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We do...nt SidDithers Apr 2015 #1
I was unaware of that group until this thread, so just for fun, I jotted down ... 11 Bravo Apr 2015 #11
Oooo, you were able to spot poster who openly criticize Hillary. Impressive. merrily Apr 2015 #253
Relax, you weren't on the list. Hell, I never heard of you. 11 Bravo Apr 2015 #321
Bullshit... snooper2 Apr 2015 #325
Much appreciated. I guess life is such a dream for him, that slipped his mind. merrily Apr 2015 #329
Patting yourself on the back for spotting the obvious was so mockworthy, I could not resist. merrily Apr 2015 #328
I wasn't going to respond to you, but this is so ... 11 Bravo Apr 2015 #355
Awww. so adorable. merrily Apr 2015 #356
Interesting, the list I mean. I suggest we call it the Blue List. nm rhett o rick Apr 2015 #354
Could you link to that group? I've asked already, but so far no link. Thanks! sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #31
Check your profile page...nt SidDithers Apr 2015 #36
So there is no such group. That's what I thought. Thanks. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #45
They are avoiding using the word "Populist". It's a nasty word to some here. nm rhett o rick Apr 2015 #359
I think we just got a populist presidential candidate! So, they will be hearing the word a lot. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #360
Yes this is meta. But I don't believe that meta threads are verbotten, only disruptive meta. rhett o rick Apr 2015 #361
Heh joshcryer Apr 2015 #88
Indeed. zappaman Apr 2015 #101
lol treestar Apr 2015 #136
I'm gonna need a co-host. Interested? NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #38
Lol, seems some people have a vivid imagination around here. I have a feeling an 'I don't like sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #73
I'm having second thoughts about it now that I read the suggestion for a mayonnaise group. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #78
Isn't this a meta thread btw? I have been told that Meta is not allowed in GD? But it's so fun I sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #86
meta? a group on du encouraging people not to vote, split the party? i think it is important seabeyond Apr 2015 #93
This OP is bashing DUers. The entire thread is bashing DUers. That as far as I have been told, is sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #95
the thread is calling out dems that advocate not voting if clinton wins the primary. that state seabeyond Apr 2015 #99
The thread is meta. So it's okay now to post meta threads in DU. Fine with me, but I hope no one sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #217
Liberals always get it twisted. Only meta that is pro-Hillary or anti Hillary supporters is merrily Apr 2015 #255
Skinner will announce when that part of the TOS comes into effect: freshwest Apr 2015 #225
Definitely DU has changed regarding trashing Democrats, like Kucinich eg, I couldn't believe the sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #257
Call out of other DUers or certain kinds of posts, etc. is the very definiton of meta on DU. merrily Apr 2015 #256
I would love to see some call out the other kinds of posts. KMOD Apr 2015 #259
WTF? I've never made a single positive post about Webb. Search DU. merrily Apr 2015 #260
It's "your team" Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #282
I am not Jesus. I don't come here to suffer the lash on behalf of every liberal poster. merrily Apr 2015 #286
Get off your jock? KMOD Apr 2015 #333
Yep. an expression used by a woman in a reality show that I found funny. merrily Apr 2015 #336
Yes meta. There is no such a group in DU. Those promoting that idea are trying to rhett o rick Apr 2015 #357
Meta threads are allowed if they support a certain perspective. However if the Meta thread rhett o rick Apr 2015 #351
Members of PU, lol KMOD Apr 2015 #89
Recommends isn't the same as "agree with" Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #103
Many were most certainly agreeing with the KMOD Apr 2015 #106
My only point is a "Rec" is not the same as "agree with" Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #107
I understand that. KMOD Apr 2015 #116
Even a broken clock is right twice a day... Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #117
Ahhh, see now KMOD Apr 2015 #122
+1. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #124
Yes, I just read on that OP by a rw Hack that got Hidden.. that 27 had Rec it but then it went back Cha Apr 2015 #183
Ironic Bobbie Jo Apr 2015 #189
They just can't stay out of the rw crap pile.. too bad it says more about them than their target. Cha Apr 2015 #195
... greatauntoftriplets Apr 2015 #327
Wasn't it President OBama who said tha Reagan had some "good ideas"? bvar22 May 2015 #362
RW crap getting rec'd KMOD Apr 2015 #192
As someone stated.. " In their animus toward Hillary Clinton they have become Cha Apr 2015 #213
unhinged and KMOD Apr 2015 #214
I know. bc of the DU thought police, I started to post "rec only for visibility"" on some threads. merrily Apr 2015 #261
Lol..Ok THAT IS REALLY HOW LOW SOME WILL GO?? misterhighwasted Apr 2015 #132
Thankfully, the thread was self deleted. KMOD Apr 2015 #181
Why are they welcome here on DU? Ted Cruz statements are more valid than the Dem that misterhighwasted Apr 2015 #190
It really does seem like some here do. KMOD Apr 2015 #193
I will look at the vile repuke quoting group here, and then look at Hllary Rodham Clinton's fan base misterhighwasted Apr 2015 #196
Why don't you ask the owner of the board? merrily Apr 2015 #262
It was a Hide.. unless you're talking about another rw thread? Cha Apr 2015 #197
There was another thread that linked to KMOD Apr 2015 #201
Oh, sorry.. Thanks KMOD.. and sorry I missed that thread.. Cha Apr 2015 #203
I sent you a PM KMOD Apr 2015 #204
thank you.. that was disgusting and really glad it was self-deleted! Cha Apr 2015 #209
Dude, guess what. Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #284
There's nobody who would join an I don't like Liz or Bernie group treestar Apr 2015 #137
Exactly! Andy823 Apr 2015 #141
This ^ ^ ^ ^ Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2015 #160
They are RW Stink. They really want a RW Pres 2016. misterhighwasted Apr 2015 #191
So is your post. merrily Apr 2015 #307
There is no one who would join an 'I don't like Hillary' either. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #218
Why would they need to? KMOD Apr 2015 #219
I have not seen anyone say 'I don't like Hillary'. I HAVE seen people say, as I have, 'I do not like sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #223
There have been some very ridiculous comments made. KMOD Apr 2015 #226
Then her supporters need to stop attacking everyone who disagrees with her on certain policies. That sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #229
I only see a handful of posters who go on the offensive for her. KMOD Apr 2015 #230
The best DUers are gone. The level of discourse isn't likely to improve. I am still here only sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #231
OK, well obviously I'm new here, KMOD Apr 2015 #234
I do see it. But I see it as a response. Because I, who have never attacked anyone personally sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #235
I often think that it would be funny, and interesting, if the whole board started all over. KMOD Apr 2015 #242
That happened on Discussionist, the other forum started by the Admins. Skinner even advised sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #244
+1 merrily Apr 2015 #268
I disagree treestar Apr 2015 #301
If you don't want pros and cons, you can post the thread safely in the Hillary Group. merrily Apr 2015 #265
I have no idea what you are talking about. KMOD Apr 2015 #332
Oh they need to just shut up and agree treestar Apr 2015 #300
Non issue. Most of us haven't met these people personally treestar Apr 2015 #299
And they can post with impunity on a board for Democrats treestar Apr 2015 #298
Let's just say I disagree with that treestar Apr 2015 #296
Hillary supporters dislike enthusiasm about another candidate. merrily Apr 2015 #263
What enthusiasm for another candidate? treestar Apr 2015 #297
Its on the board. Sorry if you missed it. merrily Apr 2015 #302
No, you made it up treestar Apr 2015 #303
Untrue. I made nothing up. merrily Apr 2015 #310
We have had a I don't like Obama group for YEARS! sheshe2 Apr 2015 #207
Don't forget the I hate DUers group Autumn Apr 2015 #341
I'll pitch in. merrily Apr 2015 #254
Yep. nt treestar Apr 2015 #135
So easy to avoid it, too, yet Hillary Groupers can't seem to get enough of it, between merrily Apr 2015 #258
I do avoid it. I've never posted in the anti-Hillary Group... SidDithers Apr 2015 #304
If there is a DU group that is immune to tombstones, it ain't liberals. merrily Apr 2015 #308
Apology accepted...nt SidDithers Apr 2015 #314
Aw,come 'ere, ya big lug! merrily Apr 2015 #317
Surely if such a group exists you would be more than willing to link to it. Second request sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #330
Check your profile page...nt SidDithers Apr 2015 #331
I'm a member of five groups, all approved by the admins. Now where is this one that is NOT approved sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #337
There is already such a group, though its title doesn't have her name. geek tragedy Apr 2015 #2
So why do they have to post in GD that they are upaloopa Apr 2015 #3
their goal is "burning Hillary to the ground"--that's an exact quote geek tragedy Apr 2015 #7
Awwwwww. I've never been quoted before. Chan790 Apr 2015 #350
It's all about keeping the pot stirred up Andy823 Apr 2015 #14
same "anti Obama" crowd. unsurprisingly, they are the ones i have battled in dismissing, derailing seabeyond Apr 2015 #19
Yes Andy823 Apr 2015 #23
There is a Hillary group too, so why do they have to post in GD they are voting for Hillary? sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #16
she is a democrat and party of our democratic party, which is what this democratic board is about. seabeyond Apr 2015 #21
Then show us the rule that if you support another Democrat over Hillary you cannot post in GD. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #25
encouraging people not to vote for a dem in pres elections, encouraging a split in the party, seabeyond Apr 2015 #28
so it's Hillary or leave? backwoodsbob Apr 2015 #44
says who? seabeyond Apr 2015 #50
LOL Sabrina Puglover Apr 2015 #313
True, but here's the way I see it. If you have faith in your candidate, you don't need to adapt sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #323
Agreed. Puglover Apr 2015 #324
You nailed it. I will not caucus for Hillary in the primary but should she win the nomination Autumn Apr 2015 #343
So are many other potential candidates. Are you saying there is only one Democrat in the Democratic sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #57
no where did i say she is the only. check the hyperbole. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #63
This Democratic board is also about liberal discussion Art_from_Ark Apr 2015 #147
third party, advocating a split in democratic party, advocating not voting in election is also seabeyond Apr 2015 #163
And that is the conundrum Art_from_Ark Apr 2015 #175
Not necessarily can't remember. Democrats who have contempt for Democrats who are not center right. merrily Apr 2015 #267
Then alert and/or bring it to the attention of the board owner who wrote the rules. merrily Apr 2015 #289
Art, Bernie Sanders is right there, KMOD Apr 2015 #188
I'm not so sure I can agree that "young people will not vote Republican" Art_from_Ark Apr 2015 #248
Progress happens slowly, sadly. KMOD Apr 2015 #250
Especially since the Clintonites/New Democrats took over the Democratic Party, sadly. merrily Apr 2015 #269
Based on that logic, the same would have been true of Joe Lieberman. Bonobo Apr 2015 #180
One thing Andy823 Apr 2015 #22
What do you mean by 'bashing'?? Is it 'bashing' now to say you would prefer another candidate? sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #27
how about her supporters dont want to worry their pretty brain over it, .... or any of the other seabeyond Apr 2015 #33
I don't know what you are talking about. As a Democrat, capital 'D' I am of the opinion that our sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #65
more hyperbole. i look forward to primary race and debates, as i have repeatedly stated. clearly seabeyond Apr 2015 #71
Great, I read your posts as saying no one who doesn't support Hillary as the only candidate sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #77
you did not actually READ my posts, if you came to that conclusion, a NUMBER of times seabeyond Apr 2015 #80
Now I'm reading YOU accusing ME of telling people not to vote, of telling people that 'both parties sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #84
are you stating you have never encouraged people to not vote, if it is clinton, or that both parties seabeyond Apr 2015 #94
Links please, you made a claim, attempting to avoid presenting proof, isn't working. YOU made the sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #96
ha. you cannot answer my question sabrina? it really is pretty damn simple. seabeyond Apr 2015 #100
So you made a false claim. I knew that, just wanted an admission. Thanks. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #105
Prove it... Caretha Apr 2015 #168
Sabrina deserves better. Link-it. WillTwain Apr 2015 #247
+1. I've thought about moving to San Antonio, but never Amarillo. merrily Apr 2015 #280
What would you call it Andy823 Apr 2015 #40
'Someone' who is this 'someone'? Surely you are not confusing people expressing their opinions of sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #67
Well there are number of Andy823 Apr 2015 #131
Actually Andy823 Apr 2015 #340
i am not a clinton supporter either, BUT.... i am a democratic supporter. yes. seabeyond Apr 2015 #32
I'm still waiting for that link to the claims you made about me. I will check back again but you sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #342
Exactly ... and, unsurprisingly, you also hit a nerve. JoePhilly Apr 2015 #43
yes. exactly. bring bernie in. i would love to see what he has in the debates, and chance. seabeyond Apr 2015 #49
Yup ... Love to see Bernie, and anyone else jump in. JoePhilly Apr 2015 #109
You are right Andy823 Apr 2015 #52
+10000 treestar Apr 2015 #138
Funny. I see that all the time. merrily Apr 2015 #270
No it is not silly. Hillary is the only announced upaloopa Apr 2015 #24
LOL! As if this all started Sunday evening. merrily Apr 2015 #271
It's funny how so many of them are anti-Obama, anti-Hillary & simultaneously pro-Putin. Go figure. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2015 #91
+ 1 Billion stevenleser Apr 2015 #353
GD is not the Hillary Group. Hillary supporters fight us in the Populist Group tho. merrily Apr 2015 #264
This message was self-deleted by its author ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2015 #322
So there's an 'I don't like Hillary group' without her name. Whose name does it have? That's sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #51
we do. i was made aware of it a couple days ago. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #4
Found it upaloopa Apr 2015 #8
be to the dems what teabagger are to repugs. discourage voting. both party the same. seabeyond Apr 2015 #12
No, that would be the center right. Koch brothers fund them both. merrily Apr 2015 #272
Did you see the one post Andy823 Apr 2015 #17
Yes! greatauntoftriplets Apr 2015 #56
Could you link to that group? Thanks. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #18
This one? snooper2 Apr 2015 #326
What is all the hoopla about? I don't get it. The election is aways down the line. pinto Apr 2015 #5
Hate can't wait. Neither can authoritan impetus to message control. merrily Apr 2015 #273
Uh oh, PUMA Alert. libdem4life Apr 2015 #6
I found the I don't like Hillary group maybe you can too upaloopa Apr 2015 #10
The PUMAS are back! blkmusclmachine Apr 2015 #9
Two great minds...one thought. I just beat you by 5 minutes...LOL :) libdem4life Apr 2015 #13
How do you figure that? BainsBane Apr 2015 #34
lol, no kidding. It's like a scent that take you right back to where you Marr Apr 2015 #184
Did they leave? merrily Apr 2015 #274
Maybe people should stop stirring shit against both supporters cali Apr 2015 #15
Goddamnit Cali paulbibeau Apr 2015 #30
lol. I hold lots of strong opinions. cali Apr 2015 #39
You do, but you totally express them calmly and coolly... paulbibeau Apr 2015 #87
She does that H2O Man Apr 2015 #118
ha! look who's talking, mr. cool, collected kind and reasonable himself cali Apr 2015 #128
The few people H2O Man Apr 2015 #154
maybe others should be encouraging a group not to advocate not voting in pres election, or seabeyond Apr 2015 #37
I gather you believe that's something that someone who does not support Hillary should cali Apr 2015 #53
i think that whether a clinton supporter or simply a democratic supporter should call out those that seabeyond Apr 2015 #62
Yeah, what Cali said. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2015 #97
really? so you are willing to ignore dems trying to split the party, encourage people not to vote, seabeyond Apr 2015 #102
lol, you serious? I was referring to what Cali said in the post I replied to... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2015 #112
wouldnt using "fauxoutrage" be exactly what cali refers too? because there are specifics she ignores seabeyond Apr 2015 #115
It's way to early to use phrases like "split the party". Change has come Apr 2015 #236
What pisses me off BainsBane Apr 2015 #47
I have already stated that I tentatively support O'Malley cali Apr 2015 #69
IMO, haters is entirely appropriate BainsBane Apr 2015 #104
Imagine the "vitriol" in the general election! Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #114
mindless cheerleaders, fans, shills, fauxoutrage, puma and what other names for clinton supporters seabeyond Apr 2015 #126
I was calleda racist and misogynist PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #127
Really??? Who called you a "racist" and a "misogynist?" Number23 Apr 2015 #199
You. PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #200
Why, you're right!! Here's the post in question Number23 Apr 2015 #202
I'll let the readers browse that thread and come to their own conclusions. n/t PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #205
As will I. As well as your knee jerk, hyper defensive responses in this thread by addition. Number23 Apr 2015 #208
maybe General Discussion should be re-named MSMDOE magical thyme Apr 2015 #20
I was talking about people who only discuss cons upaloopa Apr 2015 #76
Or in addition Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2015 #170
You hate America. H2O Man Apr 2015 #121
Then say hello to President Cruz. merrily Apr 2015 #275
Various candidates - when there are some treestar Apr 2015 #309
I think we should have a "promoting research into the science of human suspended animation" group. Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #26
Not exactly. merrily Apr 2015 #276
Yeah, I'm used to some people on DU obsessively tracking things, making odd ad hominem attacks, etc Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #281
I don't care if someone claims inevitability, as long as I am equally free to say merrily Apr 2015 #283
I get it. Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #285
No double standards = fairness. merrily Apr 2015 #287
It's not Hillary it's you people that morph in to mindless cheerleaders and orpupilofnature57 Apr 2015 #29
morph into mindless cheerleaders. ya. that shit. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #41
This is exactly where we need to argue about Hillary Clinton. paulbibeau Apr 2015 #35
OK, but only if I get to host it. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #42
that group has already been mentioned several times above nt geek tragedy Apr 2015 #60
It's an awesome group filled with passionate members who want progress for all of us. nt NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #64
not the common theme I perceived geek tragedy Apr 2015 #72
no they do not. i have been told repeatedly, women gays black... back of the bus seabeyond Apr 2015 #74
Oh, that's going to require a little proof, my dear. I'm a host, nobody has alerted that to us. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #81
in the top threads of that forum.... and i am far from the only one that read it. seabeyond Apr 2015 #83
Send me or another host a link to the questionable post and we'll look at it. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #166
tomorrow i will put in the time... nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #174
Tomorrow is a promise to no one. pintobean Apr 2015 #182
wtf.... seabeyond Apr 2015 #185
That was your 100,000th post pintobean Apr 2015 #187
stop making death threats! merrily Apr 2015 #290
Ya think? merrily Apr 2015 #279
And we all have iPad Airs, part of the hosting contract. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #82
I see a lot of bitterness there. joshcryer Apr 2015 #176
There are actually 2 already. one_voice Apr 2015 #46
I think we should have a mayonnaise group. NuclearDem Apr 2015 #48
Well then I think we should have... one_voice Apr 2015 #55
Fuck that pintobean Apr 2015 #58
Ketchup group! greatauntoftriplets Apr 2015 #59
Only PUMAs call it catsup. NuclearDem Apr 2015 #70
Now you've done it. CATSUP! NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #79
Kerry shill! merrily Apr 2015 #291
Draft Fry Sauce! nt LadyHawkAZ Apr 2015 #158
Sorry, fuck mayonaise.. and leave my mustard alone! Cha Apr 2015 #186
Way to freeze out the vegans, you right wing so and so. merrily Apr 2015 #288
There are countless websites devoted to the cause of defeating Clinton BainsBane Apr 2015 #54
mmmmm.. mmmmm... boston bean Apr 2015 #61
or that it is barbara bush mentality.... not mess up her beautiful mind syndome, garbage. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #66
And there it is! n/t freshwest Apr 2015 #294
We need a "Hillary Worship Group" or "Hilary is Perfect" group you mean. Logical Apr 2015 #68
+ 1000 !!! Then the rest of us can ask freely, without being dubbed SP . n/t orpupilofnature57 Apr 2015 #110
I would join a group that, well, not a hate group but one that has some Cleita Apr 2015 #75
There is a DU group whose main purpose geek tragedy Apr 2015 #85
Some HRC fans are suggesting it is sexist to subject Hillary to a primary. AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #90
Really? hrmjustin Apr 2015 #140
You'll find varying degrees of that sentiment within these: AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #145
Well obviously I don't think it is sexist to have a primary. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #146
I would not have expected you to. AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #148
i believe there will be a primary and it is healthy to have one. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #149
there you go AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #151
lol. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #152
pfft AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #233
Have gone to both. I want a primary to clear up the distortions fed the left by the right. n/t freshwest Apr 2015 #305
I think they were saying the suggestion a primary was needed treestar Apr 2015 #144
links at post #145 AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #157
No, that a man would not have it so loudly demanded treestar Apr 2015 #295
No one is saying that. Agschmid Apr 2015 #224
Right, except for those that are. AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #232
Neither one of those OP's states that there should NOT be a primary. Agschmid Apr 2015 #237
the threads, read the threads AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #238
That's an unecessary insult towards me, I'll do some reading and get back to you. Agschmid Apr 2015 #239
could not possibly care less what you do AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #240
Seriously? Agschmid Apr 2015 #243
You summarily dismissed what I posted without bothering to read the links. AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #245
too late! spanone Apr 2015 #92
Looks like the circular firing squads have begun, so Pathwalker Apr 2015 #98
Patience. We probably won't be here much longer. SolutionisSolidarity Apr 2015 #108
...You speak truth, sadly. RiverLover Apr 2015 #172
The majority of the forum doesn't like Hillary LittleBlue Apr 2015 #111
It's the things she's done, and for who, that is a clue as to what she'll do. orpupilofnature57 Apr 2015 #113
Bernie Sanders is looking for you KMOD Apr 2015 #130
Thank you for pointing out there is a concerted effort to make Clinton supporters uncomfortable here DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #155
i am not a clinton supporter and i have not been made uncomfortable. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #164
Definitely wasn't my intent LittleBlue Apr 2015 #241
There are times that I have been anything but nice but I appreciate your remarks... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #318
There are times that I have been anything but nice but I appreciate your remarks... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #318
Post removed Post removed Apr 2015 #119
Didn't know we were bothering you. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #133
We literally bother him by breathing./NT DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #156
I don't know the poster well but I wonder if it was meant in jest and the poster didn't write it hrmjustin Apr 2015 #162
Shills is a term that should not be used treestar Apr 2015 #139
Not my alert and I am surprised it was hidden. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #143
There already IS that group...they just don't have the guts to call themselves that! VanillaRhapsody Apr 2015 #120
They do at Red State Tommy2Tone Apr 2015 #123
I recommend liberal use of the trash thread and ignore functions. n/t winter is coming Apr 2015 #125
This message was self-deleted by its author hrmjustin Apr 2015 #129
LOL treestar Apr 2015 #134
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #142
Not needed. MerryBlooms Apr 2015 #150
There is a concerted effort to cow Clinton supporters and make them uncomfortable here. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #153
Interesting. H2O Man Apr 2015 #161
I appreciate your response... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #169
Thank you for H2O Man Apr 2015 #173
This PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #210
I have never once told someone not to vote for Hillary. All I have ever done is say that I will not liberal_at_heart Apr 2015 #167
I never tell folks how to vote because I am not presumptuous enough to think they will listen.... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #171
Ya know it might be that some of us yuiyoshida Apr 2015 #159
K. Major Hogwash Apr 2015 #266
I think we should. darkangel218 Apr 2015 #165
I have a better idea Spider Jerusalem Apr 2015 #177
Yes, that is right. Bonobo Apr 2015 #198
I said nothing about not criticizing upaloopa Apr 2015 #212
Like I said about people who are too thin-skinned (which you clearly are!) Spider Jerusalem Apr 2015 #215
oh, I must be one of the people you are talking about. No, I won't vote for her whether she liberal_at_heart Apr 2015 #221
It depends on what the criticisms are KMOD Apr 2015 #222
Maybe we could also have an "Elizabeth Warren is not running group" cascadiance Apr 2015 #178
I'm thinking if we had an Elizabeth upaloopa Apr 2015 #211
That's all the groups, including rude comments in the "safe haven" Warren Group. merrily Apr 2015 #278
It's possible to like and admire Hillary Clinton and still... polichick Apr 2015 #179
That's legitimate concern or criticism and I don't think that's what the OP is getting at... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #194
I'm in. mmonk Apr 2015 #206
That's what the Ignore function is for, even Skinner admits to using it. It's patriotic! freshwest Apr 2015 #216
I don't like any Turd Way Pol because they are disastrously wrong on a lot of important issues. TheKentuckian Apr 2015 #220
We do ... and it's not hard to find ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2015 #227
How about a I don't like TPP group? JEB Apr 2015 #228
just pick anywhere MFM008 Apr 2015 #246
Then you must have forgotten the primary of 2008 very quickly. merrily Apr 2015 #292
Maybe we should have a primary candidate who has a chance in the General Election. HR_Pufnstuf Apr 2015 #249
This is rather silly,imho sadoldgirl Apr 2015 #251
LMAO. Then, why do Hillary's supporters keep showing up in the Populist Group? merrily Apr 2015 #252
Funny thing is Andy823 Apr 2015 #339
Well, merrily Apr 2015 #344
You did say this Andy823 Apr 2015 #345
? The language you quoted says less than nothing about voting. merrily Apr 2015 #346
Either that or AgingAmerican Apr 2015 #277
That would be the group whose hosts have pinned the "ReadyForSomeoneElse.org" thread muriel_volestrangler Apr 2015 #293
Well, the cat's out of the bag now. n/t freshwest Apr 2015 #311
Yes but the question is Andy823 Apr 2015 #348
Hillary has been an announced candidate for about, what, a week? Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #349
yeah... it'll be like a 'free speech zone' set up for protestors... ProdigalJunkMail Apr 2015 #306
Textbook propaganda for corporate America, in which elections have been deliberately perverted woo me with science Apr 2015 #312
as always you nail the hypocrisy Ichingcarpenter Apr 2015 #315
I think you got it. nm rhett o rick Apr 2015 #358
^*^ kentauros Apr 2015 #316
what I REALLY hate NM_Birder Apr 2015 #335
Blame Skinner! kentauros Apr 2015 #338
It's called free republic. NCTraveler Apr 2015 #320
There is one, NM_Birder Apr 2015 #334
Kicking...nt SidDithers Apr 2015 #347
Interesting that this thread was allowed to continue. It is clearly flamebait or "destructive meta". rhett o rick Apr 2015 #352
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