) reported an improved economic situation over the past year... Because 93% of the transfer money was spent within Bomi County, the impact of the program was felt beyond the immediate beneficiaries. Business owners reported that they were coming to rely on SCT recipients as important customers. Seventy-five per cent of business owners noticed positive impacts on their businesses. They attributed 20-50% of their growth to the SCT program. A number of program households reported even more direct forms of spill-over effects – 19% shared money and 48% shared food. Interviews also found that program households directly supported their neighbors in times of serious healthcare needs. Those that started businesses were also able to contribute to the broader local economy by offering new and improved goods and services.

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Big Big BIG K&R!!! Excellent and thanks for sharing nt riderinthestorm Apr 2015 #1
Mincome (minimum income) was tried successfully in Canada, until conservatives buried it. Snarkoleptic Apr 2015 #2
They weren't the first: truebluegreen Apr 2015 #3
We did this exact same thing in the "golden years" of the 1950s. Yavin4 Apr 2015 #4
Union movement was not killed by union members upaloopa Apr 2015 #5
Two words for you: Reagan Democrats Yavin4 Apr 2015 #6
People became Reagan Democrats because upaloopa Apr 2015 #7
So was I. Yavin4 Apr 2015 #10
Yes race as being apposed to the Civil Rights movement upaloopa Apr 2015 #12
I was there too. The media constantly worked to steer public opinion against President Carter. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #44
No argument from me on that point upaloopa Apr 2015 #57
Thank you. And then they claim to be Christian. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #14
They are Christian. F4lconF16 Apr 2015 #22
Be prepared to do a lot of calling out DFW Apr 2015 #40
Well said, DFW! Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #49
I quite like that quote. F4lconF16 Apr 2015 #55
Well, a minor nuance there DFW Apr 2015 #59
At the age of 73 I think I agree with you. One thing though the welfare we had in the 50s did not jwirr Apr 2015 #16
yes, i was gonna say; everybody's known it forever. but for some reason, it always gets ND-Dem Apr 2015 #41
They always claim, "There is someone somewhere getting something they don't deserve." Enthusiast Apr 2015 #45
Sometimes it's just selfishness. silverweb Apr 2015 #47
I'm sure our 'leaders' are aware of this, what happens when people have enough money to live on. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #8
School statistics are most remarkable TexasMommaWithAHat Apr 2015 #9
Well, sure, if you're talking an advanced nation like Liberia it might work. Not here, though. byronius Apr 2015 #11
This is what we have been saying for years. Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #13
So the poor will spend the money on beer! they cry... Mopar151 Apr 2015 #15
Precisely. Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #17
UNless they spend it at WalMart (or other BIG Boxes). bvar22 Apr 2015 #21
That is partly right. Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #23
They employ people.. bvar22 Apr 2015 #24
I don't have to drive far. Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #29
but if folks had more money and didn't have to pinch every penny, they might spend more at ND-Dem Apr 2015 #43
And to put icing on big box's cake, in many communities they get to KEEP the sales taxes they Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #50
Huh? Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #54
The Rs are always yelling small government. Social Security costs less to run than welfare. I am jwirr Apr 2015 #18
Our poor people are different from their poor people..... blackspade Apr 2015 #19
Kick. This should be widely seen and read! hifiguy Apr 2015 #20
K&R Guaranteed living income time. woo me with science Apr 2015 #25
K&R abelenkpe Apr 2015 #26
Richard Nixon was going to give us a guaranteed income Politicalboi Apr 2015 #27
Kickety kick kick. Scuba Apr 2015 #28
If it worked that well... BobTheSubgenius Apr 2015 #30
Thank you, kpete Cha Apr 2015 #31
All the money ends up in the hands of the wealthy, anyways. Why not cycle it through the hands of... marble falls Apr 2015 #32
That's why we should have bailed out the homeowners. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2015 #37
K&R DeSwiss Apr 2015 #33
would love to see some rw heads explode allan01 Apr 2015 #34
What a nice story. betterdemsonly Apr 2015 #35
So money for the basics helps the basic economy,.....basically. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2015 #36
Anyone who's ever been poor knows you spend every dime you have.. mountain grammy Apr 2015 #38
It's actually the 1%ers who can't be trusted with money. They usually spend it on war. villager Apr 2015 #39
or crap. i was just reading about some plutocrat who spent millions on his mansion, all ND-Dem Apr 2015 #46
This cannot be true! Only the rich can be trusted with money! Enthusiast Apr 2015 #42
Recommended and kicked, but... Quantess Apr 2015 #48
What about all those McDonald's franchisers? They might have to raise wages, too. End of the world leveymg Apr 2015 #51
I think all Americans should get a check from Corps, similar to Alaska. And Corps/Gov Sunlei Apr 2015 #52
K & R Thespian2 Apr 2015 #53
If the US would stop the practice of,.. NM_Birder Apr 2015 #56
I was expecting to read Capt. Obvious Apr 2015 #58
kick woo me with science Apr 2015 #60
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