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Thu Apr 9, 2015, 11:42 PM Apr 2015

Did you get away with anything in your Youth? [View all]

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I was a really good kid. I didn't shoplift, fight, etc. However, I drive my car too fast and I have run some red lights.

But I still remember hanging out with some young white guys who talked about how they'd like to trash a restaurant just for the heck of it, and the only thing stopping them was that they'd get in trouble.

I didn't know people actually thought like that! Maybe it's a young guy kinda thing. Like frat parties and hazing.

So, what about you? Have you done anything wrong and gotten away with it?

Edit: Right now, 28 people have said that they did "wrong" things quite a few times. So, I want to explain why I did this poll. Everyone on the right keeps saying that the people (black) the police are shooting are "criminals". Because they were shoplifters or missing child support payments. I wanted to point out that LOTS of people commit crimes. But some people don't get caught, or, more importantly, don't get arrested... or shot. And those people are usually white. So, instead of suggesting that the black people who are getting arrested... and shot, deserve it, and no one wants to suggest that they shouldn't be arrested, maybe either the same lenience should be applied as is applied to white youth... or more white youths should be arrested. Either way, the conversation would be drastically different. America would be quite alarmed if white youths were getting arrested... and shot, at the same rate as black youths. And the "Tough on Crime" theme would probably die a quiet death.

22 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Never, I was always a good kid.
4 (18%)
OK, once. Felt guilty and never did it again.
1 (5%)
Once or twice, but it really wasn't me.
1 (5%)
Quite a few times.
8 (36%)
That was my entire teenaged experience.
4 (18%)
I did it, went to jail for it, never did it again.
1 (5%)
3 (14%)
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Just about everything. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #1
I tried to stay as far away from trouble as possible Art_from_Ark Apr 2015 #2
I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me. nt Zorra Apr 2015 #3
LOL! Manny! Rex Apr 2015 #4
He was preparing for the time he would become Art_from_Ark Apr 2015 #6
Other. H2O Man Apr 2015 #5
Just the usual kid stuff Ron Obvious Apr 2015 #7
lol! Snow Leopard Apr 2015 #32
... Jamaal510 Apr 2015 #8
I was a bad teen. RiffRandell Apr 2015 #9
I was a teenager from hell Warpy Apr 2015 #10
I committed a few felonies gwheezie Apr 2015 #11
I was always pretty moral, Blue_In_AK Apr 2015 #12
I snuck away to civil rights marches olddots Apr 2015 #13
I spent my teenage years running away AgingAmerican Apr 2015 #14
I was a bit wild Kalidurga Apr 2015 #15
smoking pot, acid, hitchhiking and yeah, driving under the influence cali Apr 2015 #16
Replace hitchhiking tosh Apr 2015 #50
Are we including crimes of non-violent drug possession for personal use? Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #17
Conspiracy to tear the tags off of mattresses jberryhill Apr 2015 #18
Bet you were alot of fun on a date! LeftInTX Apr 2015 #24
You'd be surprised jberryhill Apr 2015 #28
I should explain. qwlauren35 Apr 2015 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author AgingAmerican Apr 2015 #33
Underage drinking and some hotdogging in a car. That's it. Adrahil Apr 2015 #20
Anybody else? qwlauren35 Apr 2015 #21
Never stole or tore shit up Go Vols Apr 2015 #22
other than trying pot, avoided trouble like the plague magical thyme Apr 2015 #23
Yes, edhopper Apr 2015 #25
Nice Sound of Music reference. Blue_In_AK Apr 2015 #38
Thanks edhopper Apr 2015 #45
If I was black I would have been shot dead several times. Since jaywalking does carry the death NoJusticeNoPeace Apr 2015 #26
Oh yeah. ismnotwasm Apr 2015 #27
But not since you became older and wiser, right? Right? n/t malthaussen Apr 2015 #37
Well... ismnotwasm Apr 2015 #47
Stampeding Cattle Through the Vatican jberryhill Apr 2015 #29
There was some debate if we broke the laws of Physics, or it just seemed like it. One_Life_To_Give Apr 2015 #30
I tell ya what mercuryblues Apr 2015 #31
Unless you count underage drinking, smoking pot and B2G Apr 2015 #34
I was never lucky enough to get away with something. GoCubsGo Apr 2015 #35
I refuse to answer on grounds that the Statute of Limitations may not have run out. malthaussen Apr 2015 #36
By today's standards, yes, but the standards of the 80's, no. Sen. Walter Sobchak Apr 2015 #39
What I did in my youth pipi_k Apr 2015 #40
Never. but not because I was a particualarly good kid, HereSince1628 Apr 2015 #41
I shoplifted books and records. zappaman Apr 2015 #42
Senor No Information Notice y Adjudication Withheld (Traffic Division). Scurrilous Apr 2015 #43
Never lied, cheated, stoled, tattle-taled, nor violent but .... PufPuf23 Apr 2015 #44
We were probably at some of the same antiwar rallies Blue_In_AK Apr 2015 #46
Such a time that was. PufPuf23 Apr 2015 #48
I guess I wasn't too bad back in those days. Blue_In_AK Apr 2015 #49
It seemed so at the time. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2015 #51
What is "wrong?" Jackpine Radical Apr 2015 #52
I was an. . . odd child. Codeine Apr 2015 #53
Being a kid is all about learning what right and wrong mean. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2015 #54
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